a love story…… twinj episode 6

Hi guys back again but please comment haan hahaa mazak tha aage pado please iss baby ko comments ki saktt zaroorat nhi hai hahahaa balki iss baby ko aap logo ke pyaar ki zarrorat hai or trust ki bhi sistos….love u all…..♥♥♥♥♥
N thanks to all of u for commenting I got around 20 comments I mean I could not believe thanku and am really happy that silent readers are commenting phele toh I was shocked that my ff have silent readers hahaaa but now am very very very ery happy…………….♥♥love u all…
Well you all wont believe mein toh apni ff ka name bhi bhool gyi thi isliye it is changed kuch or tha I don’t remember hahaahahaa…leave it lets go to the episode I hope yo all are excited… 😀
Recap twinj in twinkle’s room romance chal rha tha and now they both slept leela came to twinkle’s room twinkle made her way out some how…..

Lets start
Twinj room is shown its seen that someone walks out of twinjs room.
a silouhette can be seen walking out…..
its walking and walking and now the camera rotates oreeee baaapprreeee………..

yeh toh hamara kunj hai hahhaaa guys he is sleep walking ohhhh shit kunj tumne toh sbko dara hi diya tha………
that who is going to leela’s room wel guys sooo hre in twinkle’s room
she wokeup to take water and is going to the kithen when she ses kunj but ignores it and then goes to the kitchen and comes back drinking water she was going in front of leela’s room and kunj was coming from opposite when her leg slipped she closed her eyes but then saw that she didn’t fell down she opened her eyes slowly and saw someone holding her tight (guys hamare kunj hi hain are he saved his twinki while sleeping as well hahahaaa how can he let her fall )she was about to scream it was bit dark she could not see his face she was about to scream when the lights got switched on of leela’s room she saw up and it was kunj she hurriedly took him to her room and locked the door he was still sleeping……she made him sleep and switched on the lamp beside her bad…..♥

ohhhh my babaji how could I forgot that kunj ko aadat hai you know to walk like this sleep walking ki and thank god mein bach gyi nhi toh kunj toh subah leela maa ke bed par milta huh…thnaku sooo much babaji ape mujhe utha dia sayi wakt par nhi toh naa yeh sadu sarna kuch siyappa krdeta love you my sadu sarna and she kisses her forehead
she hears a voice saying I love you too siyappa queen she looks here and there and sees kunj she smiles and says buddhu…….love you my sadu sarna and she kisses her forehead
she hears a voice saying I love you too siyappa queen she looks here and there and sees kunj she smiles and says buddhu sarna…….♥♥♥(ab uski jaan mein jaan aayi bhai )
and she sleeps as well ass she had to wakeup early next day…..
next day morning taneja mansion
leela is seen sitting downstairs and with someone and talking

twinkle wakesup and sees kunj sleeping peacefully she wakes him up and says kunj lets go you go and take bath then I will go chalo utho naa
he doesn’t speeks anything
Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…

twinkle get in to thinking kunj you are sooo sweet naa I love you soo damn yaar and she goes close to his cheek and is gonna kiss him when kunj moves his face and she pecks his lips suddenly kunj opens his eyes and says thanks for this cute goodmorning kiss darling
Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tainu takda rawaan…

aaj ki morning kitni sundar hai haina she blushes and came back to reality and came to know that our kunj was awake she hit him with a pillow and said kunj you are getting naughty haan day by day jao ab nahalo nhi toh I wont talk to you….my queen why don’t we go together to bath hum bhi akele tum bhi akele maza aa rha hai……kasam see…♥♥♥♥♥
Tainu takdi rawaan
Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan
Paagal main khud nu banaunda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tainu takda ravaan
Kunjjj….. twinkle looked shocked at him nad says now you go today we will see after wards abhi oday we don’t have time we have to go for a birthday party..
Kunj kisses her cheek and goes from there

After that twinkle cried her heart out that why it happened in her life these six years were hell for her but now she had decided to resolve everything and start a fresh……… 😀
Ishq duaavan jaane kab aave
Ishq duaavan aave jab aave
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main taa baitha kol tere…
Song ends….
And the episode too ends guys now lets see what will happen in next episode I think it would be the last one…….

Precap the birthday party of sayu di ♥♥♥♥♥ faceoff……….. 😀

Love u all lods
Pease comment ♥♥
Keep smiling☻♥

  1. Sohi

    Mai comment nahi karungi ?

    1. Baby

      ohhhhhh goodness sohi wat do i do dat u wont cmnt☻

  2. Sohi

    Mai comment nahi karungi ? why are you ending it but it’s OK next episode should b long one ok

    1. Baby

      ohhhh dear m ending it bcoz of my busy schedule ohk i ll try to post nxt lonnggg one…bt look naa uts r going on n isliye yeh short ones bhi or ab stry mein kuch bacha bhi nhi hai naa dear n den above dat thanmy is riting season 2 for dis ff sooo u all can read dat ryt i ll try strat something new or maayb kuch shru kar bhi chuki hun or snd bhi kr chuki hun n u all dont knopw…☻♥sry..
      love u lods♥

    2. Sohi

      Really u have started one more can I know it’s name and yes I understand how much exams are important

    3. Baby

      ☻☻thank god u understood n wohh name surprise hai baadme u ll cm to know♥♥

    4. Sohi

      Suspense haan well I like suspense

  3. Baby dis is nt at all fair y r u ending ff plss don’t end na n episode was awesome n song part was too cute n kunj has habbit of walking in haha cute one
    Plss don’t end

    1. Baby

      hey thanks ramya glad u lykd it
      m sry i hv to end it iske baad kuch hai nhi n above dat read dis
      t look naa uts r going on n isliye yeh short ones bhi or ab stry mein kuch bacha bhi nhi hai naa dear n den above dat thanmy is riting season 2 for dis ff sooo u all can read dat ryt i ll try strat something new or maayb kuch shru kar bhi chuki hun or snd bhi kr chuki hun n u all dont know…☻♥sry..
      love u lods♥
      soooo sry but srsly u never know m riting something else ☻♥

    2. Thankgod u r starting another now I’m happy

  4. Hey baby,
    Oh toh kunj tha aur woh bhi sleep walking aur phirusne sothe huye bhi twinkle ko baachaya.Luved it yaar especially woh peck bahat cute laga. Aur tum aapna ff ka nam bhulgayi hamare cmt padkar saach mujh yaar may abhi bhi has rahi hu.Hamara luv aur trust tumare saat hamesha hoga.Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

    1. Baby

      hey twinj soooo cute cmnt thnks love u lods♥♥
      yeah will post soon haan kunj tha i was nervous pta nhi kaisa lgega tum sab ko☻☻

    2. Hey baby,
      kunj ka sleep walk bahat cute laga.Sab kuch bahat acha tha aur yeh may kya dekh rahi hu tum end karrahe ho.Pls maat karo agar end kar bhi diya toh season 2 lekar wapas aana hoga warna may tumse baat nai karungi.Luv u too.Post soon.

      Lots of luv,

    3. Baby

      hey twinj
      look naa season 2 thanmy riting naa u all enjoy wid it
      i ll pka cum wid smthing new u never know
      love u lods♥♥♥

  5. Chiku

    Wowwwwwww its lovely. Really loved it. ??????awesome
    Plz post soon
    Love u?

    1. Baby

      hey chiku glad u lykd it♥♥
      will post soon
      lov u 2 lods n lods♥♥

  6. SidMin

    Loved it too good 🙂 That sleep walking vala part and that morning kiss and that sath meh bath and all Loved it 🙂 Dialogues were amazing 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

    1. Baby

      hey shruti u no m soooo feeling soooo good dat u lykd it i was nervous lyk hell
      dat u all will lyk it or nt thnku alot 😀
      glad u louved d dialouges 🙂
      love u sis♥♥♥
      will post soon☻♥

  7. Sameera

    Ahhh last epi sachi but q ????
    Well today’s epi was sooo cute …..
    I am going for diabetes test tomorrow????hahahaha sachi soo cute epi
    Loved it soooo much yaar …
    Well do cont soon ??????
    Love u

    1. Baby

      awwww………….sam di glad u loved it soooo much yaar
      n i also love u sooooooooo much yarrrrrr di mein kya bataun
      ohhhhh goodness di diabeties well
      mein itni bhi kuch khaass nhi hehehehe….☻
      lov u lods di♥♥

  8. Ayu

    Maine aapse ni baat karna! Aur apna ff bhi ni post karna! Katti!
    Itna blockbuster epi diya…itna smile karvaya aur tata keh diya! ???

    1. Baby

      arree ayu dear acha baba i will think of it or if nt psbl
      den will strt new stry dekh ab tuhi bata isme mein kya dikhaun yr aage unki maaried lyf toh serial walo ne dikhadi or thanmy aage ka season 2 dikha rhi hai naa 😀
      dear m srsly lyk i dont hv tym n den luk at dis msg i hv almost snt to all
      t look naa uts r going on n isliye yeh short ones bhi or ab stry mein kuch bacha bhi nhi hai naa dear n den above dat thanmy is riting season 2 for dis ff sooo u all can read dat ryt i ll try strat something new or maayb kuch shru kar bhi chuki hun or snd bhi kr chuki hun n u all dont know…☻♥sry..
      love u lods♥
      soooo sry but srsly u never know m riting something else ☻♥
      dekho ayu pakka promise if i get some idea for odr ff i lll surely post it bt pls let me end it☻
      n post ur ff soon
      love u lods…♥♥

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

    1. Baby


  10. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome.. too cute

    1. Baby

      thanks alot♥

  11. Hawwwww????? you’re ending this ff ????.. whyyyy.. i love it sooo muchhh.. you made me smile n laugh so much in this epi n then i come to know you’re ending??.. if you dont have time then its okay 🙂 wont force you 🙂 the epi was awesomeee.. kunj saved twinkle from falling while sleepwalking???.. that was amazing??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤❤

    1. Baby

      hey sidvee dear
      m glad ki mein tumhe itna hassa payi itna khushi de payi
      bt n m its soo of u to undetstand me or agr abhii i hv tym also naa den also iss ff mein ab i cant ryt anymore
      thanmy is riting naa season 2 fr tei enjoy dat i
      cant say bt promise to cm wid smthing new or kya pta mein likh bhi rhi hun
      n m planning to ryt smthing bt wid sm1 grouping ishu soo will soon try☻☻♥♥
      isse meri riting skills improve bhi hoyengi n hope u all enjoy it♥♥♥

  12. Whattttttt…….ending this beautiful ff and that so soon whyyyy……..?????? U r great writer then why u r ending it ok understand its ur choice but promise that u back again with a new story and a happy note wala…….and the epi is kyaa bolu kunj the siyappa king…..hahaaa…..or two notice naii karta toh leela ma k room may milta…….hahahaaa……amazing,,,fabulous….. And cute just like babyyyy…..luv u….by…tc….

    1. Baby

      heyyy thanks soooooooooo much for dis beautiful cmnt srsly means alot to me
      n will try nt to end bt cant b sure
      thanks agn
      luv u lods♥♥

  13. SidMin23

    It was super cute episode and yes we everyone is sad that your ending the ff I know may be your super busy but wish never ending story this will be. And Kunj and walking in sleep and love the small small moment of twinj in today scene. And plz try to give us long episode if u can and love to see next post ASAP. TAKE CARE AND POST NEXT UPDATE SOON BABY. ????????????????

    1. Baby

      hey sidmin23 i will try my best to nt end dis stry n m nt dat spr busy bt its jst u know now nhings lft in d stry twinj lyf was shown in d serial many ffs r dere showing odr mariges lyf n thanmy dear hv a ff on season 2 tei soo she ll b posting ryt dere further u all enjoy dat n i ll cm up wid new one for sure mayb 😀 ☻☻☻☻
      love u lods♥♥♥♥

    2. SidMin23

      Okay cool but at least try to post os in weekend. But if only ur free. Waiting for the episode.

  14. Paavu

    Katti ab toh tu sachi maar khayegi daamu katti bye baat mat kario meri damu ti wat ru doing I knw study zaruri hai and u knw my mocks are going on stilk I post once a week and u oromised me to study hrd I ll nt force u fr writibg earky uts ke baad bcos jo mere saath promises kia hai jst fulfil it bt dun u dare end it got it
    By d way teh epi speechless tha sleep walk walu kunj ki harjatein toh kamal hi thi kissing on lips awesome par maar toh padegi

    1. Baby

      yr ishu jaan m crying tu katti ho jayegi mujhse toh how will i
      yr i will die sis matlab ab yeh din dekhne pdenge mujhe
      tuu naaa ugghhhhh ab toh i cant even once thnk tp end dis ff
      why why dis dhamki haan why acha baba thik hai
      bhot emotional blackmail karliya tune mujhe
      matlab srsly yr had krdi ab toh uffoooo now i hv to ryt it at any cost jst for u haan
      pta hai or sbko bhi pdni hai bt yr tune kun kaha agar naa kaha hota toh i wuld have given it
      a very very blissful n happy ending
      n haan promise kiya hai jaan toh fulfil toh krungi
      bt now u ll have to give me ideas for dis ff
      will u bol pakka promise kar
      jaan yeh unfair tha bt ohk promise i will cntinue it ab happy ab kattti mat hona
      pta hai shayad ab yakeen kar bhi rhi hogi ki m crying bt kya khun mein
      teri toh tu mil mijhe hangouts par fir dekhiyo….
      love u soooooooooooooo much jaaannnnnnnn…………..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
      ab iss dost ko maaf nhi kregi or katti se aba nhi hoyegi vapas♥☻please……..

    2. Paavu

      Acha jiiii ab tu srry mangegi plss kahegi maine kaha na frndship mein no dese tgngs acha u shld be fr this acha yeh wala sachi mazak tha thanks yrrr maan gayi ideas toh jaan pakka dungi tujhe aaja hangouts par mil yrr missing u badly ab rona band kar warna pata hai na meri damu ke chehre pe trars aye toh I will die ….

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    plz plz don’t baby… plz na… its one of my favorite plz dont end… it was so cute cute epi… I seriously loved it…. aur yeh bohot hi short epi… I hope u give a longer one next time… plz don’t end and post soon….

    love you

    1. Baby

      hey tammy i ll try yr
      u no ab dis stry dont hv much naa
      n if hai bhi toh thanmy is continuing tei s2 i ll cm up wid smthing new glad u luv dis ff n m shocked ki my ritings can b sm1s fav also
      well love u lods will try nt to end♥♥♥☻☻

  16. Hawwwwww Mera Baby going to end this ff? very bad very very very very very bad…. arrey kuch hi toh ffs hai jo TEI n twinj ki yaad dilatein aur u r going to end one of them? this is not fair….. achha chalo if u r ending this then do but….. start a new ff with new story of our twinj plssssss……

    Well todays epi was soooo sweet itna sweet ki diabetes ho jaye….. n kunjs naughtyness n twinkles nakhras hayeeeee too cute yar…..loved it……

    Well post next asap…. n Thank u so much for being my freind cum sissy….. love u my baby…. love u so much….


    1. Baby

      hey neha di
      u r sooooo sweet thanks well yeah i was gonna end it bt smone very spcl tld me nt to do it
      n ab m thinking nt to n i hv idea for a new one also di
      sooo will think of it☻☻
      n soooo happy dat u luvd dis episode
      love u lods didu♥♥♥

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