Ek anokhi kahani Episode 36

Rags says bye to dev and durga they leave for their honeymoon.
Rags starts to move shaurya appartment
She knocks door shaurya opens door and welcomes her.
Swara sanskar sheena arjun and laksh already present there.
Rags:-u didnot start yet.
Sanskar getsup and says her without u how can we start dear.
Rags:-achaa say it straight naa that u had a feeling that i will escape from work and u not started unpacking them untill i reach
Sanskar looks here and their says sees yar we are waiting for her and she is saying like this.
Rags:-dont act i know u very well .
Shaurya:-stop fighting and start doing work
Rags and sanskar watches them angrily .
Shaurya:-he he its a request yar .
All starts unpacking.

Swara and sanskat goes to kitchen .
Swara stands on stairs and sanskar stands down and gives one by one.
Sanskar:-wow swara when will u arrange my things like this.
Swara:-if u want i will do it now only lets go.
Sanskar:- stops her and says i am just kidding.
Swara:-but i am serious lets go now.
Sanskar pulls her towards him and holds her by waist and says u will manage me and my things when u become mine completely.
Then u and me will manage eachother ok.
Swara smiles and hugs him and he also hugs her and kisses on her fore head.
They both comes back and arranges whole kitchen.
Shaurya and sheena and arjun are arranging cutains.
Sheena says lets choose pink
Arjun say yakk lets choose blue.
Sheena:- pink
Shaurya looks at them and smiles and says lets choose cream and merun ok.

Arjun and sheena watches at each other and says ok.
Shaurya goes to one side .
Sheena and arjun arranges curtain but they got stuck inside and tries to find way to come out but they come more close to each other and they both realise they closeness and lost into each eyes.
Arjun leans to wards her to kiss but shaurya comes and helps them to come out.
Shaurya:-you got stuck in this small one.
Sheena:-oye its not small one its like a tent and by searching it hanging links we automatically stuck in that and leaves from their.
Arjun comes to shaurya and says where is payal.
Shaurya:-it looks like i intreppeted someones romance.
Arjun and shaurya laughs .
Dev and durga walks on street visitind different places by holdingveach other hands.
Dev and durga goes to shopping and durga
starts selecting gifts for every one and dev
stairs at her.
Durga looks at him and smiles .

They both go to hotel room and dev gifts a
saree yo durga and asks her to wear it and
Scene shifts to rags .
Rags and laksh are lifting sofas and bed after
arranging every thing rags catches his waist
and says.
Rags:-oh my god shaurya bhai is killing me my hands and back are paining like hell.
Laksh comes to her and take her hands in his
hands and kisses and says is it still pains ragoo.
Rags:-smiles and says noo.
Laksh:-you said that your hands and back is paining and hands got treated now and walk forwards ragini moves back after sometime rags hit wall and laksh keeps his both hand on wall and come close to her lips rags and laksh both closes eyes and breathing heavily.
Laksh :-not like this ragoo our first kiss should be very special and we should kiss freely without having anyones tension and here all are their around ous soo.
Rags opens her eyes and hugs him tightly and say not now and yaa you are right our first kiss should be very special.
Shaurya:-ragoo and laksh come lets have coffee.
Rags and laksh break their hugs and goes towards hall.
Rags sits next to shaurya and says.

Rags:-is this sofas and bed are your are you brought from someothers for free.
Shaurya:-wat r u talking yar.
Rags:-how much weight they are yar my hands are paining.
Shaurya:-thats why u all people helped me very much thats why i am treating you with cooldrinks and cakes.
Swara:-wow thank you so much.
Shaurya:-i should say thank you frds.
Sanskar:-you r calling us frds and saying thank you again
Shaurya smiles.
They all shares their cakes and cooldrink after some time they start water fighting when they are cleaning hall with soap water.
Swara comes in between and says stop it we should not waste water and show her finger to all and say do u understand.
All watches each other and smiles evily and lifts their buckets.
Swara says no no no.
All threws water at her and she get wets and threws water from her mouth in funny way.
And she start threwing water on all and all starts water fight finally they all sits and laughs.
Durga comes out wearing red saree with black mix.
Dev gets mesmerised and walks towards her and cups her face and kisses her on forehead and says
you r lookin damm beautifull durga.

Durga hugs with and rests her head on dev chest.
After sometime they went to candle light dinner and share light moments.
After coming to room when durga is changing dev helps her to remove all her jewellary and he carries her to bed and he too lays beside her.
Durga resting on dev and they both start talking.
Dev:-you know rags and laksh are together.
Durga:-ya and even swara and sanskar.
Dev:-really arjun and sheena also.
Durga:-shaurya and payal are also couple and dev we all met accidently some other as family frds and now within few months all turned into relations and think when we all get married it will look awesome right.
Dev:-well madam but when we will not when
they will because we both already married.
Durga:-smiles says ya ya .
They both hugs and dev kisses her on forehead durga holds his collar and closes her eyes.
Dev then kisses on her closed eyes.
Durga opens her eyes and kisses on devs cheeck and says i love you dev thank you for coming in my life.
Dev hugs her and says i m lucky to have you in my life and night fades awads aways with their intimation between them.

Precap:-shaurya and payals engagement and swara and sanskar marriage talks

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