Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 40 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

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“Leave me Nitin” said Ragini jerking Nitin’s hand. Nitin turned and looked at her. “What happened Ragu?” asked Nitin holding her shoulders.
“Gosh. Manny has hands Ani” said Rachna holding Suhani’s hand when she was feeding Manny the Samosa. “Why are you jealous?” asked Manny. “I’m so?” asked Rachna standing up. “Relax Rachu” said Suhani making her sit. “Take” said Suhani feeding Rachna. She ate it smiling and showed tongue to Manny. “Ani” cried Manny. “Hey Bhagvan” said Suhani irritated and turned to feed Manny. “Sachi. I think for Ani these two samples are only enough. No need of kids” said Radhika placing her head on Ishan’s shoulder. “Hmmm” said Ishan and touched her head with his head and they both looked at Manny, Suhani and Rachna cute fights

“Arjun. I have class to attend” said Shruthi over the phone. “Give me my kissy and you can go” said Arjun pouting. “I’m in college” said Shruthi shrinking her eyebrows. “Did I tell you are in battle field. I don’t know anything. I need my kissy and now.” said Arjun. Shruthi looked around to check if anybody is watching her. When nobody was there she kissed the phone. “Haaye” said Arjun falling on his chair in cabin. Shruthi blushed and hit the phone to her forehead. “I feel like meeting you now only” said Arjun. “Shut up Arjun. And bye. I left Gini alone and came” said Shruthi and disconnected the call. Arjun blushed and caressed his neck.

“Where are these new love birds?” said Rachna finishing her lunch. “Ohho siyappa queen you don’t like anyone together oh what?” asked Manny who came after washing his hands. “Manny ke bache…” said Rachna showing her finger. “Relax guys. Come let’s check” said Ishan consoling them. “Fine” said both of them at a time and glared each other. They all headed out of canteen. “Look there they are” said Suhani when she spotted Ragini and Nitin at a distance near the benches of outdoor campus. And they neared them.

“Jenny where is Gini?” asked Shruthi. “She went with her boyfriend” said Jenny. Shruthi looked at her confused. “Arrey that President her Majnu” said Jenny laughing. “Shut up Jenny. Is that the way to talk?” asked Shruthi furious. “Arrey when he announced to the whole block that she is his life. We shouldn’t even talk oh what?” asked Jenny. “What?” asked Shruthi. Jenny narrated her everything. Shruthi got worried and ran towards canteen.

Ragini removed Nitin’s hands from her shoulders. “I can handle myself. I don’t need you to protect me always. And why are you doing all this?” asked Ragini furious. “Ragu. What did I do?” asked Nitin confused. “Why are you holding me forcefully Nitin. I said na I don’t want to be in your life. Can’t you understand that?” asked Ragini. Her voice choked as her each word was paining her. “But” said Nitin nearing Ragini. She stepped one step back and said “Please try to understand Nitin. I cannot hurt my Dadda”

“Gini” called Shruthi standing beside Ragini. “Jenny told me whatever happened” said Shruthi. “Tell your brother to understand” said Ragini furious. “Ragu” said Nitin. “Nittz bro. Why are you doing all this. People are misunderstanding you both. Shekar uncle will not tolerate all this” said Shruthi standing in front of him. Ragini dragged her back and spoke to Nitin “Do you even understand how much a dad struggles to give a proper life for his kids. How much he loves his kids. What and all he goes through. I have seen my Dadda struggling to give us a better life. Sacrificing his happiness and small needs to fulfill our needs. I have seen him sacrificing his meals for my school fees. Do you understand dad’s love Nitin”. “Gini. What is wrong with you?” said Shruthi. “Nittzz bro. She did not mean that” said Shruthi looking at Nitin. Nitin stood dumbstruck. Tears flowed from his eyes remembering his dad. “Ragini” screamed Manny holding Nitin’s shoulder as he heard Ragini.

This was the first time Manny called her with her name. His anger was visible in his red eyes from which hot tears were ready to fall. He turned to Nitin and looked at him painfully. This love of his was sucking his soul than healing him. He dragged Nitin’s lifeless body with him sobbing. “Ginu why did you talk like this?” said Ishan. He nodded his head and followed Nitin and Manny. “Ginu bacha what is wrong with you?Why are you hurting him so much? You are getting hurt more than him in the process. Why don’t you understand” said Radhika looking at Ragini. Then only Ragini realized what she spoke. She looked at Radhika horrified. “You should not have told like that Gini” said Rachna looking at Ragini. Suhani nodded her head and hugged Ragini and consoled her. She did not know how will she face Manny now. “Oh no” said Ragini and ran in the direction Manny and Nitin went.

She reached a classroom where Nitin was sitting like a lifeless body and Manny sitting in front of him. “Nittu. Listen to me” said Manny cupping Nitin’s face. Nitin was still staring ground. “Please come out of this madness. It is hurting you and I cannot see you like this” said Manny sobbing. “Please” said Manny and bent his head sobbing. He dragged Nitin into a bone crushing hug. “Papa…..” said Nitin painfully sobbing. Manny closed his eyes letting the tears painfully. Ishan caressed Nitin’s hair and wiped his tears. Ragini leaned back to the wall and closed her mouth to control her cry. She wiped her tears and wiped her pink face. She entered the class room. Manny who was holding Nitin looked at her and screamed “Why have you come here now Ms. Ragini Gadodia. Whatever you spoke wasn’t enough?” Ragini jerked due to his anger. Nitin held his hand and nodded his head signing not to shout at her. Manny looked at him painfully. “Senior ji” said Ragini. “You have lost all the rights to call me like that. Now please go from here” said Manny coldly. “Manny please give her a chance to speak” said Suhani entering the class and standing beside Ragini.

“Bass. I don’t want to listen any explanation. What did you speak does he know what is Dad’s love?” Nitin closed his eyes letting his tears in Manny’s embrace. Tears flowed from Manny’s eyes and his voice chocked. “You know Ms. Ragini more than the people who have their Dad alive people who lost their dad understand a dad’s love and value more. He just loved you. If you love your Dad and cant hurt him why are you hurting him. What is his fault?” asked Manny. Ragini sobbed closing her eyes. His one one word was true. She was hurting him where it was not his fault. Suhani tightened her grip on Ragini’s shoulder. Nitin dragged himself out of Manny’s embrace and stood facing other side as could not see her tears. Ragini ran and held his shoulder. She turned him to her side. She held her ears and said “Sorry” and burst into a bitter cry. Nitin nodded his head no and removed her hands from her ears.

Ragini hugged him immediately and cried more placing her head on his chest. “I… I’m Sorry… I’m really sorry” said Ragini choking. Nitin encircled his hands around her shoulder and dragged her more close to himself. Ragini held him more tightly. Manny looked at them painfully. Those two idiots were hurting themselves by hurting each others both were equally dumb he thought. Ishan wiped his tears looking at them. Both are equally mad said Ishan to himself nodding his head. Suhani wiped her tears and smiled through her tears and leaned her head to Manny’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Ani” said Manny. Suhani smiled and kissed his cheek and said “That’s ok Sadu Maharaj” Rachna side hugged Radhika keeping her head on Radhika’s shoulder looking at them. Radhika held Rachna’s cheek with one hand and smiled through her tears. Shruthi smiled through her tears standing beside Radhika. “I’m sorry” said Ragini again.

Nitin placed his chin on her head and said “Shhhh” and rocked her in his embrace and placed his hand on her head to cool her. Ragini felt difficult to breath between her sobs. How can someone love a person so madly she thought. “Why are you making it so difficult for me Kanha ji” said Ragini controlling her tears. Manny stood beside Ragini and said “Sorry Ragu maa. I was very angry and I…” before he could complete Ragini hugged him in a bone crushing hug. He smiled and caressed her hair. “Can I call you senior ji now” asked Ragini. Manny nodded his head and laughed through his tears. Ragini stood side hugging him and Nitin hugged her from other side. Nitin and Manny kissed her head from both the sides. She was their only world. Suhani hugged Manny from his other side and Ishan hugged Nitin from other side. Nitin signed Rachna and Radhika and Shruthi to join the group and they ran and joined the hug and they formed a circle.

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  1. Riyanjali

    WOW DI!!!!!!!!It was soooo emo and nice!!!!!!!!
    ur amazing in connecting everybody
    together………………………TC and Love ur story and u

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Riyu. Love your comment and You

  2. Sindhura

    Nithin should keeps all his efforts on shekar
    He would might accept him

    1. Sally_blr

      You are right Sindhu. I said na you are number one sharp mind here with Jazzy

      1. Sindhura

        Ha ha,thanks for compliment sally
        Waisai badai tho badai hota hai na
        Ha ha

    2. Sally_blr

      Ya thats true he he he he

  3. Sindhura

    Where is kabir

    1. Sally_blr

      Everyone are missing Kabbie Bhai. He will come dear

  4. Ck1234


    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear.

  5. Raglakholic

    I’m speechless
    It’s so emotional nd heart touching
    I’m simply in tears after reading this
    It’s absolutely brilliant update
    Nd really hatts off to u sally dear
    U patriyoted all emotions in words so well
    I’m just tounge tied
    Nd u made me fall more nd more for this story nd shaja
    It’s not fair
    Nd love you for this
    Please do update next part soon
    Eagerly waiting to read

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Harshu. Really your comments make me emotional sweetheart. Love you too.

  6. Jazzy

    it was amazing yaar loved it alot really ragini hurt him a lot bechara my poor nithin now plzzz shekhar g accept u r even hurthing ur child in ur ego keep ur ego aside and think about ur child plzzz someone convey my msg to him

    1. Sally_blr

      My Nitin. Ragzee tere ko kacha chaba jayegi

      1. Jazzy

        omg heheheheh i didn’t realises i said my nithin

    2. Sally_blr

      You know what you are damn cute. Love you so much. I burst out laughing reading your comment Jazzy. The Accounts guy is giving me weird expressions

      1. Jazzy

        u r cute too sally my sissy love u tooo hahahhaa i always laugh like maniac then my little bro says u r laughing alone u never tell us anything hahhaja

  7. yaar sally i left with no words to tell abt this epi .ur just an amzing writer .it is really wonderful epi.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you yar sri,

  8. Awesome.u portrayed the emotions very well.luv u so much
    sally …update soon.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Pinky. Love you too sweetheart.

  9. just luv it dr ur all epi just connect 2 our heart mindblowing just clear misunderstanding btw dem, best part of each epi r bond btw each character superb

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much yar Parul. I just love your comments which touch my heart

  10. Akshata

    Beautiful update. To be honest i have no words to express my feelings right now. i loved it to the core. I know ragini is at fault but its unintentionally, manny’s anger is also justified, but i am dumbstruck after seeing nitin’s love towards ragini. And not to forget suhani, she is true friend and ragini is so lucky to have such wonderful people in her life. Very tight hugg from my side to you for giving such a lovely update.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Glad you are not late he he he he. Thank you so much for your love and encouragement

  11. awesome! i literally cried when reading it and u know u r an amazing writer!! i had been waiting for ur update since long, glad u updated thank u so much.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you abi. That really means a lot dear.

  12. Amazing yar
    It’s soo emotional.and lovable part

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear

  13. very emotional part , no word to descrie u made me cry. plz unite them I cant see them like that,n this time dont take to much time to upload I’m dying here to read ur ff.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you tisha. Aww Im sorry I made you cry. I have already uploaded dear

  14. Wow yaar it was superb and vry touching……

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear.

  15. Wowwwwww… So nice dr… Arjun is so cute. Everyone enjoying their moments. What Ragu spoke was just out of her mind. She just wanted to say her pov. She didn’t knew what she’s speaking that hurt nitin badly. Even got to see Manny’s angry side.. Final hug was epic… Where’s Kabir?
    So emotional dr.. ??? great.
    Take care

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much da. Everyone are missing Kabeer.

  16. dear it seems story is stuck in between and not progressing i did not satisfy with this part so much crying there are many other emotions to potray you are a great writer i love your guilt as well plz write next part soon with some progessive story

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww Ankita. Sorry dear I disappointed you but this was actually the continuation of last part. I was just not finding to update it. I hope you wont be disappointed with next chappy

  17. Sreevijayan

    Am crying buckets here..do u knw dt? Dis woman loves seeing me cry..

    Cnt blame ragu completely fr her wrds yaar..smetime it juz happnd..i was shattered whn manny shouted at ragu..bt at the end it was all good.. ‘she was their only world’ ..dt hit the right chord..

    Amazing..fabulous..mindblowing..kanha ji..pls gimme sme new wrds to describe dis womans talent…hats off my sisy

    1. Sally_blr

      Ya ya I love to make you cry ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you so much sissy

  18. Deesh

    Sisso, sorry I am late. And the epi was fabulous. I just loved the right dose of friendship, romance, emotions in this epi. Nittu is…. I can’t express it in words. Thanks a lot sisso for portraying him soooo well. Ragu is so lucky to have him and this lovely bunch of friends in her life. Superb chappy. Loved it. Take care!! 🙂

    1. Sally_blr

      Deeshu no need to ask sorry and all ok. Thank you so much dear. Love you.

  19. Asra

    Sally dear it’s too emotional dear…again and again u made me speechless….fabulous dear….first time I saw manny angry…omg rachu disturb manny romance that time also he not got angry….but today manny got angry that also with his ragu ma….so sad for nithin….my poor guy….how would u love ragini thz much nithin…u r great man….finally group hug amazing dear….but kabir missed thz hug…..love u dear…tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Asru. Love you too sweetheart. See how well you described Manny’s anger and Nitin’s love. Love you

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