Mere Angne Mein 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya saying I won’t accept Aarti, she shows she loves Raina, did we see what’s in her heart, Shanti did not think this, don’t tell this to anyone. Preeti asks why will I say, don’t I have work, I m going. Kaushalya gives her tiffin. Preeti says I don’t want all this. Kaushalya says there is sweets as well. She gives some money to Preeti and asks her to give this to her mum in law. Preeti says my mum in law won’t agree for less. Kaushalya says I gave money to Amit, he takes care of Shivam, go to inlaws and say I have sent money.

Aarti looks on and smiles. Preeti taunts her and goes. Kaushalya asks Charni to tell her beforehand if she wants to create some drama. She goes. Charni says I have seen many fights, I won’t like to become the reason of any fight. Shivam drinks wine and thinks of Riya. Raghav lies to rest. Kaushalya dreams Shivam and Aarti marrying. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bless Aarti, she is a nice bahu. Kaushalya says I won’t listen to you, I can’t accept her as bahu. Shanti says accept her. Kaushalya talks in sleep and says no, I won’t accept.

Raghav hears her and wakes her up. He asks what’s going on in your mind. She says I can’t talk to you regarding anyone, you don’t know what I m going through. He says I should say this, tell me what is the matter. She says fine, I m very bad. She goes to see Shivam. Raghav stops her and asks what, let others sleep if you are not feeling sleep, don’t wake up Shivam. She says nothing and goes. She does not see pillows in Shivam’s place. She goes to Shanti and sees Aarti sleeping. She sees her face. Raghav stops Kaushalya and asks are you mad. Kaushalya hugs him. He says Shanti will wake up, it will look bad, come out with me. They go out.

She asks can’t I hug my husband, I saw a bad dream, Shanti and I were fighting in dream. He says you are answering Shanti in dream also, you need a psychiatrist. She says fine, I will go to doctor, I m getting peace seeing them sleeping. He asks did you wake up to see if everyone is sleeping. She says yes. He says my doubt was right, and goes. Aarti wakes up hearing a sound. Kaushalya slips on stairs. Raghav holds her. He says if anyone sees us this way, it will be big trouble, come. Aarti comes out of room and thinks why did Kaushalya come downstairs at night, is everything fine. She goes upstairs and sees Shivam drinking. She prays that he gets free of his sorrow. He turns and sees her. He calls out Riya. She thinks to just leave, if Kaushalya sees me with him, none can save me from her anger. He holds her. She falls down. He asks her to wait, you were not listening to me that day also. She prays.

He asks are you hurt. He holds her feet and goes to get ointment. She is unable to get up and cries. Kaushalya thinks Riya passed by recently, what was I thinking, forgive me Lord, I think wrong about Raghav, I should have trusted him. Raghav thinks how to get peace in Kaushalya’s life, what shall I do, shall I take her out for some days. Shivam takes ointment and applies to Aarti’s foot.

Aarti recalls Ajay beating her always. She cries and sees Shivam. She thinks what sin am I doing, how can I let a stranger touch me, I m someone’s wife. She runs. He calls out Riya. She goes and shuts door. Kaushalya wakes up and sees Shivam. She asks him to go and sleep, I will call Riya, I have sent her out, come. Aarti looks on. Kaushalya makes him sleep. She sings a lullaby for him. Raghav wakes up and sees Kaushalya gone. He says life in train is better than this. Raghav comes to Kaushalya and sees her singing lullaby for Shivam.

Its morning, Aarti thinks I can’t answer Kaushalya if she sees me walking with pain. She talks to Shanti. Shanti asks Aarti to make good dish. Aarti says I know it. Shanti praises her. Kaushalya says I will make the dish. Shanti says let her make, is there any problem. Kaushalya says no. She thinks Shanti should not like the dish made by Aarti.

Kaushalya asks Aarti what happened, did she fall down. Shanti asks Aarti how did she get hurt. Shivam comes and says there is balm smell coming in my room. Aarti worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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