Ishqbaaz- GAURI Aur OMKARA (Rikara ff) episode 6

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Ishqbaaz- GAURI Aur OMKARA (Rikara ff) episode 5

Previous episode: om and gauri get locked in college library..

Omkara:Shit..power is OFF.Better i leave from
Here..Omg..Door is closed.

GAURI:Hey sankarji,librarian closed the library!!!!!

As it was dark,Om collided with gauri,they both
fell down..Suddenly om pointed his torch towards gauri’face and identifies her…
Omkara:hey gauri..(laughing)..What are you doing here..

GAURI:With fake anger,Dont laugh omkara..What to do now???

OMKARA:its 06:00pm.There will be nobody in college now…All the doors of this library is made of fibre..We cant break it.

GAURI:Can you please give me your mobile..i want to make a call..

Om gives his mobile and gauri calls to anika..

GAURI:didi,today i will stay in my friends home..we both have to complete one project..I will go to college tomorrow from her home..please convince mom and Dad.

ANIKA:Ok Darling.Take care…I will manage them..

(Gauri ends the call and gives a large breathe )

Omkara:Omg,Why you are lying?

Gauri:Are you a pagal?Can i say that i was locked in library with this long haired nandi??
I am doing right…This is to save my family

Omkara:i was kidding…Dont become kali..(laughs)

Omkara calls to shivaay and says the same..After that call the phone shuts down bcoz
of 0% charge..

07:30 pm..

Gauri opens her bag..And takes out some parcel..omkara sees her actions…She unfolds it..onion pakodas..She starts eating…Om was
feeling very hungry..

Omkara:I am hungry…You are eating…

Gauri:i cant read your mind..You must say…

(She gives him some)

Omkara:Nice…in which food corner you bought…??

Gauri:its made by me..

Omkara:really interesting girl you are…I want to know more about you…

Gauri:ha..Thank you..Thank you….

Omkara:Do you have water?I am feeling thirsty…!!

Gauri:wait..(she takes a flask out from her bag
which contained chai and also she added glucose biscuits in it)

Omkara:is it a bag or mini food corner??(teases)

Gauri:(with a cute smile)Here is your favourite glucose biscuit wali chai…Tej uncle always says
that you like this…

Omkara:Why you are remembering all this things??

There was no answer from gauri for this question..But she blushes…The power is ON in library..But all the lights were OFF..Only one air
conditioner was ON..Omkara and gauri searched
for switches of lights…but they couldnt find it..So they both come to same place and sit down..Omkara comes near to gauri…

Gauri:omkara,what are you trying to do?

Omkara:Gauri,i am afraid of darkness and
whenever darkness is around me i will tightly
hug something…Can i hug you?

Gauri:Ek jaamp pe diwar..(she slightly raise her hand)

Omkara:(laughs))why you are overreacting for small things…i made fun of you..

Omkara:Tell me about your family…

Gauri:Really i am very lucky omkara…i have one elder sister and one younger sister…They are the world to me…We three have a great bonding…My mom and dad give us all the freedom we want…my home is like heaven to me..I am blessed to have a parents and sisters like them…

Omkara gets emotional hearing this..He starts to cry…Gauri panics..

Gauri:what happened omkara.(wiping his tears)..why are you crying??

Omkara:i have one elder and one younger brother…As you know shivaay is chotimaa’s son…We three are best friends..We had never hided anything…My mom and dad treat shivvaye like their son…But my chotimaa always ill treats me,rudra and my sister priyanka…She is the only trouble in my house…..I hate her…I tried many ways to change her..But every way turned out to be failure….Dont know why she is hating us this much…I never shared this with anybody…For the first time i am feeling relaxed now gauri….Thank you soo much…Atleast i opened up my heart today…

(Gauri hugs him and he rests his face on her lap…Gauri wipes his tears..)

Sad Female saathiya plays…

Jo na kehse ke tum
Jo na kehse ke hum
Jo na kehse ke tum
Jo na kehse ke hum
Kehne lagi dono sevo
Khamoshiyaan ho saathiya……

Gauri:Dont cry…You are my darling na…dont cry..

Omkara:(hearing this,laughs).Really.(suddenly he gets up)???


It was raining heavily outside…Hearing the thunder sound gauri Hugs Omkara tightly…He also hugged her as like he was longing for that…

Omkara:you know something…Before i saw you on first day of college,i met you in dream..

Gauri:what?(shockingly)You met me in dream?!!!Tell me what happened in dream?..

Omkara:In my dream,i am on my way to college..Suddenly you came to me and asked the way for college..At that time you were alone..i directed you to the college…You said thanks and went..Suddenly three goons came to me and showed me your photo and asked have you seen this girl anywhere?i said i dont know..Then they of them had a mark in right cheek…Another one’s left eye is blind.third goon’s hair was long…Do you really have trouble bcoz of any of these goons?…

Hearing this gauri breaksdown in tears…She whisphers “kaali thakur”…

Gauri:You are right…They are goons of kaali thakur…i dont know what relationship or what connection we have…How come this much similarities…kaali thakur wants to marry me.He is in agra..When i was studying in 11th standard he started to trouble me…My parents complained to police and they arrested him..But with his influence he came out and he threatened my family…He slapped my chutki…He killed one of my cousin in arguement..Eventhough my father is a great businessman he was not able to tackle him..So we vacated agra secretly one day and reached bareily..He is searching for me…Till now we dont have any problem bcoz of him…But hearing about your dream i am feeling afraid…(She hugs him and cries a lot)

Omkara caresses her hair and he hugs her tightly…He wipes her tears and..

Omkara:Dont cry baby…Hereafter i will be with you..I will guard you…I am madly in love with you..I am not kidding this time…Do you have any problem in marrying me? Dont worry i will marry you after you complete your studies…I will give you a happy life….I will get rid of him…We will face him together…will you marry me?

Gauri thinks about her dream and all their moments in college”There is some fate,That want us to be together,This relationship is decided by maa durga,if not how come he can dream about me and that goons even before meeting me,how can i dream about him?”,”its only two days since we met ,how much he is caring for me..””our family knows each other”,his father is my great friend… This reasons are enough for me to agree his proposal..
(After thinking all these things gauri wipes her tears..)


She hugs him and kisses him in his cheeks..

Omkara feels like flying…He enjoyed her kiss….He was very happy…

OMKARA:I love you gauri…Hereafter dont worry..i am here for you….

They both have an eyelock…

Then there remained silence for few minutes..
Then only they realise that air conditioner is ON.Gauri shivers in cold..Omkara hugs her and make her feel warm…They slept in the same position…

Morning 06:00 am..Omkara wakes up seeing gauri doing puja and praying to shankarji…He stares at her with a romantic smile…College starts at 07:30am..Omkara and gauri hided behind the rack..After the librarian opened the door,And went inside they silently left the library…As the time was only 07:15 ,there wad nobody near library ,nobody noticed they didnt even brushed their teeth they decided to go to home..Omkara dropped gauri in her home and he lefted her with a flying kiss…

That’s it for today friendszzz…Do you all liked it..Please comment..All those who had read this please comment….Do you like this track??If not comment me frankly…I am going to end this FF…Thank you friendszzz.

PRECAP:Omkara in gauri’s room..Will gauri get caught?..

Stay tuned for more updates…

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