Swasan-Love Beyond Ages… Chapter 18…

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Link to previous epi: Chapter 17

Chapter 18:

Love is an ordeal for people for those who doesn’t understand the meaning of love… it’s really difficult unless until they fell in love… but its bcm tough to him after he fell in love with his kiddo… Everyone says it hurts when we rejected by our love but it hurts even more when we reject our love… she doesn’t mean to fall, he doesn’t mean to hurt but both did it… again today he hurt her not only her and also kaki one who always motherly figure towards him…

“It’s all bz I love you Swara” he mutters himself by reminding what all happened at morning…

*Sanskar understands swara is trying to make him admit his love… so he argues with her…
Sans: swara for god sake stop behaving like wife…

Kaki: shona beta I think ur husband forget that you’re his wife only… swa: maybe he is having short term memory loss… both chuckles…

Kaki: thn I’ll remind him (to sanky): beta she is ur wife u both are married…
Sans(shouts): kaki will you pls just shut up, don’t u see hw young she is..? thn why you’re spoiling her life by encouraging her haan…

Swa: sanskar you’re hurting her… Sans: thn behave well swara… itsall bz of u… already I said it’s just ur attraction why don’t you understand that eh…

Swa:It’s just attraction na… ok I agree but do tell me… why my closeness affect u..? why can’t u see me upset even for a second..? Why are you always there for me whenever I needed..? Why you’re jealous when I close with aju..? haan, she bombarded her questions by holding her tears… no matter what it really  hurt when someone says our love is attraction if suppose that someone is our love…

there was a deep silence… he stares her eyes intently… it was filled with water and expecting answer from him but he kept mum…

Soon water droplets flowed making way  on her  cheeks… he want to tk her in his arms and wipe her tears… he is the reason for her tears this thought killed him, his heart sunk… his hand automatically goes to wipe her tears…

Swa(moist eyes): now why my tears are affecting you…? He closed his fist and turns…

Why don’t she understand..? Why she mks everything complicated to him..? He sighs…

Kaki: Do you really think I’m spoiling her…? Thn why u spoiling her life by keeping her with you… you’re selfish sanskar u won’t accept her but u want her to be with you…

Swa: Leave him kaki we can wake up someone who is in asleep,but it’s really difficult to wake up someone who is pretending to asleep…(looking at sanky) do remember onething they hv to awake one day… she said mockingly by controlling her tears…

He leaves from there without uttering anything… Someone is blocking his way… arjun and karthi is standing thr…

Sans: hey bro… he tried to be normal…  Arj: you knw boss, seriously you’re not reliable to her love…  don’t u see how much she loves you… I wish I could be in ur place… it’s not age its ur thought which is not accepting her… you’re just a narrow minded prsn… life is too short don’t regret it later… sanskar looks on… arjun leaves without meeting his ammu…*

So many things happened but arjun words made him perplexed… “What does he mean by wish to be in my place, huh…” He made a face…

Soon kaki words echoes in his ear “you are selfish sanskar… you won’t accept her but you want her to be with u…”

*Swa: kaki, as a lawyer he oly knws to debate… kaki(taunts): haan, so only lawyer sir always using his brain… instead of debating he should listen to his heart once …*
In every case brain and heart conflicts between them but in his case both are debating for same thing in different way, he is the one who is not accepting…

If ur age is prblm thn leave her,his brain said…
hey u just shut up he loves her, his heart started fight…
thn ask him to accept her bz of u bth everyone taunting me, brain frowns…
he is not listening me, heart bcm sad…
Uff… if u can live without her thn leave her… dnt think about anyone.. u r stressing me huh, brain says casually…
No dnt leave her u can’t see her with anyone… it will hurt me badly, heart shouts…
Just think “Without her”, both said in unison…

“Without her” this thought made him crazy…

How could he live without her..? She is the one who always being with him… she is the one who completing his loneliness… she is the one whom he can say his family…she is the one who born for him…

“What do u said, brain stops him… meanwhile,
Exactly, heart jumps in happiness…”

You bth are right I cant live without her, I can’t see her with anyone else… when she loves me why should I care about anything… she is born for me…

He remembers how she confessed her love… how she kissed him… he touches his chin… a blushing smile is crept on his face…

I’m sorry kiddo I hurt u lot… nw will heal with my love, he drags his car key and leaves…


Sorry for this boring short epi… I knw I’m late what to do nothing get into n my poor mind has it’s stick with my ppt… 🙁

Thank you all☺☺

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  1. Miss ur ff….plz upload quickly….nd take care


      Sorry yaar … lil busy… nxt epi won’t tk this much tym.. think so… Thank you..☺

  2. Simi

    Missed u…
    Atlast sanskar admit it 😀


      Yep… thank you ☺

  3. Abirsha

    Awesome nivi….. Missed ur ff a lot….. This is short dr….. Pls update next soon


      Thank you shan..☺☺ even I too felt dis one is too short… nxt one will be longer.. yen short nu sonnean nee feel panna pora..?

  4. Rabia0032

    Awesome yaar ? plzzz Post soon n one thing plzz dont drag ragini scene to much wana see now their love plzzz


      Thank you..☺ n dnt wry will try to gv lesser rags scene.. 🙂

  5. SparkQween

    NICE EPI PLZZ update fast


      Thank you..☺☺

  6. Chanu

    Awww.. nive dr..
    thank u soo much 4 updating dis..
    I miss dis soo soo soo much.. huhuhu..
    plz uplode nxt part na!!
    Bt… urrgggg.. nw dat ragini will cm na.. ufff..
    wt ll hpn 2 my swasan.. hey I gv u permission 2 write nly 3 or epis sad one.. after dat u think 2 separate my swasan na.. ill kill u.. huh.. 😉 🙂

    Thank god my buddu sanky understand his lv.. im hpy bz f dat..

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya


      Chanu I thought to gv u longer chappie but gt busy wid my presentation.. sorry 🙁
      It seems u want Ragini n nxt epi thn ok deal. 😉 even I didn’t plan for 3 epi’s… but u want 3, I think now I want to drag rags scene 3 epi’s… ?
      Thank you..☺☺

      1. Chanu

        Omg!!! Hey drama queen who said dat I wnt ragini… ohh foo
        rly dnt knw wt ll I do with dis grl.. haff…
        Huhh.. ur plan evrythng and nw all da blamms on me.. huhuh.. soo bad..
        if u cn plz end dat ragini track in one epi..
        if u cn reduce it 2 half epi.. 😉 I hv no prob in it…

        oh I 4gt 2 tell u ur acc pic is sooo cute…. *kiss..
        I rly wnt 2 hold dat cute baby.. awwww…

        oh u r rly sweet nive dr..
        iTs ok drl.. at least u post a epi na… no worries. ?
        and dnt miss ur wrk bz f dis.. we ll wait 4 u..
        (Bt nt soo long.. do ur work quickly and writ nxt epi asap.. I cdnt wait more…)


      ha ha ha… lol… ok ok will try to post asap… n yeah will gv ur kiss to my nephew..?

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  8. Scooby

    Adingu una londrven. Innour thadava yarachum boring sonnegana.
    escpecially shan mahi mirna kakali..
    ok coming to chapie it ws splendid.. so ivalo fight and paun nadadhuruku.. cha…
    Omg nxt chapie rags entry.. no….. i feel like dat bcz whn he is gonna cinfess rags gives re-entry to them..
    ji kalakitinga.
    Next so wt color salwar for budday??
    Thn – budday anaiku kovil ponneya??
    My netwrk is anoying me so much nive..
    thn os – adha pathi nee marandhuru.. ipadhn un msf pathen.. kevalathin ucha kattam..
    forgive me nive..
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    na read panum podhey avalo mistake errors.. inbtwn oru part missing vera..
    nearly 4 tym na copy paste pannen adhuvum error oda.. sorry forgive me..
    and i was planning u and anu alone later joined me also in kids section.. sk acting pidikum bt fan la illa..
    nandrigal pala update panadhuku.
    @ sethu – u wrote perfectly in tamil – nive birthday wish lines.
    and yup we cn do black magic so she will start her STWYA – 2.

    1. Mica

      Naviiiiiii…my hater, huh! poke my nose eeh my inbox with your OS, i forgot the title to search it my self, huhuhuhu

      1. Scooby

        choco prince and hois angel – os title and its clumsy . read on ur own risk..


      Thala enakkea kola mirattala… na yaaru theriumula sooniyakari… mahathala..?
      Ha ha ha… so nxt epi unakku rags entry venuma… 😉
      Innoruvati unoda os eh korai sonna thn mukkula?? apo unakku tamil actor yaara pidikum. .

      Nivinu.. name sema… enakku pidichu irundhuchu..?

      Ha ha ha… STWYA-2 apdina enadhu?

      1. Don don… don ku ellam don intha “navi ” dhan 😀 😀
        Ok i like simbu and # thala…
        thank u for lovely wrds abt os.
        and theriyadha madhuriyea nadipa – stwya – 2
        last hahaha unmayelea andha pavam andha punivan ur wud b hubby… – this line for u and my sis nive too..


      Forget to ask.. nee kuda va( for tat future hubby)… sandhosama irukkuradhu pidikalayah.. ? na ila ena kalyanam pannika poreavan? he he he… pavam avan innum konjam naal sandhosama irundhutu pogatum, adhukula jail thandanala venam?


      ha ha ha… ok don… thn pathiya U itself agreed avan punniyavan.. epo ena punniyam pannano engala kalyanam pannika ???
      u lyk simbu and thala… even my sis too…
      uk first tym STWYA pakkum podhu purila ana pakkathula 2 nu pathadhum I understood… yaruma Indha abbreviations kandupidichadhu… ? ?

  9. Happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true.
    Be Happy
    Stay blessed


      Thanks for ur wishes dr..☺☺

  10. Hadi

    plz unite both as soon as possible as cant see them like this and ya bring happy moments in this ff as the serial going to be off air on 16 december made us very very sad


      Yep sure dr… dnt wry show won’t go off… I hope so… finger crossed…

  11. Maryum

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      thank you☺☺

  12. Missed ur FF…… Please update soon. Try to make it a long one next time


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  13. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum loved it..bt m Angry on U..Ek toh U Update Late n on that such a Small.Part ??..Plzz.continue soon n nring da Teaser Trck asap..cnt wait..


      I’m sorry… what to do gt busy with work.. as I said my mind fully sticked with my presentation… so oly small part… ok will try to gv teaser asap… but don’t be angry dr..☺☺ Thank you.. 🙂 🙂

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Its ok..Continue soon wid teaser part..n strt swasan ki real love journey

  14. Simin

    Awesome nive loved it
    Finally he realised
    Plz keep posting we miss this fff a lot


      Thank you ☺☺ will try to post asap.. 🙂

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      ha ha ha… lol… will try to gv next epi as long lyk my Skirt…? Thanks for ur wishes dr… ☺☺

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      ha ha ha… ok I wont.. Thank you..☺☺

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    missed u …nice dear


      thanks dear ☺☺

  22. First u r late 2nd so short update… Its really not fair….by d way awsm as always..


      sorry yaar.. 🙁 nxt epi won’t be short.. yeah thank you☺☺

  23. Now I think it’s ragini’s entry in the next episode as per the spoilers alert.


      yep will see in nxt epi… Thank you☺


      Thank you ☺☺

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    Too short… But lovely….?????


      Thank you..☺☺

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      sorry dr… I was lil busy… will try to post next one asap… Thank you ☺☺

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    Unga ff um ungalaium rmba miz pannen dr…….
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      nandrigal pala sis… regular eh nana ?? try panni pakurean?

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    awesome bt short.. missed u alot..reentry f ragini in d nxt episode..i guess according to ur teaser..waiting for nxt epi..


      thank you..☺☺ about rags entry will see n nxt epi…

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      “Be lated Happy B.Day dear !!”
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      Now enough of my patar patar…
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      1. sorry kaku… nov 19th is my bday… ☺ wahhh pluto… I bcm alien nw relaxing myself in pluto… ? here WiFi connection are damn speed compare to Jio?
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      already I read that navi… I experienced all those things… still I’m regretting for those periods…
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      OS- Raglak-Fantasy world 🙂 ennoda post la paru…

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        anu nu oru pillai irudhuchumm adhu aalu address kanum… fb la oru id create panu.. nee anga kuda varamata nenaikuren.. somberi : p


      not any specific god navi… but pillayar adikadi kuptupean… unakku..?
      Correction pavam ila punniyam…? busy with work..?? apdiyum sollalam? presentation mudichachu… prepare mattum tha na panna present pannadhu la pm..?
      Ha ha ha… today oly msgd anu kuttiee .. nanga rendu perum mathi mathi sorry nu tha chat panrom..lol… ipo la anu online varadhu ila… I think she is busy in her studies… December la exam la…
      fb eh? aprum first request en appa tha kudupanga… ha ha ha… aprum na vetla mattipa?

      1. Scooby

        Oh okk. For fb,anu,god,prjct ptesentation…
        finally yup knja neram munadi i sw het msg.. she yold she is stuck with xam preparation..

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