SwaSan FF : Tu Mera Humsafar Season 2 Part 3 By Goldie

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Hii My Readers..M Bak wid da Nxt n 3rd Part of #Tu_Mera_Humsafar Season 2..Thnks fr Liking da Wonderful Response fr da Previous Part..It Means alot..Hope I Continue da Same wid This Part n Future Parts too..*FingersCrossed*..Anywyz Here is da Nxt Part..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below at the End :)..It will Increase My Motivation n My Confidence :).

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Recap : Reason fr Sanskaar’s Handicapped Revealed..SwaSam Bomd.SwaSan Reception n Siddhant Shocked..


Season 2

Part 03

The Part Strts wid Swara Running n Hugging to An Old Couple All Happily n wid Tears of Overwhelmness Flowing frm Her Beautiful Eyes making da Couple too Happy n Overwhelmed..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Papaa..Mummaa.. ( Hugs da Old Couple ) Thnk God U came..I was Missing U both V Badly.. ( Overwhelmed )

Man : ( Teary Eyes ) Aww..My Baccha ( Hugs Bak ) We too Missed U Shona..( Release da Hug n Cupped Swara’s Cheeks Concernly ) Tum theek toh hona ?? R u Fine ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Sad Pout ) Hw cn i be Fine Papa ?? M nt at all Fine.. ( Sad )

Man : ( Shocked ) What ?? Wat do U mean by u r nt Fine ?? Kya huw Shona ?? Any Prblm ? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Angry Pout ) Haa thr is A Big Prblm.. ( Man Looks Shockingly ) Dnt Stare Me Like that Papa..U knw I cnt Stay wuodut I fr A Day also n Jabse meri Shaado hui hai U Forgot abt Me ?? Did nt even Call Me Once ( Teary Eyes ) Hw Bad Papa ?, ( Hugs wid A Pout )

Man : ( Unbelievable Look ) Shona ?? R U Serious? Kal hi toh baath ki thi humne ?? N U r telling I did nt Call U ?? ( Hits Swara’s Head Playfully ) Pagaal..

Swara : ( Pout n Release da Hug ) Haa toh..1 Din Pure 23 Hours hote hai n these 24 Hours looked like A 24 Yrs to Me..Yaha M Missing U Very Badly n U r Laughing n Teasinf Me..V Bad ( Sad )

Man : ( Laughs ) Aww M Sorry My Baccha ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead Lovingly ) Sorry..Waise Sacchi Kahu..I too Miseed U Shona.. ( Teary Eyes )

As da Man n Swara were Having Some Father n Daughter Bond,The Lady came wid da Man gave them An Angry Look n An Unbelievable Look making Swara n da Man to Chuckle or to Giggle at the Lady’s Angry Expressions..

Lady : ( Angry ) Haa..Haa..U both Keep Missing Eachother only..Main kaun hoti hu ryt to U both..M A Stranger na ( Makes Faces ) Or A Maid na who does all da Wrk fr U all frm Morning till Night n at End I Get nthing frm U Both.. ( Angry Pout ) Hw Mean..Huh..

Man : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Shona..Seems like Something is Burning here..or SOMEONE is Getting Jealous..Hai na ? ( Chuckles )

Swara : ( Laughs n Hugs da Lady ) Ihh Plzz Papa..dnt U Dare Tease My ( Pulls da Lady’s Cheeks ) Pyaari MUMMA haa..Sne is da World’s V
Best Mumma Ever.. ( Kisses da Lady’s Cheeks ) Love U Mumma..Missed U too Alot..Muwwahh ( Hugs Tightly )

Lady : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) Aww ( Release da Hug n Cupped Swara’s Cheeks Emotionally ) Mera Baccha..Missed U too..U even dnt knw Meri kya Halaat thi wen I Heard U got Married all of a Sudden..I was Shocked.. ( Teary Eyes )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry Mumma..bt Halaat hi aise the ki I had No Other Option..Plzz Forgive Me ..M Sorry I knw U n ( Sees da Man ) Papa had many Dreams fr My Marriage bt I jst Shattered it..M Sorry ( Cries )

Man : ( Hugs Swara Securedly ) No No..Shona..No need to be Sorry..Its all Witten in ur Destiny..Isiliye yeh sab hua ..n Moreover ( Release da Hug n Cupped Swara’s Face ) U did all this fr An Important Mission..U cnt ( Wipes Swara’s Tears ) be Soo Weak nw..I m Proud of U My Shona..n rahi baath Ur Wedding Dreams ki its all jst A Small Wishes Wich Ur Mumma n Me wanted to do jo puri nhi bhi hui toh its Ok fr Us bt Our Main Wish is to see U HAPPY in Ur New Life.aur kuch nhi..Yeh Choti Moti Wishes ka kya hai..It will will be Fullfilled some day..If nt In ur Wedding den maybe in Ur Kids Wedding Hai na ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Blushes n Hides Her Face in Shekhar’s Chest ) Papa..Aap bhi..Plzz..Sanskaar ne Sunliya toh.. ( Intreprupted )

Man : ( Release da Hug ) Sunliya Toh kya ? ..DAMAND hai Mera..He has da Right to knw na wat His The Gr8 Father in Law cum LAWYER SHEKHAR GADODIA want wants frm Him .. ( To da Lady ) Kyoun Hai na SHARMISTHA? ? ( Chuckles )

( Bingo!! Guyz. U all eere the right da Parents of Swara r SheMish Only ??..Clever Haa ??.Good ??.. )

Sharmishta : ( Hits Shekhar’s Shoulder Playfully ) Offo..Stop it Shekhar..Have some Sense..abhi abhi toh Shaadi hui hai Sanskaar aur Swara ki..Give dem some time.. ( Takes Swara in Her Hug n Caresses Her Bak ) dnt Tease My Daughter ok ?

Shekhar : ( Folds His Hands n Bows Lil ) Ok Meri Mata..I wont ( Makes Faces ) Uff..Srsly Shomi..Cnt I Tease My Daughter also..Huh..V Bad..

While SheMish n Swara were Having some Cute n Emotional Family Moments together Laughing n Teasing Eachother,Sanskaar n Siddhant who were Shocked n Surprised seeing SheMish as Swara’s Parents came thr n Stared Swara n SheMish Understand their Prblm n to Compose themselves..

Shekhar : Ahmm.Well Boys..Tum dono ke Chehre dekhkar lagraha hai ki Swara did nt Tell U anything abt Us Ryt ??

Siddhant : ( Shocked ) No..Uncle..Swara did nt Inform Us ki She is Ur Daughter..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked too ) Haa Uncle..Swara ne mujhe bhi nhi bataya..She jst told Me U r A Gr8 Lawyer..bas uske elawa nthing..

Shekhar : ( Laughs ) Haa Woh..Actually Its Swara’s Childhood Habit ki She wont Disclose Herself as My Daughter coz She don’t wants any Forced Respect or Importantanxe frm Others..She wants Everything by Herself by Her Hard work n Self Gained..tabhi toh College main bhi Sje did nt Reveal ki She is My Daughter..Only the Head of College knws abt it..n baaki ko kisi ko nhi Malum nt Even Professors their knws ki Swara is Shekhar Gadodia’s Daughter.. ( Side Hugs Swara Proudly ) n isiliye Swara did nt Inform Siddhant too ki She is My Daughter wen He wqs Appointed Her fr U SANSKAAR fr Ur Treatment ( Kisses Swara’s Hairs Lovingly ) M Proud of Her..She is My Princess n My Pride ( Tightens da Side Hug Proudly )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked + Proud ) Nyc Ha..Hmm nw Even M . Proud of My WIFE..Infact Blessed too to get Such Self Respected Girl as My LIFE PARTNER..Really Blessed..( To Siddhant ) Hai na Sid ?? ( Smiles )

Siddhant : ( Blank ) Haa Haa..Bhai..Infact Y Only U..M also Blessed na to get Her a My BHABHI ( Mockingly )..

As Sanskaar was Proud of Swara,n Siddhant was Angry n Fuming in Hatred towards Swara,Shekhar n Sharmistha who were Standing their Changed the Emotional Topic into a Cheerful Environment making SwaSan to Laugh n Enjoy the Fun Environment..

Shekhar : Well..Sanskaar..Wont U Welcome Ur Father n Mother In Law Inside da Party ? Ya Yehi Darwaze se hi Bahar bhejna ka Orada hai ?? ( Chuckles )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) No No..Uncle.. ( Hits His Head ) M Soo Sorry..Plzz Come In na ( To Swara ) Swara tum bhi na..Yaha Entrance main hi Emotional Drama shuru kardiya..Ander toh laati Shekhar Uncle n Sharmistha Aunty ko.. ( Scolds )

Swara : ( Shocked ) Haww..Hw Rude Sanskaar..Ek toh I Met My Parents after a Long Time n The Moment I saw them I was Blank n Overwhelmed so I Forgot abt the Party n all n came to Meet dem..n uss Situation main jo mujhe Sahi laga I did..So dnt Blame Me fr that Haa..( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Makes Faces ) Uff Excuses na kou tumse Seekhe..Huh..

Swara : ( Angry ) Papa…see yr Damand..tell Him to Mind His Rongue..hw cn He ( Intrerupted )

Sharmishta : ( Stops da Fight ) Offo..Bas karo tum dono..Stop it..Its Ur Reception Party n U both r Figthiny like Tom n Jerry infornt of all Guests..Have some Common Sense n Responsibility both of U..( Angrily )

SwaSan : ( Pout Face ) Sorry..

Shekhar : ( Giggles ) Its Ok My Kids.. ( Sees Swara ) Ur Mumma n (.Sees Sanskaar ) Mother In Law na is Hitler Only frm Yrs..Dnt Mind Her na.Habit hojayegi tumhe Sanskaar jaise Mujhe n Swara konhogayi hai.. ( To Swara ) Hai na Princess.. ( Winks Naughtily )..

Swara : ( Giggles ) Haa Papa..Right ( Sees Shomi’s Anger n Gulps ) Hmm Papa I guess We shud go inside ( Diverts da Topic ) Woh all r Waiting fr the Party to Strt.. ( Gulps Agn seeing Shomi )

While Swara Diverted da Topic Sanskaar n Shekhar who were Standing thr Noticed Swara Gulping in Fear seeing Shomi n Controlled their Own Respective Laugh to Avoid Shomi’s Anger on them too making Angrily on them..Soon all Along wid Angry Siddhant’s Went inside da Party Happily n Enjoy ed da Party Happily making Siddhant More Angry n Frustrated…


1 Hour Later

Time Passes n The Party goes on Smoothly wid Guests Enjoying da Party Thoroughly..As its been 1 Hour since da Party Strtd,Swara n Sanskaar were Sitting wid SheMish n Siddhant Happily while Few Business Guests came n Praised da Couple Happily while Some Neighbours n Relatives Taunted them making Both Swara n Sanskaar Embarrassed Yet Angry on them fr Accusing their Respective Life Partners while making Siddhant to Smirk Evilly n Winningly..

Guest 1 : Dekho toh Mrs Mehra..Hw Happily this Girl is Seen Enjoying da Party as if nthing Happened wid Her..iske itne Gande ( Makes Disgusting Faces ) Gande Pics Leak hue hai Pure Duniya ke saamne ki koi aur Ladki hoti iski Jagah toh She wud have Attempt Sucide till nw..bt Look at Her Hw is She Behaving ( Makes Faces ) Chi.. ( Disgusted Looks )

Guest 2 : Chodo na Jiji..Such Girls have No Shame..inka kya hai..Aaj Ek ke Saath n Kal Dusro Mardoon ke saath..its their Profession..So Y wud they Feel Ashamed of Themselves Haa . First these Type of Girls come in Big Houses as A Maid or Some Helper n den Try to Lure da Boys of those House n wen they Fall in their Traps these Girls Marry them n Enjoy their Lust or Satisfaction till they r fully Satisfied.tabhi toh this Girl tried to Lure da Youngest Son of Maheshwari Family n wen She Felt ki Siddhant wont Fall in Her Trap She Trapped Poor Sanskaar…..

Guest 3 : n waise bhi jab khud Sanskaar ne Shaadi karne ka Faisla liya woh toh iss Ladki se toh Woh Bhuddu thodi hai to Deny such An Amzing Offer of becoming A Daughter In Law of Big House n The First Bahu of Maheshwari Family..

Guest 1 : Bechara Sanskaar. Pehle hi Handicapped Hai. N Uper se itna Masum ki Iss Characterless Ladki se Shaadi karli..abb kare bhi kya Bechara..He cnt see Anyone Sad na..I Hope Sujata Ji n Ram Bhaisahab Zinda hote toh aaj Sanskaar ki yeh Halaat nhi hoti.. ( Feels Pitty )

Guest 3 : Haa Sahi kehrahi ho app..Nw Who knws Ki Yeh Ladki acche se Khayal rakh rahi hai ya nhi Humare Sanskaar ka.I Heard these Girls jst need Money n Satisfaction uske elawa kuch nhi..n bas Ek Baar apna Matlab pura hojaye na toh these Girls Fly Away n Goes to Trap another Men..Hw Cheap..Srsly ( Keeps on Taunting SwaSan )

As The Guests were Continously Taunting Both Swara n Sanskaar V.Badly,SwaSan Especially Swara Felt really Bad n Tears Rolled frm Her Eyes Continously Hearing Her such A Disgusting Insult frm Others wich Made Sanskaar Fume In Anger bt b4 Sanskaar cud do anything,Swara Ran to Her Room Crying Miserably Making Sanskaar n SheMish Fume in Anger..

Sanskaar : ( Angrily ) BAS..Bahut hogaya..Enough ( To The Ladies ) Aaplog yaha Meri aur Swara ko Blessing dene aayi hain Ya Insult ? Mind Ur Language b4 Speaking Agnst My WIFE..n agr kisi ko yaha Meri Wife Ki Insult karni hai toh They cn Leave this Party RIGHT NW..( To Servants ) Kaka Show these Ladies the Door n Throw them Out ( To Other Guests ) N U all Cn Enjoy the Party..I will be Bak Other Wise ( Angry U all cn Also Leave ( To Shekhar ) Uncle Aap aur Aunty Stay here..I will Bring Swara Bak ( Assures n Leaves )

Soon Sanskaar Left fr His Room Concerned fr Swara while Shekhar n Sharmistha Stayed Bak Handling da Guest while Siddhant Smirked n Enjoyed the Moment Evilly n Secretly while Stinking His Drink Smirking Winningly Yet Secretly..

Siddhant : ( Smirks Winningly whilr Drinking ) Wow..Its A Magic..bina mere kuch kare hi Swara ki itni Insult..Wow ( Smirks n Sips His Drink ) nw Let Me see Hw will Swara Stay Here n Hw will She Protect Bhai aka SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI frm Me ( Smirks Evilly ) Poor Bhai is Unaware it’s Me Who made Him Handicapped 8 Yrs Bak ( Laughs Evilly ) bt nw I need to Send this Swara too Out of My House asap coz if She comes to knw abt My Plan den She will be Dangerous fr Me ( Tensed ) i jst Hope She Leaves this House Today Itself ( Worried )

As Siddhant was Lost His Own Thots Shekhar n Sharmistha who were Watching Him frm A Distance Fumed in Anger n Cursed Him frm tjeir Heart n Wished fr their Plan Success Secretly making dem more Determined n Confident agnst Siddhant n His Evil Plan..


SwaSan Room

Soon Sanskaar Reaches da Room n was Shocked seeing Swara Sitting in da Balcony wid da Whole Room Messed Up n in a Messy Hairs Crying Miserably making Her Eyes Red n Swollen..Seeing Swara in this State Sanskaar Immediately Rushed towards Her making Swara to Feel His Presence..

Swara : ( Weeping ) Sanskaar..Plzz Leave..I wanna Stay Alone fr sometime..Plzz ( Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Holds Swara’s Hands ) Swara..I cnt Believe My Eyes ki The One who is In Front of Me is My SWARA or Someother Swara who is Accepting Her Defeat ?

Swara : ( Confused ) What do U mean Sanskaar ??

Sanskaar : Aur nhi toh kya ? Coz U r nt My Swara..Meri Swara toh knws hw to Fight wid Others fr Her Rights n to Stand Agnst Wrong..bt U r toh Crying Here like a Looser..toh iss Naate U r nt My Swara na ? U r someone else..who is giving dat Siddhant A Chance to Win Over U..

Swara : ( Broken ) bt Sanskaar..Fr U its Easy to say all these.bt its nt Easy fr Me..coz fr A Girl Her Dignity n Her Respect is everything n Once its Gone infront of Everyone or infront of any Stranger na Her World is Over fr Her n ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Bt Did U Loose Ur Dignity ?? Or Self Respect? Answer Me ??

Swara : ( Blank ) Nhi bt ( Intrerupted )

Sanskaar : Den Frm wat r U Scared of Swara ? Jab tumne apni Khoyi hi nhi den Y r U Sitting n Crying like a Looser ?? Tell Me Damn it..Coz of Ur this Act thr Siddhant is Celebrating His Win..Woh toh Chahta yeh hi hai ki U Accept Ur Defeat n U Leave this House..n by Crying like this Like A Coward U r making Him Win in His Dirty Game..Dnt U think So Swara ?? Dnt U think U shud Defend Urself ? Nt fr Urself bt atleast fr Ur Parents ? Dnt U think ? ( Sternly )

Swara : ( Hugs Sanskaar n Cries ) M Sorry Sanskaar..M Sorry..U r Right..I shud Fight agnst da Ones who r Blaming Me fr No Reason..Fr Mumma n Papa..n Fr U also.. ( Tightens da Grip ) Thnks Once Agn Sanskaar..The Reason fr My Strength is U..i dnt knw agr tum nhi hote toh mera kya hota..Thnk U.. ( Cries )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Sshh..Its Ok..No need of Thnks..Bas U Fight fr Urself isse zaada i dnt need any thing.. ( Release da Hug n Wipes Swara’s Tears ) Nw Come Lets Go..Uncle n Aunty r Waiting fr U..

Swara : ( Wipe Her Tears ) Haa Chalo. ( Leaves wid Sanskaar )

As Sanskaar Encouraged Swara,Swara Determined Herself n soon Both Swara n Sanskaar Leaves da Room to Attend da Party Confidently while Siddhant who saw them going towards da Party Area frm A Distance Fumed in Anger n Confusion..

Siddhant : ( Confused ) Nw Whr tjey going ?? Kahi indono ne Party Attend karne ka Man toh nhi banaliya ? ( Shocked ) Hosakta hai..coz jabse in dono ne Shaadi ki hai Ek dusre ke Support System banr phir rahe hai.. ( Angry ) Ohh God..Damn It..Yeh Sanskaar na..Khud me liye lad nhi sakta bt Swara ko Ladna sikha raha hai.. ( Frustrated ) Damn Man.. ( Angry )

Soon Siddhant too Left Behind SwaSan n Attended the Party wid Fake Happiness making Him More Angry n Frustrated..


Party Area ( Maheshwaris Mansion Hall )

As soon as Siddhant Reached da Party Area,Both Swara n Sanskaar too Reached their n Stood on their Stage while Shekhar who was Present their Fumed in Anger n Gestured Sharmistha something through His Making SwaSan n Siddhant Confused n Shocked..

Swara : ( Confused ) Papa..Wat r u doing ? I mean Wat U told Mumma through ur Eyes ?? Sab theek toh hai na ? ( Worried )

Shekhar : ( Smiles ) Nhi Beta..Sab theek toh nhi hai bt ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Lovingly ) Sab Theek karna hai isiliye m doing this. U jst be Calm..Dnt Worry ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Matlab Uncle ??

Sharmistha : ( Smiles ) Matlab abhi samajh main aayega Sanskaar..Jst Have Patience ( Hands Mike to Shekhar ) Yeh Lo Shekhar..Mike.. ( Smiles )

Shekhar : ( Takes da Mike ) Thnk U Shomi.. ( To SwaSan ) Dnt Worry Beta..nw da thing m going to do na Is Very Important..Its High Time to take this Step.. ( Assures )

Soon Shekhar Assured SwaSan n Took da Mike n Announced something Very Proudly to the Guests Presnt thr making dem n As well as SwaSan n Siddhant Shocked n Surprised..

Shekhar : ( Calmly ) Excuse Me Ladies n Gentlemen..May I have ur Attentive Please..Well U all knw Me M Shekhar Gadodia The Well Known Lawyer of Mumbai n Legal Advisor of Maheshwari Business n Family..n also A FATHER IN LAW of SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..Yes Ladies n Gentlemen U Heard it Right M Father In Law of Sanskaar Maheshwari i.e Swara to whom Sanskaar is ( Goes To Swara n Side Hugs Her Securedly ) Married to is MY DAUGHTER..N M PROUD of Her infact Nt Only Me bt My Wife i.e Swara’s Mother is also Proud of Her coz We bring Swara’s Parents We knw Hw Hard Working n Pure Hearted Our Daughter is..n Ppl ( Looks at da Ladies Who Taunted Swara,Guyz Shekhar has Stopped those Ladies frm Going to Teach them a Lesson ) those who Blamed n were Taunting My Daughter to them Let Me Make One thing Clear..

My ( Tightens da Side Hug ) Daughter is Nt like those Cheap Girls..She is da World’s Best Daughter BORN in this Wirld..Coz I have seen Her Working Hard fr Gaining Her Own Respect in this World widout Using My Name..N M Proud of Mt Daughter..No Matter wat Rubbish Ppl Talk abt My Pride Abt My Daughter..I Trust Her More dan anyone in this World..So Hope Ladies n Gentlemen M Clear to U all ..I dnt need to give any Character Certificate to U all abt My Daughter..n i dnt even need to all these Here bt since Its My Daughter’s Wedding Reception n Ppl were Taunting Her Unnecessary due to some Fake Videos n Pics I needed to do this to Shut those People’s Mouth..So Hope U all R Cleared abt My Daughter..Thnks fr Attending da Reception Function of My Daughter n My Son In Law..Its been a Pleasure Having U all..bt nw We Request U all to Leave after Having Ur Dinner..Thnk U.. ( Leaves )

As soon as Shekhar Left Sharmistha too Leaves da Party Area Angrily after Announcing Swara as His Daughter Officially SwaSan Including Siddhant n Guests Present thr were All Shocked n Surprised on Shekhar’s Sudden Revelation n Step..Soon SwaSan too Leaves fr their Room Shockingly Leaving Siddhant n Guests all Shocked n Numb..


SwaSan Room

2 Hours Later

Soon Time Passed n its been 2 Hours since da Party got Over n Swara was seen Sitting in Balcony in Her Night Suit All Lost in Her Own Thots wid A Cup of Coffee thinking abt Her Sudden Life Change making A Tear Drop Fall frm Her Eyes Showing all Her Pain n Sufferings..


1 Month Ago

Swara Soon after being Appointed as A Nedical Helper by Siddhant fr His Relative,Swara Joins da Maheshwari Mansion as A Medical Helper fr Siddhant’s Brother SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI n Its Been 1 Month She Joined..As Time Passes Swara’s n Sanskaar’s Bonding Became Strong n they became A Good Frnds Infact Best Frnds Forever Sharing all their Secrets n Masti wid Eachother making Siddhant Angry bt More Lusty fr Swara Secretly..

Swara : ( Makes Faces ) No Partner.Its nt Fair…U alwyz do like this.Wen U dnt wanna Get Treated by Me den Y do U alwyz Trouble Me fr Ur Medicines Haa ? . ( Pout Face ) Cheater Kahike ( Turns Her Face Angrily )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Aww My Cute Angel ( Pulls da Girl’s Cheeks ) U r soo Cute..Ok Sorry.. ( Opens Mouth ) Lo Aaa ( Points His Open Mouth ) Feed Me My Medicines..n see I Promise I wont Trouble U nw ( Puts His Hands on His Throat n Swears ) Pakka Promise ( Puppy Face )

Swara : ( Happy ) Pakka ?? U wont Cheat Me agn na. ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) No Baba..i wont..nw come on Fast..Feed Me ( Opens His Moth ) Aaa..

Swara : ( Giggles ) Lo.. ( Feeds )

As Both Swara n Sanskaar were Having their Frndly Moments n were Growing More Stronger in their Bond Swara at the same Time Noticed some Fishy n Doubtfull Things making Her Confused n Doubtfull abt Sanskaar’s Medicines n Food..While Swara Noticed Some Fishy Things Time Passes Even More n Swara’s Doubts too Increased More..One Fine Day As Usual Swara was Bzy in Sanskaar’s Daily Medical Wrk Wen She Noticed A Wrong Prescription of Sanskaar’s Medicines naking Her Shocked..Seeing da Wrong Prescription Swara Hurriedly Rushed towards Siddhant’s Study Room n Disclosed Him abt Wrong Medicnes making Siddhant Shocked n Surprised..Bt Siddhant Being A Smart Player Composed Himself n Acted Normally Assuring Swara abt the Matter..As Swara Left fr Her Room Siddhant Made An Evil Plan n Went to Her Room almost Middle of The Night n Strtd Mis Behaving wid Swara n Strtd Harrassing Her making a Fake Dirty Videos n Pics of Her..Soon Siddhant Leaves da Room wid Fake Pics n Videos n Leaked da Fake Pics n Videos of Swara Leaving Swara in a Messy n A Horrified Manner Making Sanskaar who was Seeing all these Helplessly due to His Handicapped Feature too Shattered n Broken n Felt Disgusted on Siddhant’s Cheap Plan to Make Swara Leave da MM..Soon Sanskaar Disclosed abt His Bad Past to Swara n Decided to Marry Swara to Return Her Self Respective n Swara too on the Other Hand after Hearing Sanskaar’s Past too Decided to Marry Sanskaar n Return His Everything Belonged to Him n Told Her Parents i.e SheMish too abt Her Decision..SheMish being Understandable n A Good Frnds of Maheshwari Family Agreed n Supported SwaSan in their Plan n As Time Passed SwaSan got Married n Strtd their Plan wid Full Determination n Confidence making SheMish Proud of their Kids..

********FlashBack Ends********

As Swara was Lost in Her Deep Thots Sanskaar comes Near Her on His Wheel Chair n Kept His Hands on Her Shoulder Assuringly n Lovingly..Swara on Feeling Sanskaar’s Presence n Touch Hugged Him n Cried Bitterly Letting Out Her All Pain Making Sanskaar feel Pain n Angry seeing Swara in this State Giving A Rise to An Unknown Yet Pleasurely Feeling in His Heart Slowly n Secretly..


Precap : Siddhant Falls on Sanskaar’s Feet ??..


Taddaa..Guyz..Finally Done wid 3rd Part..Phew..Its Really Quite A Loonnngg Part wid Agn Another Revelation n Drama..Hope its nt a Boring Part n Hopefully U all Liked it..Plzz Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :)..


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