Swasan dillagi epi 9

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Lets start…….

Ap n Suju they started showing  family picture to swara….Swara smiled seeing sanskar childhood pic and all but soon her smile faded by seeing someone pic…..

Swara is shocked to see the picture she looked at her mil with teary eyes

Sw: looking at the picture Ma who is He ?

Ap: smiled looking at the picture my SON (looking at swara) LAKSH MAHESHWARI your DEVAR (yes guys you were it was laksh pic☺)

Swara is shocked knowing that laksh urf Lucky is sanskars brother and her DEVAR she cant belive what destiny had Played with her all her memory with laksh flashed infront of her eyes their dance how He proposed her at last his betrayel and how she didnt trusted her friends…….

A tear escaped from her eyes sujata looked at her asked what happend

Suju: swara what happend why are you crying ?

Swara looked at sujata whiped her tear and said : nothing mom I was Just missing mom thats it

Ap smiled at her  : its ok beta you go and Rest for a while you must be tired na

Sw: hmm ma

Swara left to her room she closed door and sat down on her knees and cried cried??????????????????????????

Swara Pov

Why whyyyyy me han why everytime me what was my mistake when I was born my ma had struggle for me she worked as waitress and she changed her surname for me that nobody should know who I am whose dougther I am….I wanted my father loved but He left my mother and married someone he didnt cared about me nor my ma I hate him but still I wanted a father I wanted his love his protection but He was not there……
When I met laksh urf lucky I thought He is my true and first love but I was wrong He betrayed me for him I didnt trusted my friends I left london came with my ma here in India I thought I can get rid of him but I didnt know that my destiny will Play with me a cruel game I married his brother SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? He is a nice Person not like him but what if he Come to know about my n laksh relationship no no no I have to tell him I have to He trust me and i wont let his trust to break…..
Swara pov ends….

Swara slept while thinking and crying on the floor the floor was cold and ac were on swara didnt care about all that  she was tired of thinking and crying………

It was evening when sanskar came back to home He towards his room After opening the door sanskar was shocked to see swara lying on the floor and shivring duet to cold he Run to her and took her in his arm Made her lay on Bed……..

Swara feeling something warm opened her eyes and she looked at sanskar both shared a sweet eyelock…..Swara could see in his eyes concern for her….Sanskar was the First who Broke the eyelock and started question her…..

San: took her Hand in his swara what happend why were you lying on the floor is something happend plzzz tell me did ma or mom said anything if yes then I am sorry……

Sanskar was talking and talking swara didnt hear anything bec…she still is looking his eyes….his eyes showing her how much worried He is for her swara came to sens when sanskar shaked her little Bit swara looked at him He rised his eyebrow asked What ? She shook her head in nothing sanskar looked her again with concern asked her what happend  swara wanted to tell him but she didnt knew how to start when swara was about to say something uttra came

Utt: bhei bhabi Come down dinner is ready

Sans: okey uttra

Uttra After informing about dinner left swasan room….After sometime swasan came down and They had their dinner ap Broke the silence

Ap: sanskar beta (sanskar looked at her)tomorrow there will a Party and we will anouce your marrige that why Come tomorrow from office soon

Sanskar nodded his head in yes After dinner they left to their room…..

SwaSan room…

Swara is standing Near the Window sanskar came from back and looked at her

Sans: swara what is bothering you

Swara looked with a shocked face how did He knew her so well in few days about her

Sw: umm sanskar i wanted to tell you something

Sans: yeah tell

Sw: umm woh I….

Epi ends…………..

Recap: Reception n swasan dance and someone entry…..

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    I hope she tell him d truth so dat dere wil b not MUz in future

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