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The episode starts when swara fainting in Sanskar arms..

Sanskar immediately picked her and carried her to the bed and place her there..

Her face look so pale. His heart ached seeing her in such a vulnerable state. Putting a side to his thoughts he immediately call the doctor and went downstairs to inform everyone…

In no time everyone was in swasan’s room khushi who was with Parineeta holding her hands was not able understand a anything and as soon as she saw Swara lying on the bed she ran and jumped on the bed next to her and with her little hands tried waking her…

“Cutiee why are u sleeping at this time”

“Wake up na ….” Khushi panicked

“Papa why cutie is not getting up” she said tearing..

She shaked swara with her tiny hands.. Just then Adarsh came up with a doctor. Sanskar tried to take Khushi so that the doctor can check swara easily but Khushi was not at all ready to leave her cutie so he left her. He met doctor doctor and told him everything from her accident, coma and what happened just sometime before…

Doctor starts checking and all were waiting and tensed where as among them the two most nervous and impatient souls were Sanskar and Khushi.

Doctor gave Swara an injection and all the while khushi was holding one hand of swara hiding her face in her hands. And as soon as the doctor stood up Sanskar went and start shooting questions

” what happened to her? is she fine na and why was she behaving like that”

” Mr Maheshwari relax I think she is going to mental trauma will you please tell show me her reports as well as I am not finding something correct” said doctor

“yeah sure why not but I am not having it right now will come and give you tomorrow morning but is she fine and when will she gain her conscious” questioned Sanskar.

“well Mr Maheshwari if I say that she is fine then it will be absolutely wrong and this is the reason I am asking for her reports and I have given her injection she will gain her conscious in one or two hours” doctor explained.

Sanskar thanked doctor and went to see him off . Everyone  also went. AP sat besides her patted her hairs her hairs and kissed her forehead.

“God why r u doing this with this poor girl she is so innocent” AP said  while wiping her tears..

She saw towards khushi who was sleeping peacefully  besides swara holding her hands. She smiled and stood up to go but her eyes caught something unusual which was under the couch she immediately went towards the couch and pick that thing up……
it was a black broken bottle without a name tag and only two to three tablets were there…
when she was trying to figure it out that what it was??  Sanskar entered the room,

“Ma what happened ?” questioned Sanskar who was confused seeing her looking something deeply.

“see Sanskar what are these and whose are these??” Said AP worried

He took the broken bottle and tablets in his hand and tried remembering something then suddenly he said:

“Yes maa I remembered when I came in the room to see Swara I saw that she was  was trying eating this but before eating only she fainted”

“But Sanskar which medicines are these that to without name tag” Ap said while glancing Swara.

“yeah my you are right I will give these medicines to doctor along with reports it might be useful for further treatment” Sanskar suggested.

AP nodded and patting his cheeks lovingly went from there.
Sanskar then took a plastic bag, placed the broken bottle in it and put it in his cupboard safely. He turned around and saw swara and Khushi sleeping peacefully. his gaze went towards swara who face was all pale but he was confused that how can​ she still look soo pretty with Pale face also…
He brushed his thoughts and took a deep breath and went towards the couch taking his laptop and start do his office work…

After almost 3 hours it was night time , Swara’s hands moved a little bit but as sanskar was so engrossed in his work , he didn’t noticed movements in swara.. ..
With great difficulty she opened her eyes and tried sitting but immediately she feel pain in her head….

“Ahhhh my head!!!!” winced Swara.
holding her head..

Sanskar was startled with the sudden painful scream of swara. He put his laptop aside and rushed towards swara.

“Swara wait wait don’t sit” je said while supporting her from her shoulders
“WATER…” she said in like a whisper which was audible to Sanskar only as he was near her.

Sanskar kept pillows on her back and  gently made her lay down in half sitting position, he then pour water in the glass from the jug and made her drink water with his hands she drink water and all the while seeing Sanskar with wide eyes. …..
After drinking water Sanskar kept The Glass on the table
“how are you feeling now” said Sanskar.

“I am feeling little bit better but this headache ” Swara said while holding her head

Sanskar sat besides her. Swara was not able to understand anything. Sanskar took a deep breath.

” Swara I know that we are not in very good terms but I know that this is all because of my stupidity but I don’t know how to thank you for this”

Swara saw him with a confused face.
Sanskar saw her face which was showing a big question mark

“Hahahaa se ur face ” Sanskar laughed.

Swara glared at him.

“Sorry sorry I am thanking u because from childhood you have guided me as a best friend and showed me the right path but I being an idiot was not able to see the right and because of my rude behaviour and ego I hurted my parents a lot and after so many things you again guided me as a friend I don’t know that you still consider me as friend or not because I’ve done so bad with you I was not with you when you need it been the most but I have decided something that as you are trying to move on I will also try and will give this relation a chance”

Swara eyes widened and tears starts flowing from her eyes.

“but before that I want to ask you something WILL U BE MY FRIEND AGAIN???????”

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