Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 13

~~~~~~~Episode 13~~~~~~~

Swayam & Sanskar(together shouts): OUR CAKE!!

Swara(looks at both of them): Bhaag Swara Bhaag!

(Swara took the plate of cake and runs..Swayam and Sanskar ran behind her?)

Sanskar(running behind her): Stop Swara! Dare you eat that!

Swayam(shouts): Stop Maasi!

Swara(ran fastly and went to her room and locked it): Aha!

(Sanskar and Swayam came behind her and saw she had locked the door.. Both were panting heavily)

Sanskar(knocks hardly): Open up you Devil!

Swara(shouts back): I wont!

Swayam: Rasgulla.. Look there (points to window of her room)

Sanskar(saw her sitting on bed and eating cake): Swara!

Swayam: Maasi! Give us our cake!

Swara(takes a bite and teases both of them): Umm Yummmm?? So tasty.. yummmmyyy

Sanskar: Swara! This is not fair!

Swara: What you both were doing, was that fair?

Swayam: Cholllyyy Maasi.. Please na.. You know how much i love chocolate cake!

Swara: So?

Swayam: We wont give it to Sanky uncle but please give me na..

Sanskar(jaw dropped): Are you in my team or hers?!

Swayam(?): Anything for chocolate cake!

Swara(shouts): I am not going to give you both.. Jo krna hai krlo

(Sanskar and Swayam huffs and start thinking what to do)

Swayam(pokes Sanskar): What should we do?

Sqnskar(thinks): I dont know champ!

Swayam(smiles brightly): IDEA!!

Sanskar: What?

Swayam: Lets provoke her!

Sanskar: Will it work?

Swayam: Definitely!

(Both of them smile naughtily and tiptoes towards Swara’s window and see her eating cake like a kid.. Both of them look toward eachother and sighs)

Sanskar(whispers): Lets start!

Swayam(whispers back): Okay

Sanskar(loudly): Champ! I think your Maasi is bhukkar

Swayam(giggles): Ya.. see she is eating as if she hasnt eaten since ages

Swara(stops eating and angrily shouts): Stop provoking me you Idiots!

Sanskar: You shut up bhukkar!

Swara: You karela! How dare you say me bhukkar!

Sanskar: Jungli bili! Do i look like a karela!

Swara: Yes! That too soooo bitter.. yukh!

Sanskar(?): What the hell!

Swayam(shouts): Both of you just stop it! Always fighting! Urghh!

Sanskar: Champ!

Swayam(pouts and makes baby face): Maasi.. please na.. see.. am a good boy (blinks his eyes continuously)

Swara(smiles seeing his face): My baby.. This wont work!

Swayam(pouts): Huh!

(Sanskar and Swayam tried provoking her but Swara was Swara.. She didnt budge.. Atlast, both the boys sadly went and sat on the couch.. Swara melted seeing their cute faces and opened the door and went towards them.. She put the plate of cake infront of them but they didnt do anything.. just were sitting there quitely.. Swara sighed and sat in between them)

Swara: So my baby and my friend are angry with me? (No reply) okay okay.. am sorry (holds her ears) Forgive me na..

Swayam(smiles and removes her hands from her ears): Its okay Maasi

Sanskar: Well..

Swara: Well what?

Sanskar: You didnt say sorry to me.. Come on, Say it FIVE times (winks at her)

Swara: What!

(Suddenly she remembers how she made Payal apologise and looks at Sanskar.. Both burst out laughing)

Swara(laughs): Hahahah???

Swayam(confused): Why are you both laughing

Sanskar(laughing): Nothing champ.. You wont understand..

Swara(controls her laugh): Okay okay.. Now enough..

Swayam: Maasi..cake..

Swara(kisses his cheek and Sanskar made face at this?): Yes champ.. lets eat together..

Swayam(naughtily winks at Sanskar): Maasi (kisses her tightly on her cheeks) Muaah! Thank you?

Sanskar(stares him angrily and murmurs): Little Devil! Why he is kissing my Swara..

Swara: You said something Sanskar?

Sanskar: No.. Nothing..

(Then all three of them ate together.. Laughing, enjoying, teasing?)

Swayam: Lets watch a movie!

Sanskar(looks at his watch): Its getting late champ.. i should go

Swayam: Please na.. Dont go.. Please please please

Sanskar: But..

Swara: Sanskar.. please for some more time.. Look how he is pleading you..

Swayam(holds Sanskar’s hand): Rasgullaaaa.. pleashhhh

Sanskar(sighs): Okay

Swayam(squeals happily): Yayyy!

(Swasan smiled seeing him.. They all went to Swayam’s room.. Swasan sat on either sides of Swayam who was in middle of bed sitting happily.. They started to watch movie.. After sometime, Swayam felt sleepy and kept his head on Sanskar’s shoulder and was watching the movie with sleepy eyes)

Sanskar(smiles and caresses his hairs): Champ.. Come on sleep.. its too late..

Swayam: Okay.. But don’t go anywhere..

Sanskar(kissed his forehead): I am here only .. am not going anywhere..

(Sanskar saw Swara who was already sleeping.. He smiled and adjusted the comforter over her.. He tried to get up after seeing Swayam sleeping but his grip was tight.. He smiled and lied down… Swayam was in between Swasan)

Sanskar(thinks): I wish time stops here

(He felt drowsy and slept there itself)

~~~~Next morning~~~~

Swayam’s Room:

(All three were in deep slumber.. Sun rays fell on Sanskar who lazily opened his eyes and saw Swayam was sleeping on his chest hugging him tightly and Swara was sleeping with a beautiful smile on her face.. Sanskar smiled seeing them and after alot of struggle, freed himself from Swayam?? He caressed his hairs and sat on bed)

Sanskar(checks his phone and saw Rags messages asking about his whereabouts): Uff! I slept here itself.. Its morning.. i should leave or else if Maya came to know this.. she wont leave me

(He saw towards Swayam and bends and kissed his forehead and saw Swara.. He couldn’t control himself and was about to peck his cheek when Swayam turned and his hand lightly hit Sanskar’s face)

Sanskar(murmurs): This cute little devil na.. Rags was right..He is Swara’s bodyguard.. Even in sleep , he wont let me come close to Swara.. Huh

(Sanskar got up and adjusted comforter over Swara n Swayam.. He smiled and put the curtains and went from there)

~~~~~~~~Sm Mansion~~~~~~

(Sanskar parked his car and went inside.. He looks here and there and sighed.. He tiptoed towards his room and locked it)

Sanskar: Ahh.. Thank God.. No one is awake?

(Suddenly he hears someone from behind)

Voice: Morning Romeo!

Sanskar(shockingly turns): RAGS!

Rags: Yes me.. Where were you haan?

Sanskar: I went to Swara’s home .. you know that

Rags: I told you to give them a visit not to sleep there itself.. You know how many times Maya asked me about you!

Sanskar(sheepishly smile): Chollly Sista!

Rags: Its okay but (teases him) How is Swayam and my hone wali Bhabhi (winks)

Sanskar(sligthly blushes): Rags!

Rags: Oye hoye! My bro is blushing haan (pulls his cheeks) Awwww Chooo Cuteee?

Sanskar: Stop it DramaQueen.. Leave all these.. Tell me where is that Bandarya

Rags: Haha.. if she heard this na.. then you are gone..

Sanskar: So what? Mai usse darta hu kya?

(They heard Maya’s voice who was calling Rags asking about Sanskar)

Maya(shouts): Rags! Has handsome returned?

Rags(shouts back): Ya.. He is taking bath.. You go freshen up

Maya: Okay

Rags(to Sanskar): So (teases) Handsome.. Go get ready fast?

Sanskar: Rags!!

Rags(?): Okay okay.. Am going..

(She leaves. Sanskar went to take bath and got ready.. He came downstairs and saw Rags and Maya on breakfast table.. He sighed and went towards them)

Sanskar(sitting on his chair): Morning Ladies!

Rags: Goooooodddd Morninggg?

Maya: Where were you Handsome! You know how much i missed you

Sanskar: Ahm Ahm.. Meetings .. leave all these.. tell about yourself.. How is everything going?

Maya: All is perfect!

Sanskar: Good

Maya: Btw .. Am joining your office from today

Sanskar(chokes): Wha.. Whattt? Why?

Maya: Oh come on.. i cant just sit idle.. Rags would go to college and you to your office.. so its better if i work rather than getting bored na..

Sanskar: Umm okay..

Rags: Anyways.. Am getting late for college.. See you guys.. Byee..

Sanskar: Take care

Maya: Bye Rags!

(She left.. Sanskar and Maya finished their breakfast and Sanskar asked her to get ready for office)


(Sanskar and Maya entered .. Maya had her arm wrapped around Sanskar who was feeling quite uncomfortable but kept quite.. He introduced her to everyone and told them that she was now the interior designer.. After sometime.. They were sitting in Sanskar’s cabin when there was a knock on door)

Sanskar: Come in!

(It was Swara who had worn a white churidar and her hair tied in a fish tail.. minimal makeup looking like an Angel)

Sanskar(murmurs): Beautiful?

Swara(smiles brightly): GoodMorning Sanskar.. Sorry for being late.. Actually..

Sanskar: Its alright Swara.. I know that..

Maya(interuppting them): Who are you (eyes Swara from top to bottom)

Sanskar: She is Swara.. My PA and..

Maya(interrupts): So why are you dressed like a behenji haan? Dont you know this is office.. Atleast wear something good..

Sanskar(got angry): Behave yourself Maya! This is my office and if am not having any problem .. then its better if you don’t pass your lame comments..

Maya: But..

Swara(interuppting them): Its okay Sanskar.. Leave about all this nonsense (eyes Maya)

Maya(angrily): You..

Sanskar: Behave Maya.. And Swara.. the presentation?

Swara: Oh.. I came to ask about that only.. But Sanskar..

Maya(interuppts): Why are you calling him by his name? He is your Boss! And Handsome.. why are you not stopping her..

(Swara huffed.. She didn’t liked anyone interrupting in between her work.. Sanskar who was about to answer stopped as Swara spoke)

Swara(turns towards Maya): Ms.Whatever, why do you poke nose in someone else matter haan?

Maya(?): Do you know with whom you are talking?!

Swara: I don’t and i don’t want to know.. so please.. mind your own business..

Sanskar: Swara..

Maya: I am Maya Ahluwalia! And you.. how dare…

Sanskar(stands up and interrupts them): Ladies Ladies!

Swara: What?!

Maya: What the..

Sanskar: Maya, Swara is my best friend too.. so she can call me by my name.. And Swara, Maya is Interior designer and my relative too and..

Maya(interuppts): Best friend?!

Sanskar: Yeah.. She..

Maya: But.. i am your best friend not her okay!

Swara(?): What?!

Sanskar: Yes yes.. You are my best friend..

Swara: Sanskar!?

Sanskar: Haan Swara.. You are my best friend too..

Maya: No! I am your best friend!

Swara: No! I am!

Maya: I am!

Swara: No! Its me!

Maya: I said na! Its me!

Sansksar(interrupts): Please guys.. Stop fighting!

Maya(?): Then tell her who is your best friend!

Swara: Sanskar!

Sanskar(helplessly): Uff yar!

Maya: Say na!

Sanskar(sighs sadly): Maya is my best friend and Swara .. you als..

Maya: Got it?

Sanskar: No.. I..

Swara(interrupts him): Its okay (sadly looks at Sanskar) I got it..

Sanskar: No Swara.. I..

Swara: I will get the file SIRR

Sanskar: No Swara.. You are getting me wrong .. You are my..

Swara(interrupts and looks at him with teary eyes) I got it.. Maybe i just.. Anyways.. I will go and do my work..

Sanskar(felt as if someone stabbed his heart by seeing her teary eyes) : Swara.. Listen..

(She leaves sadly)

Maya(proudly): Huh! This girl..

Sanskar(angrily): Shut up Maya! Just shut up! Why you have to complicate things haan!

Maya: I just..

Sanskar: Enough!

(He left from there angrily towards Swara’s cabin)

Maya(?): Who is this girl! blo*dy middle class! Because of her handsome scolded me.. I will surely teach her a lesson!

Episode ends..

Hey everyone.. Sorry for being late.. college ki prhai? Nad my exams are also starting from 1st of feb..

I know I know.. This Maya na? But lets see what will happen to our Swasan?

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