Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 33

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Hi sissy’s.. here with next part. Due to my busy schedule m little late for posting. But I’ll try to b regular only. Coz of u all sissy’s and watty sissy’s, this FF is on 1st rank from few weeks on watty. I wanted to share this with my Tu sissy’s also. Let’s start now.

Ragsan reached home.

Mil: is everything rite sir? U were very tensed.

San smiles at rag: yes everything is rite.

Both enter room and saw baby playing. Sanskar took baby in his arms and hugged Ragini from other side.


Next mrng Ragini woke up and saw sanskar playing with baby. She pinched herself thinking it’s her dream.

Rag: ouch!.

San: wat happened?

Rag: I pinched myself to confirm whether m dreaming or not.

San smiles: I’ve made list. U also write wat u want if anything is missed.

Rag: list? Which list?

San: whatever our baby need. First only I had prepared. So u write ur things.

Rag writes. Both left to mall with baby. They were not able to do shopping holding baby. Sales girl comes.

Sal: sir if u don’t mind give me half list, I’ll arrange those things. Sanskar thanked her and gave her list.

Ragsan happily did shopping. They returned to pay bill where sales girl kept remaining things. Ragini gets sad seeing them.

All things were two. Sanskar had given his first list which prepared after he get news of twins. Sanskar also became sad. Then he cancelled one thing from each item.

They left from there. Now they were spending their time happily with baby.


After few days.

Mil: sir now it’s time for baby’s naming ceremony. Shall I do arrangement?

Sanskar nods and went near swimming pool at backside of home. Ragini goes behind him. She places her hand on his shoulders. He dint turn.

Rag: I know u r crying sanskar.

He turned and hugs her and cried.

San: I can’t able to forget. I can’t live without our baby. Our both babies r connected. If I take care of one, I’ll always think of other. Coz of this I can’t give that love which our baby deserve.

Rag: I understand. I too feel it. I feel more coz I did it. But our baby is everything for us.

She wiped his tears.

Both fixed date of naming ceremony. Everything was decorated. Swalak enters there with baby. Ragsan got shocked to see them, but they were more happy to see them. They wanted to see there baby. Ragini ran and took baby from swara’s arms. She felt like complete after seeing her baby. Sanskar too took baby and admires. Laksh saw them and became emotional. But swara was unaware of anything.

Lak: we both decided to do naming ceremony of our (looks at ragsan) baby with u. So thought to give u surprise.

Swara seconds him. Ragsan got happy that both babies naming ceremony is happening in thier home.

ceremony starts. Swarag sit taking babies.

Pandit to Ragini: now name ur baby. Wat name u choose?

Ragini sees sanskar and smiles.

Rag: sanskruti.

Then pandit turned towards swara.

Pan: now name ur baby.

Ragsan smile fades.

Lak: satwik.

Ragsan looked at laksh surprisingly. Laksh signs at them with smile.

After naming ceremony. Ragini looks at satwik.

Rag: swara. Can I take satwik in my arms?

Swa: stupid. Is this to ask? U have equal rights on him like me. Take.

Ragini happily takes in arms. She sees him playing. A tear escaped from her eyes. San noticed that. He too joins her and admire satwik.

Later swalak left. Laksh makes excuses to swara and came alone inside to meet ragsan.

Lak: sanskar, Ragini thanku is very small word to tell u. The happiness which u gave us is not a small thing. Ragini never thought abt herself for a second also and did this. But honestly telling I didn’t want to b happy by ruining urs. I tried many times to tell swara truth but cudnt. But in future soon I’ll… Definitely. Abt name I had heard ur talks. Swara is in car. I’ll meet u later. Bye.

Ragsan look at eachother. Sanskar kisses her forehead assuring he’s ok.

Days passed.. ragsan were spending time happily with sanskruti but they missed satwik.


After few days swalak comes to meet Ragsan. Ragsan were sitting in hall with sanskruti. They welcomed swalak. Ragsan dint understood there expressions.
Swara comes to Ragini and gives satwik in her arms.

Swa: ur happiness which u had given me by sacrificing urs. I can’t return ur those days which u spent without satwik but m returning ur happiness to u back and thanku very much for making me feel my mother hood in my bad condition.

While saying swara got teary eyed. Even Ragini too. She didn’t understood anything but she hugged swara and tears were coming from both of there eyes.

Swa: I came to knew that satwik is ur son.

Ragsan looked at laksh.

Swa: he dint Tel me. God din’t wanted u to suffer more so truth comes Infront of me.

Rag: how?

Lak: first of all. Very gud news. Swara is 2months pregnant.

Ragsan got happy and looked at swara. She nods.

Rag: but doc told…

Swa: yes he had told. May b it’s miracle. When doc told I got happy. He did few check ups of mine, laksh and satwik just for safety. By seeing results doc told me that satwik is not my son. Laksh was not there when doc told me. I got shocked and was puzzled abt satwik. Then I remembered lak saying abt ur other baby. Then everything was clear for me. M thankful to u both for giving satwik. But I can’t santch ur happiness anymore. Now m going to b mom soon. So don’t worry abt me. M happy.

Ragsan: thanku so much swara.

Swa: no. Infact I shud thank you both. But I’ve one request.

Ragsan: ??

Swa: I know satwik is urs but I too feel bad by feeling his absence. So can I come to meet him?

San: of course swara. He’s ur son too. Swaragini son.

All smile. After some talks swalak left.

Sanskar sits near Ragini holding sanskruti and Ragini holding satwik.

San: Ragini.

Rag: hmmm

San: tell me one thing. While giving baby to swara on that day, y u gave satwik only. Y not sanskruti?

Rag looks at him for a second.

Rag: coz u loved pink more na.

Sanskar hugged her tightly crying.

San: I love both. Pink and blue. I missed blue very much.

Mil: sir, sis. One family pic?

San: u always appear for taking pics only.

Mil: smiling. It’s my duty sir.

Saying so he clicked there pics. Ragsan were looking very happy with their kids.



San: satwik will sleep my side today.

Rag: no. Today my side. Tmrw ur side.

San: I missed him very much. So he’ll sleep at my side first.

Both were arguing. They heard sanskruti crying.

Rag: see. U ignored her. That’s y she’s crying. Sanskruti beta don’t wry. U grow up then we will punish papa.

San: (widen eyes) I ignored? Hello madam. U ignored. And she’s her Papa’s laadli. After growing she’ll take my side.

Again they start arguing. This time both started crying.

Rag: sanskar. See wat u did? My both babies crying.

San: I didn’t. U did.

Rag: y we both r behaving like kids. That’s y they are crying…..hey… See.. they smiled.

San: coz Thier mumma, papa stopped fighting.

He hugged her.

Rag: sanskar. U forgave me na?

San: Ragini. Past is past. Now we have both sanskruti and satwik with us. And how can I b upset with my life? I was just missing my baby badly. So was just little angry. Sry for hurting.

Rag: no. It’s my fault. No mistake of urs. M sry for whatever I did.

San: now forget everything. Come I’ll show u something.

He took Ragini near a cupboard. He opened it. Many toys and teddy’s fell from inside.

San: these I had bought for satwik. But after u gave him to swara, I kept all things here. But somewhere in my heart I had a feeling that my son will play with these toys. And see. It became true. Now both will play together with these toys.

Rag: u missed these moments very much na?

San: only me? U din’t miss?

Rag: of course me too. Now no one will separate our babies from us.

Both hugged Thier kids with smile.

Hope u liked. Waiting for likes and comments.

Love u all..??

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