Kalash 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi is finding his file. Devika comes there and asks what are you finding? Ravi says i have lost my black file, Devika says is it important? he says yes, Devika says i found it in washroom, Ravi says i got call when i was in washroom, Devika says you have mini-office in washroom? its safe place, put my jewelry there too, Ravi says i ready files in bathtub, where is file now? Devika says i have put file above cupboard, Ravi says that place is safe? Devika says you should appreciate me that i kept it safe, i wont help you from now on, Devika tries to get file from cupboard’s roof but cant reach it due to short height, Ravi says moveaway, he tries to grab file but cant reach it too. Devika tries to brings sofa near cupboard, she asks Ravi to help, Ravi says i have better idea, he grabs DEvika and lifts her, Devika gets file, Ravi is bringing Devika down, they both get close, Ravi caresses her face and hugs her, Devika feels comfort in his arms and closes her eyes, Ravi kisses her forehead.
Nivi is in kitchen and thinks that Sakshi has to die but how? she sees Ganga’s son playing there, Nivi thinks that i got an idea, this is great, she brings out poison bottle and comes to Ganga, she asks to mix this chemical in milk, Ganga asks why? Nivi says dont ask questions, just do it, Ganga mixes poison in milk glass, Nivi asks her to give it to Sakshi, make sure she drinks it, Ganga says this is poison, she will die if she drinks it, i cant do it. Nivi grabs her son and says you must love your son a lot right? how will you feel if something happens to your son? Ganga says leave my son alone. Nivi grabs knife and puts it on her son’s neck, Ganga says he is my son, Nivi says he will be in my custody till you dont do my work, i will free you once you give poisoned milk to Sakshi, if you dont do my work then you wont be able to see your son again, Ganga says i will do your work, dont do anything to my son, Nivi says i am taking your son with me, you do my work, she leaves. Ganga takes poisoned milk from there.
Nivi ties Ganga’s son and says keep sitting here, dont try to shout of run, your mom will free you but till then you have to sit tight, she leaves store room where he is tied.
Ganga brings milk for Sakshi, Sakshi says i wont drink it rightnow, Ganga thinks that if Sakshi doesnt drink milk then Nivi will kill my son Rishu, she has to drink it. Devika comes there and sees Ganga with milk glass. Ganga says to Sakshi that milk is important for you, please drink it. Sakshi says i will drink it later. Nivi is seeing all this from far. Devika asks Sakshi to drink milk, it will be good for you, Sakshi says i dont feel like drinking it rightnow, Devika says i will drink it then, Ganga says no you cant drink this milk, its for Sakshi, Devika says why cant i drink it? whats problem? Ganga says i will bring another glass for you, this is for Sakshi, Devika says okay, Nivi comes there and asks Ganga why you didnt do my work? Ganga says i have brought milk for Sakshi, Nivi asks Sakshi to drink milk, it will be good for your health, Devika says you need milk too, why dodnt you drink it? Janki comes there, Devika greets her and Sakshi. Devika asks Ganga to keep milk here, dont force Sakshi, she doesnt want to drink it, Devika asks Nivi why you dont drink it? you re stressed these days, Nivi says i dont like milk, Devika says even i dont like it but sometimes we have to do things which are good for health, drink it, Nivi says i cant drink it, dont make me do it, Devika says you have to drink it, if you dont then i will make you drink it, Nivi says okay i will take the milk, she asks Ganga to keep it on table, its hot, Devika says it not hot, i will make you drink with my hands, Nivi says no, i will take it, i will drink it, Nivi gets tensed, she deliberately pushes away glass and milk is spilled, she says sorry, i slipped, i will take another glass, she asks Ganga to wipe it, she leaves, Ganga leaves too. Devika thinks that my doubt was right.

Scene 2
Nivi is in kitchen, Ganga comes there and says i tried a lot, please give my son back to me, i beg you, Nivi says you will get your son back but you have to forget what happened here, go away from here, dont tell anyone, if you try to overcross me then i wont spare you, take your kid and leave from here, dont tell anything to your friend Jyoti, Ganga asks where is my son? i will leave with him, Nivi says your son is in store room, take him and leave, dont be seen here again, Ganga leaves. Nivi thinks that Ambika is clever, i have to kill Sakshi to get Ravi.
Shweta is in mandir, she says lord forgive me, i have done a lot of sins but forgive me, i was greedy for money and jewelry but woman’s real jewel is her husband, after getting separated from Vikas, i realized how important he was in my life, after Saket’s death, i realized that what you do in life, you have to payback for it, i promise to walk on truth’s path from now on, just give me Vikas back. She comes out of mandir and sees Vikas sitting there, she silently thanks God and says Vikas? Vikas sees her there and is surprised.
Sakshi and Janki brings Devika to room, Sakshi asks Devika why you were forcing Nivi to drink milk? Devika says i am sure Nivi wanted to harm Sakshi, i am sure she was thinking something wrong, Janki says how you got doubt? Devika says I am sure Nivi wants to harm sakshi. When this new maid came ganga, she was worried when she gave sakshi milk. And nivi was waiting. When I asked her to drink that milk she spilled it. Sakshi says what can she mix? And why would nivi do this? devika says she gave you warning. She wants to keep you mad. I have proof. We will know what she mixed. I collected some milk so I can know what was mixed in it. Janki says very good. We have to figure it out.

Precap-Janki gives Ambika reports. Ambika is dazed. Sakshi says what is it? Ambika hugs her in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It was good episode. I loved the precap. It was emotional. I also loved the episode because of Shweta, she actually turned good and begged for forgiveness from Ambe maa. I was really touched seeing that. I hope Vikas accepts Shweta again. I read that Devika is going to take Nivi and all to that same mandir where Nivi Saket and Manju pushed her off the cliff. I want that to be an actions sequence just like the last time before the leap.

  2. Yes mohammed me too…. ty for the update… it seems really interesting

  3. Like rat poison. Or any time of poison. Is kept so readily in kitchens. All over india
    Dumb. Notion

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