Kuldeepak 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The birthday preps start. Chiragh is teasing Bhagat and playing with him. Dai ma comes out and looks at Chirgh. Chiragh says Bhagat your turn. They play targeting. A clown comes and takes Chiragh’s ball. Chiragh screams and hides behind bhagat. The joker returns his ball and says happy birthday.
Diwan and Vidya says who called this clown? He says I got to know from cake shop that there is a birthday in this house. Diwan says we don’t need you. The clown says please sir this is my only source of income. Churagh says please let him stay here. Vidya says yes Chiragh is playing with him.
They all go in. The clown calls someone and says I have reached their house. Chirgah will be in front of me.

Vidya and Diwan gift a batman costume to Chiragh. Vidya says you have to look best in costume. Chiragh hugs them both and says thank you. Vidya is in tears. Chiragh says why are you crying? She says I was so worried when you were ill but you are all fine now. He says don’t cry. I am strong. They leave.

Dai sees the costume and says this is my weapon. I will have take chirgah today in the jungle where he was born. Nothing can stop me today.
Manjila says to Paresh didn’t you find weird how chiragh got well when dai ma came? Chiragh comes there his dress. He shows it to them. They say wow chiragh this is so good. Manjila says how are you? Chiragh says I am fine. Please don’t cry. Paresh says we all really love you. He says please don’t cry.
Paresh gets a call from Yashodin. He picks the call.
Yashodin says everything is like when Chiragh was born. Please don’t let chiragh go anywhere today. Take care of him. Its very cruicial.

Scene 2
The party starts. Diwan welcomes everyone. The clown is there too. He says on call don’t worry everything is fine here for now. I will keep you updated.
Dai ma says before midnight Churagh will get his real gift.
Dai ma comes. Manjila sees her coming. Chiragh says where is my gift? Dai says I will give you the gift after everyone. It is special like you. Chiragh says what if I sleep? Dai says I will wake you up and then you will see the real world. She says something in his ear.
Chiragh is playing with the kidsn. Dai ma asks a kid how are you? She says I am fine. The clown is taking her pictures and sending them to someone.
The cake cutting starts. Dai says in heart smile then you have to cry all the time. Chiragh cuts the cake. Everyone is happy and takes photos. Vidya says kids we will play pass the gift and whoever has it when the music stops wins it. They make a circle and pass the gift. Dai ma sneaks outside.
A kid in batman mask is there. He takes the gift. Vidya says Chiragh won this gift. She hugs him. Vidya takes the mask off. Its not chiragh. Everyone is dazed and scared. Vidya says where is chiragh then? They all start looking for her. Manjila says I told you but you didn’t listen. Yashodin warned us.
Bhagat says dai ma and chiragh are nowhere. She has taken him somewhere. Paresh recalls what Yashodin said.

Scene 3
Dai is walking towards the place where Chiragh was born with him. She makes him sit on a rock. She says we have reached our destination. Chiragh says why are we here dai ma? She says this is the place where you were born. That night was evil and dark and so is today. Chiragh says why are we here? She says you will get that gift here. He says give me then. Dai says that gift has to be given on right time. When you get it you will become so powerful. All the witches come out. Dai ma says I waited five years for this. Today I will be successful. She laughs.

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