SwaSan ff : Bas Itna Hai Tumse Kehna.. ( Episode 2 )

Hello guys.. Thank u soooooo sooo much fr ur cmnts.. It means alot.. I wanna clear 1 thing here.. sm1 asked in prev epi that this story is same as she read 1 Islamic story n m converting it to swasan version.. well, yes.. this story is inspired frm dat book only.. that story is smwat stating abt islam.. bt mine is different. characters are same bt storyline m going to give is totally different. So, whoever read that story they may seem sm part same bt this story will take drastic change in next few episodes. So stay tunned n if any1 felt bad den m sorry.. If u dont want me to continue den u can tell me.. so share ur views. N tell me whether I shd continue or not.. Its upto u.. ☺☺☺



Damnn!!! I just don't know what am I doing? Why am I doing this? And till when..?? I'm really pissed off.. I was sitting in my office in my cabin checking out sm files.. bt my mind isn't let me work.. blo*dy hell..

" John.. in my cabin.. in next 2 mins.." I called John, my P.A. He cm there n knocked the door..

" May I come in, sir..?? " John..

" Yeah.. come in.. " I said in bossy tone while checking out my mobile..

" Well, if m not wrong then I guess I had given u sm very important work..?? I asked him sternly.

" Yeah sir.. I remember it.. And ur work will be done in next two days, sir.. " John..

" Alryt.. good then.. M waiting.. u may go now.. " I ordered him.

" Okay sir.. " John said n left..

I sighed n relaxed on my chair closing my eyes.. Suddenly my phone buzzed..

" Hello.. "

" Sir.. Ma'am isn't at home.. She went out long back.. dint return till now.. "

" What??? What the hell?? What were u guys doing when she went out? How can you even let her go.." I yelled on my guards at the top of my voice..

" Sorry.. sorry sir.. "

" Do hell with your sorry.. u all are fired.. get lost.. " I shouted n threw the phone . I was frustrated..

Where the hell she had gone?? Nd y?? Why she's making the things more difficult for her dammit!!! I hv to do smthng.. I was rubbing my forehead with my thumb.. Yes.. that person can help me.. I dialed the no.

" Hello.. "

" Hello.. Swara is missing. I need your help.. "

" What?? How??.. " opposite person..

" we'll talk abt this later.. 1st we need to find her.. or else it will be a problem. ."

" Dont worry.. m going out.. I'll inform u if I find her.. "

" okay.. "

I hang the call.. One last time I took a deep breath, grabbed my car keys and went out..

Swara's POV –

Three.. Two.. and..???


What the hell… I dint fall down.. sm1 pulled me n slapped me hard.. I let out a gasp cz the intensity of slap was so hard that blood cm out of corner of my lips and I stumbled. I looked at the person and gets shocked!


She was fuming in anger. Her eyes were all red.. Tear escaped from my eyes seeing her there.. She did it.. as always.. She saved me.. again! She was my saviour n still is.. I let out a painful smile.. My Ragini.. when my parents n brother used to beat me mercilessly. Ragini was the one.. who used to save me.. who used to convince them with her fake love acting.. otherwise I would be dead till now.. yeah.. Ragini is my sister! My soulmate.. bt my parents n bro treated her like a princess.. bt not me.. Y? They dint deny anything she used to demand.. She was pampered a lot.. She always loved me though everyone hated me.. She hates every single person who hates me.. She used to convince my parents not to beat me in her sweet voice as much as she can.. n bcz they couldn't deny their princess, they used to leave me, finally..

" What the hell was this swaraa?? What were you going to do?? Have you lost it?? Answer me dammit!!!" Ragini yelled at the top of her voice while tears were falling from her eyes..

I felt helpless.. I made her cry.. who used to make me smile when I used to cry.. when I was in pain.. N now bcz of me only, this girl was crying. All are ryt.. I'm worthless. I don't deserve anyone.. I can't make anyone happy rather ended up making them cry..

" Swaraaa I.am.asking.u.smthng. ??? " said Ragini sternly controlling her anger as well as tears..

" Dint you see, Gini.. I was doing.. SUICIDE! " I said while giving her painful smile only to receive a tight slap again..

" How dare you??? How dare you to do smthng like dat?? Who gave u the ryt to end ur life?? U don't have any ryt on ur life got it?? Did u once thought about me?? And SANSKAR???" Ragini said throwing daggers at me..

I chuckled with tears.. SANSKAARRR!!! She said.. what must be his reaction.. well, I guess I knw it.. He would be a happiest man on the earth.. and y not? Who will like to keep a garbage like me in their house.. whose use is NOTHING. absolutely nothing..

" He would be very happy to know dat m dead, Gini! No one would hv felt bad. No one would hv missed me.. everyone would be happy to knw dat m died.. The waste like me-

" Just shut ur blo*dy non sense swaraa.. Just stop it.. I was.. almost died thinking dat.. I.. I lost u.. " Said Ragini hugging me..

" Never do that swara.. plz.. atleast for me.. Thank God I cm on time.. now cm with me.. I'll drop you at your home.. cm.. "

Wait a minute.. How gini got to knw dat m here n going to do suicide..?? It was a coincidence or she was keeping an eye on me?? Or someome INFORMED her??

" How did u get to knw that I'm here..??" I asked her being suspicious.

" I.. I was passing from here and I saw you running aimlessly towards bridge.. so.. I.. followed you.. " she replied. So it was a mere coincidence. Well dats my badluck..

" Okay.. " I said..

We walked out of there and sat in her car n drove off..

As soon as we reached near my – sorry Sanskar's house she started speaking..

" Whatever may be the situation,  You'll not do any stunt like this, ever.. Remember 1 thing, You hv to fight.. fr ur ryts, fr ur freedom, fr urself.. u can't fall weak.. promise me swara, you wont even think of doing such a stupidity again.." Ragini said looking at me directly.

" I promise.. I'll try my best to be strong, Gini.. " I smiled at her..

I got out of car n bids her bye.. I let out a sigh and entered inside the house..

I saw him sitting there on couch , smoking a cigarette. He dint look at me.. May be he dint even realise that I was gone fr so long..

" where were you..??? " He asked without even looking at me.. I thought about where I was and shook my head.. Though I dont wanna tell him bt I wanted to see his reaction..

" I was about to kill myself; bt bad luck for u, I got saved.. " I said in same tone as his.. I was curious. Very curious to knw wat he would say..

" Well, Bad luck for me then, right?? " He said and walked to the bedroom and closed the door with a loud bang.. I sighed. And made my way over to the couch. I was tired.. so so tired.. I felt my head heavy.. I just threw my body on couch and when sleep took over me I dont know..

Precap : Well.. I guess I can’t give precap.. sorry guys..

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