Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 25)

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Hello friends… i know its after a long time. Actually my grandma is nomore and i was a bit disturbed after that. Sorry for the late

Bliss in swasan life


swara’s eyes opened suddenly. She looked at the opposite side of bed. Sanskar was sleeping blissfully. She smiled a little and again closed her eyes. But don’t know why she was unable. An unknown fear was engulfing her heart. As if something wrong will be happening soon. As if god is trying to tell her something. She stood up. She came near window. Their was just a little orange appearance in the east. Their was about an hour for sunrise. Swara looked at sleeping sanskar. He was sleeping peacefully. She wanted to make sure everything is fine. So she moved out of her room
She came to raglak’s room.
Guards: gud morning princess.
Swara: is everything fine?
Guard: yes… its as usual?
Swara nodded. She moved from there. A pair of eyes were following her. She came in front of ap’s room.
Swara: are they fine?
Guard: maharani is sleeping inside. Maharaj is on terrace. He said you only called him.
Swara was shocked.
Swara: me??
Guard was astonished. Swara ran towards the terrace. She looked here and there. Dp was not there. Suddenly her leg fall over something. She fell down. She turned to find dp lying in a pool of blood. Before she could say anything or you can say before she can understand completely the matter something hard struk on her hand. She clutched the thing. It was a knife. Her mouth opened to scream. But a hand closed her lips and made her smell something. Before even her heartbeat could raise her eyes shut themselves. She lost her balance. She fell down clutching her head. She felt dizzy. She felt her eyes closing. She was about to collapse when the sound of taking out swords woke her up. She opened her eyes just to find herself surrounded by soldiers. She looked at the scenario. Even a beginner could say that she was the one who attacked dp.
She opened her eyes completely. She came back to senses.
Soldier: you have attacked the king.
Swara: no
Suddenly a scream curdled her blood. MAHARAAJJJJJJJ…. she looked at the direction. It was ap. She ran towards dp.
She looked at swara disgustingly. Then again at dp.
Ap: maharaj…. you can’t leave me. You just can’t….
She was about to collapse when swara tried to hold her. She threw her hand away.
Ap: you bad blood…..
She slapped her. She again slapped her hard. Swara was shell shocked. She was unable to understand what’s going on.
Swara: believe me… i ve…
Before she could complete her sentence she heard footsteps. She turned her face only to find two eyes whom she knew she had trust.
ap: sanskar beta…..
Sanskar looked at the dead body of dp. He saw him lying in a pool of blood. He suddenly lost his balance. His eyes closed taking him into unconsciousness.

Sanskar’s crowning ceremony

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  1. Interesting pls post soon

  2. Tweety_SwaSan

    Dear, none of SwaSanians come here.. Hope you will join Wattpad..
    And coming to this story, at least this time Sanskaar trust Swara, if not no meaning of Sanskaar’s promises that day in temple. Thank you.

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