Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


maanvi tries to wake up rahul but he dont move
she asks “who are you” to the shadow outside the door and moves towards it but the shadow runs away
she turns rahul and finds him stabbed in the chest
she screams and runs out of her room and falls
she finds blo*dy footprints going towards raj sonali’s room
she enters and tries to wake sonali and raj but they dont move
she turns on the lights and finds their throats cut
she runs out yelling
she sees the hand scratching the door again
she tells her to go away but then wonders about shaleen and nisha
she runs downstairs and finds more blo*dy footprints
she asks why not show yourself why attacking from the back
she notices a cloth hanging near the window in the hall that she had seen in the abandoned house
she looks around and the girl is standing behinds her
maanvi screams for rahul and wakes up

part 2

maanvi looks beside and rahul not there
she thinks what a nightmare she had
maanvi turns and sees blood spilled on floor
she gets worried and calls out for rahul who comes out of bathroom
she asks him if he is ok and asks about the blood
rahul informs her that it is tomato soup that got spilled by him and chotu will clean it up
maanvi tells him she saw a terrible nightmare
rahul informs her about police coming with sketch artist
he also asks her to let go of these fears, screaming, nightmares and get freshen up
maanvi cannot forget what she saw in her nightmare

raj and agent talking about buying a place
raj says he is eager to buy that property
agent informs about the recent murder at that place and that police has closed the place for investigation
raj says he will handle the police and that agent should get rest work done
raj inquires and agent says all he knows is the guy murdered is someone by name kabir
raj shocked

part 3

rahul maanvi with inspector and sketch artist
maanvi describes everything to the artist
girl sketch is complete
sonali and rahul looks at it and wonders about how a girl ended up in that place
rahul wonders how a small girl could send two police guys to hospital
maanvi says this girl also tried to attack her but then suddenly ran away
inspector talks about no child missing reports matching this description and about the owner of this property
raj comes and reveals the name of the businessman who owns the property – Billy Maurya
raj shows the pictures of the place when it was made
maanvi sees these pictures and immediately recognize the place
raj reveals the owner was his associate and died few years back
raj and sonali talks about this guy and little bit of his history
police assures them and leaves

part 4

rahul talking with a guitarist on a new composition
guy suggests a duet on this
rahul loves the idea
he wants to give this news to maanvi himself
maanvi cannot get past the girl she saw at the abandoned house
rahul comes and finds maanvi deep in her thought
maanvi is fixated on going to the place again
rahul is annoyed why maanvi keeps insisting on doing this after everything they had suffered
he tries to reason with her but she pleads
rahul says he will do something
rahul maanvi wait for police outside the abandoned house as it is a crime scene
maanvi is persistent on checking the place herself
they all go inside and look around
a boy runs away from behind them
rahul and police persue the boy but maanvi hears someone and comes looking inside
maanvi finds the girl hiding behind a chair
episode ends

she is looking around the abandoned house and a girl steps in front of her.
Rahul with two constables is looking around and hears maanvi call out “who are you”
she backing away and finds another kid sitting on top of cupboard. she screams.

Update Credit to: sweetcathy29

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