Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 26)

Hi guys, thank you to everyone for the comments and silent readers. This one is going to little short so I am sorry for that in advance

Episode starts with swara going back into the palace leaving sanlakutt, nikhil and ragini in the garden…

Swara went into the palace, just the she sees kavita slipping. Swara ran.

Swara: Kavita di

Saying this she ran and caught kavita on time. Swara held kavita’s hand and asked worriedly, “di are you okay. Did you got hurt anywhere? Do you want me to call doctor?”

Kavita for the first time melts by swara’s innocence and says calmly, “it’s okay swara. I am okay”

Swara: are you sure
Kavita: Yes

Swara smiles and goes away.

Kavita (monologue): Am I doing correct with her. Even though I taunted her so much in past but still she cares for me (but then kavita jerked her thoughts)

Then she sees swara going outside with a dupatta draped on her face. Kavita started following her as she knew that swara was going to meet ahem. Swara reached the cafe. There she saw gopi and ahem sitting in a corner.

Kavita (monologue): damn it, who is this girl sitting with that ahem. I should do something.

Kavita sat near them but they couldn’t see her.

Swara (squeals like a child): Gopi bhabhi.

Swara runs and hugs swara tightly, “Bhabhi, how are you?”
Gopi: I am good shona, how are you? I am so happy for you.
Ahem: What is this shona? You forgot your bhai after meeting your bhabhi.
Gopi: Something is burning shona.

Swara giggles and hugs ahem.

Swara: how’s tai?
Gopi: She is good but misses you.
Swara: I also miss her.

Just then a waiter dashes with gopi and juice falls on her dress.

Ahem (angrily): Can’t you see and walk
Gopi: Ahemji, calm down. (turns to the waiter), bhaisab you go.(waiter goes away), ahemji shona, i will go to washroom and clean it.

Gopi goes to the washroom.

Swara: Bhai what you got to know about the accident.
Ahem sighs and says, “Shona, it was planned accident.”
Swara (sadly): Who is it?
Ahem: Shona you don’t worry. I will handle..
Swara interrupts, “No bhai, you have to tell me. Who is that person.
Ahem: Karthik, yuvraj karthik. He is a big playboy and really jealous of yuvraj sanskar

A tear drops from swara’s eyes. Ahem cups her one face and says, “Shona, bacha your kunwarsa is safe. We will increase the security around. You don’t worry. Do you believe you bhai?”

Swara innocently nods

Ahem: Then I am giving you word, i will not let anything happen to Yuvraj Sanskar Maheshwari…ok. Now give me a beautiful smile

Swara smiles. Till then gopi also came back. Trio sat together and talked for sometime and then went back to their houses. When swara came back, she saw sanskar sitting in hall. Sanskar sees her.

Sanskar: Princess, where did you go away?
Swara: Woh kunwarsa, I..I..main, actually i went to meet archana tai. I was missing her.
Sanskar: oh ok.

Swara remembers the morning incident and goes away.

Sanskar (monologue): Why is princess ignoring me…(just then he remembers his romance with her)ohh toh madam is shying from me. My cute princess (smiles)

Swara told RagLakUttHil about the planned accident and they were shocked to know but swara consoled them as she believed Ahem a lot.

Days passed, in these days swara met ahem few times regarding the accident and safety of sanskar. Kavita always followed her. In these days, sanskar also got better. One day he had a meeting in a restaurant. He was sitting and waiting for his clients just then he heard saw swara sitting with ahem and he was holding her hand. In reality, ahem was practicing how to manofy gopi as she was angry with him. Sanskar was shocked to see swara with a man.

Sanskar (monologue): It means princess loves someone else. No no, this can’t happen. If she would have loved someone else then she would have told someone.

He was going to go towards them just then his clients came. Till his meeting finished, swara and ahem went away. At home, when he asked swara, she lied and told him that she was in the house only. Sanskar goes away disappointedly but he still hoped that swara will tell him everything.

Swara (monologue): Sorry kunwarsa, but I can’t tell you anything. It’s about your safety and life and for this, i can do anything. I know that you try to stop me.

On the same night, kavita went into sanskar’s room.

Kavita: Hi Sanky, what happened you look sad.
Sanskar: Nothing kavita
Kavita: Umm sanky, i know that you believe swara a lot but this time I have proof
Sanskar (stern voice): kavita, i believe her
Kavita: I really have proofs
Sanskar: Fine show me

Kavita sits down and shows the photos. One photo was from the party and some from restaurants. Then she showed a video in which ahem is holding swara’s hands and saying, “i love you” and the thing which made sanskar shocked was that swara replied to ahem. Sanskar couldn’t believe what swara said. His world, his dreams, everything was crashed.

Recap: Kavita getting to know the real motives of kathik. Sanskar going to ahem’s house.

I know guys that it’s very short but next time it will a mahaepisode so definitely it will be really long. Also sorry for no swasan scenes. Till then keep commenting and keep smiling.

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