Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 11)

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In Austria

In Raghav and Naina’s room

Naina: wakes up and goes to washroom to get fresh and comes back after getting fresh comes and wakes up Raghav .
Raghav: wakes up and pulls Naina and she falls on him and they have a eyelock
Naina: gets lost in eyes of Raghav and comes back to sense in couple of seconds and tells Raghav to get ready and come downstairs and have his breakfast and he has to leave for office early because there is important meeting .
Raghav: ok and tells Naina that he has planned something special for both of us .
Naina: tell me na Raghav what is it
Raghav: no it is a surprise

Naina: ok smiles and leaves for downstairs .
Raghav: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes out and wears his suit and comes downstairs .

At Dining Table
All have their breakfast and after breakfast is done Raghav,,Veer and Balraj leaves for office .
Dadi: Naina where are you going
Naina: room is fully messed and i have to clean it up and i have choose a dress also because Raghav is taking me out for surprise that i don’t know
Dadi: Gets happy that Raghav is taking her out and blesses her to stay happy .
Naina: leaves for her room
Back to Raghav and Naina’s room
Naina: starts to clean the room and after 1 hrs room is fully is cleared and she is covered with all dirt and sweat so she decide to take shower. she takes a towel and goes in bathroom

In Bathroom
Naina: takes shower and comes out and wears salwar suit and thinks what surprise will be Raghav will give him .
At Office
Raghav : Veer today we taking out tender of our new contract what is status of that
Veer: Bhaiya there one of company of india Raheja Industries is in line of our contract and meeting is in afternoon.
Raghav: ok Veer
Veer: thanks bhaiya

Back at Mehra house

Parmeshwari: talking to dadi and tells today her niece Sanjana is coming
Dadi: gets happy for parmeshwari and tells her veer to bring sanjana from airport when her flight lands.
Parmeshwari: ok i will tell to veer to bring her
Dadi: leaves to his room

Back in India
At Delhi Airport we see a girl for boarding a fight to Austria and that girl is none other then sanjana and after all checking sanjana(in mind i will snatch all property of mehra’s) sits in plane and plane takes off .

In Mumbai
At Raheja Mansion
In Ritik’s room
Ritik: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes out and wears his suit and goes downstairs and sits where dining table is and waits for Ranveer .

In Ranveer’s room
Ranveer: goes to bathroom and takes shower and comes out and wears his suit and goes downstairs and sits where dining table is .
Both Ritik and Ranveer tells maa to bring breakfast
Sudha: gives their breakfast
After Ritik and Ranveer doing breakfast they leave for office together and reaches office .

At Office
Ritik: Ranveer today mehra industries is taking out contract and we have to win at any cost .
Ranveer: yeah bhaiya i know
Ritik: when is the meeting
Ranveer: in Afternoon bhaiya
Ritik: ok
After Ritik and Ranveer left for rest other came down and had their breakfast . after that Ragini gone to college ,Vikram went to his work and Mihir also went to office .

In Afternoon
In Austria
At Office
Raghav : tells veer to start the meeting with video conference
Veer: ok bhaiya

In India
In Mumbai
At Office
Ritik: tells ranveer to open video conference and let meeting get start
Ranveer: ok bhaiya
Both Ranveer and Ritik starts presentation and after half and hrs they like their presentation and they decide contract goes in Raheja industries.
Ritik : asks when to sign the contract
Raghav : for that i am coming to india next week that’s when we sign the contract .
Ritik: ok and tells Ranveer he going to a shop he wants tto buys some deo’s and special gift for Shivanya

Ranveer: ok bhaiya you go and i wll look after
Ritik: thanks and leaves

At shop
Ritik: please show me a couple in glass ball
Shopkeeper: sure sir
Shopkeeper2 : shows a couple kissing in glass ball
Ritik: Please pack this and how is price
Shopkeeper: packs it gift paper and tells it ‘s price is 700rs
Ritik: pays and leaves for kapoor mansion

At Kapoor Mansion
Ritik: reaches mansion and rings the bell

Priya: opens the door and sees it is Ritik and welcomes in
Ritik: Aunty Shivanya is there or not
Priya: yes she is here only just wait for min i call her .
Ritik: ok Aunty
Priya: calls Shivanya and tells Ritik has come to meet you
In Shivanya’s room
Shivanya: hears maa is calling and tell she is coming and goes downstairs and sees Ritik has come and gets happy see him
Priya: leaves and let kids to do talking
Ritik: i have brought a gift for you and gives it to Shivanya and says don’t open it now .

Shivanya: ok
Ritik: leaves and goes back to his house
Shivanya: closes door and goes back to his room and opens the gift and finds a couple kissing in glass ball .

At college
we see a lecture is going on by professor
Ragini: sitting with his best friend Piya
Sanskar : sitting with his best friend rahul
after 35 min bell rings and lecture gets over during free time Ragini spents some time with Sanskar

Sanskar: tells Ragini that she was looking beautiful in her bhaiya engagement
Ragini: blushes and says thank you
Sanskar: your welcome
after college lectures were over everybody decides to leave for their house .
Ragini: goes to Sanskar and asks him can he drop her home again
Sanskar: sure why not and asks her why did not she called her car.
Ragini: i forgot

Sanskar: it’s ok i will drop you
Ragini: thank you
Sanskar : your welcome and tells Ragini to sit on his bike and starts the bike and drops her home .
and leaves back for his house .

Back in Austria
Raghav: returns home and asks Naina to get ready and come we are going out .
Naina: ok and goes to their room and changes clothes and come back
Both Raghav and Naina leaves for that place and reaches that place in 2 hrs and it is mountains side of Austria with snow .
Naina: sees this place and gets happy and hugs Raghav .
Raghav : also hugs back
and both starts romancing and song starts to play dekh lena
Austria Airport
we see a plane lands and Sanjana comes and tells in her mind that now my game begins with mehra’s and screen freezes .

Precap: Sanjana enters in mehra house and mihir and sudha meets ram and priya do fix the date of marriage of Ritik and Shivanya.

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