Swasan: I love u only u (epi-42)

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Let’s start

Lakshmi and sujata coming with sumi she was having mixed feeling like happy sad and more than that she was in confusion bcoz even she was not getting y she was happy and sad soon both made her sit on the chair

Raj who saw sumi getting down he was lost in her seeing her without blinking his eyes for once prathap who saw this entered into his masthi mood

Prathap: (whispers in ears) stop staring my sister Raj ji…..

Listening this Raj came to senses and looks at him like an innocent kid ram and prathap smiled seeing him but one person was burning like hell that our shekar he was unable to see all this seeing him ragini was sad but she can’t do anything all family members where just seeing them

Shekar wants to kill Raj not bcoz she love sumi but sumi rejected him insulted him very badly his male ego got hurt he was unable to see her happy he just want to something which can give her pain

All happy and teasing each others swasan where standing beside each other like uttara and Arjun Ayush where in hands of swasan he was playing with Sanskar buttons

Soon it time for engagement prathap gave ring to sumi and ram to Raj both exchanged their rings without anyomes notice Raj complemented her saying beautiful sumi smiles shyly listening this

All started clapping after engagement Ayush seeing this he also started clapping even after all stopped clapping

Shekar: (monologue) how can u do this to me shomi u said u love me but u r leaving me and marrying some one I know I did mistake but I said sorry maa even after that u r not forgiving me I have to something to stop this marriage I will go to any extended to stop this marriage I can’t leave u that easily u r my wife only mine and u have to be on my grip not on others I can’t even have rights on u legally that bastard Raj didn’t divorce u that clearly say I can’t go to court what to do his thoughts where broken by dadi

Dadi: do what I will say (with angry face)

Shekar: ( shocked) maa how do u know that….

Dadi: I’m ur mother I know what’s going on ur mind now so let’s do what I say I want to see that sumi to destroy how can she insult my son like this

Shekar: (egoistic fellow ?) yes maa how can she insult me I want her to be with me again (stern voice)

Dadi smiled and started sharing her plan with shekar listening this shekar had a evil smile on his face

Soon sumi has taken for dress change for wedding both Raj and sumi went to their room

Sumi asked everyone to leave her and she will come after getting ready

Sumi: I will get ready u all stay here

Lakshmi: okie get ready soon (smiles) saying this all left down and started doing remaining work Swara was not allowed to do any work he was just siting on chair with a pout bcoz no one is allowing her to do work

After all heard a sound from sumi rooms all gets startled and ran towards her room

All are shocked to see the scene inform of them

Swara: papa y r u beating him papa leave

Raj: no princess not today he was out of limit now

(guys Raj was fighting with shekar near sumi room)

Dadi: (smiles but hides and started acting) hey u leave my son y r u beating him

Sanskar: papa what he did Leave him papa (saying this he freed him from shekar)

Swasan holds him by both sides

Swara: papa bolo what Mr.gadodia did

Ragini: (angry) swara yeah tumahara bi papa so give respect

Swara: (same tone) when I said he was ntg to me then y should give respect to him ??? (composes herself) waste of time to talk with u people (to Raj) papa u tell me what happen

Raj: beta he was misbehaving with sumi (angry)

Shekar: (same tone) I’m not misbehaving with her I came here to talk with her I know she still love me that’s y I came here to talk with her she was just angry on me that’s it she doesn’t love u she only love she was marrying u just bcoz of swara if u want u can ask her (to sumi) sumi say them truth that u love me u r just marrying him for swara say shomi

Sumi: (without any emotion) shekar was correct I only love shekar not Raj

Listening this Raj was broken he know she don’t love him But he didn’t thought she was marrying him for swara happiness I thought she like me but I was wrong he want to die at this moment listening this words from sumi but his thoughts where broken by water splash on his face he looked at the direction who splashed the water he was looking confused at Sanskar bcoz he was the one who splashed water but not on him he splashed water on sumi

Shekar: (angry) Sanskar what r u doing (thinks) now what about my plan she will gain conscious now

Sumi was looking at all of them in confuse state and holds her head

Sumi: (ahhh my head) What’s going on here (slowly voice)

Swara and Raj: maa (holds her) sumi places her head on Raj

Sanskar: don’t worry princess maa is fine (to shekar) awww Mr gadodia thinking ur plan got failed

Shekar: (stampers) what…… plan….??

Sanskar: Ohh u don’t remember then I will make u remember u don’t worry me gadodia (moves towards him and removed a packet from his pocket) I think u didn’t get time to throw this cover

Shekar and dadi was sweating now listening him

Shekar: (more stammering with full sweat) what… What….. Cover….. I…..dont…… Know….. Anything……..

Sanskar: (smiles) what u both thought Mr gadodia we are fools here to believe what ever u say

All looking at him in confused way like what’s going on

Arjun: sanky tell me what’s this

Sanskar: ntg Arjun this person (to shekar) hypnotized maa that’s she was saying everything without any emotion on her face

All gets shocked listening him swara was getting more angry on him

Shekar: (with tears) plz beta forgive I did this only to stop this marriage I love sumi very much beta plz don’t separate us I may hypnotized her but the truth is she still love me she can’t give my place to anyone

Sumi: (with senses in angry tone ? ?) I don’t love me shekar so plz don’t be in that dreamland that I love u yeah I loved u before but not now I don’t say that now I love raj but I like him has my friend and I even can spend my whole life time with him till my last breath but if I stay with u I may die in seconds minutes or hrs but it won’t take time for more than hrs bcoz I know u only love ur maa and daughter if ur maa planed something on him u even won’t think for once to kill me I don’t want that life where I work be happy my daughter won’t be happy I want to live peacefully with my husband and my children (moves towards Raj)

Raj I’m so sorry for what said I even don’t know what I said to u but now with full of my senses I’m telling u that I like u I’m not marrying u for anyone’s I’m marrying u only bcoz I like u yeah at first I thought of my daughter happiness that’s y I said okie to u but not now I may live without u but I can’t be happy without u ???

Listening her Rajesh so happy now he was feeling ashamed of himself for not trusting her before when she said that words

(to shekar slaps him hard)?? don’t u even dare come near me again I know even still u don’t want me may be ur male ego got hurt that’s u came here I right Mr gadodia

(to dadi) Mrs parvathi gadodia plz don’t mess with next if u even tried to come near me my husband will do something which I don’t want him to do that so be careful with my husband and after that don’t blame for anything ???

Sumi: swara beta prepare everything I will come soon saying this she closed the room door

All are looking at sumi mm was not in a mood of this drama and all they where just watching like film ragini was crying seeing his father swara was just looking at him like she will kill him if she was not his father she slowly moved towards shekar and dadi

Swara: (tears) I know u don’t love maa but I thought respect maa but I was wrong u know what Mr gadodia I feel like to kill u with my hands but I don’t do that bcoz my maa said we shouldnt think bad for anyone even if they are our enemies only for this I’m leaving u

Ragini: (angry) shona what r u saying he is ur father also down forget that I know he did wrong by hypnotizing maa but he did all this only maa

Swara slapped ragini very hard that both dadi and shekar holder her before she fell down

Swara: (same tone) I told u don’t teach manners to me when u urself are manner less girl What u said he did for maa ask him only y he did it has maa said I’m pretty sure that he did only bcoz of his ego and him (shouts in anger)

Shekar was not words now bcoz she was true he did only for his insult not bcoz he love sumi

All are going to leave when swasan are moving Sanskar stopped and said to shekar and dadi

Sanskar: (stern voice) next Time when u both planed for something do properly I mean u hypnotized maa but u forget to hide this medicine which is useful for hypnotizing so next time be careful (sarcastically) Leave from there with swara

@Sumi room

After closing door she placed hand on her mouth and started crying not bcoz she loge shekar but once she loved him and ready to bear anything for him but now she hot to know how selfish person he was she was feeling ashamed of herself now but soon she composed herself and went down


All are happy seeing Raj and sumi getting married except maheswaies and gadodia family

Pandit ask For gatbandan Prathap nodded his head and about to go

Ayush: what u r saying to do (innocently)

Pandit: we have to tie sumi and Raj ji so that the They won’t get separate

Ayush: okie I will do it before prathap reach Ayush pushed him and tied the cloth and says yeah now maa and papa Won’t get separate and this happen only bcoz of me

All smiles seeing him happiness but shekar was feeling hurt listening him calling others has his papa

Soon marriage gets completed now once again sumi became sharmista raj Malhothra

All smiling with tears

Swara: (monologue) now mama will be happy forever my mistake changed my maa life but now she will be happy bcoz I have rectified it yes my maa shaadi with shekar is biggest mistake of my life which I can’t forget till my death but now I’m happy papa can never see her cry…. I’m so much happy today thank u so much god

Sumi and Raj got from Mandap and took blessing from Dida and prathap (don’t forget guys he was elder than her)

Swara hugged both of them happily but soon she shouted Sanskar name which startled everyone

Swara: Sanskarrrrrrrr

Sanskar who was seeing this listening her shout in sudden he fell down in hurry he got sliped all are laughing seeing him but Sanskar didn’t bother of that he immediately went and stood beside her

Sanskar: what happen princess (worriedly) y did u shout like that

Swara: (innocently) vo my legs are paining I want to take rest

All got shocked listening but soon they remembered about her condition

Sanskar: (monologue) ohhh god she has become such a kid after pregnancy I can’t even tell in word her legs where paining that’s y she shouted like so tsunami came in for the of her ?god y don’t u give this Pregency ? to me then she has to bear my totrums?? but soon smiles no no how can I miss her like I’m loving this shade of her but this sudden shouting na was giving me a mini heart attack Soon he brushed his thoughts and took swara in arms and all Arjun to handle and send food to room

Arjun nodded his head with smiling face

Maheswari and gadodia left the place before going sumi warned them to not interfere in our lifes

Screen on Raj and sumo smiling face….

***********episode ends***********

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Keep smiling…..

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