Episode 6;

Scene 1:Mumbai.

Avneil are seen talking to each other on phone.

Avni:Neil ,do you know what I got.


Avni:My Friend ,works in an airline industry and she gave us two free passes of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Neil:You mean two for going and two for coming.


Neil:Then ask her to give one more pass,as we will stay there for 10 months and when we will come back we will be there.

Avni:Yuck Neil you are so cheesy.

Neil:Ya I’m.

Avni:Neil ,why didn’t I die.

Neil:Huh……Are you fine.

Avni:Why didn’t I die when that car hit me.

Neil:Avni…….forget it.


Neil:Avni ,say something.

Avni:Shhh…..Neil the car is coming ,it’s gonna hit me any second.

A sound is heard from the other end of the line……


Neil shouted as he sat bolt upright on his bed.His was body was bathed in cold sweat, he jumped from his bed and headed straight to the washroom,Opened his shirt And stepped into the shower, the cold water trickled down his body.And his tears mingled with the water,he closed his eyes as incidents from past brushed past his mind.


After Neela got the call ,she and Neil rushed to the hospital,there the doctor said that though Avni has survived the deepest of the wounds,she had suffered from amnesia and would never remember what happened in the last one year.Then Neil told everything to Neela and then after Avni was discharged,Neela left New York along with Ali,Reha and Avni and after some year Neil also came to India and became an ACP in Mumbai.

Flashback ends and the scene drifts to another room in the same flat.

A boy of 28 is seen sitting inside a sound proof room which was connected to his bedroom and he’s holding a guitar on Which his name Abeer is written and he’s singing a song.

Abeer:Jukhi Teri Palko Mein

Mil Jaaye Mujhe Panah

Palke Ghire Aansu Bhari

Reh Jaaye Mere Nishan

Tute Dil Ki Mat Kar

Tu Fikar Mere Hamnawa

Pyaar Du Tujhko Is Kadar

Reh Jaaye Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan


Sajda Me Tere Sar Jhukta Bas

Chahat Ki Hai Ye Dastan

Ruth Gaya Mera Rab Jo Mujhse

To Mita De Wo Mere Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan.

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan.

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan.

Mere Nishaan.haaannn

Mere Nishaan.aaan…aaann

Mere Nishaan.Mere Nishaan.

Mere Nishaan.Nishaan Nishaan Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.Nishaan Nishaan Nishaan

Mere Nishaan.

After finishing the song he wipes the lone tear that escaped through his eyes and muttered slowly:Meher,I’m gonna apologise soon.

The scene again drifts to another room in the same flat ,A boy of 30 is seen sitting on the couch drinking coffee,he closes his eyes and voices start echoing in his ears.

Girl:Adi please listen to me.

Boy:Don’t call me Adi,for you I’m Aditya Hooda,And I cant listen to you, you are a taint,you are sl*t.

He opens his eyes and tears escapes them.

The scene again drifts this time away from the flat a girl of around 19 is seen ,

The sounds of her sobs were resonating in the dark, musty room.

Her head was buried between her knees, seeking for protection from whatever was out there.The darkness had seem to close up on her , engulfing her as she struggled to breathe.She whimpered as she heard the squeaks of rats and mice. She could feel something crawling on her back but she didn’t dare to raise her head to find out what it was.She was frightened , a lot.She squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the doorknob jiggle. 

The door flung open and she heard the sounds of heavy footsteps staggering towards her.The fear caught up on her. She couldn’t breath, it felt as if someone was choking her. Her heart was racing and all she wanted to do was to curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save her. But no one would , no one was there for her.

A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat.

“AHHH!” she screamed as he yanked her head up by grabbing a fistful of her hair with utmost force.

Pain shot through her head as she looked at him with fear evident in her eyes with tears prickling in them.

“You shouldn’t hide that pretty face of yours” , he said in a sickly sweet tone as he brought his face close to hers. His foul breath that stank of alcohol made her feel nauseaous. 

“Please Yash leave me ,I don’t love you ,I only love Adi. Please “she begged.

“You Don’t love me right so this is your punishment “he shouted.And cupped her cheeks forcefully  while his other hand grabbed her right br*ast squeezing it with utmost force. She cried out in pain and embarrassment. Then he dropped her into the floor.She got up quickly and started to back away, away from this monster.

“Bhaag kar kaha jaogi Shona. Mein tumha pakar lunga”. He said in a sing song voice and stared whisteling a tune. His voice sent chills down her spine.

Her back hit the wall as she scrambled against it to find an escape, but no avail.

She dropped on to her knees and held her arms against her head and whimpered in pain and fear.

He bent to her level and started to twirl a strand of her hair.

“Till now I wanted to extract revenge from your father as he got my father arrested But after meeting you , I fell for you but you never loved me so now I want to give YOU pain. From now on you are a means of fun for me. Come to me Shona!” he snarled and started to rip her dress apart.

“Let me go! NO …..she kept pleading him. She begged him to let her go but all he cared about was to inflict pain on her.

The scene drifted to another flat

“Nahi!!” Zoya screamed and sat bolt upright on her bed.

Her cheeks were wet and her body was bathed in cold sweat. The sheets were tousled and twisted around her limbs, probably because she was trashing in her sleep. Her heart pounded against her chest. She trembled.

The room was brightly lit with lights, she feared darkness. The remnants of her nightmare still clung to her mind, haunting her.

Yet another nightmare , the same one where she would be pleading him for mercy but he would be lustfully tearing her clothes. Touching her, her body, causing her pain.

A lot of feelings conjured upon her. Helplessness , fear, pain and disgust. She was disgusted. She hated her body, she wanted to dispose it , get rid of it.

She could feel his touch, his rough and harsh hands touching her everywhere, her br*asts, her thighs, everywhere.

“NO!” she screamed and started to pull her hair frustratedly.

“Mujha chor do. Tum nahi hoy yaha par” she shouted to the empty room.

She started to scratch herself, her hands , her chest only to get rid of the feeling of his touch.She wanted all of his traces gone.She jumped from her bed and headed straight to the washroom.

She stepped into the shower, the cold water trickled down her body. She stripped off her clothes and then started to rub her body furiously. She rubbed her body with all the strength and force she could muster.

She just wanted it gone, the feeling. The feeling of being disgusted over herself and her body. She could feel the stinging on her scratch wounds as cold water seeped over them but she didn’t care.

“Chala Jao!” she screamed.

And then it all stopped. The shoutings , her movements.

Then they came, her tears. Hot pool of tears began to stream down her face as they got mingled with the water droplets. She fell on her knees and cried . She cried, shouted all her rage that had built in her. Her throat burned from screaming but she didn’t care. She knew her cousin sisters could hear her but she didn’t care, they had gotten used to it.All the bottled up emotions and pain were pouring out of her just like water droplets.

This is what she has been going through all these years,even though everything ended ,It didn’t end , her sufferings didn’t end. The memories still haunts her. They don’t let her live. Those demons of her past clungs onto her, barricading her from moving on.His face never leaves her mind. He’s always there, embedded in her wounds and scars

She wants to let go but knows that all these are permanent. Those claws of her past will always keep dragging her backwards and the pain will always be with her, sharp as a dagger that will always stab her.She lies on the bathroom floor and lets the water fall on her motionless body.She closes her eyes and lets the coldness of the water numb her pain , the pain that will never leave her.

Miserable,  the only word that could be used to describe Zoya’s condition.

Zoya heaves a breath of frustration and tightens the red flannel shirt around her. It was really hot outside though it was just 4 am but she has to wear full sleeves ; her wounds shouldn’t be visible to others. The wounds that HE had given her along with the ones she had inflicted upon herself.

“You are a taint Zoya,You will bring bad luck to anyone who will ever love you. You are dirty, filthy and a sl*t” These words keep playing in her head on loop, the words said by her best friend,the only man she ever loved .

“I am not a sl*t, Not a sl*t” she muttered under her breath and went back to her bed.

The scene drifted to another room in the flat.A girl of 28 is seen sleeping,and she’s sweating.Voices were echoing in her ears.NO…..she shouted as she sat upright on her bed.

Meher:A…ag…again a nightmare……I….i should go to Avni’s room…maybe we can talk.

She stands and goes to another room there she sees Avni standing near a window and crying.

Meher:Avni…..are you fine.

Avni hugs her .

Avni:Meher di ,He’s in Mumbai,if he comes to know the truth he will hate me.

Hey guys I hope you all liked the episode and in my FF Abeer And Aditya are Neil’s cousins and they live with him in a flat with three rooms and their parents are dead so they don’t live with Neil’s parents.And Meher and Zoya are Avni’s cousins and they live with her  in a flat with three rooms and their parents are dead so they don’t live with NeelaMa and ya Neela lives in Pareikh Mansion with Ali and Reha and Ali and Reha are married and Aakash And Mitali,DD And Sunehri are also married.And please comment and like,Bye have a great evening.

—Shia Verma.

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    Nice episode

  2. Jasminerahul

    neil’s dream shocked me.sad that avni lost her memory. but about what try avni is talking?is she faking memory loss.nice to see abeer singing.what happened between mehbeer?happy to see a mehbeer ff. yashwas so cruel to zoya.why did her dad get him arrested? sad that adi is also rude to zoya

  3. 8B4756

    Mehbeer’s past is same but Abeer’s parents died some years back and Meher’s parents also died and there’s a twist and Zoya’s Dad got yash’s Dad arrested as he was involved in illegal activities

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