rivanya- forever with u part -7

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Rithik: shivanya i love u
Shivanya(tears rolling down her cheeks): u.?
She runs from there and takes a cab
Rthik follows the cab
Both reach home and shivanya runs toward her rooms and shuts the door
Rithik runs behind and knocks but she doesnt open
Shesha and angad come there and ask rithik , and rithik explains them
After an hour she comes out and tells them that she is leaving home
Shesha: what happend?
Rithik: shesha leave ! She has all rights to make her decision
shivanya packs her things and carries
Rithik:wait, i will carry
Shivanya: no,its ok. I can carry it on my own
Rithik: for six months u shuld not lift anything heavy
Rithik pulls everything from her and keeps it in his car and opens the back door

They drive silently till they reach her home. He carefully places the things and waits for Neil
Rithik: never forget, i am always ur friend
Shivanya: thank u for all u did
Rithik: if u can forget what i said…..bye
Rithik moves from there and enters his room and cries loudly
Shesha and angad comes there
Shesha: rithik, i am sorry
Rithi:it wasnt ur fault, not even her’s its all mine
Shesha: i thought of giving it to u and hands him the picture she took while they were practising maths(liitle romantic pic), i thought she will accept ur proposal and this pic would be her present. But
Rithik: its ok. But this looks candid(tries to laugh)
Shesha: dont try to hide
Rithik: i will be fine in two or three, dont worry
Shesha: two days? Month? Or years?
Rithik smiles and goes from there to meet a lawyer regarding their divorce

Ragini’s house
Shivanya hugs ragini and cries without saying anything
Ragini: shivanya!what happened? Why r u crying?
Neil: because he left her
Ragini: what r u talking
Neil: he phoned me and told that ur daughter is standing out take her
Ragini:shivanya ! Is it true?
Neil: look how badly she is crying
Ragini takes her in and tries to console her

Later in the afternoon shesha comes to meet shivanya
Ragini: see what ur friend has done. Abondoned her
Shesha didnt hear ragini’s word , she went into shivanya’s room and locked
Shesha: why r u crying?. U must be happy now. Now both dad and mom are togather, u r back home. What makes u cry?
Shivanya: shesha..(she tries to say something but shesha interrupts)
Shesha: i know in the first itself that rithik loves u. Because i knew he is perfect , best for u. He can make u happy even in hardest times. His love is pure that’s y he allowed u to leave him. Now i feel pity for u.
Shesha goes from there angrily

shivanya wasnt able to sleep the whole night. Rithik’s face was coming to her. shesha’s words echoed each and every corner of the room
Morning 8 , door bell rings
Neil: you! What r u doing here
Rithik: can i come in?
Neil: u think i will allow?
Just then shivanya comes and ask neil to allow him in and makes him sit in sofa
Ragini and Neil are clueless abt their relationship

Rithik: i thought of giving divorce paper.so i came to give. I hav already signed, and u can sign and file it
Shivanya: had breakfast?
Neil and Ragini were surprised and shocked
Rithik: no , escaped from shesha
(both laugh)
Neil and Ragini grin
Shivanya: then wait i will make breakfast
Ragini: what ? R u guys playing?
Rithik: No, no need
Shivanya: wait i will atleast make coffee
rithik nods and shivanya goes to kitchen to make
Neil: r u playing with us?
Rithik: no
Neil:then y r u divorcing?
Rithik: because, we dont want to stay togather
Neil: then y r u still talking ?
Rithik: because v r still friend
Shivanya: rithik coffee ready
Rithik: thank u. It has been two days
Neil: since u left shivanya?
Rithik: no uncle, good coffee
Neil: so if ur work is over get away soon
Rithik: shivanya, one more thing. This phone(shows her old mobile) is actually working well,i lied to u. He places it on the table and goes from there.

Later ragini goes to shivanya’s room
Ragini: shivanya!
Shivanya: yeah mom,
Ragini: i didnt like rithik at first because he insulted us, but he respects u loves u. I did a mistakes many years before and now i see my daughter making it. Think twice before u sign the papers
Shivanya: mom, actually i wanted to tell u something about rithik
Ragini: say it
Shivanya narrates the whole story, how they planned
Ragini: then y did u cry while coming back, i knew u werent acting
Shivanya: maa(she stammers)
Ragini: is there anything else other than that.
Shivanya: maa, what do u think about rithik?
Ragini: u stayed with him for three months and i think u know him better
Shivanya: he is good, infact very understanding,caring and will do anything for loved ones, when he is around me he will make me smile and he doesnt expect anything in return.
Ragini: do u love him?
Shivanya: i donno, but i miss him
Ragini: do as ur heart says

Ragini leaves the room

Rithik is sitting in the car outside shivanya’s home hearing dil se songs repeatedly.

Shivanya calls rithik
Shivanya: where r u ?
Rithik: y u wanna see me?
Shivanya: yes
Rithik: come out and stand in ur balcony
Shivanya comes out and finds rithik’s car outside
both look each other
Rithik: now tell me
Shivanya: how long r u standing here
Rithik: i donno
Shivanya: help me
Rithik: in what?
Shivanya: i wanna know if i love someone
Rithik: then close ur eyes, if u love someone deeply ur thoughts will be filled by their memories.
Shivanya: really, then i will try
Shivanya closes her eyes , she only sees rithik,all the moments they spend togather and how he kissed her.she opens her eyes and smiles at rithik and goes inside
Rithik(over the phone): did u find ur love
Shivanya: yes
Rithik: then shall i go
Sivanya: dont u wanna know who is it
Rithik: i think i know him better than u
Shivanya: ok,then good night
Rithik: shivanyaa, dont end the line, i wanna hear it from u now
Shivanya(blushes): I LOVE UUUUUUUUUU
Rithik jumps like a kid and hits someone, and that someone is Neil
Neil: u? What r u doing here?
Rithik: uncle!aap. I was jus looking at ur beautiful house
Neil: wow! Hav u seen it ?then y dont u go
Rithik(gasp): actually uncle its looking pretty good outside na?
Neil : are u crazy
Rithik: uncle. I wanna say something about shivanya.
Neil: what ?
Rithik: she is beautiful (and runs from there , shivanya hears that over the phone and blushes)

Neil shouts “ dont come else i will murder u for these stupid comments”
Rithik shouts back “ I AM WAITING”(wrong call)
Neil: u made that call , i will file a complaint
Rithik: ok ! Uncle jiii
Neil: dont call me Uncle
Rither : ok ,my dear Father-in-law
Neil: i am no more ur father-in-law
Rithik: even if u dont wish i am ur son-in -law and i love uuuuuuu uncle
Neil: love me?
Rithik: i love u , ur home and ur Daughter too

Shivanya laughs seeing them arguing from balcony
Later she gets down to see rithik after Neil sleeps

Shivanya goes near him
Shivanya: sorry for making u wait
Rithik: no sorry,no thanku b/w friends na
Shivanya: friend?
Rithik(pulls her closer):no girl friend
Shivanya blushes.
Rithik : lets go
Shivanya: but,i cant. They will search me
Rithik: please ! i was waiting for u here from morning onwards. Please! Atleast for a drive
Shivanya nods. They drove far away where there was no one, and rithik stopped somewhere.
Shivanya: what happened?
Rithik: wanna ask something
Shivanya: ask
Rithik pulls her, and she falls on him and he holds her tightly
Rithik: Is two ok?
Shivanya’s face was a inch far from rithik’s. She was looking through his eyes.
Shivanya: i dont unerstand(in weak tone)
Rithik: our kids
Shivanya shy’s and tries to unlock her but rithik doesnt allow
Rithik: tell me
Shivanya(now looks down and her lips were unable to hide her smile): leave me
Rithik leaves her. There was a silence..then Shivanya hugs rithik and whispers in his ears “ one like u and one like me”
Rithik gets glad by her answer and tries to kiss her but she puts her fingers over his mouth and shows him the time. It was already late, and they drove home.
Shivanya told all the truth to Neil and Ragini, and she again returned RAHEJA MANSION

Shesha welcomes back shivanya nd rithik with aarthi plate
Shesha: welcome home sister(they hug each other)
Rithik: enough shesha, then shall we come in
Shesha: no hurry rithik, u still have time for sun to go down
Shivanya and Rithik both blush
Rithik: it seems experience talks
Shesha: shutup
Angad arrives lately and shouts”bhaiya! Congratulations”
Shesha: he left with shivanya a while ago itself
Angad: but he jus arrived na!. By the way where did he go?
Shesha: to his room
(Both laugh, while rivanya Romance)

sorry i am bad at writing romance so, i will stop here. And i thank everyone for supporting this ff. If anyone is interested,please continue writing the current track of the story. And once again thank u sooo much – RIVANYA

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    Thank u for ur comments and support. Dont worry, there is always an another writer who will write more ff’s of rivanya. Love u guys

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