SwaSan: Hidden Beast – Part 4 by Duaa & Sanji


Part 4

* Maheswari Office *

Sanskar and Laksh were sitting in Sanskar’s Cabin ..

Laksh: What was that Sanskar!?

Sanskar (with an evil smirk) : Ohh Come On Lucky! That girl was so tempting! Purvi .. And she tastes so damn good .. If she was interested in attempting suicide she should’ve told this to me! I would’ve enjoyed till the fullest!

Laksh (smirks) : haa! I don’t get this Sanskar how you are able to convince the girls to be with you!

Sanskar (evily smile) : Charm you see! But some girls have a charm to make me loose my control and purvi was one of them!!

Laksh: Ohh i see! And how many are there in your list!!

Sanskar: Only two!!

Laksh: Okay one is Purvi and the other one is Kavita! Right!?

Sanskar: Noo man!! Kavita is just a time pass you see! She is a fun thing .. The two are Purvi and SHONA!

Laksh: Ahaa!! The girl which make Sanskar Maheswari do many things!

Sanskar: yeah man!! I’ve just seen her once in that Art Exhibition and wanted her badly in my bed! But that girl was just stuck between her morals and values .. Yuckkhh!! But no worries i got her at the end!!

Laksh: Yeah!! Well i still remember you did so many things to impress her right!

Sanskar: Yeah man!! I woke up at 6 for a jog! Can you believe this .. I woke up at 6 and yaa that Donation stuff ..

Laksh: well you were in profit right!! Because of Shona you get Kavita!!

Sanskar: hahah yes! Kavita was drooling over me so it was not a hard job to bring her to bed and make her do such things which bring shona close to me!

Laksh: yeah that’s what I’m saying! See you are in profit!

Sanskar: You see Sanskar Maheswari always do a deal with a profit ..

Laksh ( laughs) : Hahaha! Man!! Well do you know where she is now!?

Sanskar (playfully) : Maybe with God ..

Laksh (laughs) : Ohh Man!! I still remember when you bring her to the party by saying that its your friend’s party .. But in actual that was your party to bring her to your bed!

Sanskar (smirks) : Ohh yaa!! How could i forget that night ..

~ Flashback ~

Sanskar and Saanchi enters the party hall .. Saanchi was wearing Black Half Saree with a border of Red and Golden .. Sanskar was in his Formal black Tuxedo .. They entered the party hall ..

Sanskar: Shona! Thank You So much for coming with me!!

Saanchi: Ahh .. Come on Sanskar! In friendship no sorry and no thank you!!

Sanskar: Ohh!! Then from now on I’ll remember this .. Well i must say Shona you are looking so gorgeous!

Saanchi blushes!

Sanskar: Shona you stay here I’ll be back in a moment!

Saanchi nods!

Sanskar left her near the counter mean while a waiter comes and ask her about a Drink ..

Waiter: Ma’am! Would u like to have some!?

Saanchi: Ahh!! No i don’t drink!

Waiter: well ma’am its a juice!

Saanchi: Ahh (she picks a glass) thank you ..

Waiter left from there .. Saanchi starts drinking it!!
Sanskar smirked seeing Saanchi drinking! Saanchi started feeling drowsy! Sanskar comes towards Saanchi ..

Sanskar: Shona you okay!?

Saanchi (holds her head): I’m feeling headache!! Sanskar its ..

Sanskar smirks: ohh!! Then come with me and rest for a while in a room ..

Sanskar holds Saanchi and take her towards the room .. He make her lie on bed and turn towards the door ..

And then shuts the door with an evil smirk and loosen his Tie!!

He was shamelessly gazing her .. He move towards Saanchi who was unconscious .. Sanskar holds her Saree and removed her in a nano Second! Now Saanchi was all Naked infront of him lying unconscious!

He came on top of her and sucked her lips .. He downs to her and touched her fave through his lips .. Saanchi was lying unconscious ..
Sanskar bites her neck and then move towards her collarbone he was biting her and sucking her .. He move towards her belly button he sucked it and licked it .. After sometime he got up and captured her lips .. Slowly sucking and then he bites her lower lips ..
Sanskar smirked looking at unconscious Saanchi ..

Sanskar smirks: see shona!! Now i have to do all work!

Saying this he removed his clothes and entered into her .. He started thrusting himself deeper and deeper .. The pain brings Saanchi into her conscious .. She wasn’t able to move .. She tries to push him .. But he was so strong and after a lot of struggle she faints while Sanskar smirks ..

Sanskar: Finally Sanskar Maheswari get you ..

He sealed her lips with his .. After sometime Saanchi opens her eyes and reality hits her .. She wasn’t wearing anything .. Sanskar was lying beside her .. She felt an immense pain in her body .. Tears started flowing from her eyes .. Sanskar comes near her and wipes her tears she jerked his hands ..

Saanchi: How could you do this with me Sanskar! How could you!!??

Sanskar: Oh come on Shona!! It was Fun!! And i tell you .. It was Heaven!!

Saanchi (felt disgusting) : how could you .. You played with my dignity Sanskar! You took my Virginity! You .. You .. How could you do this Sanskar!! How could you ..

Sanskar (smirks): Wanna experience again!! Huhh!! Tell na shona wanna experience again tht how i enjoyed!

Saanchi: How will i be able to Face my Maa Baba!! I can’t face them .. They’ll die .. I .. I .. I can’t do this .. I .. I can’t live .. I wanna die ..

Sanskar holds her hair and pulls her towards him ..

Sanskar (bites her neck) : Wanna die!? Then let me enjoy to the fullest Shona!!

Saying this her drags her towards bed ..

Saanchi: No Sanskar! Please please let me go!! What have i done to you .. Please Sanskar!!

Sanskar (smirks) : Shhh!! Don’t shout Baby!! You make me loose my control! And now you have to bear the consequences!! So be a good girl and Let me Enjoy!!

He came on top of her she began hitting his chest while he was on top of her busy in exploring her body pushing all his weight on her ..

Sanskar: Stop Struggling Shona!! Don’t awake a beast in me .. I’m still very calm with you ..

Saanchi: Let me Go!!

He pressed his Lips on hers and his hands reached to her chest she tries to cover them with her hands .. Sanskar smirked!

Sanskar: Shona!! Don’t hide from me sweetheart! I’ve already touched your untouched body so its of no use sweetie!

His mouth reached to her neck and started placing wet kisses over there and bites her shoulder passionately ..

Saanchi was feeling disgusting with his every touch .. He was sucking each and every inch of her body sharply ..

Saanchi began shaking, her breath become shallow .. Tears were flowing like a mountain from her eyes .. She closed her eyes feeling pain when he aggressively biting and sucking her body harshly ..
Sanskar looked back at her and smirked ..
He smooched her belly and and bites over there making it red entirely ..
Saanchi started kicking him with her legs when he pinned her legs and started kissing her legs shamelessly .. Tears are escaping from her eyes by his torture! She hid herself by placing her hands .. He smirked and holds her hands which were blocking the view to his lustful eyes ..

Saanchi: Ple .. Please .. San .. Sans .. Sanskar .. Let me go!! Please!!

Sanskar smirks: How can i let you go sweetie!! You are so tempting!!

He pinned her legs and gazes her body with his lusty eyes .. She was shivering she’d lost all her hope of escaping from this Beast .. She tried pushing him but he held her hands so tightly making her hands grumbled ..

He started thrusting himself without giving a damn about her pain .. She clutches his bed sheet and began crying loudly .. He sealed her mouth with his kiss and began thrusting himself harshly .. Her face is full of painfull expressions and tears were flowing from her eyes ..
After thrusting her hardly he reached the climax and tainted her soul and body completely!
After thrusting her a while longer he stay inside her and collapse into her arms ..

Sanskar: I Must say Shona!! You are utterly hot ..

She don’t have a strength to fight back .. Tears were also dried leaving the strains on her cheeks and he was lying on her ..

After sometime she gathered some strength and tries to get up .. But Sanskar holds her and pulls her towards him ..

Sanskar: Where are you going sweetie!!?

Saying this he sensuously traces his fingers to her neck!

Saanchi: Sanskar!! Now i have nothing!! Please let me go!!

Sanskar: Why so early sweetheart! You’ve satisfied me right!! So now it’s my friend’s time! So now let my friend enjoy! (Shamelessly winks) he won’t disappoint you!!

Saanchi was in utter shock, meanwhile Sanskar gets up and wears his clothes and looked at Saanchi with a smirk, she was just sitting like a lifeless body .. He jumped over her and pressed his lips on hers .. He sucked, bites her lips and then left her when he was out of breath!

Sanskar: Ohh Shona! I just can’t control! But i have to right! Till then my friend Laksh Taneja will enjoy .. After then I’ll be back ..

Saanchi was just lying lifeless .. Sanskar left the room and comes outside Laksh was walking too and fro ..

Sanskar: Ahhh Lucky! You can go man!

Laksh: Aaahh! How’s she man!?

Sanskar: Well some hours before she was a virgin but now (shamelessly laughs) You can go and enjoy haan!

Laksh smirks: See ya later Sanskar!

Saying this Laksh enters the room he doesn’t found Saanchi in the Room .. He smirks!

Laksh: Heyy Shona baby! Come out okayy!! Don’t you wanna enjoy!? Won’t you allow me to make out with you!? So stop playing hide and seek and come out baby ..

He was walking towards the washroom while Saanchi hits him with a Vase from behind .. Laksh holds his head and Faints .. While Saanchi runs from there ..

~ Flashback Ends ~

Sanskar: What Lucky yaar!! You’ve missed such a beauty!!

Laksh pouts: i know Sanskar but don’t worry we’ll find some other hottie and then we’ll enjoy together!

Sanskar: No way Lucky! First I’ll enjoy till the fullest .. You know naa Sanskar Maheswari doesn’t touch the touched girl ..

Laksh: Yeah Yeah!! Now just tell me what to do with this Purvi suicide case!

Sanskar: 10 Crores (smirks) transfer it to tht officer’s account!

Laksh: Okay Boss! And my share!!

Sanskar: You’ll get itt ..

Sanskar and Laksh smirks ..
Screen split on the smirking faces of Sanskar and Laksh ..


* City Hospital *

Yash and Swara were sitting on a Sofa near Shona’s Bed!

Swara: Thanks Yash! Just because of You My Shona is Alive ..

Yash: heyy!! Why are you thanking me! I didn’t save her .. I saved myself! She is my life Swara! My life!! The most dreadful morning in my life was when i saw her in that state!

~ Flashback ~

Yash was driving his car and moving towards his office when suddenly he saw Shona Running and she was in a horrible state .. Yash stops the car and move towards Saanchi .. But before he could Reach Saanchi faints .. Yash run towards her and holds her .. He took Shona to his house ..

Seeing Saanchi’s state Yash knew what had happened with her but he don’t want that to happen so to confirm he called the doctor ..

After examining Saanchi .. Doctor gives her an injection ..

Doctor: Mr. Sighania i want to talk to you ..

Yash: Yeah Doctor! Say ..

Doctor: Mr. Sighania .. She was been brutally raped!!

Yash’s world shaked listening the word ‘RAPE’ his life, The girl he’d fallen at first sight is been raped .. The girl whom he loved unconditionally without knowing much about her is raped ..

Yash closed his eyes .. He opens his eyes his eyes were red due to anger and pain .. He looked towards the unconscious Shona!!

Doctor: Mr. Sighania she is in trauma ..

Yash: Doctor you may leave now!! I’ll handle the rest!!

Doctor left ..

Yash move towards Shona and holds her hand .. He noticed scratches, marks on her hand neck and body ..

Yash caressed her hair .. Shona opens her eyes as she saw Yash besides her she gets afraid ..

Shona: Please leave me!! Please let me go!!! Please leave me ..

Shona was shouting and moving backwards whereas Yash was trying to calm her ..

Yash: Listen Shona!!

Shona: No No NO!! Please don’t come near me!! And let me go .. Let me go .. Don’t touch me!!! Just stay awayy .. Don’t touch me ..

Yash holds her and hugged her tightly and starts caressing her hairs ..

Yash : Shona!! Just calm down!!

>> A Girl can feel the difference in between the touch of Care and affection and the touch of lust.

Yash: Calm down Shona .. Nothing gonaa happen okay!! Just calm down!!

Shona hugged Yash tightly as if her life depends on him ..

Shona: Yash he’ll come .. And Yash it hurts .. It hurts alot .. He is a Beast Yash!! Yash!! Yash! Don’t leave me Yash .. He’ll come back Yash .. He will touch me Yash! It hurts Yash .. Yash he killed my soul .. He .. He .. Played with my emotions ..

Yash was closing his eyes tears were flowing! Shona was holding him tightly!!

Yash opens his eyes .. His eyes were Red due to anger ..

Yash: Who did this Shona!!??

Shona started shivering .. Yash realized that she is hell afraid and this is not the correct time ..

Yash cups Shona’s Face : Forget it Shona! Forget it okay!! Look at me now!! (Shona looks at him .. Yash tries to smile) I’m here naa .. And you are at my house okay .. Now no need to worry! Just take a rest here .. And then we’ll go to your mom dad!!

Listening the word Mom Dad .. Shona started crying!

Shona: I broke my parents!! My parents Yash .. They trusted me and wht i done!! I broke them .. What will they do now!! I’m a black dot on them .. They’ll die .. I don’t deserve to live Yash .. I don’t ..

Saying this Shona started searching something and she found a Knife on a side table she was about to cut her wrist Yash holds the knife and threw it on the side and holds shona near him ..

Yash: What were you doing Shona!??? Why you want to die!! Huh!! What’s your mistake in all this!!!?? The one who did this should die .. You are innocent!! Stop blaming yourself!!

Shona removes Yash hands from her shoulder and move back .. Yash was hell afraid .. He move forward ..

Shona: Don’t come near me Yash!! Don’t! I’m Impure Yash I’m Impure!!

Yash was hell afraid .. Shona was moving back and she reached near the window! Yash was afraid cause after the knife incident Yash knew that Shona can do anything and will harm herself!
Shona was about to jump Yash holds her from her from her waist and pulls her towards himself! Shona was struggling but Yash was holding her tightly! Yash hugged her tightly!

Shona (struggles) : Leave me Yash I’m impure!! I’m Impure ! Don’t touch me Yash!!

Yash: Don’t move Shona!! And who said you are impure .. No you are pure as before! The one who did this is impure! The one who did this is a black dot on society! The one who did this should die .. You didn’t done anything Shona! You are so pure .. Don’t blame yourself! And shona you can’t loose hope okay!! You need to fight .. Fight for justice!

Saanchi: Yash .. Please don’t leave me! Just stay by my side!

Yash: I’m always by your side Shona!!

Saanchi: Sanskar did this Yash!!

Yash closed his eyes tightly!

Yash: You sleep shona!! I’ll talk to your parents okay! Come sleep over here!

Yash make her lie on bed .. And calls his PA ..

* On Call *

Yash: Joe! I need each and every kind of information of Sanskar Maheswari within an hour .. Don’t miss a single point! Do you get that!!?

Joe: Yes Sir!

* Call Ends *

Yash looks towards Shona who was sleeping and holding Yash tightly! Yash smiles and caresses her hair ..

Yash: Don’t worry Shona! He’ll pay for his deeds ..

~ Flash Back Ends ~

Swara looks at Yash who was looking at Saanchi with teary Eyes!!

Swara: Don’t worry Yash! That creep will pay for his deeds!

Yash: Yes Swara! He will pay ..

Swara: He won’t be able to live .. He’ll pray for his death .. But he won’t die ..
Neither he can live peacefully Nor he’ll die ..

Yash: Its Payback Time Sanskar Maheswari!

Saying this Yash throws a Dart on a Board where 3 photos were attached .. One was of Sanskar .. Second one was Of Laksh and the third one was of Kavita!

The dart hits Kavita’s photo!

Swara move towards Kavita’s Picture ..

Swara: Shona considered you as her Sister Kavita! And what you did!! You played with her .. Seems like you love to play games then now we will play a game with you!

~ Flash Back ~

Yash brought Shona to Badi .. People were gossiping about shona cause she was missing from her house whole night!

Lady 1 : Arayy Shona!! Where were you last night!?

Lady 2: Her parents are open minded na so she roams at street at night and see her one of a Boyfriend is also with her ..

Lady 1: Oh God!! I would have killed my daughter if she would’ve been missing for a night!!

Tears started flowing from her eyes .. Yash makes a fist and looks at the ladies angrily!

Yash: Yeah Right Aunty .. You would’ve killed your daughter because you know that may be your daughter had done a cheep thing ..

Lady 1 : Arayy who are you to interfere in the matter ..

Yash was about to scold that lady shona holds his hand ..

Yash: Listen Aunty! I don’t want to disrespect you! So please stop poking your nose in our matter!

Yash holds shona by her shoulder and take her towards her house .. Shona’s parents were aware of the tragedy happens with their daughter ..

>> Shekhar and Shomi are Swara and Saanchi’s parents 🙂

They were broken but they don’t want Saanchi to see them like that cause it will hurt Saanchi the more! So they tried to behave Normal!

Shomi: Shona come .. Have some food I’ve made your favorite food!!

Shona nods and Yash smiles ..

Yash: Aunty .. I also wanna have food! So can i join you guys!!

Shekhar: Haha ofcourse beta!! Is this a thing to be asked .. Come lets have food together!

They were having food while Some one starts shouting from outside and was calling Shona!!

Shona, Yash, Shekhar and Shomi comes outside to see, they Saw Kavita standing ..

Saanchi : Kavi why are you shouting!?

Kavita: Ohh God!! How shameless you are Saanchi .. How can you be so normal after what had happened with you last night!!

Shomi: Kavi beta come inside we’ll talk ..

Kavita: No way!!! How can i enter a house of an impure girl ..

Lady 1: Impure!!??

Kavita smirks: Yes Aunty! She was missing last night naa .. So she was Raped ..

Lady 1 : Oh My god!! Saanchi you were raped!! And you are behaving so normal ..

Lady 2: Araayy may be it was not a rape .. She did that with her will .. After all parents have given so much freedom naa!!

Yash shoutsh: Enough!!! How dare you all point your fingers at Shona!! Don’t you know about her ..

Lady 1: Ohh Romeo is there to protect her ..

Shona was crying Shomi was consoling her .. Shekhar and Yash were answering the people ..

Lady 1 : We can’t tolerate this Impure Girl in our badi .. We have our daughters .. This will give bad impact on them ..

Everyone agreed ..

Yash: who are you to decide that whom should live here and whom not!?

A man comed forward ..

Man: I’m the Secretary of this badi so i can decide itt .. Who are you to ask this!?

Yash smiles: Well this Land and this Badi belongs to Sighania Builders .. And I’m the owner of this Land!! Yash Sighania!

People looks on ..

Yash: So Now I think i have a right to decide who can stay and whom can not! Got that .. Now i don’t want any scene to be created here!!

Kavita: Ohh God! Saanchi i must say you’ve trapped an other guy!! (To Yash) Mr. Sighania you also want to spend a night with the whore like her!!

Yash gritted her teeth .. Shona was crying!

Yash: Enough!!! How dare you call Shona like that!!! You know what Miss Kavita!! Being a girl you can’t understand Saanchi’s pain .. You are her best friend!


Kavita: i Was Mr. Sighania! Now i don’t want to keep any relation with her! And these people over here they are helpless they don’t have any place to live that’s why they’ll gonna tolerate a Girl like Saanchi in their Badi .. Otherwise .. Aahh forget it .. I don’t want to waste my time!!

Saying this Kavita left the Badi and everyone went back to their homes ..

Yash was still at Saanchi’s house!

Yash: Uncle i think we should register a F.I.R against Sanskar!

Shekhar: Ofcourse Yash Beta!! We will ..

Yash: I’m thinking that we should not delay this .. We should file a F.I.R now itself!

Saanchi: Yash you will also come with us naa!?

Yash: Ofcourse Shona!!

Shomi (Caresses Yash’s hair): Thanks Beta!!

Yash pouts: Not fair!! You are calling me Son and Saying thanks! 😛

Shomi: Hmm you are right!! So okay now give me my thanks back by calling me Maa!!

Yash smiles: Okaay Maa!!

Yash, Shekhar and Saanchi reached Police Station!

Yash went to park his car .. Shekhar and Saanchi enters the Police station!

Shekhar: Hello Inspector! I want to file a F.I.R ..

Inspector: Ohh!! Tell the details!

Shekhar: Ji woh my daughter Saanchi is been .. Woh ..

Inspector: What is this woh woh haan!!?? Tell clearly our else leave!!

Shakher closed his eyes and gathers the courage: Ji woh my Daughter Saanchi is been Raped!

Inspector: Ohhoo!! Who had done this!??

Shekhar: She is My Daughter Saanchi Gadodia (points towards Saanchi) and Sanskar Maheswari had done this!

Inspector looks at Saanchi which make her feel uncomfortable!

Inspector smirks: Ohho!! She is indeed so hot that anyone can loose his control ..

Saanchi hides behind Shekhar .. While inspector smirks and tilts his head ..

Inspector: Araay why are you hiding!?? Tell naa how you were been raped!?

Saying this inspector move towards Saanchi and was about to touch her a hand comes and holds Inspector’s hand ..
Inspector turns and looks at the Source and found Yash ..
Yash was hell angry when he’d seen Inspector misbehaving with Saanchi ..

Inspector: Aaayyyy is this a way to behave with an inspector!? Who are you!?

Yash: First you learn to behave with others and secondly I’m Yash Sighania ..

Inspector (Stammers) : Ya .. Yash Sighania! Yes Sir!?

Yash: File a F.I.R ..

Inspector files a F.I.R ..

Flashback Ends ..

Swara and Yash were looking at the board and then they look towards the unconscious Saanchi ..


* Maheswari Office *

Sanskar was sitting on his chair hy resting his head at the back ..
Suddenly he think of something and smirks ..
He called on the Reception!

~ On Call ~

Sanskar: Hey Rosy! Come to my Cabin within 5 mins

Rosy: Yes Sir!

~ Call Ends ~

Sanskar smirks while Rosy enters the Cabin with a blushing face! Sanskar move towards her with a smirk on his face!

Sanskar hugged Rosy from back .. And starts kissing on her nape! He bring her near the couch and smashed his lips on hers .. It was a wild and a hungry kiss which was full of Lust! Rosy was moving back and soon she was on the couch and Sanskar was on top of her! He nuzzled his head in her neck and started kissing her neck and shoulder sensuously .. He was about to open the zip of her dress .. His phone rang .. Both were highly frustrated!

Sanskar looked at the caller I.D ..

~ Lucky Calling ~

Sanskar: What the hell Lucky!! Was this a time to call!?

(Rosy blushed and was about to leave the Cabin Sanskar holds her hand and made her sit on ber Lap)

Laksh: Sanskar! Your work is done!! And this was the time to inform you okay!!

Sanskar: Yeah Okay Whatever!!

~ Call Ends ~

Sanskar was kissing Rosy while se was sitting on his Lap!

Sanskar: Sweetheart! Just give an add in the newspaper for the post of my PA!

Rosy: But Sir …

Sanskar bites her earlobe and then her nape .. And holds her tightly!

Sanskar (in a low dangerous voice): I Hate these buts and all .. Get that now leave!

Rosy left and Sanskar smirked!

Sanskar: Woah!! Now new hot chicks! Can’t wait man!!


* City Hospital *

Yash, Swara and Joe (Yash’s PA) were sitting in the cafeteria!

Yash: Any news about Sanskar!?

Joe: Yes Sir! Again he’d raped a girl .. An office staff of his Purvi Raheja and they’d bribed the Police officer aswell to shut the case!!

Swara: what more we can expect from a cheapster like him!

Joe: And the suicide note was there of Ms. Purvi Raheja .. That was the only evidence that is also burned! And her fiancee Mr. Arjun he is behind the bars ..
Yash: Behind the bars!? But why he!?

Joe: Because Sanskar’s Lawyer Laksh had proved him the culprit of Purvi’s murder and then they shut the case!

Swara: This Laksh Taneja! He is a lawyer his job is to fight for justice and what he’s doing fighting for money! Money minded creature!! People like these can even sell their parents for money!

Yash: Something else Joe!!??

Joe: Yes Sir!! Sanskar Maheswari had given an advertisement for the Job of his PA in the newspaper! And the PA should be a girl ..

Yash And Swara Looks at eachother and smirks ..

Yash: Okay Joe! You may leave now!!

Joe left .. Yash and Swara were sitting in the cafeteria!

Swara: Yash i think this is the best opportunity to enter in to his office!

Yash: I Do think the same!!

Swara: Your reverse Count down has been started Mr. Sanskar Maheswari, Laksh Taneja and Kavita Gupta!!

~ Flash Back ~

* Court Room *

Sanskar was standing in the criminal box .. Witness box was empty .. Laksh was Sanskar’s Lawyer and Sahil was Saanchi’s Lawyer!
Yash went out of station for his official work so he wasn’t present there!

Laksh: Your honour! I would like to call Ms. Kavita in the Witness Box!

Kavita arrived!

Laksh: So Ms. Kavita! Tell when you saw Ms. Saanchi after the fake rape incident how was she!? I mean was she really looking like a rape victim!

Kavita: No Sir! She was just looking like a Normal person as if nothing had happened!!!

Laksh Smirks: See your honour!

Sahil stands and comes to Kavita!

Sahil: Ms. Kavita i have a question for you! Can you please answer!?

Kavita nods!

Sahil: So Ms. Kavita!! As you just told that Saanchi Gadodia was behaving normal as if nothing happened! Right!! So can you please tell me tht how you come to know that Saanchi was raped cause this thing was only known by Mr. Sighania and Saanchi’s parents!

Kavita starts sweating Laksh and Sanskar were also tensed!

Laksh: What kind of a question is this!??

Sahil: A simple question! Now please tell na Ms. Kavita.!!

Kavita (Stammers) : Actually .. It was …

Sahil interrupted!

Sahil: Don’t stammer Ms. Kavita!! Let me tell you how come you know .. You were been called by Mr. Maheswari and he told you to do so .. Right!!! Your honour here are the call records of Ms. Kavita!

Kavita was tensed and Laksh and Sanskar were looking eachother!

Laksh: Ohke! I believe that Mr. Maheswari told her .. So tell me what benefit will Mr. Maheswari get in disclosing this fact ..

Sahil: It’s simple he wants to defame Saanchi ..

Laksh: Arayy who is Ms. Saanchi!!?? A normal middle class girl .. And after disclosing the fact Mr. Maheswari is harming his own respect!! Your honour i found this question very silly .. Grow up Sahil sahab!! Grow up!!

Sahil was about to argue Judge stops him ..

Laksh: So your honour! Now i want to call Ms. Saanchi in the Witness box!

Saanchi comes ..

Laksh: So Saanchi Ji tell us what had happened at that night!!??

Saanchi: Sanskar took me to the hotel Blue Ribbon at his friend’s party!

Laksh: Wait .. Which hotel!?? Blue Ribbon (Saanchi nods) Aahhh Your Honour that hotel’s Party Hall is closed since 3 months!! You can check it ..

Saanchi was shocked!!

Laksh: Ahaa don’t be shocked Ms. Saanchi just tell me then what happened!?

Saanchi: I drank a juice and felt drowsy!

Laksh: Ms. Saanchi if you want more donation you could have asked My client! He wouldn’t have refused he has a golden heart! Why to do these cheap tricks!! Your honour Saanchi Gadodia had first asked my client for the donation and he’d given without asking any details! So Saanchi thought that she can blame him and take more money ..how cheap of yours!!

Saanchi: But that …

Laksh: Ohh Just shut itt .. Let me tell you what would’ve happened! You asked money from my client he refused so you decided to trap him in this Web!! Right!!? Your honour its Crystal clear that this girl is a … Chii i can’t even take the name in front if you cause you are a respected judge here! Look Ms. Saanchi stop this crap here and accept it that you were the one behind my client and you’ve trapped him!!

Sahil: How can you say that Saanchi had trapped Mr. Maheswari!?

Laksh: Ohh God! I must say Mr. Sahil you are really a kid! Its simple she went at the hotel by her wish with My client! She wasn’t forced right .. So this is simple that she was the one who’d tried to defame my client!

Sahil: And what about the medical reports Mr. Laksh and these marks on Saanchi’s body!?

Laksh smirks: Medical reports can be faked!! And these marks .. (Laksh holds scratches his hand by his other hand) see it can come like this .. So shall i also say that I’ve been Raped!! Ohh come on!! Its a cheap trick and it proves that Saanchi Gadodia is a characterless girl .. That’s all your honour!!

Saying this Laksh smirks ..

Judge: After witnessing every point of the case i result that Mr. Sanskar Maheswari is innocent and if he wants he can file a case against Ms. Saanchi Gadodia for harming his respect!

Sanskar: No your honour! I respect women! So i will just request Saanchi that she should follow the way of justice rather then these tricks! I forgive you Saanchi!

Saanchi broke down .. Shekhar and Shomi were also broken!!

~ Flash Back Ends ~

Yash: This wouldn’t had happened if i was there!! Was my work more important then my Shona!? I hate myself for this ..

Swara: No Yash!! You helped Shona in every possible way .. So stop hating yourself!

Yash: If i was in Kolkata i could have saved your parents aswell Swara!!

Swara’s eyes were filled with tears ..

~ Flash Back ~

Shomi was Buying some vegetables!

Vegetables Seller: Araayy!! Leave!! Don’t touch my Vegetables! You cheap people!!

Shomi composed herself and was about to leava an aged drunk men holds Shomi’ s hand ..

Drunk man: where are you going!!? Won’t you spend sometime with me! Your daughter also do a work Like that naa so maybe you’ve trained her ..

Shomi felt disgusting and she ran away from there!!

Shekhar was also been insulted in his office he was been fired from his job!
People were blaming them .. Insulting them .. They were not given the food .. Shopkeepers who once used to respect them had shuted the doors for them ..

Shekhar: Shomi I’ve given my whole age and just got one thing that is respect! And now i don’t have the thing i earned! I can live without food and shelter but i can’t live without respect!

Shomi: Shekhar we know our daughter .. She is right Shekhar ..

Shekhar: I know Shomi but what about my Swara!! What will happen to her when she’ll come to know about it!!

Shomi: She is in US shekhar let her be there!! Its better that she is not her ..

Shekhar nods and asks for a water shomi left towards the kitchen Shekhar shuts the door and Hanged himself in the room .. When shomi arrived she found the door locked she knocks but no response at last she opens the window and saw Shekhar was hanging lifeless .. Shomi wasn’t able to see this sight she gets a heart attack and she died on the spot ..

Saanchi hear the scream of Shomi and as she saw she was broken ..

Her mother was lieing lifeless near the window and Her Father was hanging lifeless inside the room!

Saanchi (to shomi): Maa get up maa!! Please maa get up!! What will happen to me!! Please maa get up!!

Saanchi comes out of the house and found Yash coming out of the car .. She run towards Yash ..

Saanchi: Yash! Maa baba!! They ..

Yash: Calm down Shona tell me what happen!?

Saanchi: Yash! Maa baba left me Yash!!

Yash was shocked he ran towards the house and the sight was terrible! Shomi was lying lifeless and Shekhar was hanging ..

Yash break the door and bring Shekhar down .. He called the ambulance ..

Ambulance take the dead bodies .. Shona was crying and Yash was consoling her ..

Lady 1: Arayy Saanchi why are you crying haan!?? You’ve eaten your parents!

Lady 2: Haan! You’ve killed your parents! And see how shameless she is!!
Shona was broken .. Yash was consoling her .. He take her inside the house ..

Yash had done the Last Rituals of Shekhar and Shomi ..

After that Saanchi used to spend most of the time in her room .. One day Saanchi’s Phone Rang she looked at the caller ID and cries ..
Saanchi wipes her tears and attends the call ..

* Swara Calling *

Swara: Ohh My Shona!! I have a surprise for you!!! My dear sister!!

Shona: Surprise! What surprise!?

Swara: Ohh hello!! I can’t disclose the surprise! But you are asking naa so I’m telling that .. I’ve reached Delhi airport and within few hours I’ll be in Kolkata!! (Swara heard the announcement) ohh
Okay bye shonaa!! I have to leave okay!! You see flight time!! 😛

* Call Ends *

Saanchi started crying ..

Saanchi: What I’d done!! How could i do this with my Swara!!! I’ve made her an orphan!!! I don’t deserve to live!! I’ve snatched everything from Swara!! I can’t bear her hatred!!

Saying this Saanchi took out her dairy and writes something in it ..
Afterr that she opens a drawer and found sleeping pills in it she ate all the pills ..

After few hours Swara arrived at Badi and went towards the house .. She had the spare keys she opens the house and went towards Saanchi’s Room .. She was there to surprise the family so she decided to start it from Saanchi ..
She entered the room and shouts near Saanchi’s Ear ..

Swara: Saaannncchhiiiii !!!

Saanchi doesn’t respond Swara opens the light and found Saanchi’s lips turned blue .. Swara was shocked!

Swara: Maaa Babaa!! See what had happened to Saanchi ..

Saying this she turns and found the garlands on Shekhar and Shomi’s picture!

Swara was shocked meanwhile Yash entered the house and went towards Saanchi’s room and saw Swara shocked!

Yash looked at Saanchi and without wasting a single minute he picks her in bridal style and take her towards his car !! Swara ran behind him ..

Swara: Heyy where are you taking my sister!!

Yash: Listen! I’ll tell you everything now let me take her to the hospital!

They took her to the hospital where doctor told them that Saanchi had taken a high dose if Pills and she slipped into the coma ..

Yash told Swara about the whole tragedy happened! Swara was broken .. Yash ask her to take some rest she didn’t agreed and after alot of insistence she agreed and Yash drop her to her house she move Towards Saanchi’s room .. She was sitting in the floor tears were not flowing she heard a voice of pages turning she look at that side and found Saanchi’s dairy ..
She picked ther dairy and a page opens ..
Where Saanchi wrote something for Swara ..

~ Suicide Note ~

Suicide Note:-………………………………

To Swara,

I know at this moment whatever i have done, I can’t ask for you forgiveness… I have snatch your everything na??? I have made you an Orphan… Now i am also leaving you, leaving you for ever??? When you will read this i won’t be there to listen your scolding for my foolishness… That’s why i choose this way to talk with you… I know you love me a lot… After Maa Baba i am your everything… Trust me Swara you are my everything… I can’t live in that guilt of killing my own parents and making you orphan… May be i didn’t kill them by my own hand but it was all because of me… You might be wondering that me Sanchi Gadodiya can kill herself… Before this all incidents it was unbelievable coz you know very well how much i love this world, my life and everything… All i wanted to live my whole life with someone who will give me immense love… But I was living in a fantasy world… Reality is something else… Here you can’t find love for you what you will get is only lust for you… Swara what was my fault??? That i trusted him… I liked his company… I consider him as my friend??? Friend!!! World’s worst word… My best friend Kavita, who was never a friend to me but a sister to me like you… She has done this with me… After spoiling my life now she can’t let me live also??? She is creating scene almost everyday and giving me slow poison of death everyday… You know na taunt is a slow poison which can kill your soul slowly slowly… That’s what she is doing with me… Why Swara why??? What have i done to her??? Why she is punishing me??? You know Swara i am not that weak that i will commit suicide after this incident… If he would only hurt my body then it can be healed day by day but he has wrecked my soul, my self respect, my trust… He has destroyed me, my dignity, my self confidence in short myself… How can i live now… There is nothing left for me… He has snatch my everything… My maa baba also… Our maa baba Swara… You know Swara in this darkness there is a light which can make my life again brighter and that is Yash… Yes Yash… He has supported me unconditionally in this circumstances… I can feel his love and care for me… After all this i decided to live… live with yash… He was my strenght… He pour a new strenght and will of living inside me untill i witness the 2nd worst nightmare of my life…. The court room drama… You onow Swara that Laksh Taneja was calling me characterless… Do you also think i am characterless??? If i have been raped thats my fault??? Why all are blaming me??? Instead of all this may be i could survive with the help of Yash’s Love but i can’t live with the guilt of killing my own parents… Making you Orphan… How can I live now??? No i can’t… If i want to live for you for Yash even then the society will not give me the opportunity… They will kill me with their poisonous curse… I can’t bear it any more… Sometimes i feel to hold Yash’s hand and ask him to be with me forever… Sometimes i feel to start my life again with him but then my body and that painful flashes again torn me into pieces… I can’t love him back Swara… I can’t love myself now how can I love him??? I just hate my self… I can’t spoil his life by entering in his life so its better i leave… leave both of you… Swara i have tolerate so many taunts and i deserve this but you don’t deserve this??? Because if me i can’t let you suffer like our parents that’s why i am leaving… Leaving for ever… Trust me Swara it’s better for you for Yash and for me also… I know you can’t forgive me as i am leaving you alone in this world but don’t worry Yash will be always with you… I have one request Swara… Don’t forgive me Swara but please do understand me… Please… I love you a lot… And trust me i didn’t want to do this but now i am compelled to do this… I am Sorry… Sorry for everything….


~Suicide Note Ends ~

Swara cries ..

Swara: Why Shona!! Why you left me!! What if maa baba were not there you were there naa .. How can you think that I’ll hate you .. I love you shona!! I love you the most .. I’m feeling like an orphan now!! How could you do this Shona!! How could you!!??

~ Flashback Ends ~

Swara: Yash! Don’t blame yourself!

Yash: Hmm .. Swara but still if i was there i could ..


Swara: Stop it Yash!! We can’t fight against our destiny which is written by him (pointing towards upside) and when be haf decided to ruin us then no one can save us! Afterall he is powerful then uss .!

Yash: Swara! Now what’s next ..

Swara: I’ll be going tomorrow for the interview Yash!

Yash: Just take care of yourself!

Swara nods ..

———— The End ———-

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