Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga(episode 2)

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Thank u everyone for support. I m glad that u all liked the concept. Hope u liked the beginning too.
Let’s start the 2nd episode…

Oberoi’s mansion. Everyone is gathered in the hall. Tia’s parents are also there;

Tia(hugging her mother): oh! I love u sooo much mom. U gave me the most beautiful marriage gift.
Anika enters just then;
Mom: But there is a problem.
Tia: What?
Mom: The tickets are for tonight’s flight.

Tia(looking at Shivaye): so what? It’s okay. Shivaye has no problem. After all u did it with so much love,right Shivaye baby?
Shivaye: But Tia tonight its too early. I have many works here.
Tia(come to Shivaye and hold his hand): Oh come on Shivaye! Papa and bade papa are there. Pls say yes for me. Pls.. Pls.
Shivaye looks at Dadi, she nods.
Shivaye: OK fine.
Tia starts looking at her honeymoon destination pics. She sees Anika and calls her too.
Tia: Venice is a lovely place, just look at that Anima,u like it?
Anika nods.
Shivaye starts looking at Anika. Anika gets upset.
Anika: excuse me!

Anika comes to kitchenkitchen and starts crying.She feels someone coming. She wipes her tears and turns to find Shivaye standing there. She starts going without paying heed to him but Shivaye pulls her to him. Anika looks around worriedly and then looks at Shivaye angrily.

Anika: What is this?
Shivaye: I want to talk to u.
Anika : Shivaye don’t forget that u r married now.
Anika turns to go but Shivaye pulls her and cuddles more tightly
Shivaye: just listen to me.
Anika: There is nothing left to listen Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye: but I want to talk. I want to say sorry. Pls forgive me. I can’t live with this guilt.
Anika gets irritated. They hear Tia’s voice. Shivaye leaves Anika.
Tia: Shivaye u r here, I was searching u in the whole house. Come
Shivaye goes.

At night, Shivaye and Tia are ready to leave. Shivaye touches Dadi’s feet and ask for Om. Om comes

Om: So u r leaving ur brother now.
Shivaye: That can never happen.
Om: I know that.
Om and Shivaye share a brotherly hug. Om breaks into tears. Shivaye feels that.
Shivaye(still hugging): Om!
Om wipes his tears.
Shivaye: look into my eyes Om.
Om looks up. His eyes are red. They speak clearly of his pain.
Shivaye: What happened?
Om: Nothing.
Shivaye: u can’t lie to me.
Om(smiling forcefully): nothing really.
Shivaye: sure?
Om nods. Tia calls Shivaye.
Om: All the best bro!

Tia and Shivaye leaves. Om comes to his room which is full of dark just like his broken heart. Om comes to a sculpture. A sculpture of a girl, very beautiful, just like Om imagined love to be.Om runs his finger on its face lovingly.

Om: Why did u do this to me? I love u. I may be a fool but I love u really. What was my fault. Am I so bad that I don’t deserve love and happiness. Answer me. Say something.
Om shouts ” Answer me ” and breaks the statue. He then opens his cupboard and starts throwing all the things belonging to Ridhima on the floor. He then takes out her photo from the wallet and lights it too. He burns all her memories. He then sits down all shattered and cries.

Om: I m all alone now. Where should I go. No one is there to share my pain.

In another room Anika cries too.

Precap: Om comes late at night and faints in front of dadi. Dadi shouts to call the doctor.

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  1. Could u plus upload another epi soon coz eager to c omika together. ..

  2. Could u pls upload

  3. Ayath

    yea plz upload next part soon…i loved this ff it is really awesome

  4. Raksha.manan

    Plz fast upload
    Want to see on and anika

  5. Akshaya

    Omika omika omika.. waiting for their union buddy. Nice episode.

  6. Shivika

    Ooo really upset to read shitia together plz post nxt episode soon so that i can get my supense over me

    1. ARK

      No suspense dear! Its an Omika ff.
      Thanks for comment.

      1. Shivika

        I know dear that it is an omika ff …..the suspense is that how will they come close

  7. Diyaa

    Waiting eagerly for OmIka moments. Can’t thank you enough for writing this. 🙂

  8. Priyanka_22

    Amazing ARK
    Though I hate shitia but its necessary 🙁 for d track
    Update soon

  9. Tulasi

    Nyc one yaar…..????

  10. omika…. waiting for next..

  11. Awesome It’s a omika ff it’s interesting I loved it

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