preeran os let’s fake it (current track)

Karan was on the verge of killing someone today. He had gone to meet his mental only to get the news of her engagement. He looked at her with his accusing eyes and she lowered her eyes in guilt.
He had faked his happiness in front of everyone and rushed to her room without anyone noticing.
He found her playing with her dupatta and thinking something deeply.
He had grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.
” how can you agree for the engagement ?” he accused her.

She looked at him confused.
” look who is telling this? The person who asked me to do the whole drama . You was the one who said not to break relationship with Prithvi when we found about his relationship with sherlyn. You wanted to keep eyes on both sherlyn and Prithvi. I’m trapped here. I will not get engaged with him . Do something ” said preeta.
She wanted to bang her head on something hard for listening to  karan’s plan and doing all this stupidity.
” run away mental. People have heard about run away bride before Now they will hear about the run away finance .” said Karan dramatically.
Preeta hit him on his shoulder.

” are you for serious ?. How can you joke on this serious situation .” screamed preeta.
” OK another idea. Marry him and trap him in your love ” joked Karan.
He and let her marry that Prithvi is impossible. His mental is only his and he is very possessive of her. He is the only one who knows how he had controlled himself from killing that Prithvi whenever he tries to come near his mental.
” not a bad idea Karan. It would take away my guilt. I think sherlyn will turn good when this Prithvi leaves
her . I will take this as my

punishment ” replied Preeta making Karan stare at her disbelief.
She and marrying Prithvi was not possible . This was not possible in this life. Hell she was all ready to run away from the engagement . How badly she wanted to strangle that Prithvi whenever he touches her.

” look mental let’s get married ” said Karan making preeta gasp.
” this is not the way to propose someone ” said preeta.
How dare he? Can’t he propose her properly? She is not going to marry him no away. She will become mad if she marries him.
” arre yaar. When will you get your use your brain?. Look we will act like being in love. Ur engagement will get cancelled. Our marriage preparations will start. U can easily enter my house, roam around with me . Kareena Bua will not tell you anything. Now we will work more together we can expose sherlyn

early. ” said Karan hoping she would nod her head.
Unexpectedly preeta had hugged him tightly in excitement.
” yes. This idea is far better than wearing that ring of that stupid Prithvi. ” said Prithvi.
” off course it’s far better than seeing you wearing his ring ” thought Karan.

After sometime preeta and Karan were busy in discussing about their new mission of cancelling the engagement. Karan had said preeta to act gloomy and show her disinterest in the engagement in front of her family and he would convince his mother by the time.

” preeta are you happy with this engagement beta ?” asked a worried Sarla.
” haa di. U look sad and disinterested in the whole thing ” said shristi.
Preeta was silent and went to her room without answering anything worrying Sarla and shristi more.
As she closed the room door, preeta smiled. Her acting was fabulous. Finally she had performed her job.
She had phoned and informed Karan happily. Karan had appreciated her finally but not before taunting her with the title of ‘drama queen ‘. Who cares?. Preeta took a nap tried of two days acting of being gloomy.
Who said acting was easy?

Karan was elated to hear preeta’s success over the phone. He felt proud of his mental. It was his turn. He had slowly made his way to his mom’s room.
” mom I need to talk to you” said Karan.
” what happened Karan? asked a worried rakhi.
” maa I love her but…… Everything is over ” said Karan acting to be hurt.
” Sofia . I will talk to her ” said rakhi cupping her son’s face” it was not Sofia maa. It is preeta, it was always her. ” blurted out Karan looking at his mother.
” but her engagement?” asked rakhi.

” it did not happen till now. She also loves me mom. She confessed to me but does not want to hurt her family. Is it our mistake that we realized our love little late. Is it too late? “asked Karan.
Rakhi’s heart melted at karan’s confession. She always wanted someone like preeta as her daughter in law. Now when Karan and preeta love each other ,her wish can come true. What is her son’s fault in loving preeta who also loves him? Her Karan will get his love. Rakhi was determined this time.

Storm took over the lutra house when rakhi had revealed about karan’s love for preeta and preeta refusing it owning to her commitment with Prithvi. Kareena was strongly against the relationship but Karan was in shock when even Rishabh did not support him and called it as childishness. Rakhi was determined and Karan was quite stubborn . He made it clear to everyone that he would marry preeta otherwise he would never marry in his life and he loved only preeta . Everyone agreed. Kareena had to give in reluctantly owning to karan’s argument and rakhi telling her that she had accepted her choice for Rishabh but for Karan it was preeta.
When everyone finally agreed. Rakhi had taken Karan for arora house for asking preeta’s hand for him before its too late.

The whole arora house was shocked when unexpectedly rakhi and Karan had appeared. Preeta’s face glowed seeing them. She had almost given up the hope .
Rakhi had revealed whole thing to Sarla who was shocked and looked at preeta.
” preeta is it true? Do you love
Karan? “asked Sarla.
” yes maa. I love him ” replied preeta.
” then why did not you tell me

before ?”
” I realized it when he saved me from the fire risking his life not thinking about me. When the doctor said he would not survive I thought I would die. ” confessed preeta.
Rakhi was  happy to see preeta’s love for Karan. She slapped herself mentally for not seeing her love for Karan that day itself when she was sobbing and beating Karan to come back to life.
” aunty even I realized it very late. When she was in danger and I thought I will loose her I realized I can’t live without her. I went inside to save my life . Please accept our relationship aunty. I will protect her and take care of her like Princess. I promise you ” confessed Karan.
Sarla was touched by karan’s confession so everyone present there.
Preeta looked on shockingly. Why was karan’s confession looking so real? Was he such a good actor?
Sarla gave her nod to this relationship. She was ready cancel preeta’s engagement when rakhi suggested of doing preeta and Karan’s engagement on the same day.

Both preeta and Karan gasped as they did not expect this coming.
Sarla was more than happy with it and agreed. Shristi fed sweets to everyone.
Rakhi and Sarla were discussing about the engagement when Karan and preeta escaped to  room.
” damn this was not excepted. Engagement ” shouted Karan as preeta closed the door.
” yes. now what to do? “asked preeta
” marry me baby doll ” Karan smirked.
” Karan be serious ” spoke a irritated preeta.

” fine fake engagement . It will give you more rights on my house. U will the same status which sherlyn as and she will not order you or
insult you ” said Karan.
” you will have more rights on me and me on you  ” thought Karan.
His chain of thoughts were broken when he heard her agreeing to it . She looked happy and she was all his. No Prithvi will touch her.

He will turn this fake engagement to marriage soon. He did not go against his whole family for that stupid sherlyn and her boyfriend. He did not know he was in love with her or not but he was possessive of her and no one will take her away from him now.
They had come out after discussing about their next plan to expose sherlyn but it could happen only after engagement.

Sarla had given preeta’s hand to Karan indicating her agreement for thetheir relationship. Karan had took preeta’s hand and planted a soft kiss on it making her gasp but her cheeks had turned red and she looked down blushing. He had kissed her hand in front of everyone . She mentally slapped herself for blushing like that.

Karan had gone home with his mother but winked at her before going . She widened her eyes like every time she does.

It was one day he did not see her face and he was being restless . He was getting ready for his engagement.
Sameer had teased him with this thing.
Did she miss talking to him and seeing his face as he did? Was preeta feeling the same for him?. He was too proud of his decision for once as one day without seeing her was hell. How could he survive rest of the life.
As he entered the hall with his family, his eyes searched for her. Here she walked towards him wearing a red lenga which he chose for her and gifted her through sameer. Looking beautiful and gorgeous his preeta came and he stared at her lovingly.
They slide rings in each others fingers.
” how is the ring? “asked Karan.

” it’s amazing. ” preeta replied.
The ring was actually amazing. She never saw a ring so simple yet beautiful.
” off course bhabhi. Why will you not like the ring. Bhaiya made this jeweller Designer friend design this for you describing your choice. Whole day was spent on this.” said sameer.
Preeta felt special hearing it.

” wow Jiju your so romantic. Any girl will melt on your gestures. ” exclaimed shristi.
” but I want only your sister. I have promised your mother she will never regret this decision and I’m fulfilling it. I will treat your sister like Princess and not let anyone hurt her ” replied Karan holding preeta’s hand and looking at sherlyn and indicating her to stay away.
” nice goal preeta. When you could not get Rishabh. U tried on Karan and got him ” taunted sherlyn.
Preeta flashed her a beautiful smile.
” get ready. Sherlyn I will expose you and your boyfriend  very soon ” warned preeta softly.
” no one will believe you ” smirked sherlyn.
” Karan will. ” smirked back preeta wiping sherlyn’s smirk.
Preeta went towards Karan as he called for her.
” Prithvi do something. Preeta will expose me and our plan will go
flop “said sherlyn.

” you think. I did not try. Karan has kept a tight security around everyone especially for that preeta. ” replied Prithvi who was tensed.
Karan had come towards them.
” discussing your new plans which will soon flop ” said Karan.

“we don’t know each other Karan. ” said sherlyn.
” stop acting innocent sherlyn I know everything about you both. ” said Karan angrily.
” then why are you not exposing
us “asked sherlyn.
” because I don’t have enough evidence and if I speak the truth without any evidence, Kareena Bua will obviously blame preeta for manipulating me. U have tried to insult preeta numerous times right. I will make sure I will take revenge of everything then I will expose you and Kareena Bua will have to accept preeta with whole heart. Don’t try to lay your dirty eyes on her. I will burn you both. She is mine. Stay away ” warned Karan.

Sherlyn and Prithvi gulped in fear as Karan walked away warning them.

Karan walked towards preeta and took her for a dance. She agreed smilingly and walked towards the dance floor holding each others hand.

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