SwaSan (a journey from hate to love) EPI 23

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hi guys. m so sorry 4 being irregular and late but what to do my schedule z becoming tough day by day and recently i met an accident,,,
i will try to update quickly and end my ff in time cause within few days my routine will become more hectic

here we go…

swasan wake up to find each other sleeping together lovingly….sanskar smiles and gets up.swara greets him
swara:good morning…
sanskar kisses her forehead…
swara:how r u feeling now??
sanskar:never better
she smiles

sanskar:u relaxed me yesterday… or else i would have hurt u
swara:u would never hurt me and if u do i wont feel pain cause i lo..
she stops
sanskar thinks;no swara,..plz dont do this…i cant give anything to u…i am a hollow man
swara snaps him out of his thoughts
swara:r u ok??

ragini knock at the door
swara welcomes her in
ragini:bhabhi lets go for shopping
swara looks at sanskar
sanskar nods positively
swara:ok i will go with u…
ragini:all r planning for fun… bhai u too come
sanskar:ok i will
swara smiles
swara:ok let us get ready
swara goes near cupboard to see dresses

sanskar hugs her from back.swara smiles
sanskar:wear this jean and kurti
swara:as u say
sanksar kisses her nape.she holds his hands that are resting on her belly
swara breathes heavily.just as sanskar turns her around to capture her lips shanaya knocks at the door

(dear Arshaanya i know u r gonna hate shanaya again ?)

sanskar:nobody lets me romance u
swara chuckles
shanaya comes in
shanaya:sorry to disturb u…i just saw ur 6 missed calls…i didnt knwo when u called at night… i tried to call u but ur phone is off so i came to see
swara:yeah last night all his stuff was finished and he was out of breath…i didnt know what to do thats why tried to call u and ragini

shanaya:what??? r u ok now??
sanskar:yeah yeah
he tells how swara relaxed him and he slept
shanaya gets surprised and smiles
shanaya:looks like sth (something) good happened
swara:can i ask sth from u??

swara:plz get treated
sanskar:what do u mean??
swara:treat ur addiction
shanaya and sanskar get shocked
shanaya:she z right…its time u think about urs and her future…its time u change urself
sanskar thinks for a moment
sanskar pats her face

swara jumps in happiness and hugs him
swara;thank u sanskar m so happy i love u…yippie
shanaya gets stunned and sanskar too is taken aback at swara’s words
shanaya signs swara and swara comes to her senses
swara:wo..i mean…
sanskar gets stern and holds her shoulders
sanskar:never love me… got it??its dangerous
swara looks straight into his eyes
swara sighs

swara:sorry…i got excited
sanskar:get ready and leave with shanaya
swara’s tears make way through her eyes and she goes to washroom
shanaya:u r such a jerk sanskar!!! rascal… how can u hurt her feelings
sanskar:did u tell her everything about my past??

shanaya stumbles
shanaya fumes
sanskar:yes or no
sanskar shouts
sanskar:answer me damn it!!!
shanaya:yes i did!! she z ur wife and she deserves it..moreover she really loves u … but u… i r always an a*sh*le!!!
shanaya:just go to hell…i hate u for hurting her
shanaya leaves in anger
swara comes out hurriedly
swara:sanskar…i heard u shouting at shanaya…wts wrong??
sanskar:u shouldnt have lied to me.. i told u to tell me truth whether or not shanaya told u abt my past
swara gets afraid and her feet freeze to the ground
sanskar goes near her
sanskar:why did u lie swara??
swara:i thought u will consider my affection as sympathy
sanskar sighs

sanskar:get ready and lets go
sanskar looks straight into her eyes…she lowers her gaze
sanskar leaves to get ready
swara gets sad

swara:how will i succeed in my marriage life??

NEXT EPI: all go to a restaurant to enjoy…sanksar notices swara’s sadness and dances romantically with her… a new entry….

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    Awesome n get well soon nothing serious happend with u na plzz take care

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    superb!!! loved it!!

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    Awesome dear

  10. Wow loved it plz dont end it take youre time but dont end it fastly

  11. Superb dear

  12. Awesome..
    It’s ok dear. Take your time & update..

  13. Awesome

  14. Arshaanya

    Hahahahhahaha aila u knw me ao well ???? love u dear..???
    Ok n srsly spkng i hate her so much… swasan shud not dsclse dere prvte moments to her nw… y sanskar explnd how she made him rlxd… n dun let her intrfre in dere mttrs n make her ngtve…
    My same comment n feeling for shanay in ur evry chappy ???

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  16. Akankshanna

    Marvelous…post soon

  17. Hadi

    its akira not shanaya shanaya was in saba’s ff

    1. Aila

      a girl requested to use shanaya instead of akira… will vote in next epi

  18. Awesome dear…..but it should be Akira naa……….Get well soon……

    1. Aila

      a girl requested me to use shanaya instead of akira as she liked that name… i will make it vote in next epi 🙂

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  20. Mind blowing

  21. Vyshu10

    nice…i m glad u r writing a lighter version….its nicer to take in

  22. sooooo good

    how are u di?
    get well soon
    take care

    1. Aila

      hi dear…. m ok now

  23. Simin

    Bechari shona

  24. Pls update next yaar.. Why did u change Akira to Shanaya. In Saba’s story there’s a character same to akira and her name is shanaya. I don’t like that story it’s climax is tragedy. My sanskar died in that story. Ur story is one of my favourites.

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