swasan: A heart beat (Episode 10)

Hello everyone.  here is 10th part.  For more recap visit below

recap: swasan sangeet marriage completed. flashback completed.

swara wearing white flown frock with back open. she is in sanskar’s arms and sits at sanskar’s lap where as he sits in balcony lawn.
They both lost in memories while sanskar gently twirling his finger in her hair and softly touches her back.  she hugged him.

sanky: do u remembering all incidents what Made us meet?

swara: yes sanskar. I’m feeling that it happened now.

sanky: do u want to still there in  those memories? don’t u want to make even more beautiful memories now? ?

swara feels shy.
she says: yes I do. .

sanskar lifts her face and cups with his hands and give her a long memorable kiss on her lips. swara closes her eyes. swara holds him so tightly. sanskar too tightens his grip. They carry on with that of 5 mins.  They both release their hug at once. because they need oxygen to made their love. Their breath hardly. . This time sanskar gets lost at her beauty he comes close to her. But she rans away to the room.  sanskar follows her.  sanskar holds her up and twirl her and now he made her stuck in his arms. .  swara manages to lessen his grip. sanskar comes closer to her.  She goes back. sanskar holds her against wall. He tries to go further.  suddenly swara screams with pain holding her stomach. sanskar gets worried.

sanky: swara. . what happened to you all the sudden??

swara: don’t know sanskar I’m getting pain.

he holds her in his arms and makes her rest and gives water.

sanskar: do u feel better? ? shall I call doctor now?

swara: she holds his hand.”no sanskar.  don’t call anyone. It will be all right soon.”

sanskar: how can u be alright with out any medicines? don’t tell me lie. do you still feel pain? he worries alot.

swara: no sanskar. I’m telling truth. actually it my menstrual cycle period. I’m feeling better now.

sanskar: oh.. k then.  take rest. let me know if you need anything. He goes from there.

swara holds his hand and says
“sanskar!  I’m sorry.” she has tears.

sanky: sorry..? for what? ?

swara: I know I disappointed u. u have lot of hope tonight. because of this u r loosing this moment and wait for one week.

sanky: what are you talking swara? ? I loved you. I want to have u as my wife. it doesn’t mean that I want only s** from you. I want u to be with me all the life.  I’ll wait for u either it is years or births. don’t talk to me like this.ok ??Just take rest.

swara feels happy with his words. swara: thank you sanskar.  you know I’m the luckiest person on  the earth to have u as my husband.

sanskar smiles and goes to couch and sleeps.

next day morning:

swara gets up early and comes to kitchen. All ladies in family wishes her good morning. ap asks swara to prepare any sweet as it is her first at their home.
swara nodes. ap asks uttara to help her.  swara prepares kheer.
sanskar wakes up and does not find swara.  He thinks she goes to downstairs. He gets ready and come to take breakfast. ragini comes there. swara feels happy and hugs her.

rag: I know u will miss me swara.  so that I came to see you in the early morning.

ap asks ragini to join them in breakfast. All come and sit. ap and swara serves for everyone.
ap tells every one that swara made kheer.  everyone taste and gives gifts. ragini praises swara.

lucky: babhi.. kheer is very nice. I loved it. u have magic in your hands. He takes some more kheer.

sanskar taste it feels good. He gives great look to swara she smiles.

rag: jiju why don’t tell anything to swara. didn’t u like kheer?  where is your gift?

sanky: it’s very good. I liked it.  I don’t about this. I’ll give her gift later.

They all finished their breakfast. ragini ready to go to home she goes to take blessing from all.  lucky offers her to drop.
raglak sit in the car.
ragini asks laksh to turn on radio. laksh try to hold the button ragini too holds that at time.  They an small eye lock.
In fm:
rj: one of my friend asked me one doubt I’m still confuse to answer that if anyone can help her.”my friend’s sister’s dewar comes to my friend’s room to propose her. but he didn’t proposed her as he didn’t get opportunity. she is not sure about his feelings. she want to know about his feelings. so anyone please help her. meanwhile enjoy with the song from force.

“chahoon mein tho bi
kaise karoon sare jo bhatein
dil kehtaha hai. ..”

rag remembers laksh coming her room and sees her without dupatta. she feels a bit uncomfortable. her heart is beating faster. lucky feel the same. They both avoid eye contact. lucky changes the channel.
another rj: ” what do you do when you are with your loved one besides u in a heavy rain?”
lucky: uhhhh…omg. what happened. He switches off the radio.
He sees rag uncomfortable so he starts his conversation of her friends and college. They get into normal. They reach the place ragini gets down and thanks lucky.
lucky: don’t say that.  No sorry and no thank you in friendship.
ragini smiles and goes inside.

precap: laksh holding ragini In his arms.

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