Swasan : Kaabil Hoon Ya Tere Kaabil Nahi – Chapter 26

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Recap: Manik and Swasan

The same day when Aditya moved back to Gadodia House and called Shekhar and Sakshi,

Shekhar and Sakshi reached home where Aditya was sitting with a sad face and crying

(Shekhar) “what happened my son, why are you sitting so sad?”

(Aditya) “Mom and Dad where were you, past three days I have been waiting for you. I had got my results but your phones were not reachable, I have been trying to get in touch with you. I was in hunger, crying for last three days and you have got time to pick up your call only today. How can you both be so heartless?”

(Sakshi) “No Beta, it is not like that. We are really very sorry for abandoning you. Actually you know right after the debacle, we thought if you know police and all come so we hid.”

(Aditya) “You were not even bothered about me; you all were so self-centered. I am going to my room, don’t talk to me”

(Shekhar holds Adi’s hand) “We are so sorry, I know we made mistake, tell us what you want and we promise to fulfill all your dreams. Come on now tell us what do you want”

(Aditya’s POV) They always everything in terms of money, I will use the money that they give not for me but for the right that my sisters had and now I will repay it back to them

(Aditya) “Dad I want you to pay my college fees and also I want a BMW Car. Please dad, once I join college, I want to look stylish dad.”

(Sakshi) “Ofcourse my son, your dad wouldn’t say no and also recently one of his uncle has left a will in his name so we have enough now my baby. We will fulfill all your wishes”

(Shekhar) “Exactly Adi, we will do as you say. Please now forgive us”

(Aditya) He hugs Shekhar and says “I forgive you both and I love you”

Aditya then runs towards his room and grins.

Next day Morning

Nandu and Adi get their result that they have been selected and they shared their news respectively to their families. Adi didn’t tell them about him getting scholarship. Sakshi and Shekhar gave him a cheque to deposit in his account for the payment of fees. Here Swara had prepared a cheque for Adi for his fees and gave it to Nandu, so that she could give it to Adi towards his fees. Everything was going on or moving on as they have thought. Here Nandu and Adi met up as they were on their way to college to submit their papers and to pay off the fees.  The week passed by gradually and it was the day of celebration for Adi and Nandu as Sanskar was going to treat them for their success in their finals.

Nandu, Adi and Swara had reached near Rotman University (Swasan study) and were waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar had taken them to Water Park as promised the trio along with Sanskar had a hell lot of fun. In the evening they had reached the park where FAB 5 were going to perform. Khushi and Sahil had also reached the venue and were waiting for Swara and Sanskar to come.

FAB 5 were so happy seeing them. It was as if they had waited all along just to see Swasan and as soon as they came, in few minutes the show had started. Adi and Nandu enjoyed a lot along with Swasan. FAB 5 sang mix of hindi and English songs. Then later on FAB 5 had asked Swasan to also sing a song, they were hesitant but they gave in the demands of FAB5. Swara took the lead of singing the song and Sanskar strummed the guitar to her tunes.

They sang the song


The entire audience applauded for their performance. They were elated by the way Sanskar was handling Guitar and how melodious was Swara. The show of FAB5 was a hit.

Post the Show

(Khushi and Sahil in unison) “Wow guys, you rocked it”

(Sanskar) “Thanks Guys. (Turning towards FAB5)Why didn’t you all warn us that you were going to make us sing a song?”

(Cabir) “Bhai if we would have told, you wouldn’t have turned up and moreover FAB5 loves giving surprises”

(Swara) “Rather than surprise it was a shock”

(Alia) “So what Di, you guys are our inspiration, we could always request our role-models to perform”

(Sanskar) “We are no good for being your role-models or inspiration. We are also singer like you might be even amateur than you people. You guys are sensational and professional.”

(Manik) “Bhai, what are you saying we performed today only keeping you guys in mind. You both are the best and we can nowhere think you less than our inspiration.”

(Mukti) “Now end of this discussion”

(Dhruv) “I agree. So bhai and Di, who are these two standing with you apart from Khushi Di and Sahil Bhai.”

(Sanskar) “Oh, I forgot to introduce, they are Nandini and Aditya, Swara’s siblings.”

(FAB5 in unison) “Hi guys, hope you all liked the show”

(Nandini) “It was amazing. You guys rocked it”

(Aditya) “So true, it was amazing and so out of the box. We all enjoyed it and the cherry on top was Bhaiya and Di’s performance”

(Manik) “Bhai are they the same people whom we were talking about the other day”

(Swara) “Yes, they are the same people whom Sanskar spoke about. By the way FAB5 they have got admission in your college. Please take care of them”

(Mukti) “Don’t worry Dido, they are in safe hands”

(Dhruv) “By the way what is the stream that you guys are in?”

(Nandini) “I have enrolled myself in Mechanical Engineering”

(Aditya) “I have enrolled myself in Construction Management”

(Alia) “That’s great. Nandu you would be our immediate junior”

(Cabir) “Aditya, we will still be able to take care of you for another two years for sure and also if anyone says anything just tell you are related to FAB5”

(Aditya) “Done deal”

(Manik) “Anyways guys, you have to pull up your socks to be the best in the college. Not only studies but also with Extra Curricular Activities.”

(Sahil) “Guys so time to celebrate for success of FAB5. Let’s roll it”

(Khushi) “Let’s go to the same place where we met FAB5 for the first post competition. So hop in”

The days passed by, Swara and Sanskar were busy in giving final touch to their presentation as they had to submit it to DP and get his approval.

While Swara and Sanskar were moving towards DP’s cabin, they again saw Sharmishtha (Shomi) and DP laughing and chit-chatting happily and freely. Swara and Sanskar got into thinking and then they moved towards the Lawn of the college.

(Swara) “Sanskar don’t you think mom and sir are now turning out to be very good friends. They are so comfortable with each other”

(Sanskar) “You know Swara I have never seen DP uncle laugh so much post AP aunty’s death. But being with Shomi Aunty he is being himself again. Though with us he used to be happy but with aunty it is something nice”

(Swara) “Even mom has become so happier after joining this university and being in company with Sir. You know Sanskar, it’s like I am seeing a whole new mom in front of me. With my father she was never this happy that I could recall of. It’s nice to see my mom like this.”

(Sanskar) “I know right. I wish this happiness becomes permanent in their lives. Seeing this happy lightens all their worries and moएod.

(Swara) “Even I wish for the same Sanskar”

(Sanskar) “I will get straight to the point, what do you think about DP Uncle and Shomi Aunty’s bond, I mean to say like should they be given a second chance to live their life with happiness but with each other?”

(Swara) “Are you crazy Sanskar, no one will agree to it and what would the society say?”

(Sanskar) “Like really Swara, you are talking about the society. We are in 21st Century and all this is common.”

(Swara) “I know it is common but in India it is still not”

(Sanskar) “Which India are you talking about, are your relatives even bothered of what is happening in your life? Have they asked with your father had divorced Shomi Aunty or have they ever asked about your well being?”

(Swara) “No they haven’t asked but I don’t know I don’t think it is right”

(Sanskar) “Swara I thought you were a very broad minded person but listening to your talks it is as if we live in some barbarian age. Don’t you want a well being life for Aunty? Or are you asked that DP Uncle will turn out to become like your father? Why are you so hesitant Swara?”

(Swara) “I don’t know Sanskar and I for once do not agree with you”

(Sanskar) “Have you hit your brain somewhere? Did you listen to the way you are talking right now it is just bullshit? Don’t you want Aunty to be happy?”

(Swara) “Listen Sanskar, just cut this topic and go to DP sir’s room, we will present our project and work on his inputs. Let’s just go”

(Sanskar) “You know what Swara, let’s just get over with presentation as well as our friendship. Let’s just be partners for presentation and then later acquaintance. I seriously can’t believe that it is you who is behaving so childish. I am disappointed in you as well as our friendship.”

(Swara) “You will not understand Sanskar”

(Sanskar) “Fine I do not understand you and I don’t want to. Aunty would have left from DP Uncle’s cabin so let’s go and from next time don’t expect me to be all friendly over you.”

Before Swara could tell anything Sanskar left, she followed him back. They discussed with DP everything, he was happy with the presentation. From there Sanskar left leaving Swara behind in her thoughts. And then Swara left for her work at the Library.

The days passed by and Swasan were very distant from each other.

One Evening

Reeling the events that had taken place, Swara was also frustrated and hence she took out her beautiful diary and started writing.

Swara’s Diary

“Hi Diary it’s been almost a week since Sanskar and I have last spoken in a friendly manner. Was I wrong thinking that my mom should not marry again? Is it because I felt betrayed because of Shekhar Gadodia? Was I ready to call anyone else as my DAD again? I don’t know and I am not ready to know too. I know I am being stubborn but I am not able to think anything straight. Moreover Sanskar has been avoiding me and I don’t like the fact that he is. He is my best friend and I LOVE HIM and I can take it anymore. He was my support in the university and now he is angry because I do not want second chance for my mom. Like how Sanskar said I think I am being selfish. I should have asked about this relationship to my sisters and Adi, how they feel about it. But I do not want mom to face the same neither I want my siblings and I to face the same. I don’t know I am super confused. Because of my stupidity of judging people in advance, Sanskar and I hardly talk to each other. I should have given it a thought before deciding or coming to conclusion. I have lost a week to talk to him and I miss him. I will make all things clear and get back to him till then I will just concentrate on the presentation that is tomorrow and then indulge in another matter.”

On the other side Sanskar also had opened his Diary and started typing

“I am so pissed you know why because of that dumb head Swara. She has so much of ego that she doesn’t see the positive or negative side. In the last full week I didn’t talk to her apart from the presentation related matters that happens to be tomorrow in front of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I am so damn excited; I just want the presentation to happen smoothly. Last week I also happen to notice that DP Uncle and Sharmishtha Aunty have gotten closer. I spoke to DP Uncle and he said that after AP Aunty it was only Sharmishtha Aunty that has given him so much of happiness that he cannot express, I posed the same question to Sharmishtha Aunty and she told that she trusts DP uncle more than anything. She also added that the happiness and the guidance that Shekhar Gadodia was not able to give, were given by DP Uncle. Now I am sure that they like each other. I know that love has no age and this has been proved by seeing them together. I know that they are in the phase between LOVE and LIKE but I hope that they stay happy together forever. I don’t know when Swara will understand.”

Both spoke their hearts to their respective diaries and slept tight for the night

Precap : Competition

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