swasan TS memory loss vs True Love – part 2

Sanskar and kavita move towards swara. Seeing this swara hurriedly wipe her tears.
San: swara this is kavita my girl friend (swakav looks at him shocked. Then he side hugged swara) and kavita she is my..my best friend swara.(swara smiles holding tears). Arre, u didn’t wash ur hand, come with me(to kavita) u sit here.
He takes her to wash room. After sometimes they came back to kavita.
Kav: sanskar can u go and buy ice cream for us.

San: OK.(he went).
Kav: so what happened to him? Why is he behaving like this?
Sw: he forgot me, he got accident and he.,.(she couldn’t tell. She composed) why are u here??
Kav: I got parole for 1 and a half month. But I didn’t think I will get this…(smiles evilly)
Swara is thinking about that.she got dizzy. She is going to fall but someone holds her,kavita looks at him, its sanskar only.
San: swara, swara…. What happened? How is she fainted kavita? Swara wake up don’t frightened me..
Wait: sir water…

San: thank u.(he take the water and flounced on her face. She wake up. He gave her water to drink and hug her) u frightened me swara..
Sw: I am OK sanskar, it is common in this time.
Kav: which time.
San: she is pregnant na, more over her husband is not with her( kavita shocked and looks at swara. Swara avoids her) swara I thought its because of food.

Wait: sir our food is good.
San: (angrily) its not about ur food, its about her, she is pregnant, and if anything happened to her then I won’t forgive anyone and myself too.
Sw: relax, sanskar I am fine, and it is not about food,( to Waiter) food is good thank u.
Wait: welcome ma’am, sorry Sir
San,: get out of my sight
Sw: I am fine sanskar

San: pakka
Sw: double pakka. I want to go home
San: OK (to kav)this is my card call me later.
Swasan go mm. They reached mm.swara is about to get down sanskar..
San: wait shona…(he went towards her and picked in bridal way)
Sw: sanskar I’m OK. I can walk
San: but I can’t take risk.

They went inside. Someone seeing this from outside the mansion and drove back. While mm family are happy to see swasan like that. But seeing swara’s tired face, ragini and sujatha ran towards him.
Suj: what happened to her why is she so tired.
San: she feels dizzy mom.(Then he went placed her on bed. )
Sw: mom I want tea.. (Sujap went to kitchen)
raglak and sanskar was there. She slowly closed her eyes.
San: ragini be with her. I will come after some time(he went )
Laksh is also about to Leave, swara open the eyes get up.

Sw: laksh plz close the door.(tears are flowing through her cheeks)
Rag: why r u crying swara(she hugged ragini and cried). What happened?
Sw: I lost him ragini.. I lost him forever..forever..
Lak: what happened swara…
Sw: she came back…
Rag: who??
Sw: KAVITA…(raglak shocked. Swara tells them everything)
Lak: arre how can he do that?? I will ask him..
Sw: no no laksh. Don’t do that.. He told me not to tell anyone.

At that time sujatha knocked the door.
Suj: swara beta open the door
Lak: I will handle them. U sleep. Ragini be with her.
Laksh open the door and take sujatha with him..
Night… Guest room..
Swara was about to take sanskar’s photo just then she heard a knock. She turns back and see sanskar. She close the draw.
Sw: sanskar.. Do u want anything.

San: I was feeling to talk u. Are u busy or going to bed???
Sw: no sanskar, come we can talk. Waise what u want to talk (she is feared that he will talk about kavita)
San: just some random talk, we didn’t meet after we came back..
She nodes. Sanskar sits on the chair and swara sits on bed half lying position. They had a random talks. After sometimes swara dozes off. Sanskar placed her in bed right and and covered her blanket and went from there.

1month leap
In this one month sometimes sanskar and kavita met. But most of the time, swara is also with him. Raglak always oppose this, but swara melts seeing sanskar’s pleading . one day swasan went to meet kavita. At restaurant swasan kavita are chit chatting. After sometimes sanskar went to fetch ice cream. When he came back he didn’t see swara..
San: kavita where is swara..

Kav: she went..
San: went.. Where? Why??
Kav: wo whenever u come, u will always take her with u. If u come alone, u go Early. So I told her to go because we…
San: (loudly) stop it kavita? How could u hurt her? Don’t u know she is pregnant?
He furiously left from there. All people are looking at them. Sanskar came outside. He searches swara. He then saw her trying to stop cabs. He went towards her and stood her side.
Sw: (stammering).. Arre.. San.. Sanskar.. U here.. WO..na I was very tired so I…
San(sternly): with whom u came here?
Sw: with u.
San: so u can’t go alone.

Sw: arre sanskar, I was very tired so I thought to go home, its ur da..
San: stop it swara, for me u r important (swara looks at him intensely) u want to go home na( he take phone and calls kavita) kavita come outside
Kavita came outside
San: kavita we r going home(sternly).

Kav: I am sorry sanskar..
San: u very well know with whom u have to say sorry. .
Kav:(without any option) sorry swara
Sw: it’s OK..
Sanskar takes her to car, and helps her to sit in car. They drove off leaving kavita there.
Next day, Elders are chit chatting in mm hall. Sanlak in study room. Swara in room, ragini and uttara r in kitchen
“Good morning everyone” a voice disturbed ap, sujatha, rp and dp..they look at the source and shocked to see kavita.
Suj(yells): u why did u come here??
Hearing her yelling everyone comes there. Sanlak, ragutt,swara are shocked to seeing kavita there. Ragutt went to swara and hold her. Kavita saw sanskar
Kav: sanskar did u tell them about our marriage?
Everyone looks at sanskar, swara’s eyes welled up, but she holds the tears. Ragutt holds her tightly

Sanskar went to kavita and whispers
San: why did u come here without informing me.
Kav: u didn’t call me so I came here. We have been waiting for 5 years na sanskar tell them
Sanskar avoids eye contact with swara. He is guilty that he couldn’t inform swara.
Lak: what is she talking bhai…
San: wo.. Badepapa I want to marry..(paused) kavita..
Swara looks at him painfully.
Suj: I won’t accept this. U don’t know about this girl.

San: she is here for the first time. Then how can u know about her Mom?
Then he went to swara.
San: swara u r my best friend na. Plz tell them to accept it.(then looks at sujatha) I don’t know why they are saying no. Plz. Ple…(stopped seeing her fainting) SHONAA..
He holds her. Everyone looked at her.
Rag: swara….
Sanskar picked her and go to guest room and placed her..
San: lucky call doctor… (Yelled).
After sometimes Dr. Came
Dr. : plz everyone go outside.
Everyone went except sujatha and ragini..
After sometimes Dr came outside.
San: what happened to her dr.
Dr: its because of stress.. It is not good for her and baby’s health. Plz take care.
Everyone nodes. They came inside the room.
San: swara.. Why.. (But interrupted by sujatha).
Suj: now what u want sanskar..
San: what r u talking mom. I didn’t do anything and about kavita, I wanted to tell her but couldn’t get time. Sorry shona..
Sw: sanskar I want to talk with them, can u go outside (he is about to interrupt) I want to talk about ur marriage sanskar.
Rag: no swara u r not well, we will talk about it later..
San: ha shona ragini is correct.

Sw: ragini I am fine.sanskar plz..
Sanskar furiously went outside. Kavita also went with him. Laksh close the door.
Sujatha sits beside her: what were u saying swara..
Sw: accept it mom..
Everyone: swara/bhabhi..
Sw: he forgot me fully Mom. Yesterday dr. Called me and said since he didn’t get any flashback about us, that means there is a possibility that he lost his memory Permanently. He forgot me, he forgot our love.. Now we have a beautiful relationship that is friendship. I don’t want to ruin that. If we tell this now he won’t believe that.. Plz mom ..
Sujatha hugs her: then who will be with u Bacha..
Sw: u all r with me na. I want his happiness only..

Meanwhile outside.
Kav: sanskar don’t u think ur family gives more important to swara. I mean its ur house and what is she doing here?
San: stop it kavita. I already told u don’t dare to utter any word against her. She is my… (Paused) my best friend. She has all the right to live here.
At that time sujatha opens door.
Suj: OK sanskar I accepted this marriage. But I have a condition..
Swasan and others looks at her.
Suj: after marriage u have to leave this house.
Sw: MOM….

San: ok I will leave…
Sanskar left from there. Kavita also left from there.
After some days, sanskar and kavita’s marriage fixed. She don’t have any one, so she came mm to live till marriage day. One morning kavita came to hall and saw swara and uttara are sitting there.
Kav: now ur understood na u were wrong about sanskar..

Utt: what’s ur problem now? Don’t be happy that u took advantage of bhai’s memory loss. Their love is true at last they will be together.
Kav: that u will get to know after 3 days. Haldi,mehndi, sangeet, after that marriage, then u u will become sirf Swara “sanskar maheshwari” (a voice interrupted her.)
They all turned back sanskar is talking phone..: send it on my name..
Utt: now u understood na she is always swara sanskar maheshwari. (To swara ) come bhabhi..
After 3 days. Marriage day..
Sanskar is waiting for kavita in mandap. Swara is standing there holding tears. Ragini and uttara are either side of her. Sujatha is worried about her and baby.. Ap,Dp,Rp and laksh is standing there helplessly. Shekhar and shomi didnt come because they can’t see her like that. At that time kavita came there, some ladies are with her too..
A lady:(pointing to swara) what is she doing here. I think she will ruin ur marriage too.
Swara’s tears are flowing through her cheeks..

Suj: how dare u talk like that about my daughter..
Kav: why? She is not talking any wrong aunt. Because of her my haldi day is ruined. Whole haldi had fell on her, and by helping her,haldi had fell on sanskar too. Even my friend think that they are doing marriage. Then in mehndi day she told its by mistake sanskar’s name had written on her hand. I don’t think that, I think she is trapping sanskar. What is her position in this house? Even she don’t know who is the father of the chil…..
” STOP IT KAVITA”……(She is interrupted by a strong voice or roar).
They turns back, sanskar is standing at mandap furiously.
San: what do u want to know, what’s her position in this house, he na??? I will tell u..
Then he went to swara, and picked her in his hand in bridal way and went to mandap.
Sw: sanskar…

San: pandit ji u start mantra…
Then he takes 7 pheras. Swara is looking at him intensely, she don’t know what to do. Others are looking at him happily. He completed pheras. Then he stands her at the mandap and take the mangalsutra and adourns her neck. Then take kumkum fills in her maang.. Then turns to kavita..
San: now u understood na what is her position in this house. He is my wife, Sanskar maheshwari’s wife, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…. Now her child is mine. Don’t dare to utter any word against my wife and my baby. And kavita.. Now u r out of my life. GET OUT..
kavita went outside and guests also. At that time
Sw: sanskar…

Hearing his name sanskar looked at her. Then only he realised what he did. He don’t know what to do.. He stood numb.. Slowly swara losses consciousness and faints. Fortunately ragini and uttara hold her. Laksh tried to call sanskar but he is too numb to react. So laksh take her to hospital. Ram drives the car and all went to hospital leaving sanskar there. After sometimes sanskar went to garden and he sits on bench.
San(monologue): what did u do sanskar? How can u do that to swara? U know that how much she loves her husband,?
” why did u do that sanskar”
Recognizing the voice, he opens her eyes and looks at her furiously.

San: what are u doing here kavita. I told u get out na..
Kav: u didn’t answer me sanskar? Why did u do that? Why did u marry swara?
San: how can u hurt her? U know that I cant tolerate anything against her. So I did this?
Kav: why can’t u hear anything against her?
San: because she is my…. She is my best friend.. U got the answer na.. Now get lost. …,(he turns back).
Kav: no.. Because ur heart, mind and u full belongs to her only.
San(furiously): what are u talking kavita? Don’t u know she is married?

Kav: with u!!!
San’: this is not a marriage because she is already married.
Kav: that only I am saying u were, u r, u r always her husband only..
San: were?? What r u trying to say kavita?
Kav: truth (then she told him everything)
He sat on bench as numb. He sat there without knowing what to do or say.
San: that means swara and baby are mine.

They were disturbed by a hone. They looked back, a police jeep is parked there.
San: police..???
Kav: my time is over sanskar. Its the time to return back to jail. In jail, I understood u both are made for each other. So I did this DRAMA to unite u. Drama over and my time also. Take care sanskar.
She leaves. Laksh is also reached there. He heard her talking sanskar.
Lak: bhai…
Sanskar turns and saw laksh.
San: why didn’t u tell me anything laksh??

Lak: we can’t take risk on ur health bhai..
San: call swara.. Video call, I want to talk to her(laksh tried to interrupt) call!!!(he yells angrily).
Laksh calls swara.. On call

Lak: bhai wants to talk to u swara(swara looks at him) kavita told him everything (swara now scared)
Laksh show the phone to sanskar.

San: why did u hide this from me swara??
Sw: WO.. San..
San: (sternly) no now u don’t say any thing. Now I will say and u will listen.
Screen freezes in sanskar’s furious face, swara’s scared face and laksh’s helpless face.

Precap: I will tell in next part

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