Swasan – we enough for each other

A girl of 24yrs walking on a railway track bear foot tears where continuously flowing from her eyes …she lay down on the track and looking at the sky
Girl point of view
I swara i don’t have any surname because everyone says my mom was a prostitude …whose blood is flowing from my nerves god only no …but it’s not true my mom is not that …and my father is that Shekhar gadodiya who back off when my mother needs him the most. ..Later my dadi used to abuse me and my mom ….in school and college people stairs me like an auspicious thing and comment me I got peace in my mom lap …when I think about my mother’s pain my pain is nothing. ….she is facing everything alone it’s most difficult for a lady who is unmarried and mother of a child. ..people see them lustly or bad mouth about her character …in all this that jerk is living a happy married life and have a daughter Ragini. …i am not jealous of her but have lot of complaints with her father……..

God I hate god very much he did injustice only now he snatched my only happiness my mother also no one help me to do her rituals. .I some how managed myself then Laksh came to my life he shown me many dreams but on marriage day destiny again played with me he ditch me in front of everyone. .he said I don’t have pure blood and I would be characterless my mom …..I understood he played with me along with Parvati gadodiya. …..it’s enough I can’t bear more i am coming mom
Swara point of view end
Swara hears train coming sound and turn to other side. ….but she see a man around 27 wearing milliatry type jeans and black baniyan runningly comes towards her
Swara-why god can’t you let me die peacefully
But for her surprise he jumped from above her and running towards train
Man-god I am coming to you
Swara-he is gone mad
Swara gets up and run towards the man and in nick of tym swara pull the man to other side and train pass on …both gets up
Swara-are you mad …what are you doing? Before doing it didn’t u thought about your love once ….if they are not their but they where seeing you from somewhere does it will pain them …..listen life is very beautiful if not for others live for your self no problem is their which have no solution
That man is looking smilingly towards swara

Man- by the way I am sanskar…..I can say samething to u but I won’t get in your head so I acted to do suicide………….you are very brave we need gutts to save others by risking our life…………. and it’s need courage to end our life…….so with this gutts and courage why can’t you face the world. ….he goes
Swara sit on the ground and thinks everything. ………. . .
Swara-yes I will fight for my mother respect …..mom it’s my promise I will fight for your respect I will prove to this entire world you are not characterless ….I have nothing to lose now. …… . . . . . . .
Next day in mm
Raglak reception is going on everyone is happy and enjoying. ……………focus light falls on a girl standing in entrance wearing royal blue saree .
Laksh -swara
Swara comes forward
Swara-so the great Laksh maheshwari didn’t forget the name of this would be characterless girl. ….great …and what you said to return your gifts etc
Swara takes out many cards and gifts and photos from her purse and through on Laksh
Laksh -swaraa
Swara-make yours and rest keep it with yourself. ……and yeah Ragini be careful the man who can exchange girl in mandap for him replacing wife is not big thing. ..still I have some thing for u … (takes out a Ganesh ji idol )it’s for u u are going to start for new life

Dadi-eh manhus chori .why are you spoiling our grand daughter reception
Swara-don’t increase your bp …i am going. ..
Turn to go but stops and turn towards Laksh and gives tight slap
Swara-if I didn’t do this ….then it’s shame to me for being a girl and daughter of my mom …..now our chapter is close
While going swara see sanskar who is smilingly seeing swara and raise a toss (expression of saying well done )

Recap -swara in gadodiya mansion

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