Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 14)

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Morning 4 am
Swara’s alarm clock rings but she is still sleeping. Sharmista wakes up with annoying ring. She comes to swara’s room.
Sharmista sleepy: shona…wake up!
Swara: ma …what happened? Why are you waking me up so early? I slept 5 minutes ago only.
Sharmista: then who told you to keep the alarm? You are sleeping there peacefully and here i m disturbed. Either put it off or get up.
Swara:ma… You are dreaming… Just sleep..
Sharmista irritated: just shut up! Wake up…
She makes her get up.
Sharmista: its 4…why did you keep an alarm so early?
Swara comes to her senses: ohh.. Sorry… I have to reach college at 5.
Sharmista: 5? Were you dreaming? Who calls students at 5am?
Swara: that stupid sahil…
Sharmista yawns: you go then…i m sleeping..
Swara: no you cant..
Sharmista: why cant i?
Swara: because…because..
Sharmista: because?
Swara: m hungry… Please make something for me na ma.
Sharmista: hmmmk.

Swara goes to get ready. She comes in 20 minutes.
Sharmista: here you go… Your breakfast is ready..
Swara: thank you ma..
Sharmista: now can i sleep? Or you want something else?
Swara: a… A…
Sharmista: tell me swara?
Swara: now that you are awake..please come to drop me.
Sharmista: why?
Swara makes a puppy face.
Sharmista: swara?
Swara: ma ….
Sharmista: are you getting scared of darkness?
Swara nods.
Sharmista: swara you should come over this.. Its high time..
Swara: ma … Please this time. None will be there in college and i will be alone. If something happens to me then?
Sharmista: shona…nothing will happen to you. Darkness wont swallow you. ..
Swara: ma pleaseeeeee…
Sharmista: fine…

Sharmista gets ready and both come down to parking lot.

Sharmista: swara look at this… Flat tire..
Swara: ma …lets take a cab.
Sharmista: seriously swara? Its not mumbai. I dont think you will get cab at this time. You should cancel your plan.
Swara: i cant. .
Sharmista: what will you do then?

Sanskar comes there.
Sharmista: sanskar perfect timming.
Sanskar: huh?
Sharmista: i meant you are going to college right?
Sanskar: yeah
Sharmista: please take swara along with you na.. Actually our tire is punctured.
Sanskar: hmmk .
Swara: ma i m not going with him.
Sharmista: why? Whats wrong to go with him?
Swara: i thought about you telling me to cancel the plan.

Sanskar sits on his bike
Sharmista: just now you wanted to go…now what happened? You made me do your breakfast, woke me up and got me down and now you want to cancel the plan? Just go with him.
Swara: but ma..
Sharmista: just go with him. As it is you ae going to the same place.
Swara just nods and sits.

Sanskar rides.
Mid way
Sanskar rides it faster.
Swara: dont show off! Just because a girl is sitting behind you that does not mean that you ride fast.
Sanskar: you are scared of speed?
Swara: m not
Sanskar: then shut your mouth… I ride at this speed only.
Swara: please i have seen you riding before. You dont ride like this.
Sanskar: i dont get a completely empty road to like that during day time.
Sanskar increases the speed. Swara holds his shoulders.
Sanskar: ouch!
Swara: now what?
Sanskar: dont you cut your nails? I know you are a witch but you should cut your nails.
Swara hits him.
Sanskar: areee…mad a what? I might lose my balance.
Swara: ride safely then..
Sanskar rides the same speed and they reach the college.
Swara gets down and waits.

Sanskar looks at her and recalls that she is scared of darkness.
He is about to say something. His phone rings. Its Shahana’s doctor.
He starts walking swara following him.
Sanskar: yes doctor? Is everything ok?
Doctor: oh yea… Actually m sorry to disturb you at this time. But its important.
Sanskar: yea?
Doctor: actually Shahana’s medicines has to be collected from the chemist. Our wardboy who collects it has gone to attend some emergency. So will you please collect them on time?
Sanskar: what time?
Doctor: today around 8-9 am.
Sanskar: yea you dont worry i will take the medicines on time.
Doctor: thank you so much.
Sanskar: no problem.
He cuts the call. He turns and sees swara behind him was listening to his conversation.

Sanskar: dont you have manners? You should not listen to other people’s conversations.
Swara is speechless:i…i…i..i..
Sanskar: what i..i…i? You love me? The way you are behaving as though you are going to propose me right now.
Swara: shut up! Propose and you? I m not mad.
Sanskar: now how your mouth opened? Two seconds ago you were not getting words to speak.
Swara is again silent. He walks and she following him.
Swara punches him in air.
Sanskar: stop punching me in air.
Swara in her mind: does he have eyes behind also? How he knows?
Sanskar: what you are thinking is wrong. I have two ears and your stupid bangles were making sound.
Swara again in her mind: how he knows what is going on in my mind?
Sanskar: its ovious that these questions will come in your mind. So please stop thinking and start talking if you want to.

Swara: i dont want to talk to you.
Sanskar: but you are talking.
Swara: m not…
Sanskar: you are afraid that you will like me if you talk to me?
Swara: never
Sanskar: i have a doubt that you have some feelings for me.
Swara: i dont have any feelings for you…
Sanskar: you do
Swara: i dont
Sanskar : you do
Swara: i dont
Sanskar: you do
Swara: i dont
Sanskar: you have
Swara: no i dont. I just hate you.
Sanskar: thats what i m telling you… You hate me.. Thats a feeling.

Sanskar: did you think about love? Haawww….. Meaning?
Swara pushes him: meaning nothing.
She goes in and smiles.
Ragini who was in sees her smiling.
Ragini: what happened swara ? Why are you blushy blushy today?
Sanskar enters: because she loves your bhai
Ragini becomes glad: really?
Swara: no! Just stop irritating me early in the morning stoneface..
Sanskar: aree…then why are you blushing?
Swara: cant i blush simply?
Sanskar: i know you are sanki but stop letting the world know about it.
Sahil: ohh shut up! You are not a genius..
Sanskar: who are you to speak between us?
Ragini signs him: good morning sir
Sahil: i thought by now you recognise my voice
Sanskar( in his mind): you are not important enough to be recognised.
Sahil: well good morning you three…. Where’s the fourth cartoon?
No one responds.

Swara: why have you called so early?
Sahil: i hope you are aware that your music competition is preponed…
Sanskar: when did that happen?
Sahil: when you were not aware… Now i need your whole focus on this competition.
Ragini: when is the first round?
Sahil: a… Today evening.. And thats the reason i called you … Where is that idiot?
Nikhil: sirrrr … Were you talking about me.
Swara: if you know that you are an idiot then why are you asking?
Nikhil gives them a sarcastic smile.
Sahil: are you done with your sarcasm? Lets start..
Sanskar( imitating sahil): guys take your position.
Sahil looks at him angrily while the trio smile.
Sahil: mind you guys… If at all you irritate me then i will not leave a single chance to torture you four.
All nod.

They start
( guys m not veey good at choosing songs and secondly i m not toward hindi so please if you want to imagine any hindi songs you are free to do so)
Ragini( song by taylor swift: love story ,if possible try to listen):
We were both young when i first saw you

I close my eyes and flashback starts i m standing there
On a balcony in summer air

See the lights,see the party,the ball gowns
See you make a way through the crownd and say hello

Sahil: stop stop!! You are going off track… Start again ..

They start again.
Ragini: We were both young when i first saw you

I close my eyes and flashback starts i m standing there
On a balcony in summer air

See the lights,see the party,the ball gowns
See you make a way through the crownd and say hello

Little that i know
That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said” stay away from juliet”
And i was crying on the staircase
Begging you to please dont go..

And i said Romeo take me somewhere
We can be alone
I’ll be waiting all thats left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
Its a love story baby just say yes…

Sahil again stops them : you are lossing the rythm .. Start again..
All start.. After several rehersal.

Sanskar: we are doing it right.. Just stop interuppting us. Just because of one beat you ask us to sing all over again..
Sahil: you are losing the beat. If it happens on the stage before the start the competition will be over.
Swara: but we cant let her voice strain. So many times we have rehersed. Its good enough.
Sahil: i dont want good enough. I want the best.
Swara: but we cant let her vocals break. If that happens we will lose instead of winning.
Nikhil: she is right. If ragini’s voice cracks then …
Sahil: m your mentor and i know whats right..
Ragini: but sir… They are right
Sahil: fine… Just say that you are tired. .
Sanskar: we need a break..
Sahil: fine 10 minutes and i want you to be back.

All four leave
Swaragini and Nikhil are walking together while Sanskar is behind them.

He gets a call
Sanskar: yea baby… I remember your wish.. Just wait for one more day.
Shahana: not again…
Sanskar: you tell me your second wish…
Shahana: i want to eat strawberry cheese cake
Sanskar laughs: thats a wish?
Shahana: yea..and i want it to be fulfilled in 30 mins.
Sanskar:whoa… Thats too soon.
Shahana: you have to do it..
Sanskar: ok done..
Shahana: your time starts now. Bye bye.. See you soon.
Sanskar: bye love…
He cuts the call and sees the time. Its almost 9.
Sanskar:shit! I have to get her medicines. And now the cake.and i should be back in 10 mins .. Urghh! Sanskar i think you should stop thinking and start running.
He runs and bumps onto swaragini
Swaragini: ouch!
Sanskar: sorry girls!
He leaves in hurry.

Swara: where is he going? As though a big tsunami is coming here.
Ragini: may be something urgent.
Swara: he this that day also. You know where he goes.
Nikhil: may be to meet his girlfriend.
Ragini: possible..
Swara: he has a girlfriend?
Ragini: may me dont know..
Nikhil: are you jealous? That stoneface is having a girlfriend?
Swara: stop calling him stoneface.
Nikhil: why should i ? Stoneface! Stoneface!
Swara: stop it! Only i can call him that
Nikhil: i can also open my mouth stoneface stoneface
Swara: just shut up!
Nikhil: i wont
Ragini is drinking water as she is fed up of them.
Swara pulls the bottle from her hand
Ragini: swara! By the time she opened her mouth… Nikhil had got hair bath.
Swara: i told you to shut up! Its my right to call him stoneface. You dont have to open your mouth and i told you to stop messing with me.
She leaves from there.

Ragini looks at nikhil with shocked face and then burts out laughing.
Nikhil: stop it! I know she is obssesed with water. He wipes his hair.
Ragini helps him.
Nikhil: i dont understand whats their problem.. They cant talk to each other properly and when a third person comes in between he gets fired.
Ragini: no watered.
Nikhil: even she is possesive about him. Both are the same.
Ragini: what do you mean by even she?
Nikhil: your bro gave me a warning to stay away from you both. Specially swara.
Ragini: hmm
Nikhil: i think they like each other.
Ragini: and i think you are mad.
She too leaves from there.

Swara is sitting on the fire escape staircase.
Swara: what had happened to me? I simply got angry on that nikhil. I over reacted. But why? Why did i felt bad when he called sanskar stoneface? I should not feel bad for him. But i m feeling. I cant understand what i actually feeling right now..

Sanskar comes to the hospital
Shahana: did you get it?
Sanskar makes a sad face and nods no.
Shahana: whats that in your hand?
Sanskar: these are your medicines.
Shahana: yuck.. I hate them. I asked you to get something and that also you did not get. She turns her face.
Sanskar: why are you getting angry? Its such a nice day and you are getting angry. I tried getting your cake but what to do… No one gets up early in the morning all the shops were closed.
Shahana: you can just make excuses… I dont want to talk to you. Go from you.
Sanskar: areee… Its not done. Shops are not opened and you are blaming me?
Shahana does not talk.
Sanskar: my cutie pie… My sweetheart.? My darling…
No reply..

Sanskar: my life? My love… ?
Shahana: i m not your love. You only love swara..
Sanskar: i love you also. Baby? Baby?
Shahana: go from here..
Sanskar: fine! I am leaving.
He gets up.. I thought i would suprise you with the cake but no. Now i m leaving.
He keeps the cake along with some chocolates. .
Shahana sees it; no you cant leave… I know you would have got… I was just pretending to be angry.
Sanskar: even i was pretending to go.
Shahana: i knew that.
Sanskar: ok now come on eat your cake.
Shahana: yea yea..

She cuts the cake and feeds him.
Sanskar: you also eat.. He feeds her back..
Shahana: why were you called in college today?
Sanskar: a… Some rehersals.. By the way today is our first round for competition. Wont you wish me luck?
Shahana: my luck is always with you.. Pagal she hits his head.
Sanskar: aree… When will you stop calling me pagal? Stop hiting my head like that. That sahil already ate my head early in the morning.
Shahana: what he did?
Sanskar: he already took our rehersals more than 1000 times and just gave a break of 10 minutes. He is so stupid.
Shahana: and when did those 10 minutes start?
Sanskar looks at his watch: shit! Those 10 minutes started 20 minutes ago.
Shahana: i think you should leave right now.
Sanskar: yea you are right… Its such a hectic day.. Come onn give me a hug.
He hugs her. And leaves hurridely..
Sanskar: i will see you in the evening cutie…byeee

Music room

Sahil: now where is that fourth cartoon. Ten minutes have passed long back.
Ragini: he went out in a hurry…
Sahil: urghhh
Nikhil: sir..?
Sahil: did you just have bath?
Nikhil looks at Swara with irritated face.
Nikhil: no sir.. I was going to tell you..
Nikhil: why dont you play sanskars part? Till he comes.
Sahil: not a bad idea.
Swara: no you cant take his place…
All are boggled.
Swara in her mind: what did i just say?
Sahil: why?
Swara: because m used to his bass. If you play the drums i might go wrong.
Sanskar comes.
Sahil: where were you? Your 10 minutes are not over yet?
Sanskar: m sorry… Had some work.
Nikhil: good you came. Swara was missing you.
Sanskar looks at swara. Swara gives a death glare to nikhil.
Ragini: shall we begin?
Sahil: yea … He hands over the drum sticks to sanskar.
Sanskar: this time please listen to the entire song and then tell us the mistakes.

They complete the song.
Sahil: not bad. You guys have done much better.
Sanskar: i told you we are the best.
Sahil: you guys take rest now. The first round is in our college. Its in the auditorium at 2 pm. Dont go anywhere especially sanskar.
Sanskar nods.
Sahil: ragini you please dont have anything that will break your voice. And you two please take care of your fingers.
The trio nods. Sahil walks out.
Ragini: guys i have a class … You carry on.
Nikhil: me too.
They leave while swara follows them.

Sanskar pulls swara by her wrist and pins her to the wall.
Swara: what are you doing?
Sanskar: i heard you were missing me.
Swara: you listen to that idiot nikhil? He is insane.
Sanskar: but you are not. Tell me were you missing me?
Swara: no! Leave me now.. I have a class. She pushes him but he pins her back.
Sanskar: whats so early? Are you not forgetting something?
Swara: what?
Sanskar: i won your challenge and as per the challenge i have to ask you something.
Swara: what you want?
Sanskar: what are you ready to give?
Swara: a slap will do?
Sanskar: no but what about a kiss?
Swara: never..
Sanskar leans closer to her
Swara’s heart starts to beat faster: sanskar?!
Sanskar:hmm you said anything…now you have to do this.
He comes more close to her and swara closes her eyes.
Sanskar looks at her innocent face and smiles and then leaves from there.

After few seconds swara opens her eyes and finds no one there.
Swara sighs: if he has not asked this then what he will do ? But now its getting too much. I have started being nice to him.
Its competition time. The first round has been announced.
All gather in the auditorium. Various other college groups have come. Sanskar’s band name has been anounced.
Sahil: guys! I want you to qualify in this round… Dont panic if you go wrong just handle the situation. Ragini dont strain your voice too much in the begining.
Ragini: yea ..
Sahil: come on now. Go.
Sanskar: sir.. You dont panic. Chill.
They all go on the stage.

The performance is praised by all.
Basket ball court
Nikhil collides with a guy from other college.
Guy: hey you! Whats wrong with you han?
Nikhil: chill dude. I m sorry..
Guy: what sorry han? First you collide and dirty my shoes and now you are asking for a sorry.
Nikhil: bro chill … M sorry.
Guy: you know how expensive these shoes are? M sure you cant even afford to spend this amount on your entire months doings.
Nikhil: just stay in your limits. I just said sorry.
The guy holds his shirt: by saying a sorry you are doing a favour on me?
Nikhil pushes him: stay away.
Guy comes and slaps him.
Sanskar watches it and comes there.
Sanskar: whoa..did i miss something?
Nikhil: you here..just look at him. He just slapped me.
Sanskar: really? Why should i miss a chance then?
Sanskar comes and slaps Nikhil hard. The guy looks boggled.
Nikhil: what the f**k is wrong with you?
Sanskar: right! What the f**k is wrong with you? Cant you slap back? Why you are waiting for someone.
Nikhil: slaps the guy back. For giving me a slap. And since i already spolied your golden shoes- he stamps his shoe.
Sanskar laughs.. The looks angrily at them.
Sanskar: bro.. Dont mess with us. If he had appologized to you. You should have accepted and gone instead of getting insulted in front of everyone.
Guy: i wont leave you.
Sanskar: tell this to someone else. Not me. Go get lost before i slap you.
The guy leaves angrily.
Nikhil: could you not tell me nicely? Simply you slapped me so hard.
Sanskar: grow up! Come now sahil has called us.
They come to music room.
Sahil: well guys…stop staring at my face.. We are selected.
All get happy.

Swaragini hug each other. Nikhil hugs sanskar. Ragini comes and hugs sanskar. Nikhil goes to swara and is about to hug but then stops.
Swara: m sorry for today morning. She hugs him.
Nikhil: its okay yaar..
Swara is about to hug sanskar but stops. Nikhil sees this and purposely pushes swara.
Swasan share a hug.
Nikhil: aree sir… Wont you give us a hug?
Sahil: just keep me away from this hugging bussiness. You guys do want you want to. Just come tommorow at 5.
SwaraginiSan: not again.
Sahil:5 p.m
They smile.


Okay i know m very very late. But i have very busy schedules. Actually m not getting time for myself. I have to attend lectures then come back home which almost takes my more than half day. I have to study too as my prelims approaching in jan. So m quiet occupied with stuff. Hope you understand. Anyways enough of my complaining.. Do comment and share your views. Thanks for reading guys. Please do comment. I will try to post next part this weekend most probably. Thanks for reading.

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