LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 28)

The episode starts with kajal asking raghav whats going on why are locking her in the room she is
raghav:mom she is my kalpi and will always remain mine i cannt let her go away from me she has to br with me means she has to be with me saying this he goes from there kajal looked helplessly at the closed door of kalpi

kalpi pov
what does this family think they can do what they want then i will also do what i want
pov ends

she opened her pures tiik her phone and she booked her ticket to delhi she went to bathroom and took out te glass of the ventilator and unscrewed the window and went throught it and reach the pipe and slowly reached down the cctv camera recorded but she didnt notice it shr went otherside and climbed a wall and reachoutside and start to run after running for a while she fall infront a bike due tired(GUYS THE BIKE PERSON IS SACHIN)he came down from the bike mam are you k?
kalpi:i am k can i have sone water
sachin gave her water she drank it and says sorry for the inconvient
sachin:its k can i drop you?
kalpi:could you plz drop me in the railway station?
sachin took her to the station in his bike

Shivya and anika room
shivya enters the room and sees anika in some thoughts he ask what happened to anika shivya sigh oberio lost in some other world
anika:shivya i want to tell you something
shivya:ya tell me
anika:arnav is asking to sign a contract with his company for 2 years to take all the responsible of the event
shivya:hey thats nice then sighn it
anika:are you sure?
shivya:i am cent percentage sure in mind so that you both brother and sister understand each other

sachin drops kalpi there and says k fine now i will leave now
kalpi:thank you thank you so much you have saved from goenkas
sachin gave a schok reaction and says goenkas?
kalpi says how raghav force fully brought her here and how she escaped
and says i will get late and leaves
sachin angrily goes to goenkas houes

he enter angrly and ask but raghav raghav comes there and ask him what happens

precap:same precap

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