Does your heart have a small place for me…….(part-2)TS by asha

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Link of previous parts:Part 1

Recap:swasan meeting and sanskar hiring detective foody surya to find swara….

Here continues the journey of swara niya and sanskar ramth…

Swara’s pov
I saw him my love ,yes I still love him this stupid heart of mine still has a place for me . But I can’t accept him after what he did to me . He accused me for what I did not do. He did not have trust on me . I believe every relationship should have trust in to maintain it. Because of his mere mistrust on me i could not face my sujatha ma and uttu (utthara)as I have to face him before them. I found nila when she pleaded me and my friend to save her from bastards who were ready to send her into prostitution. (This fb will be said in upcoming parts). My daughter lara is really not my daughter she is my friend ragini’s and my brother laksh daughter. Laksh is not my brother by blood . We both became siblings by destiny . Lara is my daughter because I made my promise to ragini that I will take care of her child like my child when she got pregnant . I miss you ragini ,laksh. Why can’t you come back for lara.
My trance was broken by my angels standing there with a angry pout with hands on their waist looking at me . I couldn’t control my laugh when I saw them.
Lara: mom whyyyyyyyy ale you lau lau on u usss.
Swara:you both look funny like this.
Nila:lara you go and wake up Joe massi I will come.
After lara went nila asked swara whom she met at orphanage . Swara changed the topic and asked what she wanted for lunch and ignored about the topic…she escaped from nila and went to wake up Joe. But nila was determined to find the truth with her small detective mind.(note nila was only 12 years old… ).
Lara was waking up Joe with her tiny hands. She sat on top of her still no movement. She rolled on Joe still no change. Swara was taking vedio of that. Finally lara got a idea and brought dms and opened it and brought it near Joe ‘s nose here by waking up our kumbakarnan foody princess Joe (radhika madan) .
Joe: ahh gm gm lara give me the dms ah swara bring me coffee with butter biscuits.
Lara showed her dms and and started eating it with her tiny hands and Joe got a mini heart attack while seeing this
Joe:(acting like old heroines keeping her hand on her her)oh you went leaving me my dms ah
why you left me my dms .
Swara unable to bear her acting went and caught her ears .
Swara: miss jothika (how can surya be without jothika) always thinking about food i hope your husband would not be like this (poor swara did wrong calculations)
Joe: ah swara leave me go I will not marry anyone except my schinchan.
After sometime ..
Swara (seriously):Joe I met sanskar

Changing the screen to sanskar side…
After seeing swara after a long time he was smiling and thinking about her while his whole office fainted seeing their angry bird boss smiling. After going home sujatha and uttara were waiting for him to come. When he went inside he could not believe his eyes.
To be continued…..

I love surya and jothika pair of tamil cinema so I gave their name instead if shakthi and radhika. And most important thing i would continue my writing even if I get low response . I always have a high respect on my readers.

“Don’t wait for others to say that you are beautiful ,believe you are beautiful ”

I will definitely try my best to complete this story of mine within this month.

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