Swim Team 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Coach TK tells that its big day that Rewa is joining team for two weeks..Coach gives team india jersey to Rewa,,Rewa gets happy..Coach tells that compedition result came 7lakh package..TK tells that Umang won the deal,,Umang hugs Rewa,,Coach TK tells well done..Rewa tells that no one can reject umang,,,Kanika tells Umang congratulations that she won,,,In washroon Umang tells Rewa to come,,,Rewa tells Umang that her body double came…Umang tells to shut up..Rewa and Umang stands side by side..Photographer comes tells Umang to get ready.Umang tells yes..kanika tells that Umang and Rewa looks poor in designer wear also..Umang and Rewa laughs..Coach TK’s girlfriend Checks up kanika tells that why her BP is low??Is she worried??Kanika tells no..Dr Sana tells Kanika to take liquid..
Next Umang comes..Sana congrats Umang…Umang tells Thankyou..But she deserves it..Sana tells that overconfidence is not good..Umang tells that what she want is want..Doctor Sana tells that she known Umang has crush on someone…Kanika comes and listen all things..Kanika asks whom Umang have crush on??Umang tells kanika to knock the door and come..Sana tells looks who is talking..Umang tells that she is done and goes…
Sana asks Rewa if she have allergy asthma or anything??Rewa tells nothing..Sana smiles..Rewa excercises with Umang,,,Umang tells she liked that Rewa didnt said Sana that she have asthama..Umang tells she disliked Sana,,Rewa she didnt said about asthama because Dr Sana would not have allowed her.. Coach TK comes tells Kanika and deepso have done,,tells Rewa that she has getting chance to become body double of Umang,,Tells Rew to be ready,,Coach TK tells Umang to take dive carefully with face in correct position otherwise will hurt herself..Umang gets happy and tells yes..Coach drinks water from bottle..Umang slowly takes Coach’s bottle..kanika sees that…Rewa tells that Umang is mad that she took the bottle,,Umang tells that bottle was her only..Rewa smiles..Kanika listens all…
Jai hugs Rewa tells that he missed her,,Rewa tells that If Jai said to anyone??Rewa tells no..Umang tells that after kids they will tell..Rewa tells Umang to shut up…Umang tells Rewa that that she got Jai only to date because he is soo dirty and sissy,,Jai tells that Umang is the Man of the house..Jai tells that he will break Umang’s leg then she cannot come tommorow..
Jai sits back while Rewa and Umang sits in front..Jai tells this is not fair..Rewa tells she will never leave Umang tells obvious sister comes before “MR”..Next day As photoshoot is about to start,,Rewa takes muffin from plate..Someone comes and snatches..Rewa gets shocked to see bhagat!!Rewa tells how bhagat came??Bhagat tells that director called him..Rewa tells cheap director liked Bhagat also…Bhagat tells that he is not rich like Rewa but he is a junior artist,,Bhagat tells how Rewa is here?? Rewa tells that Umang its Umang photoshoot and she is playing body double..Rewa tells she want muffin..Bhagat offers but snatches away..Rewa asks If Bhagat had girlfrind??Bhagat tells he known Rewa is liking him,,Rewa tells to stop it,,Bhagat goes away..Umang is getting ready..Kanika comes tells that she came to congrats Umang,,,Kanika sees her earings in mirror..Umang tells its nice..Kanika tells its of diamond her father bought for him..Kanika tells that she have seen Coach TK in shop buying engagement ring,,Umang gets upset.,,Kanika tells that it was a plus point that Coach TK was single..Umang gets upset…Rewa comes tells that she is feeling nervous,,Kanika tells to relax..After sometime Director tells Rewa and Umang to finish the shoot in one shoot…

Precap::Umang meets with an accident..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. When will rewa become permanent team member?

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