I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 14

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Heya friends….This is AditiB….I know it’s a late update…..don’t worry I’m gonna make it up to all of you…It’s a really time taking process typing and thinking….But your love brings me back to this forum…He He….Here’s the part where the revelation is gonna happen…I don’t know when I’ll be able to update again….I hope it’s sooner enough….Do comment and tell me how it is Okay???

I decided to give a credit section to all those who have commented on my ff and supported me….
Ruksy, Pooja26 (di), Haridhra baby , Shivika, Honey, Sofia. S., Alekhika20, Nikitajai, Bhavana, Lilly, Ria Baby, Banita, Jerry_36, Surbhi Sharma, Vaishali di, Sana(thedreamsoul), Shivika1233, Vivikhta Baby, SamSun, Simrat_14, Charitha, Ankita, Nithu, Aryaraju, NitaD, Arthi, sneha payal, Aanchal baby, Ahaana, Purva, Ibnath, Ashwathy, Dhar, Debdutta Biswas, Shuklarashi, Bhavana, Niriha, Jane, Riaa.

Hope I did not miss on anyone….and thank you to all my dear silent readers…..even if you don’t comment it’s up to you….I’m very happy that you people are reading it…that’s enough for me…

Further….I’m thanking my friend Shraddha DBO…who has started penning down an amazing ff on RiKara…you all go and read it….Thank you Shraddha for mentioning me as one of your favourite Authors…I’m glad I could make up to that list……Thank you Vivikhta Baby for making me one of your favourite authors…. I love you….and Ria Baby – aami Conceivable er joono wait korchhi…hehe…

Lastly…I thank you Harsha baby (Dramalover)…. you named one of the characters in your Kaira ff on me…I love you my bestie….and if all you people are reading this…then please do comment on the ff… I’m giving a link to the previous part:

I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 13

Hope you all would like it…..


I ain’t sorry for loving you:

CHAPTER 14 – The Revelations:

Shivaay’s POV:

I was surrounded by her Love all the night and even all the day…She was the essential element of my life…I may be able to survive without oxygen for two minutes….But without her one second is enough to kill me. I had died a hundred times seeing my Brothers paining as their parents fought, I had hated my fate badly whenever I saw Dad insulting Mom and she, not being passive, shot up a heart-wrenching insult on him again, not paying heed that I was present there, not thinking that even if their insults didn’t affect them, they still made my heart bleed profusely. I was always comforted by the two people, my brothers equivalent to my lifeline, but this time I wanted her to comfort me and she did, she was always up to my expectations; I had been always deemed to be a perfectionist…hated for it by some, at the same time loved for it too. But never had I seen a person emotionally perfect, she understood me more than myself, and I was happy that I got her, she is the result of my good fortune, acting as the elixir that resurrects a dead soul.

I was perfectly fine as the result of her gentle comforting, and had thought of going to work so that I could keep my mind busy in something productive. I woke up from my bed where she had put me and was trying to figure her presence out. As I proceeded towards the door, she emerged out of nowhere with a plate and some food on it, meant for my nourishment.

“Good Morning Honey. Good to see you well and fine.” She retorted back as I was busy getting my clothes out of the closet.
I kept my clothes on the bed and went to her, embracing her in my thirsty arms that wanted her to be in them. She held me back, gently stroking my hair and I answered her “Thank you for being with me always, the reason I’m fine is you.”
“My job is to be with you always, temporarily as an employee and permanently as your wife.”
“Come what may, please don’t leave me ever. Please.”
“You already know that, I won’t leave you ever; achha, are you thinking of going to the office?”
“Yeah, ‘cause there’s a lot of work pending, I would need you all for myself today; no commitments, no Daughter-in-Law duties, get it?”

“Honey, I want to visit my Mom…..actually….”
“Oh, yeah, she’s unwell; no issues dear, I’d come with you to visit her.”
“No…No need Honey, I’d take my car and would go by myself, you don’t need to take stress.”
“No Buts and ifs, am leaving, have the food and take care, I’d be back in a couple of hours.”
“Okay, as you wish…” and she planted a kiss on two of my cheeks and I kept on staring lovingly at her departing figure.


Had it been an ordinary day, I would have gone after Annika to her place to see-off her Mom. But my professional duties needed my attention. Mishra drove me crazy by repeatedly calling me and informing of the hundreds of meetings. Even if I was cooler nowadays, I still shot up at him for bothering me so much. I was in a volatile state when I started turning my closet upside down, clearly indicating my seriousness. I couldn’t find the papers Mishra was badly after, in my closet. I cooled down my mind by drinking water and contemplated, remembering that Annika had kept them in her closet, as she was working on them. I started searching there and along with the papers I and Mishra were after, those papers again made their way up to me. I saw those proofs again, but wasn’t able to figure out their significance. So I dropped them where they were, thinking of asking about them to my Bro Rudy or their owner- My Wife.


“Are you okay, brother?” I heard O’s voice echoing.
I saw my brothers at the threshold of my room. Rudy hugged me as soon as I turned around. O stood smiling.
“I was worried for you Bhaiyaa” I just nodded at Rudy.
I did not want to remember, so I turned my thoughts to something else. I remembered those papers I found in my wife’s closet. I thought of asking Rudy about them, he could help out if they were any legal documents. He was a specialist of Legal papers and held exceptional legal degrees.
“These look like some criminal proofs, better say, evidences.” Rudy gave a scholastic answer.
“Interesting, Bhabhi wanna sue someone, ain’t she Rudy?”
“She wants to prosecute against someone; well they are very strong” Rudy answered O’s question.
“But I never knew of anything, she has kept me in deep oblivion.” I was astonished like hell.
“It’s got a name in the forensic report Bhaiyaa”
“WHAT????” OmRu’s eyes went round.

My eyes were about to bulge out when I read the name.
“My Dad???”
“Bhabhi wants to prosecute Chhote Papa????” All three of us stood dumbstruck.
Such a shock it was, I couldn’t believe my senses. What the hell was she up to????
“What to do now?”
“O, they are the proofs to a grave criminal offence.”
“Nothing NEW….” I wasn’t surprised et al.

“He’s your father, Bhaiyaa. How can you say this???”
“We all know him very well, don’t we Rudra?” I spat angrily.
“I just want to know why she wants to sue him, that’s all.”
I gave a huge sigh. Why the hell she was doing this?


Done with the update…. friends I hope I’m good at what I’m doing. This story was an accident….it came suddenly…. I would update as soon as I’m free as very less number of days are left for my first entrance. I’m hell scared, don’t know what will happen…..but Stay tuned and don’t forget to comment.

Copyright: AditiB

(Be unique, be original, be you.)


So how’s it? Do tell me and if you wanna watch some amazing videos, go to my wall….. I hope you all would love them.

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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    About the update, I can’t get enough of this story and that’s solely, why I hate each and every exam, college, school and institution present on this planet. ?
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