SwaSan SS: Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (Part 4)

Hi guys I am back with my ss. I am also going to post my ff soon…

Here we start.

Sanskar comes to the hall where swara was serving breakfast. Swara sees sanskar, who winks at her…swara blushes and lowers her eyes in shyness. Sanskar sits on the chair. Laksh notices everything.

Laksh (naughtily): Arrey shona. Why are you blushing?

Swara looks at laksh shockingly and then at sanskar.

Swara (stammers): Um..M…Me n.no.no I am not.
Laksh: acha
Swara: Ha

Sanskar also joins him and asks, “Then why your cheeks are red? I didn’t do anything”

Swara touches her heated cheeks.

Swara (nervously): M..Main woh..woh…I forgot to bring water, I will just bring it.

Saying this she ran towards the kitchen while sanlak laugh. Sujata stands up and twists their ear.

SanLak: ahhh ma
Sujata: Arrey choro, why are you teasing my daughter and sanskar you always embarrass her. I know very well, that you must have teased her that is why she was blushing like that.
Sanskar: toh kya, I am romancing my wife, not any other girl. And mom, even dad does romance with you that too with opened door. I atleast close the door.

Rp was drinking juice, he splits the juice on laksh’s face, as he was sitting infront of Rp.

Laksh makes faces and says, “ewww dad, what is this.”
Rp: Sorry laksh

Sanskar laughs but then he gets glares from laksh, sujata and Rp. Sanskar, smiles sheepishly and starts eating his breakfast.

Swara: Acha mom, by breakfast is done. I am going to college now.

Saying this she took blessings from RamTha and side hugged laksh. She was going just then sanskar calls,

Sanskar: this is not fair shona, you bid bye to everyone but not your husband
Laksh: It’s because she loves us more than you..haina shona
Swara (blushes): Umm..woh…Bye sanskar.

Saying this she ran away leaving everyone admiring cuteness specially sanskar. Swara reaches college and was sitting in the class with bhavya and ragini. They were waiting for their professor.

Bhavya: Ahem Ahem, shona, today you must be really happy (winks at ragini)
Ragini: of course she will be, after all jiju is coming to college and will be coming for one whole week toh shona ke mun mein laddo toh footenge he (i don’t know this line in english, sorry to those who couldn’t understand it)

Swara blushes but then composes herself, “shut up both of you. It’s nothing like that. In college, he is our mentor and guide that’s all.”
Ragini: han han, after all you are sanskar maheshwari’s wife. You also won’t mix professional and personal life together.
Swara (worriedly): shhh ragu, slowly, what if anyone would have heard it
Ragini: acha sorry
Bhavya: By the way did you guys noticed something, that all the girls who are taking part in this workshop have put at least 1kg makeup on their faces. They are looking like a joker.
Ragini: arrey bhavya, after all india’s youngest business tycoon who is dashing and handsome is coming toh they will try to impress him na
Swara gets jealous and says, “It’s nothing like that. My sanskar is not like other man, he won’t give a look to them”
Bhavya: someone is jealous.
Swara (angrily): I am not jealous
Ragini: But bhavya didn’t even take your name.

Swara was going to say something just then professor comes.

Professor: Good morning students. As you all know that you all will be taking part in the workshops. So I think we should proceed towards the auditorium as that is where the workshops are set.

All students nodded and started proceed towards auditorium. At the corridor of the auditorium kavitha intentionally dashed with swara but fortunately two strong yet protective arms held swara, who was going to fall down. Swara had closed her eyes and she slowly opens them as she feels protected. She sees sanskar, as usual her saviour, holding her by her waist. They had a cute eyelock, making other girls jealous except bhavya and ragini as he was their jiju cum brother cum friend.

Sanskar (worriedly): are you okay?

Swara innocently nods. Sanskar made her stand up.

Kavita (monologue): Oh god, I tried to make this behenji fall down but instead she went in sanskar’s arms. The place where I should be.

All students sat in the auditorium and sanskar started telling them the schedule. He then taught them about how to make presentations. And then he asked the students to form a group and make presentation together and present it after 2 days. Ragini, bhavya and swara formed one group and everyone started preparing presentation. The two days passed really fastly. Finally it was the day of presentation. Kavita knew that swara will definitely impress sanskar by her presentation. So kavita thought of a plan.

Mansi went to swara when she was alone, “Swara”
Swara: oh, hi mansi
Mansi: Hi, actually ritika mam was calling you.
Swara: really but where she would be
Mansi: In room 10
Swara: Thank you mansi
Mansi (smiling evilly, unnoticed by swara): it’s okay swara

Swara went to Rm 10. As soon as she entered, someone closed the door. It was dark everywhere. Swara got really scared. She ran to the door and started banging it.
Swara (cryingly): Someone open the door please. Is anyone there. Ragini, bhavya…..sanskar. Please open the door, i am scared of darkness

(it was a public holiday but not for the students who are in workshop as they had to present the presentation therefore no one could hear her. All the teachers were also present)

Here in auditorium, bhavya and ragini were waiting for swara. Sanskar was also searching but couldn’t find her. He goes to ragini and bhavya.

Sanskar (worriedly): Ragini, bhavya, have you seen shona
Ragini: no jiju, even we are searching for her
Sanskar: Have you tried her phone
Bhavya: jiju, she left her phone here
Sanskar (sighs): Careless woman. Okay you guys stay here, I will go and search for her.

Sanskar goes and started searching for swara in the college. Just then he hears swara shouting from a classroom.

Sanskar (worriedly): Shona

Sanskar runs and opens the door and sees swara scared face. Her eyes are red and puffy. Swara hugs sanskar tightly and starts crying. Sanskar rubs her back protectively.

Sanskar: Shh shona everything is okay. I am here. Stop crying now

Swara stopped crying but her hiccups didn’t go.

Sanskar: Let’s go home shona
Swara breaks the hug, wipes her tears and says, “No sanskar. I can’t go. We have to do the presentation.”
Sanskar cups her face and says, “But shona”
Swara: sanskar I am okay.
Sanskar: Sure

Swara nods and says, “Yo..you go, i will come after washing my face.”
Sanskar: No i will also come with you
Swara: Sanskar, people doubt us
Sanskar sighs and says, “fine, but give me a cute sa smile first”

Swara smiles.Sanskar also smiles and kisses her forehead. Swara went to bathroom. Sanskar fisted his hand and punched the wall angrily, “Who dared to lock my shona in the room? I have to find out. I will not leave that person.”

Swara comes back to auditorium making kavita shocked.

Mansi: How can she be here? I locked her in the room.
Kavita(angrily): May be someone opened the door. Damn it, she is lucky that she always gets saved

Just then kavya comes running, “Kavi..kavita”
Kavita: What happened kavya?
Kavya: I saw something really shocking.
Kavita: What
Kavya takes out her phone and shows kavita and mansi some photos.Kavita was shocked first, then she got angry then it changed into an evil smirk

Kavita: Wah swara bose, i must say. From outside you pretend to be an innocent girl but from inside you so clever. Everyone should learn from you, how to take advantage of situation. Now wait and watch, i will play such a big game with you that you will lose forever.(laughs)

Everyone group gave the presentation and swara’s group won the first prize. Not because swara was wife of sanskar but because she was really talented. Like this the week passed really fast. In these days kavita tried her best to make swara down but she couldn’t do it. Finally the workshop was finished. Principal decided to have farewell party for final years students before exams. He also invited sanskar in the party which made all the girl, except ragini and bhavya, happy. Even swara was happy. Sanskar came in the room with a bag.

Swara: What is this sanskar
Sanskar: here open it

Swara takes the bag, takes out a box. She opens the box.

Swara: Sanskar yeh,
Sanskar: This dress is for today’s farewell party of your college. Did you like it?
Swara: no

Sanskar (disappointedly): Sorry, i should have asked you before. Give it back to me, i will get it changed
Swara: No sanskar, because I loved it
Sanskar: Shonaa, you scared me.

Swara giggles, “Ok ok, stop crying like child and get ready.”
Sanskar: Ok, wait what did you said. Crying like a child. Wait let me show you what this child can do.

Before sanskar could catch her, she ran away to bathroom to get ready. After few minutes, swara came out of the bathroom, wearing a beautiful long red coloured off shoulder gown, with a thin silver band on the waist. Sanskar was wearing, white shirt, white jeans, red undercoat and red tie. SwaSan were mesmerised seeing each other. Seeing sanskar’s intense gaze on herself, swara lowered her eyes in shyness. She sat in front of the dressing table while sanskar’s eyes were just following her. Before she could take the sindoor, sanskar took it and filled her maang and hid it with her hair. He took the mangalsutra but stopped.

Sanskar: umm, shona, I don’t think you should wear it, i mean how will hide
Swara stands up and interrupts, “give it to me sanskar.”

Sanskar gives the mangalsutra to her, swara wraps the mangalsutra around her wrist, making it look like a bracelet. Sanskar got happy seeing it.

Swara: Sanskar, this sindoor and mangalsutra means a lot to me. I can never stop wearing it.

Sanskar smiles and kisses her forehead. He turns her around and make her wear matching earrings. Sanskar couldn’t take his eyes off her. He wrapped his hand around her waist and whispered huskily in her ears, “You are looking really beautiful princess. Today you killed me for a second. I just feel like keep staring you throughout my whole life.”

Swara gasped as she could feel his hot breath and this is the first time, that they this much close and intimate. Heat was running to her cheeks, making them red. Her body started shivering due to proximity. Her breath got hitched when she could feel sanskar’s breath on her neck. She sees in the mirror and sees sanskar leaning towards her neck. Swara clutched her gown. She started breathing heavily. Just then their moment was disturbed by a knock, which jerked both of them.

Sujata: Sanskar, shona,come down as ragini and bhavya are here.

Swara composed herself and replied, “Ha..han mom we are coming.”

Saying this she started to go but sanskar held her hand, twirled her around and brought her closer. Swara dashed with his well-built chest. Their nose were touching while sanskar was smiling naughtily.

Sanskar (huskily): Shona, I gave a such beautiful compliment to you. You didn’t give me any compliment.
Swara: San..Sanskar, leav..leave me I have to go
Sanskar: No, first tell me, how am I looking.

Swara looks into his chocolate brown eyes and gets hypnotised.

Swara: Really handsome, just like a prince
Sanskar (huskily): tch, such a dull compliment, add some romance
Swara widens her eyes and says, “Sanskaar”
Sanskar: what sanskar, come on, atleast a kiss

Swara looks at his lips and gulps a big saliva.

Sanskar: Oh, naughty shona, not there. I am talking about cheeks.
Swara (blushes but hids it): I wasn’t thinking that okay.
Sanskar (smirking naughtily): I won’t mind, if you would kiss me there
Swara: Sanskar let me go
Sanskar: no
Swara: Fine, close your eyes first
Sanskar: okay

Sanskar closes his eyes. Swara smiles naughtily. She slowly puts her hands on either side of his waist and started tickling him.

Sanskar opened his eyes with a jerk started laughing, “ah shona..hahaha, stop it yaar….this is cheating hahaha.”

Swara kept tickling him, she then pushes him and runs away to the hall.

Sanskar: I will see you later Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.

Saying this he goes down. He sees laksh going towards ragini, who was wearing a beautiful orange coloured gown with a messy bun and matching accessories.

Laksh: ahm ahm, hi ragini
Ragini: Hi laksh
Laksh: By the way, you looking really beautiful

Ragini blushes and says, “thank you”
Swara: Hooo. ragini is blushing….OMG
Bhavya: Ha shona, I mean she used to give a slap to those boys who flirted with her but here she is blushing
Laksh (suprised): Hello madams, I wasn’t flirting, i was complimenting her.
Swara: Acha, kya baat hai
Ragini changes the topic, “Leave me, what about you. Shona, jiju would have gotten lost in you”

Swara blushes as she remembers their recent moment they shared.

Sanskar: Correct saali sahiba.

Swara widens her eyes.
Laksh: kya baat hai bhai. Today you are looking so dashing, all college girls will die seeing you.
Sanskar: What the point of it. As i am only shona’s

Now swara’s cheeks were more red than her gown.

Bhavya: I think we should go now, before shona’s whole face turns red due to jiju (giggles)

Ragya and bhavya go in a car and after few minutes, sanskar also leaves the house. The girls reach the venue. As as soon they enter, the people started seeing them, specially swara as she was looking like a princess in that simple gown and very light makeup. The boys were memerised by her and girls were getting jealous.

Swara: Why everyone are seeing me like that.
Bhavya: Madam, you are looking so beautiful that everyone will see you.

At the other corner kavita was getting angry.

Kavita: Every Time this behenji steals my place. Again she became the centre of attention.
Mansi: Don’t worry kavi, you are looking more hot than her.

Kavita was wearing a sleeveless and backless gown, with slit at the side of her leg.

Kavita (attitude): Woh toh hai, and just wait and watch, sanskar will choose me only for his dance partner even though.

After few minutes, sanskar also arrived, again all the girls were drooling over him. Swara was getting little jealous because the girls were talking about him. Ragini and bhavya were giggling seeing swara’s jealousy.

Swara gets irritated, “Why you two are leaughing”
Ragini: Nothing, seeing your jealous face?
Swara: I am not getting jealous
Bhavya: Really seeing girls talking about your husband, you are not getting jealous at all.

Swara feels sad

Ragya side hugs her from either side.

Bhavya: Shona, you know that jiju is a youngest business man plus handsome. It is obvious that girls will talk about him and dream about him.
Ragini: Ha and don’t worry he is only yours. And I think you forgot what jiju said in house

Swara gives a questioning look.

Ragini: Didn’t he said that, ‘he is only shona’s sanskar’

Swara blushes and sanskar, who was talking with some of his old teachers, noticed her blushing face and smiled. Swara notices his intense gaze, when she looks at him, he winks at her. Swara’s eyes widens while sanskar chuckles. Ragya also noticed it and giggled. Suddenly the host came on the stage.

Host: Hello ladies and gentleman. I hope you all are enjoying are enjoying the party. As you all know that our special guest for today is Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. So first of all big round of applause for him as he gave up his time and came to this party. (everyone claps for sanskar), now it’s time for music so any boy can choose any girl for dance so now let’s have some music please.
Sanskar started moving towards a direction.

Kavya: Oh my god, kavi he is coming towards us.
Kavita: of course he is coming to choose me as his dance partner

Kavita was smiling and was raising her hand to give in sanskar but then he keeps moving and passes by her, kavita’s smiles fades and turns around. She sees sanskar going towards swara. Swara sees sanskar coming towards her with a killer smile. RagYa giggles and start to tease swara. Sanskar raises his hand and says, “may have honour to dance with you Ms Swara.”

Swara blinks, she finally gives her hand in his hands. He takes her to the centre of the hall, making all the girl jealous specially kavita. Sanskar puts his hand around her waist and holds her one hand with other. Swara puts her hand on his shoulder and start dancing while matching their steps

Dekha hazaro dafa aapko
Phir bekarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh dil
Kuch pyaar mein baat aisi hai

Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein yeh aati jati hain
Dhoondhe se milte nahi hai hum
Bas aap hi aap baki hain

Pal bhar na doori sahe aap se
Betabiyan yeh kuch aur hain
Hum door ho ke bhi paas hain
Nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain

(Sanskar twirls her around and then back hugs her. Swara starts breathing heavily as she feels sanskar’s hot breath on her bare shoulders)

Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko
Phir bekarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai

(Without anyone’s notice sanskar kisses swara’s shoulder which shocks swara.)

Aagosh mein hain jo aapki
Aisa sukun aur paaye kahaan
Aankhein hamein raas aa gayi
Ab hum yahaan se jaaye kahan

Swara turns faces sanskar who is smirking naughtily)

Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir bekarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch pyaar mein baat aisi hai
mmm… hmm
Phir bekarari kaisi hai
mmm… hmmm
Kuch pyaar mein baat aisi hai

Every once claps for them. Swara goes back to her friends. A waiter was serving juices. Swara and her group took one glass each. When swara takes a sip of the juice, she feels the taste different but she ignores those thoughts and keeps drinking it. After finishing the juice, she starts to feel dizzy.

Swara: Ummm..ragu, I want more juice (says childishly)
Bhavya: What happened shona. Are you okay
Swara (childsihly): No i like that juice, i want more.
Ragini finds something fishy. She takes the glass from which swara took the drink. She sees it keenly and finds some powder in it. Ragini gets shocked.

Ragini: Oh shit
Bhavya (worriedly): What happened?
Ragini: Someone spiked shona’s drink. That is why she is behaving weirdly. Before any drama happens, we should inform jiju.
Bhavya: But how will he take shona I mean…
Ragini: Do one thing, you take shoan with you outside till then I will inform jiju somehow.

Ragini goes away.

Bhavya: shona, let’s go outside
Swara: No..I want that juice
Bhavya: acha, you will get the juice outside
Swara (gets happy like a child): Really
Bhavya: Yes, chalo

Bhavya and swara go outside till then ragini also tells sanskar about swara. Sanskar makes some excuse and go outside with ragini.

Sanskar: Shona
Swara looks at sanskar and gets happy, “Sanskar”
Sanskar: What is this shona? What did you drink?
Swara: Me, I drank that yummy juice. You know it was so tasty. I want that juice sanskar. This bhavu lied to me.
Sanskar: You both go inside and enjoy, I will handle her
Ragini: Are you sure jiju

Sanskar nods. Ragini and bhavya go inside.

Sanskar: Shona, lets go to home. I will give you that juice
Swara: Sachi
Sanskar: muchi

They started walking just then swara stops and make a cryign face. Sanskar got worried. He cups her face and asks, “what happened shona? Why are you crying?”

Swara: My feet hurts.
Sanskar: Why what happened? Wait let me see
Swara: Because of heels. You know the heels are soooo big (swara extends her hands to show)

Sanskar smiles at her cuteness.

Sanskar: Then why did you wear them
Swara: Mom told me to wear them
Sanskar: You should have told her that you can’t wear it.
Swara (innocently): I didn’t want to make her sad. You know na that when she is happy then I am also happy.

Without wasting anytime sanskar picks swara, without realising that someone is taking photo of them. The person couldn’t hear their talks. Swara doesn’t resists. She rests her head on his chest.

Swara: you know sanskar. Whenever I am in you embrace, I feel so protected and safe. I just love to be in your arms.
Sanskar: Really
Swara: hmmm. You know sanskar my heart goes dhum dhum fastly whenever you come near me.
Sanskar: What else happens
Swara (cutely): I feel ticklish in stomach. I feel lost in you.

Sanskar smiles and asks, “What else you feel about me shona”

Swara closes her eyes due to effect and says with sleepy tone, “I love you sanskar. I love you so much. I can’t live without you.”

Sanskar smiles widely. Till then they reached the car Sanskar out her on passenger seat and settles himself on the driving seat. He drives back to mm. He comes in and slowly puts her on the bed. He removes her jewellery and sandals. He changes into his night suit and sleeps beside swara, hugging her.

Next morning

Swara woke up with a headache. She sees sanskar standing with lemon juice.

Swara: Ahh, sanskar, when did I came to home.
Sanskar: Madam, drink this first.

Swara drank the juice and felt better. She starts getting little flashes of yesterday night.

Sanskar: The thing that you did yesterday, i never expected this from you
Swara (worriedly): What did I do?
Sanskar: Whatever you did, I really loved it.
Swara: Sanskaaar, tell me na

Sanskar close to swara and said huskily, “you..you…kissed me”

Swara widens her eyes, “I don’t believe you, i know that you will never take advantage of me”
Sanskar smiles and says, “you trust me so much”
Swara smiles back, “more than myself”
Sanskar sighs, “then i really should have kissed you, and had our first kiss”

Swara hits sanskar on his chest and runs aways to washroom. Both of them get ready and leave to their respective place. When swara reached college, everyone were gazing her only. Suddenly a boy came in front of her with an evil smirk and lustful gaze making swara uncomfortable. He was a playboy, his name was rajat.

Rajat: hi baby doll
Swara (sternly): Leave my way rajat
Rajat: this much anger. You never showed this much anger when you were spending night with that sanskar
Swara (monologue): How can he say my sanskar’s love as lust.
Swara (angrily): just shut up rajat. There is nothing like that.
Rajat: really then what’s that (points towards a wall)

Swara sees a picture which made her shocked. It was her’s and sanskar’s pictures. One was from the day of the presentation, she was hugging him due to fear of darkness; another one was from last night when he was picking swara up. Swara’s trance were broken when rajat holds her hand.

Swara tries to get out of his grip, “Leave me rajat. I am not that type of girl”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Rajat: Come on, if you can spend one night with him to get job in his company then you can spend a night with me also.
Swara: Shut up, just shut up. It’s lie, it’s all lie. Leave my hand

Just then ragya come there
Bhavya: Rajat leave her hand otherwise I call the police right now and you know very well that my father is commissioner.

Rajat leave swara’s hand and swara runs to RagYa and hugs them tightly.

Rajat: Swara, I get you on my bed by hook or crook

Saying this her goes away while other students are looking at her with disgust.

Swara (sobbing): Ragu, bhavu, what is happening? You know that I am nor characterless

Suddenly kavita comes and says, “here she started her drama of an innocent girl”

Ragini: Shut up kavita and go away. I know that it’s all done by you
Kavita: Ok, i admit that i did it but atleast the truth of this characterless girl came infront of whole college. Such a cheap girl she is, just to get job in maheshwari company, she slept with sanskar maheshwari. God know with how many men she slept.

RagYa shouted with bloodshot eyes, “Kavita!”

Kavita (sarcastically): I got scared. Now I know, why swara’s parents left her. It’s good that they left her otherwise they wouldn’t be able to bear this cheap girl as their daughter.

Swara couldn’t take it anymore and ran away from the college. RagYa followed her. Swara ran into a park and sat on a bench and burst out of crying. Her both friends come and hug her. Swara was only crying.

Ragini: Bhavu, call jiju.

Bhavya was going to call sanskar but swara stopped her.

Swara: No, don’t call him please. Otherwise he will lose his temper and god knows what he will do in anger. And I don’t want him to get disturbed, please
Ragini: But shona. He is you husband. This time kavita crossed her limit. You have to tell him
Swara: no please, i don’t want to give him tension. Ragini, he will start blaming himself as he couldn’t protect me. But the truth is, he is protecting me everytime. Please ragu, no please don’t call him
Bhavya: Acha, ok we won’t call him. Let’s do one thing, we will drop you to your house.
Swara (sobbing): No, I can’t go like this. Mom will get to know that I cried then she will also get worried.
Ragini: Fine then I will take you to my home, my parents are not home today.

Swara nods. The trio go to ragini’s home. Ragini made swara sleep in her room and went to hall.

Ragini: Bhavu, why did you said that we won’t tell jiju
Bhavya: Ragini, you know what was shona’s condition? She was not in her senses. We can call jiju now.

Ragini calls sanskar and tells him everything.

Sanskar (with raged voice): Ragini, just tell me one thing Was that kavita behind shona since she joined colleged
Ragini: Woh jiju
Sanskar: Ragini, i want every information right now
Ragini sighs and tells him everything since the start, such as kavita taunting swara. As she was telling sanskar, sanskar was making his fist more tighter, his eyes were getting more red.

Sanskar (really angry voice): Why the hell shona didn’t tell me anything
Ragini: jiju, she didn’t want to give you any kind of tension.
Sanskar: Don’t tell swara anything. From tomorrow everything will be changed.

Saying this he cut the call and bangs his fist on the wall harshly, “why swara why? Don’t you trust me enough?”

It was evening now. Ragini dropped swara at her house. Sujata saw her.

Sujata: Shona, what happened, you look bit dull
Swara: Woh mom, I am just little tired.
Sujata: Go to you room and take rest. Even sanskar is here

Swara (monologue): What sanskar is here. Tha too early. Did he got to know about the happenings in the college.

Swara nods and goes into her room. She sees sanskar coming out of the bathroom. Swara fakes smile and starts to take out saree to get fresh.

Sanskar: Shona
Swara gulps and says, “haa”
Sanskar: Are you okay? Did something happened in college”
Swara (smiles fakely): I am ok sanskar. Just little tired.

Saying this she goes to the washroom. Sanskar rubs his fingers on his head to calm himself down.

Sanskar (monologue): Why shona why? Don’t you trust me enough? Don’t you see as you family?

Saying this he goes away. Like this the night passes. Next morning swara is still sleeping.

Sanskar: Shona, wake up. You have to go to college.

Saying this he shaked swara and she woke up with a jerk, breathing heavily.

Sanskar cupped her face and asked, “are you okay”
Swara nods.
Sanskar: Get ready, today I will drop you to the college.

Saying this he went away. Swara got really worried, she has only one choice, that is to go and face those people again in the college. She got ready and sanskar dropped her to college. Swara entered inside college nervously.

Kavita: Look who is here again. Don’t you feel shame when you were coming to this college.
Swara (gathers some courage): Kavita, i didn’t do anything wrong.
Kavita: Really, becoming someone’s mistress is not wrong
Swara (shouts): Shut up kavita.
Kavita: The truth won’t change swara. You are the mistress of sanskar, admit it. God knows what your parents might be feeling.
Swara started to cry, “Kavita, I am not sanskar’s mistress. I am his
Kavita interrupts, “Then what are you to him.”

A voice from behind, “She is my wife Ms Kavita Banerjee”
Swara turns around and gets shocked, “Sanskar”

This shocked everyone in the college.

Sanskar comes and stands beside swara, “She is Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.”

All the students surrounding got shocked.

Kavita: Wh..What, it means that news about you being married
Sanskar interrupts, “Was true. Swara is my legally wedded wife. This is the reason she was with me. Ms kavita, Rajat is already in the jail for touching something which is already mine. You also tortured my wife to the core mentally. For that I won’t leave you.
Kavita (scaredly): S..Sir please I am really sorry. Sw…Swara please I am really sorry. Sir it will ruin my career my life, Please don’t do that.
Sanskar (angrily): You should have thought that before doing those cheap things
Swara: Kavita, it’s okay you go
Kavita: But
Swara: You don’t worry, nothing will happen to your career
Kavita (overwhelmed): Thank you swara, thank you so much

Saying this kavita goes away. Swara turns to sanskar.

Swara: San..Sanskar woh
Sanskar (coldly): Go and sit in the car
Swara: Please sanskar listen to me
Sanskar (raising his voice): I said to sit in the car swara, can’t you understand.

Swara understood that sanskar is really angry as he called her swara instead of shona

Swara sat in the car while sanskar started driving. There was a pin drop silence in the car. Soon they reached mm. Sanskar was going inside the house really fastly while swara was running behind him.

Swara: Sanskar please listen to me once. Please sanskar.
Sanskar (Shouts): What should I listen? Ha, if ragini would not have called me then I would have never known. (hold swara’s shoulders) you know what, I think you never considered us as you family neither you considered me as your husband or friend.

Listening to his shout, sujata, rp and laksh came in the hall (ram and laksh didn’t go to office today)
Rp (shouts): Sanskar why are you shouting at shona? Is this how you behave?
Sanskar leave swara and says, “Dad, mom, I am saying correct. If you will know what she has been hiding for past few years then you will get to know the reason of my shouting.

Sujata goes and supports swara, “But sanskar what she did.”
Sanskar sighs and angrily looks at swara. He tells the family how kavita used to taunt swara, tried to put her down infront of college, how once kavita opened swara’s kurti zip but fortunately ragini saw it on time, he also tells them how rajat used to tease swara and yesterday’s incident. Everyone were shocked.

Sujata (calmly): Shona, why didn’t you tell us. You still don’t consider me as your mom.
Swara (cryingly): No ma, please don’t say that. You are my second mother. Eventhough you didn’t give birth to me but the way you took care of me, I felt that my ma never left me. It’s just that I didn’t want to put you all in tension. This is the reason I didn’t tell anything.

Sanskar (sternly): Atleast you could have tried. You just like to keep things within yourself.

Saying this he goes to his room. Swara burst out of crying while everyone tried to ocnsole her. Like this day passed and it was night. Sanskar was still upset with swara. Sanskar was on the terrace nad gazing stars. Swara comes to the sanskar. His back was facing her front. Swara holds his hand, “Sanskar please talk to me. Please forgive me”

Sanskar jerks her hand, “I am sorry but I can’t. You know I loved my little shona more you used to share with me everything, every single thing but you are changed now. You didn’t share anything with me. You kept your sorrow, your pain everything with you.
Swara (cryingly): Sanskar, I was afraid.
Sanskar interrupts, “that i will loose my control and do something in anger, is that how much you believe me.”
Saying he started to go, without seeing swara. Swara sat on her knees and held sanskar’s hand in both of her hands.

Swara (crying hardly): Please, don’t do this to me. Don’t ignore me. I somehow beared absence of my parents but if you will ignore me and go away from me. I will not be able to tolerate that sanskar. I will die, please don’t ignore me sanskar.

Sanskar closes his eyes tightly. He sits down and hugs swara tightly and started rubbing his hand on her back to calm her down.
Sanskar: Shhh, shona what are you talking. I will never leave you. It’s just that you didn’t tell me anything, i felt like a looser shona. You very well know if anyone does something bad with you then I feel that someone has stabbed me with knife 100 times.

Sanskar broke the hug, wiped swara’s tears and says, “shona, promise me that you will share you everything with me.”
Swara (sobbing): Promise and sanskar you are not a looser.
Sanskar cups her face and says, “ I know i have said this thousand times but I am saying again, Jaan ho tum meri, tumhe kuch ho jata hai toh pagal ho jata hoon main. When ragini told me those incidents, that time I felt angry on you for not sharing with me then I felt angry on myself that I couldn’t build that trust
Swara interrupts, “Nahi sanskar, i believe you. I trust you more than myself. Never say that I don’t trust you.

Saying this Swara hugs him tightly again. They were hugging each other for long time. Just then sujata, laksh and Rp come and get happy seeing them together again.

Sujata: Sanskar

SwaSan broke their hug and stood up.

Sujata: come now eat you dinner, you both didn’t have anything from morning.

SwaSan: What Shona/sanskar didn’t eat anything form morning.

Sanskar: Woh, i was feeling angry on you and myself, so due to that.
Swara: sanskar how could you this? You know that you can get weakness if you skip your lunch or dinner. You have to take your vitamins also. But you, you are so stubborn just like a child.
Sanskar (narrowing his eyes): Acha ji, I am child ha
Swara: Yes you are.
Sanskar pulls swara and wraps his hands around her waist, making ramtha and laksh shocked as how openly sanskar is romancing.

Swara wriggles to get out of the grip but sanskar tightens his grip,”sanskar leave me”
Sanskar: Nop, first let me show you how grown up husbands behave.

Laksh (whispers): Ma,do something otherwise bhai will..

Sujata gets angry and twists sanskar’s ears, “ahhhh mooom”

Sanskar leaves swara.

Sujata: Kyun, everytime romance, atleast see the surroundings. God knows what I ate during pregnancy. I didn’t even watch any romantic movies and see here my son.
Sanskar: First leave my ear mom

Sujata leave his ear making everyone giggle.

Sanskar: mom even though you didn’t watch any romantic movie but dad was romantic na soo
Sujata without realising what sanskar said, “oh yea true, (just then sujata realises what she said and before she could say anything, sanskar ran away making everyone laugh whole heartedly).

Like this everyone had their dinner and went to their respective rooms.

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