Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.10

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Guys im not leaving tu.. and I think u all should thanks to alky the writer of bond of togetherness as today she asked me how much stories I wrote.. and when I randomly counted I came to know that I wrote upto 50 concepts.. (:O) ooo mmm gggg.. I was literary shocked.. I started writing on 17 june 2016 and till now 50 stories.. I was literary shocked soo in this happiness I will not discontinue from tu.. but I will post on only one condition if u all will not say anything if I cant be able to reply like always.. u have to promise mee that by doing this response will not become less.. replying to the comments I always thought as my duty.. but now its becoming hectic that’s why I decided but many wants me to continue so here soo im doing.. but u also have to cooperate.. if I felt with my dis decision response is decreasing then it will be clear k u only response if I reply.. I will surely wait for your reply on this..

And yaa thankuu guys as without your support I cant be able to too write these much stories on different topics..

Episode 9

Sorry guys for a short update my eyes were paining but as I promised soo im giving u an epi.. soo please accept thiss.. I will surely post next soon..and due to eyes pain I didn’t replied in previous epii soo sorry for that..

Episode 10:-

Sanskar was in O.T.. doctors were attending him.. while swara was in icu.. her condition was also not soo good. She was unconscious but then also she was only murmuring sanskar’s name..

Parents were standing helpless outside.. they can’t do anything for their children..

Sumi while crying: my shonaaa after many yrss got proper happiness and look this all happens.. dida consoling her…while sak and ap were also crying..

Ap as her one son again tried to kill his own brother.. while sak again fearing to loose her 2nd son..

Dp and raj were also very worried…

Doctor came out of the O.T:-

Dp: doctor how is my son??

Doctor: I cant give u false hopes mr. dp but mr sanskar’s condition is not good his major veins got cut.. and the bleeding is also not stopping..

Raj: please doctor doo something.. please save our son..

Doctor: im trying my best sir don’t worry..

An other doctor came out from the icu..

Sumi: doctor my daughter??

Doc: mam.. we bandaged her butt she is weak mentally and physically.. she gone through soo much stress.. that’s why her condition is not that much bad but its also not good at all…

Sumi while crying: please sir.. save my daughter

Doc: don’t woryy she will be fine completely..we gave her sleeping injection

Swara was on sleeping injections.. but her mind was not at all at peace.. she has to sleep for atleast 10 to 12 hrs.. but she woke up just after 3 hrs..

Swara shouts: sanskarrrrrrrrrr….all comes towards her..

Sumi: shonaaa

Swara: maa.aa sanskarr?? Where is my sanskar???

Sumi while controlling herself: he is fine beta..

Swara: he is fine?? Then I have to goo to him he must be waiting for me.. by saying that she tried to got down from the bed but stumbled due to weakness.. sak and ap holded her..

Ap: beta u plz take rest.. sanskar will come..

Swara while panicking: no no.. I have to go to him.. plz maa.. plzz…..laksh tried to kill him.. blood was coming out.. I have to goo maa I have to goo…

Sak while controlling her tears: swara beta.. u need rest..

Swara shouts and jerk their hands: no nooo.. I want to see my sanskar.. by saying that she runs outside..

There doctor were discusiing sanskar’s condition with dp and raj and trio didn’t saw swara..

Doctor: im sorry sir but his internal bleeding is not at all stopping.. im afraid he may be slip into coma.. or

Raj worried: or what doctor??

Doctor: or may be died..

Dp shouts: docctorrr.. plzz don’t say like thiss..

Doctor: mr dp..his back’s wound was not deep but on stomach the knife was pressed with full pressure…his intestines damaged brutally..

Swara listening all this and her world turns upside down…

Swara while panicking comes near them and dp,raj become shocked..

Swara while stammering: docc..to..r.. plea..see save..e. m..y.. sanskar… plzzzzzzzz and she fall down on her knees crying bitterly..

Dp,raj passed helpless look….they got tears in their eyes..

Raj made swara stands and swara starts crying again after hugging him tightlyyy..

In the mean time nurse came hurriedly and called doctor..

Doctor runs inside the I.C.C.U where sanskar was kept..

All were restlessly walking around the corridor swara was sitting in her maa’s embrace she was crying silently…and praying for her sanskar…after 1 hr doctor came out..

Doc: im sorry butt.. mr sanskar slip into comaa.. im very sorry sir..

Swara didn’t listened anything she just runs inside the iccu.. all tried to stop but swara jerked them all..

Swara came inside…she saw sanskar laying like a life less soul on the bed..she walked slowly towards him..nurse held her hand to stop but she jerked it..

Swara came towards sanskar.. he was having oxygen mask on his mouth..

Swara in a whisper: sanskarrrr.. she lovingly trace her fingers on his face.. k may be he will react.. but noo..

Swara while crying: plzz sanskarr. Don’t doo this too me.. u know naa I love u.. u was the one who again added colors in my life.. plzzz don’t doo like thiss.. please get upp naa pleaseee… and she hugged him tightlyyy…

But noo response…swara ups her head too see whether he is responsing or not.. but noo he was same lifeless..

Swara: sanskar.. u know naa I always take things lightly.. butt plzz naaa this thing I cant be able to forget or to erase from my mind.. how can I take this thing easily.. she was cupping his face…

But again noo answer…

Swara: if u tried to goo far away from mee then I swear I will die before u only…(she said this k maybe he will react on this but again failure)..

Swara while wiping her tears: okayyy soo u r thinking im joking then naa let me show u how much serious swara sanskar goenka is now.. she looked around and found doctor’s scissors…in ICCU nobody was there as sak was also a doctor soo she made them agree as its better for both swasan to be together for sometime..

Swara took the scissor and looked towards sanskar: look sanskar if u don’t get up in next 2 minutes naa I will serious stab myself..and then while crying plzzz sanskarr get upp naa she put her head on his chest..and was listening his almost fainted heart beat..

After few time swara ups her head and this time she was seeing him without having any expressions only tears were flowing from her eyes..

Swara: okay u don’t want to see me alive naa?? That’s why u r not waking soo okay fine I wil also doo what I want to doo..i will surely goo far away from u…

By saying that she closed her eyes and with full force going to stab herself……..

To be continuedddd….

Precap: let me think ;)…

Soo guyssss what will be next???

Will swara stabs herself???

Or sanskar will wakeup???

And one important thing guys.. if im showing raglak in this ss like this it doesn’t mean that I hate them or any grudges against them I many time used them as positive characters.. but the topic on which I wrote this ss.. is the topic used by every 3rd writer.. soo thinking by your own and thinking different on same used topic is a very difficult thing..what I thought I wrote.. whether I used some negative things or anything else.. but if I wrote more than 50 topics then u can understand how much it wwas difficult for me to use always different topics.. not all my topics r perfect but I used my mind in that that’s why I wrote upto 50 stories..

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    Now coming to the chapter… it was sad and shocking but great!!???
    Sanskar slipped into coma and Swara about to stab herself…?! Hehe..?? I know you’ll not let that happen……. right..? RIIIGGGHT?!!???
    Update soon, take care!!????

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    Sanskar condition what will happen dak…dak….dak….dak…..dak….
    Everything will be fine na…..let’s see what will happen…part was awesome …..and suspense ……..and u r continuing an no problem if u domt reply also I will always comment……….but sorry for not commenting on previous one…..
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