Million Dollar Girl 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan comes into market and sees DJ asks How is she??DJ tells she is good..Bhuwan asks why she is upset??Dj tells that she wanted to go shopping but her father said to bring things for Pooja..Dj tells that she want to go..Bhuwan says but gets shy…Dj tells what??Bhuwan asks DJ for coffee..DJ tells lets go on her scooty..Bhuwan feels shy and tells no..DJ tells please..Bhuwan tells coffe shop is near she will bring..He brings coffe both of them drinks.. Vicky and Avanti sees DJ and Bhuwan..DJ tells that Avanti is coming..Bhuwan tells he want to go..Bhuwan goes..Avanti and Vicky comes…Avanti tells whats going on??Dj tells nothing..Avanti tells is DJ is in love with Bhuwan???DJ tells no way…Its just time pass..
Avanti tells lets go dhaaba and eat overheated roti’s at dhaaba,,Vicky tells what overheated??The food is free that they should be thankful..Avanti tells she will pay with intrest..Avanti tells go on bike..DJ tells Vicky free drive..petrol money will be saved..Vicky tells he will be coming on his bike..Rajat,,Rajat’s father and Ranvijay the saree’s shop…Rajat’s father tells Rajat to concentrate on work,,They goes and meet Srivastav.the head…He tells Rajat’s father that all worker’s left the company,,He tells that Virat was a good at buisness and had a good name.His name was famous at market,,.Rajat tells what nonsense??Father tells to stop..Rajat’s father tells that Virat left them and his is nothing now..Srivastav tells that he is not intrested to supply saree.. Ranvijay tells Rajat that its Virat game..Rajat tells he will show Virat how to play game..DJ,,Vicky and Avanti eats food at dhaaba..DJ tells did Zubair is a mad person as he gave them alchol..Avanti tells he is billionere and intelligent..Avanti tells that Virat is in the compedition against her..Vicky tells not to worry as he will kidnap Virat,,DJ tells yes..Avanti tells she dont want to be in jail by kidnapping Virat..Vicky tells they have to think different..Avanti recieves a message to reach at zubair’s office..Avanti picks up her bag tells that she have to go..Vicky tells atleast to finish the food…Avanti tells no its urgent..Avanti goes,,Beside one man sitting asks what happend???Vicky tells that Avanti is mad came from Mental hospital,,DJ laughs.. Avanti and Virat reaches the office..Zubair tells to roll the paper..Virat and Avanti rolls the paper gives to zubair..Zubair tells that Virat is first but Avanti is the one who learns first..Zubair tells that it was not a task,,He just said them because he want to smoke but was feeling lazy to get up,,Zubair tells that it is a art… Zubair tells such type of people can be do anything for work,,They are fools..zubair tells that BPC line is important to get into buisness..He tells its tough to register at BPC office.and their work is this only to get registered..tells to take it as a challenge..Avanti and Virat comes from BPC Office to Zubair’s office,,Secretery tells that Office is closed and Zubair said that They failed and tommorrow will be retest,,Avanti and Virat goes..At dining table Rajat tells his father that Virat is playing games..His father tells Let him do whatever he want…Mother tells to stop talking about Virat as they are happy after many days..Virat comes suddenly..sees all Of them eating dinner..Virat goes into his room sits and eats but listen the voice of his family laughing and eating happily..Virat gets upset and beats his punching bag..
Next day Avanti goes to office and asks the procedure..Officer is buzy with wife on phone..Tells that will bring red saree and icecream for kids,,Avanti shouts to tells But he ignore..Virat comes ask for Form..Officer gives him..Avanti tells she will also take..Avanti tells that officer wife will beat him..she fills the form and tells that have to take out photocopy of these documents,,,
Avanti goes near machine and takes out copies..,,Virat tells he also want photocopy Avanti sees Virat.and wantedly takes out ten copies.Virat tells only one copy is required.Avanti tells Virat sorry…Avanti fills form..Virat throws ink and tells sorry..Avanti tells Virat is doing old things..But he dont know she will only win..

Precap:Virat tells Zubair that Avanti is useless cannot do anything tells to give him job,,Avanti comes running and falls Virat holds Avanti

Update Credit to: Ansari

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