Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) epilogue

Soo guysss here is the epiloguee… ;).. now dont be shockedd i never thought that i will even write 5 episodes of this ss as i was lack of ideas…but then alsoo i wrotee 12 partss ;)..and dont think im ending early as im giving from 8th epi daily one epii soo u will feel as im ending early.. but im nott 🙂

Episode 11

Next day sanskar dragged swara and parents towards the baadi.. and there the scene makes them burst into fits of laughter…because dadi and shekhar were running inside out the house and were shouting…

Parvati gadodia: arrey shekhar this girl become mad… lets run..

Girl: let me show u who is mad… by saying that she starts beating shekhar parvati with viper… when viper broke down.. and she picked the long room brush and start beating them again..

Shekhar and dadi were shouting and asking for help.. but all were giggling…and many making their videos…

Swasan while laughing gives hifi to each other.. when suddenly one girl came from behind and with a pout..

Girl: u both forgot me…swasan turned and hugged the girl…the girl was none other than rosey.. ;)..an ngo owner and frnd of sanskar..she runs an ngo which always helped the ladies who were the victims of domestic violence…

Shekhar’s third wife chanda.. was a young lady but she always beard dadi’s torture and when shekhar also didn’t said parvati anything then she becomes dis hearted.. but she was from poor family and an orphan..thats why she was not having any place to goo..

But sanskar with the help of rosey.. made chanda realize that being silent is also a crime..first chanda denied but then rosey showed her different cases and made her met with many women same like her who r now living a peaceful and respectful life..

While chanda was now beating dadi and shekhar with pipe and sometimes with broom stick..

Chanda: u both ppl thought me as a peace of shit and uses me like the way u both want.. she was beating shekhar..

Chanda: and u my soo called husband.. tail of his mother.. never stopped her from torturing me.. always remains like a silent statue..

Dadi while shouting: hayee hayeee.. what I did by marring her with my son.. janki sumi were far better than her.. but my phooti kismet janki died as I wanted to kill sumi but then sumi also left as I planned against her and showed her characterless.. as chanda was beating her soo parvati didn’t realized that she blurt out her whole truth her whole black works…..swara clenched her fists while sumi closed her eyes in relief as after many yrss she was proved as innocent who is not characterless…

Shekhar being shocked: maaaaa??

Parvati then realized what she blurted out…and looked towards shekhar but he didn’t paid any heed to her and goes towards sumi butt swara came infront of sumi to block his way towards sumi..

Swara with vemon: don’t u daree mr shekhar gadodia.. to come near my mother..

Shekhar: beta im sorryyy…

Swara: youuuu.. but stopped as sumi put hand on her shoulder..

Sumi while gazing shekhar to swara: shona let me handle…

Swara: but maa??

Sanskar: let maa handle swara and he took her at side..

Sumi turned towards shekhar and before he can say anything she gave him a tight slap 2 to 3 times..

Sumi holds his collar tightly and jerked him towards her: u r educated shekhar but then also u never saw or try to watch your mother’s real intentions.. she killed janki.. proved me characterless.. called my daughter as illegitimate but u always believed her…nowwww don’t come to me for asking forgiveness.. because I will nott forgive the spineless creature like u..

Dadi: hay sumii what u called my son??

Rosey from behind like a loud speaker: spineless creature dadii jiiii…and roseyy pushed dadi on a land full of mud…swara giggles while sanskar chuckles…

Rosey with the help of chanda put black paint on dadi’s face.. because she is the root of every problem…..

Dadi got arrested and shekhar left the badi being ashamed…

Rosey bids bye to everyone and she also took chanda with her too teach her the new ways of living…

Everything was now settled….


2 weeks later:-

Sunlight peeped into the swasan room.. slowly slowly ;).. ass both were sleeping naaa soo it camee with baby steps towards sanskarr…who was sleeping upon swara almost fully laying upon her and swara was sleeping on her back ;)…sanskar was holding her from her waist tightly.. (don’t think much nothing happened between them till now)..

Sanskar’s face was towards window soo his sleep got disturbed.. he turned his face to other side and his lips touched on swara’s cheek who was having her head on other side..sanskar in sleep peck her cheek…and turned down and lay down on his back…on which swara stirred a little and put her head on his chest..

Sanskar smile a little as its their sleeping positions.. almost every nyt sanskar slept like this and in morning swara rests upon him…sanskar with close eyes stroke her hair..

Sanskar: shona wake upp..

Swara: shut up let me sleep..

Sanskar chuckled and lay down quietly…

After half hr swara woke up and looked towards sanskar with sleepy eyes who was laying by putting one hand under his head and other on her hairs..swara while pecking his cheek..

Swara: good morning hubby..

Sanskar with smile: good morning shonaa…

And then both got ready and left for the office…all shifted to Mumbai again.. and now office was in swasan’s care as raj stopped going to office…

Both reached office..sanskar in ruthless avatar while swara with normal attitude…

Both were having the cabin just opposite to each other..now swara was not his p.a but now also she is working under him as she was not having much experience…

Sanskar’s company was going to fill tender of one project.. swara was working on that project…it was the day when they have to submit the quotes…the result will be announced in one big hotel after the 2 hrs of submission..

Swara was there as the project head nobody knows about her being sanskar’s wife.. when she was going to submit the tender file.. one sanskar rival tried to bribe her..

Sanskar saw this and he was going to teach him a lesson but before that swara gave a straight punch on exactly his left eye…

Sanskar become shocked..

Swara in anger: uu jerk how dare u to bribe me against my own husband’s company?? How dare u??

That person become shocked and tried to run but swara again gave him a punch on his right eye and now his both eyes were black…business world ppl black listed that person from the business world.. while sanskar burst into laughter on seeing his little lioness..

Swara gave him an angry glare and submitted the tender file..and later sanskar won the project and in happiness he gave a peck to swara on her cheek but she was in angry mood soo rubbed her cheek and left from there..

Sanskar chuckled on seeing her..he left behind her and took her in his arms..

Swara while moving her legs: uu sanskarr leave meee..

Sanskar huskily: I didn’t grabbed u for leaving my darling..

Swara: huhhh useless dialogue of every 2nd husband..

Sanskar laughs: soo what u want to listen??

Swara crossed her arms around her chest: something different.. likeee darling I will take to u mars…orr to plutoo bla blaa blaaa..

Sanskar laughs on listening her talks…

Sanskar: swara u r too much..

Swara: huhhh…

Sanskar make her sit in the car and left..

Both reached home…

Swara was walking inside when she saw that nobody was at home..

Swara being confused turned towards sanskar who was now standing by leaning on main door by putting hands in his pockets..

Swara: where is everyone??

Sanskar: actually I don’t want disturbance..

Swara: what disturbance..

Sanskar walked towards her slowly and again grabbed her inn his arms..

Swara: arreeyyyy..

Sanskar: as u see mom dad wants grandchild soo I think for that we should be in disturbance free environment and winks..

Swara’s mouth hung down on listening this…and gave him a smack on his chest..

Swara: shameless..

Sanskar: what shameless..

Swara: what u said to mom dad??

Sanskar: nothing just said if u want grandchild then spend nyt somewhere elsee..

Swara: whaaaattttttt

Sanskar laughs: relax darling mom dad goes to mom’s conference to usa.. soo now today we both r alone at home..soo what say lets continue???

Swara hides her red face on his chest.. ssanskar peck her head and both left for their room..

Sanskar put her down on the bed and turned to lock the door.. swara being nervous lay down while putting blanket on herself from head to toe..

Sanskar turned and burst into laughter on seeing her situation.. and inside the blanket swara’s heart was beating fast..

Sanskar with baby steps goes to other side and lay down slowly besides her…swara peeped from the blanket but didn’t found sanskar on which she frown but then her breath hitched on feeling sanskar’s finger on her waist as she was wearing sari..

Swara turned toward sanskarr whoo without any delay dugged his face on her neck and starts giving her wet kisses.. swara moarn in pleasure…butt butt butt.. swara pushed him on the bed and run towards the bathroom and locked from inside.. sanskar who was in lost senseees was watching all this like a dumb fellow.. he came into senses when he heard swara’s giggling from the bathroom..

Sanskar shouts: swaraaaaaa.. thiss is not doneee yarrr…and goes to the bathroom and tried to open the door but it was locked..he banged the door..

Sanskar: swaraaa come out I seriously will not leave u..

Swara while giggling: first grab me naaa.. door tou is lockeddd….

Sanskar with a baby pout: I hate u.. huhhhh

Swara loudly: hate u toooo darling…

Sanskar huffed in baby anger and goes from there after stamping his foot… after 10 mins swara peeped from the door and looked here and there but didn’t found him

Swara while signing in relief: huffff bach gai (got saved).. butt her breath hitched when she felt her blouse strings loosened..swara turned and found sanskar standing behind her with a smirk…

Sanskar while coming close to her and swara was going back..

Sanskar: sanskar goenkaa never lose darling and u know thiss..

Swara: who..hh… I ..to..uuu.. juss..t.. kidding..

Sanskar: oo really??

Swara nodes in yess..

Sanskar come more closer to her.. swara tried to goo she turned but sanskar grabbed her arms and both lost their balance and fall down on bed..

Sanskar: darling now touu nobody will save u from mee not even u yourself.. he put his lips on her lips and start’s kissing her passionately.. swara put hands around his neck..and respond equally..

Sanskar turned their positions and now swara was above him.. both broke the kiss and sanskar looked towards her cleavage as her blouse was loosened swara follow his gaze.. and blushed in red..

Sanskar smirks again.. and thenn that nyttt whole room filled their moarns and groans 😉

Both gave full love to each other that nytt..by showing each other that how much love they r having for each other…

Next morning was a blissful morning.. as sanskar marked his swara as his for life time….both were having a peaceful smile on their faces…swara was the one who wake up first..

Swara stares sanskar lovingly…and gives a light peck on his nose on which he just shift little more towards her..

Swara while rubbing his hair wakes him.. both left their room after getting ready.. as sumi and dida were living now in badi…swasan said them to come with them.. but sumi said that now she got her respect back soo she will lives there only…

Raj and sak will come after 1 month… soo swasan were alone in the home..both enjoyed together a lot.. made love.. roam around the city late nyt…

Swara many times by trick tried to eat more ice cream but always caught her…sanskar gave her a piggy ride on the beach…in short both handled their professional and personal life fully in this one month..

1 month later..

Today rajsak were coming back..both reached their mansion..

Sanskar: daddd..mommm… and swasan hugged both rajsak

Raj: we r having a surprise for u sanskar… and both turned behind and found dp,ap standing with a smile…

Swasan becomes happy and run towards them and hugged them tightly…

Sanskar: papa mama u both r back..

Ap: yes my son we r back and now we will live with u both only…

Sanskar: yupiiii…

All shared a family hug….


Time flews away happily… now meheswari and goenka company working as one company.. under the swasan supervision…

Swara was coming towards sanskar.. now swara was a professional architect.. she works separately…when her hand was on door room suddenly her head starts spinning.. but she felt better after few minutes..

She come inside there sanskar was working.. swara while walking towards him again felt dizziness…the file from her hands fall down…on which sanskar looked towards her but she becomes alright…and picked the file..

Sanskar was watching her with worried expressions…

Sanskar: shona what happened??

Swara: nothing sanskar… I think little tired..

Sanskar made her sit on couch and snatched the file from her hand..

Sanskar sternly: u take rest I will doo all work..

Swara: but sanskarr..

Sanskar: I said what I want to say soo chupp..

Swara just closed her eyes and sat comfortably..sanskar was working when after half hr swara woke up with a jerk and runs towards the washroom..

Sanskar being worried run behind her…and where swara was vomiting..sanskar rubbed her back..and wiped her lips with water..

Swara before say anything felt unconscious and sanskar holds at the right time..

Sanskar panics: swaraa????

He immediately took her to hospital..and there ask told swara is pregnant..

All were happy and sanskar took swara in a bear hug…….

And next 9 monthss was the toughest for sanskar.. as swara’s mood swing was nothing as compared to how sanskar have to stop her from eating ice cream..

And whenever he stopped her she always said..

Swara: sanskarr.. continuous ice cream effect mee not ice cream after half an hrr soo I will eat after every half an hr.. and sanskar being bechara fulfilled her demands…

Sumi and dida was also here with shona…

All parents fulfilled her all demands.. sanskar sometimes felt as if he was some outsider came by mistake in this mansion..

Swara always teased him…but never felt bad in fact he was happy after seeing his family happy…

The bond of him with swara started almost 2 yrs back..andd now the bond is that much strong and even if they r far away both can easily get to knows what’s in eachother’s heart or mind.. because their bond is not of just two bodies.. it’s a bond of between two souls…which lasts even after death…and their bond become more strong when there twins came into the world..

Their son vivaan sanskar goenka and daughter muskan sanskar goenka….both were just the cherry on top on their bond…and by this their family completed…

The End

Thankuu sooooo much guysss for giving this much love to my this story….luv u all… 

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