Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.11

Thankuu guys for liking the last epi.. so here is the next epii..and thankuu for my accepting my condition I will try to reply all soon :P.. butt naaaa im afraid u will surelyyy curse meee uu naaa plzzz have your hankies in your hand because I know u cant be able to control your emotions…and yaa i read all the comments…


Episode 11:-

Swara: okay u doesn’t want to see me alive naa?? That’s why u r not waking up naa?? U will doo what u wants to do naa??okay fine I will also do what I want to do..i will surely goo far away from u…then u will see haann I will doo this onlyy

By saying that she closed her eyes and with full force going to stab herself…….. butt someone holded her hand and gave her a tight slap…

Swara: aahhh..she was crying with close eyes.. and then someone jerked her hardly from her shoulder..after snatching the scissor from her hand

Someone: what the hell swara?? What the hell u r going to dooo???

Swara’s eyes opened immediately after listening the voice…she looked towards the person and become shocked because there was standing sanskarr who was staring her with anger plus worried expressions..

Swara: sanskarr..sanskarrr..

Sanskar: yaaa mee.. what’s wrong with u??? what the hell u r going to do??

Swara happily: u..uuu.. woke..upp??

Sanskar being confused: what?? Woke up?? What r u saying swara…he was holding her from her shoulders

Swara being confused looked around she was in hospital only then she looked towards the bed but sanskar was not there…they she again looked around and tried to find out all machines which were attached to sanskar but it was a simple private room..

Swara being confused: bu..tt.. there are machines there.. uu were.. there…. and she pointed towards the bed direction..

Sanskar being confused: why should be machine will be there?? And why should I be there??? Swara what r u saying??? its a private room..not any icu or ot..

Swara then looked towards sanskar and stares him from top to bottom.. he was standing perfectly fine in front of her and watching her with worried expressions

Swara eyes become teary on seeing him fine and hugged him tightly… sanskar also took her in his embrace in a tight hug but he was also confused and angry when he saw her trying to stab herself..

Swara while crying told him everything.. and sanskar become shocked after listening this because it was all swara’s dream ;)…(soo guys how was the shock??? Its fun to give shock u know ;)…Doo tell me okay :P)

Sanskar broke the hug and looked towards her who was standing by clutching his shirt collar tightly in her hands…and having fear in her eyes fear of losing him..sanskar become teary on seeing her state.. he took her towards the bed and lay her down..she was already under injection effect soo she slept but with holding sanskar’s hand tightly..

Sanskar looked towards her and gives her a peck on her forehead and sat down beside her.. and start remembering what happened in farm house..

Flashback of farm house…

Swasan were standing by hugging each other.. when the heard sound from backside.. both break the hug and saw lucky was going to stab sanskar but swara holded the knife…she screamed in pain..

Sanskar pushed lucky but lucky again tried to stab sanskar but as he was weak due to wrist cut soo in that process he got the cut on his arm due to which blood fall down on sanskar’s face which was seen by swara and she thought that he was the one who got stabbed

Swara shouts: sanskarrrrrrrrr……but she fainted due to stress and weakness…

Later sanky pushed lakshh and turned towards swara to pick her up.. butt laksh was not weak at all too leave sanskar that much easily.. he again tried to attack on him butt then sanskar listened bullet sound..

Being shocked he turned towards laksh..who was standing by putting hand on his chest and staring at one side…sanskar turned towards the direction and become shocked because there ap was standing with the gun of one guard which she snatched from him..

Sanskar: mommm..

Gun fall down from ap’s hand and she fall down and dp gave her support.. as all parents were coming and when they entered the basement they become shocked after seeing the scenario.. where laksh was trying to kill sanskar…

And too save sanskar ap didn’t got anything she just snatched the gun from guard and shot laksh.. all these things happened in few seconds k nobody will understand..

Sak runs towards laksh… while sanskar tried to go to lucky but sak..

Sak: I will see him u take swara…

Sanskar nodes with teary eyes.. as whatever the reason but its also true that laksh was his brother.. may laksh hated him..and may he was punishing him but he never thought by heart that he will kill him…. Saying anybody about killing and killing someone in real is totally different

Sanskar took swara and behind all took raglak to hospital…ap was sitting lifeless…dp was trying to make her speak but she was not responding..

Ap while murmuring: I killed my son….

Dp while crying: no ap.. u didn’t killed your son u just shot to save our sanskar..

Ap didn’t replied she was only saying this thing..

Doctor came out and said..

Doctor: luckily bullet didn’t hit his heart.. he is out of danger…just having wounds on body but not such serious one..

Dp while wiping his tears: thank doctor..and to ap: ap look u didn’t killed him he is fine… and ap starts crying after hugging him..

Raj and shak were also in tears.. while sanskar was with swara.. she was unconscious..sanskar came towards parents and then they told him everything..and that was the time when swara got whole horrible dream as she saw in farm house blood on sanskar’s face soo her mind created all this nightmare in her mind..and in the effect of that nightmare she was going to stab herself when at the same time sanskar entered in the room to check her and found her going to stab herself..while murmuring something…. He became hell shocked..

He runs towards her and jerk her by giving her a tight slap…

Flashback ended..

Sanskar while gazing her: sorry shonaa.. due to mee your condition was like thiss I promise I will soon remove all this things from your mind..and he slept on sitting position besides her as she was sleeping while holding his hand..

2 weeks laterr…

Swara was in the hospital for whole 1 week as she was mentally stressed from all these incidents.. and while raglak were arrested.. both were fine now.. as both tried to kill swasan and laksh even killed shauriyaa.. soo both were arrested…(enough of raglak drama I think 😉 ) ram also got severe punishment..

Dadi and shekharr created a big drama when they saw ragini being arrested but nobody paid any head to them.. and both goess by threatening meheswari’s and goenka’s…

Sanskar smirks while seeing them and in mind: time will tell who will pay.. don’t worry dear dadi and shekhar jii.. u both also have too payy for whatever u did with sumi beauty and my shona…just live in peace for few more days…

Ap was fine she was sad but on the other side was happy for swasan…too change her envrinoment dp, ap decided to go to adarsh for some days..

Sanskar: but dadd how can u leave me?? I want to live with my both parents??

Dp: beta I understand we r not leaving u.. its just your mom need change in environment.. we promise we will surely come its justs a matter of few months..

Raj: dp ji is saying right sanskar.. let them goo..

Sanskar sadly: okayyy.. and he hugged both his parents and dp,ap left…

Sanskar came to his room and found swara was sitting beside window by putting her head on her knees..

Sanskar was noticing her from few days that she was silent.. the fear of that dream didn’t goes fully from her mind…she was now also scared.. sanskar came towards her and without saying anything he picked her in his arms..

Swara didn’t startled or become shocked she just looked towards sanskar and then encircled her arms around his neck by putting her head on his chest..sanskar signs and sat down on the couch by taking her in his embrace fully…

Swara was playing with his shirt button and he was playing with her fingers by one hand and with other hand rubbing her back while looking towards her face which was pale…

Sanskar while playing with her fingers: swara for how many days u will be like this??

Swara without any emotion: don’t know…

Sanskar: huff… swara jaan plzzz nothing will happen to mee.. plzz take out that fear from your mind.. im and I will always be there with u.. plzz jaan in the end his voice becomes painful.. because he cant see her like this…

Swara ups her head and looked into his eyes where she found only pain which is due to her…swara slowly put finger on his eyes…sanskar closed his eyes…swara looked towards him for few minutes.. and then starts crying by hugging him tightly..

Sanskar also didn’t stopped her as it was needed because from the last 2 week she was almost silent…sanskar was soothing her by rubbing her back..after 15 minss her crying turned into sobbing…

Sanskar: shhhh now tou stop naa jaan… look now even my shirt don’t need to be washed again.. on which he got a slap on his chest..

Sanskar chuckles and hugged her tightly: I luvvv uu my jaann and gave a tight kiss on her hair..

Swara with teary voice: luv u tooo…

Sanskar with naughty thought: realllyy??

Swara who was not aware of his dirty brain: yesss…

Sanskar: soo then show…

Swara being confused looked upward towards him who was now looking towards her with serious expressions

Swara: how??

Sanskar: by this and by saying that he smashed his lips on her and within a swift secs turned their positions now swara was under him by his hand pinning her both hands above her head..

Swara was shocked with sudden happening and she came into senses when sanskar bite her lips but as he stole her kiss soo she also didn’t opened her lips…sanskar can easily felt her smirk but he was also the great sanskar goenka… soo he took her both hands in his one hand and slowly trace his finger towards her ear.. and put the finger inside her ear as he knows that she always felt ticklish in the ear..

Swara giggles a little and taking it as an opportunity sanskar claimed her mouth.. swara also respond equally…both break the kiss was breathing heavily..sanskar kissed her nose tip and rested his forehead on her forehead..

Sanskar in a whisper: thankuu soo much swara for coming into my life.. and he opened his eyes and looked towards her with full of love..where swara was staring him with same love in her eyes..

Swara stroked his hair from his forehead and looked towards deep in his eyes: thankuu too u tooo sanskar.. for giving me everything..i luv u.. and by saying that she peck his lips tightly..

Sanskar grins and again took her in other kiss..


Night time:-

Rajsak, sumi, dida and swasan were sitting on the dining table….

Swara was stuffing her paneer tikka in her mouth as usual while sanskar was trying to grab her attention butt no jii noo.. queen of his heart didn’t give him even a slight look.. while parents were chuckling on seeing his sad face and swara’s mast malang face due to her tikka…

Sanskar made an angry pout and to raj: dadd.. I have decided something for shekhar and dadi.. on listening this swara choked as it was unexpected…sanskar pat her back and gives her water to drink but now also he was angry with her as for her tikka was more important than her one and only hubby..

Swara: what??

Sanskar ignored her and told parents his plan.. (will reveal in next epi).. on which everyone becomes happy and swara in happiness hugged him tightly but he broke the hug and goes from there while making an angry pout towards her..

Swara being confused while scratching her head turned towards elders: what happened to him??

Sumi while controlling her laughter: your tikka happened??

Swara: means and then she realized that due to tikka she didn’t paid any heed to him.. she gave elders a sheepish smile and runs behind sanskar and elders burst into laughter on seeing their childish act…

Swara peeped inside the room too have a look of her angry bird hubby and she found him sitting near window with indian style by putting hands under his face and glaring outside with a pout..swara tip toed towards him and stands besides him..sanskar gave her a side look and turned his face being annoyed..

Swara sweetly: sanskarrrrr….on which sanskar only huffed in anger

Swara: januuuuuuuu….

Sanskar turned fully from her..

Swara: darlingggggggggg..

Sanskar being annoyed: go and say these words to your tikka.. huhh.. don’t talk to meee..

Swara giggles on seeing his jealously towards the little thing…swara sat down behind him and cling upon him from the back..by putting hands around his neck..

Swara: soo u will not talk to mee??

Sanskar nodes in no like a stubborn child…

Swara: realllyyy?? By saying that she give him a light bite on the back of his neck.. on which sanskar controlled him with great difficulty..

Swara: now??

Sanskar nodes in noo.. soo swara put the hand under his t-shirt from the button side and trace her nails lightly on his chest from behind.. now tou sanskar was losing his control…

Sanskar while composing himself: swaa stoppp.. or elsee..

Swara: what u will doo?? She again trace her nails..

Sanskar: don’t play with me swara or else u will regret..

Swara gulped and tried to take her hand but this time sanskar holds her hands and turned around that now swara’s hand was in his hands in a cross way..

Sanskar while smirking: what u thought mrs goenka k I will leave this chance soo easily??

Swara: whaat..tt.. do..o u mean??

Sanskar with innocent look: I don’t mean anything jaaan.. and winks towards her..

Swara heart’s skip a beat when he gave that innocent look with mischief glint…

Swara while trying to free her hands: sanskarr I want to sleep..

Sanskar: but I don’t wanttt….

Swara: okay u sit here im going and she tried to go.. but sanskar jerked her towards him and holds from the back of her neck…lips of both were just an inch apart.. swara can easily felt his hot breath on her lips..

Sanskar while gazing her face then her lips: what if we both don’t sleep tonyt??

Swara blinks her eyes several time and a blush crept her cheeks she just hides her face in his broad chest..

Sanskar chuckled on seeing her shy and while tightening his grip: I was just kidding.. don’t worry…we will surely took our relation to next level after packing up the whole mess.. when we both will be tnsn free from every past happenings..

Swara dint said anything just tightened her grip around him.. and later both slept in each other’s embrace..as tomorrow will be another entertaining day ;)..

Precap: bad day for dadi and shekhar ;)…

Soo guysss epi was too much emotional naaa?? How many hankies u soaked in your tears?? Plzz han tell mee for sure ;)…(giggling)

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