very close to heart (episode 15)

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mohan wake up see megha and kiss her forehead.. megha open eyes said ur anger is vanished or not… megha stand and adjust the saree… mohan look megha lovingly and said i forget all pain my life to see ur face.. megha said k… go take bath and already late… mohan come from washroom… mohan eyes search megha.. mohan phone rings.. mohan attend call and speak something… and look bed surprisingly… cut phone call..take greetings card written by megha…

megha face glow.. mrs.bhat notices and ask reason for her happy.. megha get shy said no mom… mrs.bhat.. put hand on megha’s head said today ur birthday na.. (mrs.bhat face change in angry mood..)u don’t tell that.. megha said i forget ma.. sorry.. mrs.bhat smile and said my daughter afraid to me.. megha smile.. sametime mohan enter kitchen and ask coffee.. megha turn her face.. mrs.bhat look mohan face and ask y u come kitchen.. u want only offee or u want to see someone.. mohan said ya mom..(but mohan see megha..) i want to see u.. i search u in ur room.. mrs.bhat ask y.. he said today special day mom.. mrs.bhat ask what’s special.. he come close mrs.bhat and tell her ear today megha birthday.. mrs.bhat smile and pat on his head said i know.. today raman aunty call her and wish her for megha birthday.. mohan leave kitchen and mrs.bhat and megha simile..

In hall..
vhh come and hug megha and give gift to her.. megha happily hug vhh.. mr.mrs.bhat said we have a small gift.. mr.bhat says a good restaraunt go for dinner.. mohan said no need dad.. mr.bhat said gift for megha not u.. megha said k.. mom we will go.. mohan said i’m not coming.. mr.mrs.bhat look megha said u go with vhh driver will drop u and pick up u.. megha look mohan and mohan give expression to don’t say ok.. megha said ok.. mohan angrily go to room.. vhh r happy to go outting… mohan think if she going restaruant my suprise will spoil what can i do.. megha happily serve breakfast to mr.mrs bhat.. and feed food to vhh by hand.. mohan come and said i will drop u in restaruant.. mr.mrs.bhat smile.. and said i don’t understand my son…

in office..
mohan happily walk corrider and collide with rohit.. rohit ask sorry sir.. i’m not see u.. mohan said it’s k.. come my cabin.. in mohan cabin.. mohan ask rohit u take 2 days leave na.. u come.. rohit said my mother health is k i come.. mohan speak something and hug rohit…

In night..
megha and vhh are ready to wait for mohan.. megha phone rings.. megha attend call.. mohan said i’m not coming u go.. megha cut the call and said he don’t give any gift atleast come with dinner na.. very bad.. oh he think he is not coming i’m not go na.. definetly i go.. megha vhh starts to leaving.. mohan enter home and said some special guest come so u prepare dinner in home.. mrs.bhat said i prepare megha.. u go.. megha look mohan.. mohan nods his head said plz silently megha only hear.. megha said mom i prepare..vhh faces r sad.. mohan look their faces and take outside house to vhh and show many gifts and ice cream.. vhh r happily hug mohan..

megha prepared dinner and wait for guest.. rohit is coming.. megha happily welcome rohit and call mrs.bhat… mrs.bhat come and look rohit shock.. rohit bend to touch her legs but she did not give blessing.. she lost on own thoughts.. mohan shake mrs.bhat shoulder.. she come in sense and bless rohit.. mrs.bhat goto room and said something to mr.bhat.. mr.bhat hug her and k.. u take rest.. mr.bhat come and see rohit.. and handshake to rohit.. finishing dinner rohit leave.. megha said thanks to mohan..

in morning..
mr.bhat knock mohan room door.. megha open door.. mr.bhat said come and see vhh.. megha ask any problem dad.. mr.bhat said come.. megha quickley go and see vhh and touch their hand.. tears roll down her cheek.. doctor come and check vhh and said vhh eat something chill items in night like juice.. icecreams.. megha ask icecreams.. doctor said ya.. no problem i give some medicine take care.. doctor leave.. megha said i don’t give any icecream.. mrs.bhat said it’s k… mohan hear their conversation said i give yesterday night.. megha angrily look mohan and ask u know na… vasu have vising problem.. what careless u are.. continuously unknowingly ask vasu is ur daughter… mohan eyes fill with tears.. mohan put hand on vasu head and silently leave.. mrs.bhat ask megha y u speak like this.. unknowingly mohan do these.. megha said don’t support mohan mom look vasu condition.. hh only have fever but vasu.. megha take pillow put vasu head on her lap.. leave and search mohan in house and doesnot find him.. mr.bhat call mohan but his phone switchoff.. mrs.bhat said i afraid my son past come in future.. yesterday rohit.. mr.bhat put hand on mrs.bhat mouth and said don’t worry.. time will change everything..

mohan angrily said i’m not vasu father… megha slap mohan…rohit said vasu is mine..

  1. Nice to see meha and mohan in ff.

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  2. What rohit vasu father and daughter nooo

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