swasan-an everlasting love episode 8

Hello everyone thankyou for ur comentes
here we go
sanskar is thinking about the girl someone pants his shoulder he turns to him
lucky-ha me bhai what r u thinking
sanky- nothing how was ur day
lucky- very nice he start saying about ragini manish and says u know what that devil priya at first meet she fighting with me and he says about his fighting with priya.sanky laughs
sanky-ok cool down come sleep they both went to sleep

ragini is continuously laughing
swara- what happened lado
ragini says shona u know today priya fights with laksh
swara says laksh who was he ragini shopping mall that kadoos guys brother and she says everything to swara including her collage bunk. swara say so u went to sulthan bazar wait I will say to maa
ragini- no shona please and makes puppy face swara OK ragini hugs and sys I love u shona
swara-i know come let’s sleep.they both went to sleep
morning @gm
at dp room
ap opened one box she holds a thing and crying bitterly Shankar passes through her room sees ap sitting down
sanky- bade maa .ap hides thing and wipes her tears
ap- ha beta kya chahiye
sany- smile where is it u looking so dull bolo durga Prasad maheshwari much kaha aap she
dp- I don’t have that much of guts

saky-bade pa aap
dp-don’t act smart
sanky- why should I act iam already smart

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