Childhood love come into real (abiya) ff-7

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Hi guys this is sowji…i feeling very glad…thank u everyone..ur comments encouraging me alot…thank u everyone..i specially want to thank rithu,tisha,srimathi,aishwarya12,priyanka,ishni,
Anshu,saranya24,minu,reshma_pradeep,princesskrishna…if i missed any name i am asking sry to them and thank u for ur comments..thank u silent readers…i replied everyone to check it in my previous ff…some of ppl asked me to change the heroin sry to say this i can’t change any name here..this is my dream ff i never change my character name and storyline..except this whatever u say i wil modify it..let move to dream ff.this ff no is 7…the ff begin with priya go to her room&she wil get ready for stopping..she changed her cloth…now she wore blue colour top matching pant and duppatta…she looking hot and gorgeous… her makeup is too light..that make up suits her alot…she is too pretty…she take her wallet and leave from her room…she see her brother get money from him…her brother gave a money…he protect her so he sent some trustable experience body guard with her..took the car left from the village…on the other side all were in car…after alia hung up her phone..suddenly look everyone..all ppl staring at her…suddenly abi asked to her y u were this much excitement….my dear chaitan..alia fake angry showed his brother…she knew her brother always calling her like this way…she told about darlu conversation to him…abi and all ppl said wow superb…after abi ask when u wil get a job…alu told to his brother bro don’t worry i am also designer of that event…abi and all ppl asked same question how it wil possible how can u both ppl(people) participate in same event…baiyya wait guys i wil explain u clearly actually my mam selected 2 people for this event one is my darlu another one is one junior girl so my darlu suggest my name to our mam to participate this event…first she told no..after she convinced our mam..she said she wil dicuss this matter to our principal after she wil say..actually principal is our pet ..principal know about us very well…sure he wil allow and agree us to participate this event…suddenly that much confident u have..suppose he won’t agree wat can u do said purab..alu said no purab it never happen watever it is my darlu convince them easily that much i have faith in my darlu…so sure v wil participate in this event..after they all reached the shopping mall..both boys and girls went to their own respective means boys went boys section like as girls…screenshift to priya home…she also left from her home…she also reached the same shopping mall..priya treated everyone as his own family member…he called bodyguard as baiyya..she told to him baiyya i finished my purchase i wil cal u and after u wil pick up me..BG said k priya ji please take care urself be careful if u need any help immediately cal me after he go to parking section to park his vehicle…on the other side abi gets a call so he went outside talk to them actually that mall is 5 floor..all needed things available in there actually abi in 3 floor…priya is in entrance of the mall…she is gorgeous all guys staring at her…she entered ground floor she felt abi presence.she thinks her mind says y i felt someone too close for me here(back ground music plays kal ho naa ho theme music(hindi),raja rani arya-9thara marriage theme song(tamil)).

on the other side abi also felt same..he disconnect that call thinks same as priya(hindi,tamil background same as priya..).some servant taking white rose flower to bouquet shop..abi unknownly touched his shoulder with them..all flower fall down in priya..she felt very happy she is like white flower alot..abi looked into ground floor.. again he saw beautiful girl but he never saw her face…but all boys staring blue colour top girl..he noticed that…he try to see her face it vein…after priya go to 4 floor in lift…abi go to ground floor to see that girl…he also get a lift went to ground floor..actually that mall is too famous 3 lift is available..he get someother lift..she also get someother lift..both of reach in same time 2nd floor abi felt again priya presence…like as priya(alla warriyan plays)..within a second abi went ground floor…priya went to 4 th floor…she purchased all like as alia and her cousins also purchased all things…suddenly she got a call from her alu…she attended a call said ha alu bolo..alia said where r u..darlu said i am in 4th floor…k u wil wait there i wil come to meet u in that floor…alu went to meet her darlu. She introduce her cousin bulbul,purvi,khusi…actually simmi purchase not yet to complete..they don’t like her so they think inform to simmi went to 4th floor…simmi also don’t lyk company of them…she thinks to meet abi…simmi said fake reason..she want to purchase more items so she said her purchase is not over..after they left…actually simmi called abi..he never pickup her she decide to search a abi…screen shift to boys (arnav,purab,ranveer)they also finished his purchase…..purab called abi continuously he never pickup his call…abi actually searching that girl…don’t know y he felt some connection with her…suddenly purab saw accident girl(priya) in that mall..actually long distance he saw a priya..actually purab never know she is talking with alu,bulbul,purvi,khushi..purab thinks to talk to priya…

I end ff here…what wil going to happen purab wil talk to priya ,abi wil find out that girl…??? So wait and watch next ff…once again i thank everyone..this ff is not to hurt to any one..all content is imaginary…

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  1. Aishwarya12

    Awesome akka?love it…both song that u used in epi was superb

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishwary12…

  2. Superb episode yaar loved it your narration is so sweet and beautiful loved it

    1. Sowji

      Thank u minu

  3. Superb dear…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka

  4. Princesskrisha

    Sowji akka supera irunthuchu loved it i want tamil songs n semmmmma superbbbbbb

    1. Sowji

      Thank u princesskrishna

  5. Saranya24

    Superb dear?????

    1. Sowji

      Thank u saranya24…

  6. awesome di i like it nice going waiting 4r next epi

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni…

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep..

  8. That’s so sweet of you sowji to mention all our names. Too good n eagerly waiting for abhiya face off. Keep going

    1. Sowji

      Because it my pleasure without ur support i wil not get hope to write this ff…i thank everyone…itz my pleasure.. i need all ur support…i always respect my fans and supporting person…anyway thank u anshu…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u sethidisha002

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