SwaSan TS : FOREVER ( Shot 2 )

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Hearing Sanskaar Swara was all shocked.. While Sanskar gave her evil look.. She understood what was she gonna face.. bt she was confident and ready to handle every situation. She determined herself not to break..

Dp : It’s really nice, Sanskar! I was also thinking to send u 4 ( swasanraglak ) out for sm days.. You’ll get change. You go.. Infact Laksh is also taking Ragini to Manali.. You guys enjoy..

Sanskar : Thank you Bade papa..

All had their bf and left to their respective rooms..

In SwaSan’s room –

Swara was sitting on couch and was lost in thoughts.. Sanskar cm inside and smirks seeing her..

Sanskar : What are you waiting for?  Cmon hurry up and pack ur bag.. we are leaving.. ( swara jerked n looked at him ) oohhh!! Are you scared? To come with me??

Swara : ( smiled ) I’m not scared of you n never will.. because I knw.. till u r with me nothing can happen to me.. You’ll never let anything happen.. ITNA PYAAR JO KARTE HO MUJHSE..

Sanskar’s smile fade away and soon anger took over him.. he pulled swara harshly towards him.. Both were inches apart..

Sanskar : ( dangerous tone ) What did you say?? PYAAR?? ( laughed sarcastically and again his expressions changed into anger ) NAFRAT KARTA HOON MAIN TUMSE.. NAFRAT!! I HATE YOU..

Swara : ( teary eyes yet smiled ) No you don’t! You can’t and You won’t! And I’ll prove this.. You do love me.. Tum mujhse pyaa..

She couldn’t complete her sentence as Sanskar smashed his rough lips on her rose petals and sucked and bited them hard.. Its started bleeding.. He was kissing her madly showering all his anger.. Swara was all shocked and numb. She dint respond. Only Tears were flowing from her eyes. After 15 mins he broke kiss and looked at her..

Sanskar : ( Dangerous tone ) Now don’t you dare again to say all this.. Or u’ll get punishment worst dan dis..

Saying this he left the room.. Two pairs of eyes watched this with wide and teary eyes.. Swara sat on bed with a thud..

Person was non other than Ragini! She wiped her tear and come inside to confront swara..

Ragini : Swara.. How can you do this.. How can Sanskar do this with you? Bolo swara??

Swara : ( shocked ) Ra.. Ragini.. u..

Ragini : ( angry ) Yeah me!! Swara! What’s this? Why are you bearing all this tortures? You are not the swara I knw.. My swara was brave & used to fight back..

Swara : No Ragini.. m old swara only.. bt m bearing this all fr him .. He wanna punish me.. He wanna break me.. He can punish me as much as he want.. bt he can’t break me.. I have full faith on my love.. I’ll get my old sanskar back.. (smiles with teary eyes )

Ragini : But Swara.. He.. He’s wrong.. He’s hurting you swara..

Swara : ( smiles sadly ) No Ragini.. He’s hurting himself.. I knw, after hurting me he can’t be happy.. He’s Sanskar , Ragini.. My Sanskar! Woh chahe lakh koshishe karle.. wo ye baat chupa nahi sakta ki he still loves me more than anything. Uski aankhon mein dikhta hai.. And afterall I deserve this Ragini.. I hurted him alot.. I punished him for the sin he didn’t did.. I blamed him.. I made him suffer alot.. I deserve to be punished.

Ragini : I don’t know anything swara.. I can’t see u like this.. before it gets too late, m gonna tell it to everyone and gonna talk to sanskar! He can’t do this to u..

Swara : ( holds her hands ) No Ragini.. no.. plz.. u won’t tell this to any1.. you hv my swear.. This is the matter between a husband and wife.. so plz let us solve by ourselves. Plz..

Ragini : But Swaraa..

Swara : Plz Ragini.. plz.. you go now.. I hv to pack my stuff..

Ragini left from there sadly.. Swara packed her stuff.. Soon SwaSan bid bye to everyone and left for their farmhouse.

@ Farmhouse –

SwaSan reached at farmhouse.. It was night.. Everywhere was so silent.. Weather was also cold at Khandala as its a hill station.. Sanskar opened the door of farmhouse.. Lights were off and everything was dark.. As swara is scared of darkness she held Sanskar’s hand tightly. Sanskar looked at her. She was scared.

Swara : San..sanskar.. Switch on the lights na.. u.. u knw na.. m scared of darkness..

Sanskar looked at her and jerked her hand.. He cm forward and switched on the lights.. Swara sighed in relief..

Sanskar : ( called his driver ) Ramesh.. take these bags to my room.. and these ( showed swara’s bags ) to room near guest room..

Ramesh : But sir.. that room..

Sanskar : Do as I said… ( shouted )

Ramesh : yes.. yes sir..

Ramesh shifted all luggage to their rooms and left..

Swara : Sanskar, we are not sleeping in one room? Why? I mean.. I don’t have any problem while sleeping on floor.. I’ll adjust.. bt plz..

Sanskar : ( showed his palm ) No need.. I made special arrangements for you.. So that today you won’t get any problem like yesterday. Come, I’ll show you..

Sanskar went ahead and swara followed him. He stopped at 1 small room having 1 small bed and filled with darkness.. there were no lights in that room.. Swara gulped seeing the room..

Swara : Sanskar.. yeh..

Sanskar : Yeah.. this is ur room.. How’s it? Achchi hai na? No AC.. No fan.. No lights.. Infact no electricity. Only windows are there.. Now u can sleep peacefully here..

Swara : Sanskar.. its so dark.. u.. u knw na.. m..

Sanskar : Scared of darkness? Ryt? Well.. dats y I arranged this spcl room fr u.. u can say.. Now get inside..

Sanskar : No.. No.. I won’t go..

She turned to go from there bt sanskar held her hand and dragged her to that room..

Swara : Sanskaarrr.. stopppp… aaahhh.. ( cries )

Sanskar : ( smiles wickedly ) Not today..

He pushed her inside the room and locked it from outside.. Swara bangs the door and cries..

Swara : Sanskar.. Plz listen.. give me any other punishment bt not this plz.. I’m really very scared.. Sanskarrrrrr… Sanskarrrrr.. ( cries )

Sanskar felt pinch in his heart hearing her cries but again his ego and anger cm in btwn and he left to his room.. Swara cried for sm time bt later her throat went dry and tears too..

Swara was sitting on floor taking support of wall.. She wanted to drink water.. She was feeling weak.. she tried to go to bring jug but in darkness, she mistakenly hits vase and it fell down making its several pieces. Swara couldn’t able to see properly so she walked ahead.. But the glass pieces pierced in her legs.. and she cried out in pain..

Swara : ( cried in pain ) Aaaaahhh.. Sanskarrr..

Here Sanskar who was sitting in his room working on his laptop felt like swara calked him.. He felt restless. Bt he brushed his thoughts and continued working.

Here, swara tries to walk but again as she moved, sm pieces of glass pierced in her foot.. She closed her mouth with both of her hand to stop her loud scream.. She cried and finally managed to walk till bed and sat there.. She could feel blood was flowing from her legs.. But she was so tired so soon she dozed off in sitting position only..

After sometime, Sanskar thought to check on Swara once as her voice stopped long back.. He slowly opened the door.. He saw swara sleeping on bed in sitting position. He was cmng forward bt he felt sm wetness on his foot.. He bent down in confusion and touched it.. He switched on his mobile battery and saw wat is it and gets shocked seeing blood..

He looked at swara and throw light all over room.. He was shocked to see broken vase and all glass pieces shattered everywhere and whole room is having blood stains.. He rushed to swara took her in his arms and took her in his room.. Swara was in deep sleep..

He gently placed swara on bed and went to bring first aid box. He brought it and took her legs to clean.. He was shocked to see wounds.. His eyes gets watery and tear drop fell on swara’s wound.. Sanskar started to taking out glass pieces bt as soon as he touched it swara screamed in pain..

Swara : ( screams ) Aaaah…

Sanskar : ( taking his hand back ) so.. sorry.. Is it.. paining so much.. I.. I will do something.. bt let me took out glass pieces..

Swara : ( overwhelmed by his care bt want him to confess ) Yes.. Its paining.. so much.. But don’t worry! I’ll manage.. Tumhe takleef uthane ki jaroorat nahi hai.. And moreover, I’m habituated of pain.. so this is nothing.. I’ll do it..

Saying this Swara started to remove glass pieces from her leg.. But couldn’t. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Sanskar unable to see this jerked her..

Sanskar : Don’t you get it what I said? Just stop ur stunts and lemme do it..

Swara : Why?? Why u want to do it? Kyu karna chahte ho? Let it be na? Tumhe kya fark padta hai? Muze kuch hone ya na hone se.. ? Tum toh nafrat karte ho na muzse?  You hate me ryt? Then Y? Y u want to do first aid.. ? U said m not ur wife.. m only dil of Maheshwari family.. Toh main kaun hu tumhare liye? Ye sab kyu karna chahte ho? Bolo na Sanskar! !! ( shouted )

Sanskar : ( Shouts angrily ) Khilona ho tum mera.. Yes! You are just a toy for me.. I want to play with my toy as much as I can.. Only I have the ryt to play with u , to hurt u, to give u pain.. Kisi aur ko nahi.. Not even these glass pieces.. ( swara was shocked by his answer ) Suna tumne? Khilona ho tum mera.. Aur main apne khilone ko tut te hue nahi dekh sakta.. Thats y I’m doing all this understand?

Tears were flowing from her eyes.. While Sanskar tried to take her leg bt again she jerked.

Sanskar : ( Saw her with blood shot eyes ) Don’t u dare to jerk again.. stay still..

He started to take out glass pieces.. Swara hissed in pain.. Samskar started to blow air on it.. Swara looked at him..

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon..

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon..

Haa.. Aa..

Sanskar too looked at her.. Both had cute but painful eyelock.. Soon Sanskar broke it and started cleaning wound by cotton.. Swara let out small hiss and he stopped looking at her.. Swara opened her eyes and tear fell down..

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke..

Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar..

Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon..

Haa.. Aa..

Sanskar applied ointment and cream on her wound softly blowing air by his mouth and bandaged her legs.. Swara was smiling through her tears all while..

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sarphire
Haathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhein mere..

Meri hasi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya beqadar..

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon..

Haa.. Aa..

Sanskar completed her first aid and started leaving.. Bt he stopped hearing swara..

Swara : Why you bandaged my leg? You wanted to see me in pain ryt? So I was in pain.. you should have been happy that I got wounded.. Then y? Y u did its first aid?

Sanskar : ( made his fist tight in anger and turned towards swara smiling evilly.. ) Kyu ki agar main patti nahi karta, toh infection ho jata aur mujhe apne khilone ka pair kaatna padta.. And as I said.. No one else has ryt to give u pain except me.. Tumhe tadpane ka, tumhe rulane ka, tumhe saza dene ka haq sirf mera hai.. Sirf mera..

Saying this he leaves from there and cm to guest room.. Take out alcohol and started drinking..

Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda
Maine tay kar liya..
Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera..
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera… (3)
Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada..

Sanskar keeps on drinking and remember Swara’s painful face.. Her wound.. Her tears.. And Tear escaped from his eyes..

Yaadon mein tujhko rakhun
Baatein bhi teri karoon
Itna deewana hoon tera..
Hoo raaton mein jaaga karoon
Din bhar batakta rahoon
Main toh yahaan se bas wahaan..
Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera..
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera… (3)
Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada..

Sanskar then stopped drinking and again went to check on swara.. He peeped inside his room through window and saw swara was sleeping while tear marks were clearly visible on her face.. Her angelic and bubbly face was all dull and pale.. Sanskar closed his eyes tightly not able to see her like this.. He get inside his room and went near her..

Baahon mein tujhko rakhun
Dhadkan mein teri sunoon
Aa itna nazdeek aa zara..
Hoo jisme duaayein rahe
Har dum wafaayein rahe
Doon tujhko aisa ik jahan..
Tere ishq pe, tere waqt pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera..
Teri rooh pe, tere jism pe
Bas haqq hai ik mera… (3)
Main toh bas teri chaahat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Main toh bas teri kurbat mein chahoon rehna sada..
Saaya bhi tera main, hone na doon juda
Maine tay kar liya..

He was about to kiss her on forehead but he remembered her accusations, how she blamed him, how she left him.. And all past things.. Again anger took over him.. He ran his hand through his hairs in frustration and left the room..

Precap :

” Main Rahoon ya na rahoon Tum mujhme kahi baaki rehna.. ” ???

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