Swasan dillagi epi 19

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Hey guys…
Without any Bak Bak lets starr….

At City Hospital

Sanskar was shifted in now in normal room but still he was uncoussion…
Ap was crassing his hair while sitting everyone was waiting for sanskar when will he get up…Swara was standing near door looking at sanskar with teary eyes….

After sometime Sanskar start moving his hands little seeing this ap eyes filled with tears???

Ap: (while crassing sanskar face) sanskar
(Sanskar opened his eyes little with difficulty seeing ap he smiled..seeing him smiling ap starr kissing on his face) mera bacha sanskar??? (kissed his forehaed couldnt control anymore stand up to go but sanskar held her sari pallu)

San: m..a..

Hearing Word ma from him ap turned to him hugged him thigtly leting her pain out which she hide from 6 months seeing him like dead body????…

Everyone meet sanskar except one person she is none other the our swara his wife…she was still standing near door seeing him tears were fowlling down from her eyes????but she didnt try to whiped she felt little sad that why He is Not asking for her but seeing everyone talking to him she was happy but still she was carving for him to hear her name from him to be touched by him which was she missing from past 6 months….

After Meeting everyone sanskar was looking here there he couldnt see her beacuse everyone were infront him..he wanted to see her he could feel her that she is here but couldnt see her…After seeing here and there he tried to ask his family member about her…

San: Ma

Ap: han (while crassing his hair)

San: wo swara

Hearing swara name everyone looked behind and relized that she didnt meet sanskar….Swara was happy Hearing her name from him she was dam happy that she couldnt control anymore and without saying something she left And run towards Hospital Temple ragini run behind to see her if she is fine or not…seeing her standing near Temple she went towards her and taped on her shoulder…swaragini were looking eachother and swara hugged thigtly…

Rag: shhhh swara shhhh see he is fine na (swara was still snobbing hard) shhhh swara shhhh see your sanskar is fine now and he wanted to meet you he wana see you dont you want this han (Broke the hug cupped her Face ) dont you wana see him dont you wana hear him..

Swara go and meet him He is waiting for you said ap from behind swaragini looked towards her ap came near swara whiped her tears…

Ap: shhhh stop crying now Bad days gone and happy days came And go he is waiting for you…

Swara nodded her head in yes and run towards sanskar room she quickly opened the door and stoped looking at him…hearing the door sound sanskar looked towards door and was happy to See swara…

Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

Teri mohabbat se saansein mili hain
Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke

Both swasan were looking eachother there were painfull eyelock with longing for eachother…They didnt Broke the eyelock and swara start taking small Step towards him….

Mile ho tum humko
Bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

Both start remembering their first hug…

Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hain
Saawan bhi kitne tujh bin barse hain
Zindagi mein meri saari jo bhi kami thi
Tere aa jaane se ab nahi rahi

Sada hi rehna tum
Mere kareeb hoke
Churaya hai maine
Kismat ki laqeeron se

Their marrige swara telling truth about his and laksh relationship…

Baahon mein teri ab yaara jannat hai
Maangi Khuda se tu woh mannat hai
Teri wafaa ka sahara mila hai
Teri hi wajah se ab main zinda hoon

Their first kiss

Teri mohabbat se zara ameer hoke
Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se
Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se
Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se

Sanskar accitend swara pain…

Teri mohabbat se saansein mili hain
Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke

Swara came near sanskar and sat beside him still without broking their eyelock After 5 mins silients sanskar spoke…

San: swara

Hearing her name tears start fowlling down…seeing her Tears sanskar felt bad but he knew today she should let her pain out…he cupped her face whiped her Tears..Swara closed her eyes too feeling his touched After 6 months…After whiping her Tears sanskar looked at her with lots of love but still she has closed her eyes sanskar leaned towards her and kissed her forehaed???

Feeling his kiss swara opened her eyes and looked at him with lots of love…but soon they got disturb by doctor….

Doc: Mrs maheshwari I am sorry but we have to Check mr maheshwari

Swara nodded her head in yes and went out..

Ap: swara beta lets go home and get fresh up

Sw: Ma but sanskar

Ap: dont worry laksh is here After getting fresh you can come here with ragini

Swara nodded her head in yes but still she didnt feel to leave sanskar but she also couldnt dany ap…
They all left except laksh…After checking doctor left And laksh came in…

Lak: bhei

San: (looked at laksh) lucky

Lak: how are you feeling now..

San: (smiled) good (think about swara) where is swara

Lak: she left with ma she will come soon..

San: hmm

Lak:bhei I am sorry

San: for what

Lak: what I did with swara..

San: See laksh you should ask sorry from swara not from me but whatever you did was wrong did you thought before doing this about uttra what if someone do the same what will you feel seeing uttra in state of swara

Lak: I know I am sorry plzzz maaf kardo

San: its ok I know you relized your mistake I am happy

Lak: (hugged sanskar) thankyou

San: acha lucky tell me what happend in those 6 months

Lak: bhei I will tell you everything but you take Rest

San: no laksh plzz tell na

Lak: ok bhei….Laksh start telling what happend those 6 months when sanskar was in coma how everyone was Broke and how swara state was but she made herself strong…for everyone..hearing this sanskar felt sad beacuse of him swara get lots of pain..by now He was getting breathing Problem laksh didnt noticed this and was telling him…even he told about today incident between swara n Rajat….hearing this sanskar got more Problem he is headach start….

San: (while breathing with problem) l..u..ckyyy..

Seeing his bhei state laksh was shocked..

Lak: bhei bhei what happend bheiiiiii (sanskar were slowly slowly closing his eyes) no bheiiiiii doctor doctor saying this he Run outside..doctor doctor

Hearing this Hospital Staff came And also doctor

Doc: mr maheshwari what happend

Lak: doc bhei bhei come

Both went inside sanskar room were shocked to see sanskar breathing heavily…

Doc: oh god out

Lak: my bhei

Doc: I said out.. Take him out..and give me fast injection

The nurse did what doc said they prapred injection and gave to doctor and that injection doctor gave to sanskar and made him wear oxygen mask to breath normaly…After making sanskar relax doc came outside and start shouting at laksh…. mean while swaragini also reached and shocked hearing what doc said and went near them….

Doc: I told you that dont give him any Kind of Stress but you guys ignored see what happened if we were few mins late na then you could lost sanskar maheshwari

Sw: (shocked) what happend to sanskar doc..

Doc: why you asking me I told you before dont give him Stress but no you guys couldnt take my Word seriosly now you guys saw the result..
Saying this doctor left angrily…

Swara looked at laksh in anger and held his color

Sw: what happy to sanskar

Rag: swara

Sw: no Word ragini laksh answer what happend to him

Lak: (looking down) woo bhei was asking me what happend in those 6 months and i told him even today incident

Sw: (shocked slaped him hard) are you out of your mind (slaped him again) beacuse of you I was about to loose him again (slaped him again) didnt thought before telling about his condition (was about to slap again but this time ragini stoped her)

Rag: swara stop

Sw: what stop beacuse of him I could lost him again

Lak: I am sorry ??? I also love my bhei Swara He is my everything beacuse of him today I am here how can you think that I will hurt my brother

Ignoring laksh Swara went towards sanskar room and looked at him he was uncoussion duet injection and was wearing oxygen mask she she sat near him and start crassing his hair and after sometime she slept beside him….

Ragini was consoling laksh and sat outside sanskar room…


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