Swasan SS- You have to live without me (teaser)

Hii, anyone remember it??? As usual I myself forgotten this story. Well as now I finished adhm thinking to continue it. Only if you all wanna.
Just giving you promo and link so anyone interested you all can read it.
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And Sorry simin, I thought after completing one story then only I’ll concentrate on this one that’s why it become more late.
Well this is specially for you. Hope you like it.
Swara bending on knees in front of sanskar and holding rose in hands.
Swara: I love you, will you marry me ?
Sanskar: Swara, are you in sense? I just accepted your friendship as you were pressuring me expect it nothing from my side.
Swara: I know you’re lying, please say na it’s lie. Sanskar your eyes says you also love me.
She stood up and tried to hold his hand.
Without answering her he tried to go but stopped listening her next word.
Swara: I know everything about you.

He freezes on spot but next moment he slapped her.
Sanskar: just shut up, you really proved me wrong.

She teary eyed see him.
Scene 2 ( past)
A girl standing at edge of cliff, someone pointing gun at her.
Person: just few minutes, after it everything will be in mine favour.
He about to press trigger but before that girl herself move backwards.
Girl: you’ll never get success.
Saying it she jumped.

Scene 3
He reached at an unknown place.
Sanskar: Jann where are you?
He heard some sound and found a girl there. He went near that girl and tried to see her face.
That girl herself turned towards him and just whisper save her, you only have 2 hours.
She told him some address.
Before he could ask further she died.

Scene 4
Girl: I knew it, you’ll come because you never break your promise. But I breaking it please forgive me and move on because “ you have to live without me”
Saying it she closed her eyes and someone checked her pulse rate.
“ Bhai, we’re late”

Scene 5
A funeral ceremony going on, a boy with teary eyes seeing it.
Boy: I will fulfil your wish, it’s your sanskar promise.
Sanskar moved from there and stand before someone pic.
“ I have to learn living without you”

Well I know it’s not that much interesting might be boring also but as I thought to write further so thought to give teaser to make you remember. More than it make myself remember ????.

Now try to solve questions ( all questions are complusely)
1. Why he slapped her? His reason of denial could be past but what’s problem when she knew all things. Most importantly how she to know it?
2. Who was that person trying to kill girl and who is that girl?
3. Is that trap ? Or really that girl helped him.
4. Is really she left him or some hidden thing behind it?
5. Whose funeral ceremony going on? Will he able to fulfil his promise?
6. Most important question this love story will have sad or happy ending ???.
And should I continue or leave?
Attempt all questions…
Each carry 4 marks??????.

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