Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-6)

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Asalaam alikom all dosto

R U Ready…..

Swasan lovers…enjoy….

Previosly: Aman badly exposed in clg

Epi. 6: Titains Attack

Both girls start to walk away  after aman shamless posture, when surprice no.2 hit their phone as MMS tone?, both opened video, it was Aman himself, what looks as yesterday stripping his cloth and wearing the women outfit, but so clear tat he is drugged, yelling nasty things, swara closed phone coz she didn’t want to see further, same as ragini

Ragini: what the hell is that? Who would do this to Aman? laksh would not even cross his mind half of this. Then whooo?

Swara mummerd only two words since she was in deep thoughts: Sanskar Maheshwary

Ragini: kyaaaaaaaa? (swara put her hand on ragini mouth, then left her) Sanskar??? But y?

Swara: I don’t know, but he was the one who noticed Aman friends and warned me, he even knew about laksh, and he got angry from Aman yesterday, all events points to Sanskar.

Ragini: hw can he? He destroyed him totally. Its no longer about collage, this video is on youtube…. it must have reached all kolkata by now….. Aman is from decent family….. hw can he do tat???!

Swara: poor Aman, he won’t face anyone again.I gotta go.

Ragini: to where?

Swara: somewhere, c u n my home, bye (then ran to her bike and drive it to Sanskar restaurant.

Swara stepped in calmly and stand waiter came at door: yes ma’am any table?

Swara: no. I wanna meet Sanskar Maheshwary

Waiter was shocked: something wrong ma’am?

Swara: no, I need to meet him

Waiter: one second please. (after second he came along with another man look like manager)

Maneger: yes my lady

Swara: as I said, I want Sanskar maheshwary

Manager: but miss…. (his phone rang and it was huss boss)

Sanskar: lead her up

Manger close phone; follow me please

Swara followed manger to an elevator, both stepped in and manger press two floors up,  and each second she thinks about the blast tat about to happen, elevator open and he sign for swara to out and she did and he immediately down again. She stepped inside whole floor office which was luxury in every piece

Sanskar suddenly: not that much, u should see my cabin, its even more.

Swara got afraid by his sudden voice: holly ma, u scared me

Sanskar: sorry lady, please have a seat (swara sits) I must say im surpriced to see u here, I thought we ll talk whn we meet next time, but coming to me personally, vaah, not expected.

Swara: and R u always right in ur expectations about people??.

Sanskar: always.

Swara: perhaps ur too ego

Sanskar: indeed and i am proud of it

Swara: any way im here to…

Sanskar: yes I know saying thanks.

Swara hated to feed his ego more but: its true, u warned me so thanks.

Sanskar: any time sweety, I knew u ll like what I did to that brat

Swara; hell no, ur sick person

Sanskar got angry: what u sayyyy???

Swara: haan Sanskar Maheshwary, hw dare u do that to him??, u destroy him totally, have u ever consider his family??? Hw dare u do tat to him?? And why??

Sanskar; coz he appose me

Swara; when? he was brat haan but what u did is off limits

Sanskar: he called my name with no Mr., he referred me as these, he teased me, he must thank god I didn’t do more.???

Swara; really Sanskar???!!! For these u coz him and his family such scandal!!!! Didn’t know ur such narrow mind man Mr. Maheshwary!!

Sanskar shouts very load: SWARAAAAA!!!!!!!! u mind urself coz u n my office

Sanskar stood up from his chair and get close to her seat and looked pretty angry: u r n my office swara, so mind ur self, or…..

Swara stand up to face him equally: or kya Sanskar Maheshwary? U destroyed man’s life like nothing, what kind of human ur?

Sanskar angrily: I’m not human. I’m SANSKAR

Swara flipped back by his anger but hold it: what about me? Ah? I oppose u? call u normally, and worse. Why not revenging from me?

Sanskar put devilish look on his face: no no! don’t compare urself with scam swara, ur revenge must be more quitter …. more pleasurable. And who said I didn’t. I already started my revenge sweety, going out with Aman wasn’t acceptable…. i dnt like my properties to hang around without my premission. so I accelerate my progress.

Swara: and when did i become ur property???!

Sanskar: the moment u catched my eye laly girl.

Swara: U R disgusting Sanskar Maheshwary.

Sanskar look angry: Im Sanskar only, and u ll b my wife

It took swara second to understand that and surprisingly, she start laughing out loud: me? Ur wife? Hahahahaha no way yaaar, never guess ur good in joking?

Sanskar hold her arm tight: im not

Swara in anger: leave my arm right now Sanskar maheshwary….. or i swear u wont touch anything again

Sanskar let her go and back to his chair: u ll see, u ll agree to…..

Swara interrupted: I wont, even if ur the last man in the world

Sanskar look at her and smile: just till u reach home, MRS. Maheshwary.

Swara got frighten by his words but her ego speak: MAHESHWARY MY FOOT, Chiiii

Swara left angrily fast to her home while laksh laughing on her attitude.

Swara reached home finding ragini there, her mom crying and dad in bad situation

Swara: mom. What happen?

Ragini hugged swara directly and whisper: book library for studying

Swara node as got it, she went to her papa: papa what happen, y u like this?

Shekhar give her teary look?? and bow his head??, swara look at her mom and was in no condition of speaking, laksh was there also, she went to him: tum bolo laksh, what happen, why they cry?

Laksh stood there enable say any word, swara shout (some one speak up pls for god sake)

Ragini took swara: challo to room swara, I ll tell u.

They reached room: I’m sorry swara I wish f there is better way to say it but I’m lost of words.

Unknown phone inform police that ur dad put… put cams in women change rooms and…..

Swara: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Ragini: pls calm swara, police found nothing but rumors still up, Shekhar ji got some attacks and…….. (swara didn’t listen more and fainted while ragini scream her name over Gadodia mansion)


So hw was our titains

Sanskar really took first step

Hw u think swara ll replay tat

Keep ur hold coz more bold on the way

Till then allah hafiz dosto

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  1. Simi

    Sanskar is a devil

  2. Wow.good one.plz post the next part soon.eager to know wt will happen next?

  3. yaaar its tooooo goood awesom n many more…where is ur another story….update next sooon cant vait..

  4. Rockleon

    Wowwww ser not expected thiss,was tot!!!totally amazing!

  5. Madhu.r

    next update soon plzzzz

  6. Woww what a ego sanky​ marvelous . Story is running fantastic & amazing .
    & Thank you so much dear . Take care……& Keep smiling always…….

  7. Scooby

    Awesome ?? he deserved it aman?
    But shekar uncle i feel sad…

  8. Seebu_s


  9. Kakali

    Nice Nour!! Devil Maheswari..!! Love it..!! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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