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Its evening time and the door bell rings.
swara opens the door and found tanmay. she smiled at him and asked about sanskar.
swara- tanmay where’s sanskar? he didn’t came with you?
[guys i forgot to mention that sanskar got a job in tanmay’s company itself but on his own merits. he proved himself as perfect for the job and so he got itand with his name sanskar only and not as sanskar maheshwari as in the earlier episode we saw that he discarded the title maheshwari from his name.]
tanmay- wohh actually he went for a meeting with clients and will be coming in half an hour or so. i didn’t had work so i came back.now please let me in. i am tired without doing much work.
swara- ohh i am so sorry.
swara moved aside for him to enter.

swara- will you like to have coffee or tea.
tanmay- bhabhi coffee but after half an hour. first i want to take bath.
swara- [smilingly] ohhk
after about half an hour sanskar too came and freshened up and again started working.
[i myself don’t know how could i make him work all day and night without talking to swara.when i myself don’t like to study]
swara- tanmay aapki coffee.

tanmay- thankyou
swara- can you please give this coffee to uttara. she is in balcony.
i will call maa and bring the snacks.
tanmay- bhabhi how many times should i say don’t say please to me just give orders. now give the coffee . i will give it to uttara. waise she is rarely seen outside her room.
swara just smiled and handed him the cup of coffee and moved to call sumi.
tanmay came to balcony[actually it’s a common balcony attached with the hall and saw uttara sitting on the chair.she probably didnot notice him as she was engrossed in deep thoughts.

tanmay came in front to handover her coffee but saw her eyes filled with tears.he was like what happened to her, why is she crying.
tanmay[ coughed to gain her attention]- uhoo uhoo are you alright?
uttara-[immediately wiped her tears from the corner of her eyes]- yaa i am absolutely fine. what will happen to me?
tanmay sat on the chair beside her and said
tanmay- something must have happened thats why these tears got place in your eyes.and because that something happened to you you can only tell.
uttara avoided to look at him and answered- nothing happened.
tanmay handed her the cup of coffee.

tanmay- if you don’t want to tell i am not forcing you but you should not tell lies.
silence prevailed between them.swara came in the balcony and saw them. she was to out for them but to listen what uttara iis saying.
uttara-life changes so fast. i never thought that i will be in mumbai far from my family. but that doesn’t mean that i have problem here. no this place is good but place doesn’t matter. it’s your family that does. i have bhai, bhabhi and maa[sumi] with me and their love is enough for me to live this life. but i am worried for bhai and bhabhi. bhai had involved himself in work so much that he forgot everything. he was not like this before. you should have seen how much loving and caring he was especially for bhabhi.
tanmay- why are you worried for them?
uttara- i still remember he became lifeless when bhabhi fell from cliff and police said that she is no more. bhabhi meant the world to him.he can do anything for her and so can she. i have been the reason for their separation once. i know they still love each other to an extent no one could love anyone but they are not like before.
tanmay- what do you want to say? say clearly.

uttara- sanskar bhai has made work his priority and bhabhi not to ask anything or demand anything from him, just silently see him. have you ever observed her. she smiles but not like old swara as for that she needs sanskar bhai by her side who isn’t there. swara bhabhi’s hopeful eyes which sees sanskar bhai and waits that once may be he looks at her while bidding bye to office or when he comes home.she thinks that we are unaware of the fact that she cries everyday in her room after sanskar bhai leaves to office. i exactly can’t feel like her but i understand her pain when everyday her hopes break.
tanmay looks at her shockingly and thought about what she told.
uttara- sanskar bhai is doing wrong to her. just getting engrossed in work and making money would give him nothing and by doing this he is hurting bhabhi the most, may be unintentonally but he is hurting her.
swara- [from behind] no uttara you are wrong.
saying this swara came to face them.
uttmay looked surprisingly hearing her.

swara- you are wrong uttara. yes i feel hurt when sanskar goes to office without even bidding bye and he not talking or paying attention to me but i am not hurt because of his behaviour. instead i am hurt by the fact that he is so broken from inside that he has lost himself. he has turned workholic not because of requirement but due to the pain in his heart. you saw my tears but he… he toh even can’t even cry out his pain. he is trying every minute to forget what all happened. he has indulged himself into work so that none of the past incidents crawl upon his mind and heart. he does not give break to his mind to even remind him of the past happenings. i feel hurt that he isn’t sharing his pain with us as he doesn’t want to hurt us[smiles sadly]. even if he is sad he always thinks about our well being. i feel hurt that i can’t lessen his pain as he is not ready to talk about it and i don’t want to renew the memories of those incidents which are like worst nightmares for us. so don’t mistaken him and don’t worry. i have full faith on my love and god. oneday everything will be fine.
swara-[wiping tears from the corner of her eyes] now have your coffee and snacks. i think the coffee would have been cold.

she turns to see sanskar standing there with blank expression and behind him sumi is standing with a worried face.
swara-[shocked] sanskarrr..

done with this epi. thankyou to all who read my ff and to those who boost my moral by commenting.

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