Hello Pratibha 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pushpa says if he believes his family so much he must search the whole house. Chacha says to Pushpa they can’t change anything, and she knows they won’t find anything. They have come back to the house after much difficulty, he doesn’t want a problem again.
Kaashi laughed loud, Sunidhi was worried that Kaashi would open it all up in front of anyone. She thinks about locking Kaashi. She locks Kaashi in the room.
Pushpa says she will search, and this will show someone is keeping a brick of relations or hatred. Mahen agrees. She asks if she finds Bhang from his home. He says just in case, he will do what she says. He says to chacha that if they find something Namrita will be married from this home. Pushpa says no one will come behind her when she is searching the house, and leaves inside.
Anmol comes to the room, watches it locked and opens the wardrobe. He asks Kaashi what she is doing, but she was talking to her own fist. He leaves taking what he had to. Kaashi laughs aloud and watches the bottle of bhang.
Sunidhi comes to Sanjeev and asks what is happening. He tells Sunidhi chachi has gone to look for bhang. She thinks about doing something, else Pushpa will find Kaashi along with bhang. She comes behind Pushpa in the room. Sunidhi comes to the room where there was no Kaashi. Pushpa was looking around. Sunidhi says to Pushpa she came to help her, she must look in the wardrobe.
In the hall, Mahen stops Pratibha. He says he feels she has gone crazy, seeing what she has been upto. He has again got him into another problem. He asks why she uses her mind, he shows her the kitchen and asks her to waste her energy there. He tells her to stay away from this lady. Whatever she does in future, she must ask her. If her friendship with Pushpa increases, he will lose his trust on her.
Sunidhi says to Pushpa that she will look here, she must search the wardrobes. Pushpa takes the pillow off bed, Sunidhi closes her eyes. She opens them to see there is nothing. Pushpa asks her to let her find it. Sunidhi murmurs that Kaashi will get her killed, while Pushpa looks into wardrobe. Sunidhi watches Kaashi outside, Kaashi had the bottle stuck in her arm pit, Sunidhi hides it in her blouse. Pushpa comes and says she didn’t find anything in her room. Kaashi watches Pushpa and says she was in her fist, how she came out. She opens her fist to find a piece of Bhang inside. Sunidhi is left open mouthed and hides it from her hand. Sunidhi puts the tablet into water gun lying near. Kaashi fell asleep, Sunidhi takes her away.
Pratibha comes to Namrita’s room. She was asleep. Pratibha says I am sorry, I have thought before inviting Rishi and his family. She never knew everything will go wrong. She was worried. She takes her hand and says she promises to make everything well. She knows Rishi well; he won’t leave her and will always love her. Namrita holds back her hand. Pratibha caresses her face, saying she promises her to make everything better and leaves.
Sunidhi takes Pushpa to kitchen and asks her to search here. She says she is a really good lady, it doesn’t feel good that she is only good with Pratibha only. Pushpa says that talking too much and speaking a lot weaken’s ones mind. She asks Pushpa to search Pratibha’s room as well. Outside, Sunidhi says what she will do now will get her even more respect.
Sanjeev and Bubu find Kaashi in the corridor. Sanjeev gives bubu the water gun and sends him inside. Anmol and Peehu come there arguing. Sanjeev asks them to take care of Bubu.
Pushpa searches into Pratibha’s room. Mahen and Pratibha stood there. Pratibha asks does she really think they will do such thing that will break Namrita’s marriage. Mahen says she is used to prove herself as wrong always. Pushpa says this time she wants to be proven wrong. Sunidhi peeks into the room restlessly. Pushpa finds a small bottle in the drawer, takes it out but it were capsules. Pushpa says she thinks she has lost. She says she is really happy that she was proven wrong this time. Sunidhi thinks about doing something very soon. They all hear children calling Bubu to open his eyes. Everyone asked him to open his eyes. Pushpa asks Pratibha to make him vomit, Bubu spits bhang from his mouth. Pratibha is shocked. Sunidhi spots the water gun lying nearby.

PRECAP: Namrita asks Rishi what she must do to impress aunty. Rishi says in India one can cook and impress others. Namrita asks Pratibha to cook for Rishi’s dinner.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sunidhi and her mother are good together.All these things will eventually turn around and whip them in the behind.

  2. Mahen! Mahen! Who the hell you think you are?! Your wife isn’t a foot stool so stop treating her that way because you ain’t perfect either you are the one who tried to forged fake documents, not to mention your mother is a wicked vindictive person try focus and that and leave Pratibha alone she was just trying to help she has a good heart unlike your sister-in-law and mother

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