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Recap:Swasan became friends and swaragini conversation at college..


Days r passing like this.With each passing day swasan r getting closer to each other.Every ni8 they sleep with pillows between them but in the morning they end up getting in each other’s embrace.Finally our swara stopped keeping pillows between them.They started liking each other’s company.Every day Swara selects clothes for sanskar and keep them ready for him and sanskar never forgets to drops swara to college  and picks her pick her how much ever he is busy.They always take their dinner together at ni8 making it a reason for spending time with each other..Sanskar totally fell for her but didn’t confess fearing to lose her friendship.

After 3 Months

A new morning for our heavenly couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sun rays fall on our beautiful heroine swara so she hide her face more in his neck to avoid Sun rays.This disturbed sanskar’s sleep.He slowly opened his eyes only to see his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully hugging him with an angelic smile on her face.He smiled seeing her pecked her forehead.Swara opened her eyes and smiled seeing him and wished him

Swara:Good morning sanskar

Sanskar:Good morning wifey

Swara smiled hearing the word wifey and told:Sanskar you go and fresh up till then I will take out ur clothes and did u remember today is Sunday and u promised me that u will spend with me..

Sanskar:Ha swara I remember very well and u also get ready soon we will go out.


Sanskar (Smiled):Ha

Soon sanskar went to get ready and swara kept his clothes ready and went to fresh up in other room.They took their breakfast and went out..

First they went for shopping.There swara bought some suits for her and ragini and saree for will.Then they went to mens section and bought some jeans and shirts and some formals for sanskar.

After shopping they went to watch movie.After movie they went to have lunch at restaurant.While they were having lunch a someone called sanskar.Sanskar turned towards that direction and is shocked and surprised to see that girl.The girl came towards sanskar and hugged him.Swara is shocked and got angry seeing that.

Sanskar:Hey kavitha.How come u here.When did u come back from london (Yup guys the girl is that chipkali I mean Kavitha)

Kavitha:Ohho Sanskar how many questions you will ask at a time.I will give u all ur answers but first let me sit.

Sanskar:Oh ha sry take ur seat.

She sat beside sanskar and they both r involved in talking(Huhh Chipkali ).2 eyes r seeing them and dining with jealousy.while talking to kavitha sanskar noticed swara being jealousy and smiled.He thought to tease her more and smirked

Sanskar slowly placed his hands around kavitha’s shoulder and started talking to her life closely making swara to find more in jealousy.After sometime kavitha noticed swara sitting in front of them and asked sanskar about her.

Kavitha:Sanskar who is she (pointing towards swara)

Before sanskar could speak anything swara spoke

Swara:Hi I am Swara Sanskar Maheswari sanskar’s wife.

Sanskar first shocked hearing her joining his name after her name but later smiled.

Kavitha:Hello swara.I am kavitha(For me she is chipkali).Sanskar’s school mate.

Swara Gave a fake smile to her and sanskar is enjoying her jealousy.Soon kavitha got a call and left from there but before going she took sanskar’s number.

Swasan after completing their lunch left the place and went to Badi to meet Sumi.

In Car swara is silent still she is angry with him.Sanskar tried to talk to her and called her.She gave him a death glare.He gulped in fear and drove silently.

Soon they reached badi and r going towards bose house.Ragini sees them and went to them.

Ragini hugging swara:Swara u came I am waiting for u from long time.

Swara:Ha Ragu I came but first let me go inside.

Sanskar(Dramatically):Seems like some one totally forgot about me.

Ragini:No jiju who can forget their handsome jiju (Saying this she hugged him).

Swara smiled seeing their bond.Dadi saw swara and started taunting her.But swara didn’t paid any heed to her and went inside.Ragini also went with her.

Seeing them coming sumi went towards them.They took her blessings and hugged her.Swara gave the saree and bought for her.Seeing this Ragini started her drama.

Ragini:Haww swara u bought for maa but I didn’t bring anything for me.How mean.After marriage you totally forgot about me.

Swara:Offooo Ragu now stop ur drama and this is for u. (saying this she gave a dress to Ragini

Ragini:Wow swara it is really beautiful.Thank u so much..

Ragini noticed swara’s behaviour towards sanskar and asked him

Ragini:Jiju what happened why is swara angry with u??

Sanskar told her everything happened at reastaurant and bursted out laughing.Swara came there and saw them laughing and asked them what happened.

Swara:What happened??Why u both r laughing.


Soon Swara also forgot her anger as sanskar told her sorry and started behaving normally with him.Trio started enjoying.Sumi see them and felt happy seeing her children happy.

Soon swasan completed their dinner and went home and slept peacefully in each other’s embrace with whole in their face.

Next Morning

It is again a beautiful morning for our couple.They both got ready to go and came down to take break fast.While they r having break fast sanskar’s pa Aman came there.

Aman:Good morning sir

Sanskar:Good morning Aman.Anything important??

Aman:Yes sir infact a good news sir.

Sanskar:Good news what is that.

Aman:Sir results if business awards for this year r announced and you won the best business man swara sir(Saying this he congratulated him).

Both swasan felt happy hearing this.Swara congratulated him on his success

Swara:Congratulations Sanskar.

Sanskar:Thank u Swara and Aman. (To Aman)Aman when is the function??

Aman:Sir woh tomorrow evening

Sanskar:Ok.Now u go to office I will come after dropping swara.

Aman:Ok sir.(Saying this he left from there)

Swara:Sanskar I am so happy today.Now u should give me a big chocolate and also Ice creams

Sanskar:Anything for u madam.

Soon both bursted out laughing.

Screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap:Award function and entry of Maheswari family.

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