Swim Team 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

.Rewa is along with jai..Jai tells what Rewa is thinking??The golden oppurtunity to work with coach..Rewa tells her mother will be not happy with the decision..Rewa tells oh my god..Rewa tells that at this time her mom daily drinks tea with her..JAi increases the speed..Rewa’s mom goes in room..and tells where is rewa??Rewa comes out of washroom..Mother gives tea..Door bell rings..Mother tells who cam this time..She goes and opens the door..Mother tells jai came..Rewa tells she saved..Jai comes and sits..Rewa asks what happeend..jai tells he went to gym and his frien give BBA project..JAi gives sthe file..Rewa sees its coach number..Mother and Jai tells to call..Rewa call but phone is out of reachable..Jai tells he have to go..
Rewa’s mom asks how jai buisness is??Rewa tells she doent care..Mother tells to be with Jai and make her carrer..Mother tells no one life will be good by sports..Rewa is standing at swimming pool and thinks about her mom..One small kid sinks..Rewa jumps and save the boy..Rewa asks is he alright..Boy says yes..Boy’s mother and tells why he is talking instead of swimming??Rewa tells she is not saving just Boy’s mother tells Rewa to shut up..she goes..Coach comes and tells that Rewa should not be here…He should show his talent and should be in place of Umang.. Anotherside Umang gives photoshoot..Reporter tells that Umang one and only female swimmer of India,Umang comes out of pool..Reporter asks what is the secret of her success Umang tells its surprise,Umang goes to coach..Coach says Umang have spent some more time with Reporter..Umang tells coach should have came..Coach tells he dont like media..Umang sees the form and tells why he didnt said her??Coach tells that he will be Vice coach of India..Umang tells that it is a big achievment they would celebrate it..Coach tells ofcourse why not,,Coach gets a call and talks to sana..Umang talks to Rewa and tells that she won medals but Coach is happy with Sana..Rewa tells that they have to do something..
Umang comes to Rewa’s home…Rewa tells Umang that since 1947 only two women swimmer’s went to olympics..Rewa tells Umang deserves to go olympics.Umang is quiet..Umang tells how Rewa new this much about sports Mother comes and tells Rewa known many things.many waste stuff.Rewa changes the topic tells that pakoda’s is nice…Umang tells she us taking Rewa to Compedition so that she should cheer her..Mother tells that Rewa dont have time to cheer for other’s,,As she had an interview..Rewa and Umang becomes upset…Mother goes,,Umang tells that Rewa have to come by anyhow..
As Award’s show starts..Umang gets an award..Umang tells that before thanking anyone she had a question..Umang tells that everytime in olympic why only some women swimmer’s are sent..Umang tells that sice 1947 only two girls are sent..Umang tells why girl doesn’t deserve??Umang says why this type of gender discrimination??Minister tells that Umang question is nice but they will talk later about it..He tells to take the award as its also contains 1lakh cash price..Umang tells she want a solution..she want sponshership in 2016 for going into olympics..Everyone claps..Reporter’s clicks pictures..Rewa tells Jai that his sister is awesome..Coach gets angry.
Umang tells coach what he think about her speech??Coach is angry tells not a word..Umang tells that Coach is angry and her plan is backfired..Rewa’s mother see the Bhartiya khel Award..Rewa comes home and says hi..Mother tells that her friend Umang mad fun of herself..mother tells that Umang is not cool..tells one day Umang will try to be like Rewa as her Career will be good..She tells one can only get failure..depression in sports..Rewa tells that not to bring father in between..Mother tells she is not bringin..MOther tells she not talking about father..She tells that Rewa’s thinking is about her father..She tells that one can see dreams but forgetting carrer is not good..rewa gets a call,,Mother asks who is calling..Rewa tells wrong calls..Rewa calls Umang but she cuts the call..Rewa tells where was umang??Umang tells to stop itt..Umang tells all happeend because of Rewa..Umang tells that she gave all lecture..Even gave back the award..Rewa tells it was not her intentions..Umang tells that rewa only said to go into olympics..She tells Rewa should construct all she should make things better and back to track,,Rewa tells she dont want Umang to give back the award..Umang tells she dont want to listen to anything..Umang tells “Thanks for being Friend” and goes Rewa is upset..

Precap::Rewa tells Coach that whatever UMang said in Award funtion it was her mistake..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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